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Nbc Cancels My Own Worst Enemy And Lipstick Jungle!


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NBC has pulled the plug on freshman tentpole drama "My Own Worst Enemy" and returning sophomore series "Lipstick Jungle," sources say.

The cancellation comes after both shows dropped to new lows in the ratings in recent weeks, with the Christian Slater action series sinking to a 1.8 among adults 18-49 (4.3 million viewers) on Monday night and "Lipstick" falling to a 1.2 (3.3 million viewers) on Friday.

Though the "Lipstick" number was an improvement on the previous week, the show's ratings have been below the line for a while now, and sunk into the red zone after the drama moved to Fridays.

NBC's expectation for the return of "Lipstick" was modest, but "Enemy" was considered an important show. A spy thriller with a grown-up budget inspired by the Bourne movies, "Enemy" received NBC's coveted post-"Heroes" time period. That valuable Monday hour of scheduling real estate has become less worthwhile in recent weeks, however, as "Heroes" shed viewers -- weakening the lead-in for "Enemy" and hastening its decline.

No word whether Monday's episode will be yanked from the schedule, or if the show will solider on for a few more weeks, or what program will take its place. "Enemy" is currently shooting its ninth -- and final -- episode. "Lipstick" has shot all 13 of its initial order. Both are produced by Universal Media Studios; NBC had no comment.

Source: THRFeed.com

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Brooke Shields: Lipstick Jungle is not canceled

Brooke Shields told US Weekly that "Lipstick Jungle" is not canceled:

"They thought that because 'My Own Worst Enemy' has been shut down that the same thing had happened to us, and it's not true ... they're not breaking down the sets. We're still working. We still have more to do, so it's erroneously presented that we've been canceled, thank God."

So what's going on?

Well, to start, news outlets did not report "Lipstick" was canceled just because "Enemy" was canceled. That's just silly.

"Lipstick" is indeed still shooting, wrapping its 13th episode this week. The true-at-the-time news last week that NBC decided to not order more episodes -- effectively dooming the show -- did not preclude the production from finishing the episode it was still working on.

But now NBC's stance has moved back on the fence, for a couple reasons.

As demonstrated here, the outcry over "Enemy" being canceled was fairly weak while the outcry over "Lipstick" was impressively vehement (fans are mailing tubes of lipstick to the network). Sources say "Lipstick" backers are doing a full court press -- public and private -- pushing NBC to order more episodes. Shields' comment is less a reflection of reality than part of a concerted effort to change reality.

Few of NBC's shows have received this kind of outpouring of positive fan reaction. Does it really want to cancel an underperforming show that's getting such a passionate response?

Another factor is Friday's episode. Two days after the cancellation stories made the rounds, the show went up 17% in the adult demo from the week before. And the previous week's episode went up 20%.

Those are big gains ... but they're big gains from small numbers. Friday had 3.6 million viewers and 1.4 rating among adults 18-49. Unless Shields is willing to work pro bono, that's still too low for a scripted drama in primetime. The show does better when DVR use is factored, but so does any scripted program suddenly moved to a Friday night.

Plus, NBC has traveled these fan protest badlands before. The network was cattle-prodded into picking up a second season of "Friday Night Lights" and the ratings didn't improve. Same story with CBS and "Jericho." Fans can make a lot of noise, but it only means that some people watching the show feel strongly about the program, not that buying more episodes will translate into a profitable product.

Only one more "Lipstick" episode is currently scheduled to air -- on the next two Fridays NBC has scheduled other programming. NBC hasn't decided whether to run the remaining four hours. The network would probably love a couple more weeks of data to see if those Friday numbers keep rising, but given the holidays and the 13th episode wrapping this week, the network's final-final "Lipstick" decision, whatever it is, might have to be a leap of faith.

Source: THRFeed.com

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My Own Worst Enemy was a horrible show- no surprises there.

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