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My Own Worst Enemy


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My Own Worst Enemy, indeed.

The new Christian Slater dual-identity series didn't do itself any favors last night, pulling in only 7.3 million, per estimates, or about one viewer per NBC promo aired during the Summer Olympics.

The premiere not only got beat big by CBS' CSI: Miami (13 million), it got beat by Journeyman (9.2 million), Studio 60 (13.4 million) and LAX (13 million), to name three recent failed Monday night NBC series.

Elsewhere, Gossip Girl (3.3 million) and One Tree Hill (3.5 million) furthered CW's cause among young women, and Christina Applegate's Samantha Who? (11.7 million) won its time slot, but lost 2 million viewers from last fall's premiere.

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I watched this show for about 15 minutes until I finally couldn't take it anymore. It was an absolute stinker! The whole premise of the show had disaster written all over it. I mean, you have a guy that's supposed to be a devoted husband and father on the one side of his personality but they begin the show with his other personality as a total jerk in a hotel room in bed with a beautiful woman (who turns out to be an assassin who he kills)- how in the heck are you even going to get people to root for this guy? Christian Slater's character was unlikeable and extremely annoying. It will definitely not survive 2-3 more weeks.

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