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Fox Puts 'til Death' On Hold For Sweeps!


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FOX's seemingly unkillable comedy "'Til Death" will take a little break for the November sweeps period.


For at least the first two weeks of the all-important sweeps month, FOX has pulled "'Til Death" for repeats of "House."

The network has scheduled the episode "No More Mr. Nice Guy" for Tuesday, Nov. 5, while "Living on a Dream" (the episode featuring Jason Lewis as a kidnapped soap star) will air on Tuesday, Nov. 12. No plans have been announced for the two sweeps weeks after that, but expect more misanthropic medicine and less Brad Garrett.

The gambit will almost certainly pay off for FOX, as "House" repeats reliably draw more than the 4.98 million viewers who generally watch first-run episodes of "'Til Death."

FOX has been airing two episodes of "'Til Death" on Wednesdays nights following "Bones" since the abrupt cancellation of "Do Not Disturb" after only three airings.

Also absent from FOX's sweeps schedule is the game show "Hole in the Wall," which will be replaced by episodes of "Kitchen Nightmares."

In FOX's scheduling release, the network insists that the pulled "'Til Death" episodes will be rescheduled for a later date.

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