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Episode 3.13: Duality (fka "War")


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Courtesy of: SPOILERFIX

Episode 3.13: War

Airdate: January 2009

  • 10/07 - Summary of spoilers given in the Behind the Eclise Q&A: Echo from the Webisodes will appear in Episode 3.13 titled War. Source: SpoilerTV
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Courtsy of: SPOILERFIX

Episode 3.13: Duality (fka "War")

Airdate: December 15, 2008

  • 11/26 - In the aftermath of the showdown against Arthur Petrelli, the Petrelli brothers find themselves battling against one another and Nathan makes a move that will have global repercussions. Meanwhile, Sylar holds Claire, H.R.G., Meredith and Angela hostage at Primatech and a face-off ensues. Elsewhere, Ando, Matt and Daphne continue their attempts rescue Hiro -- and Dr. Suresh may be their only hope. Ali Larter also stars. Ntare Mwine, David H. Lawrence XVII and Chad Faust also guest star. Source: NBC
  • 11/20 - Summary of spoilers revealed in Behind the Eclipse Q&A #7: Building will be blown up, some stories and perhaps characters will be "put to rest", but there will still be no clear winner between the Heroes or Villain. Doyle will return in Episode 13 and will have at least one appearance in Volume 4. Source: SpoilerTV
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Heroes Episode Recap: "Dual"

Dec 15, 2008 10:46 PM ET by Adam Bryant

In the final installment of the "Villains" volume, the thematic issue of duality that underscored the last 12 weeks came to a head in a weirdly non-confrontational way. That is, the two allegiances (good guys and bad) didn't truly face off in any kind of grand war. But there was plenty of self-exploration, some self-motivation, a game of cat-and-mouse and ultimately at least one "duel". By the time it was said and done, some of what we've come to know was going down in flames (literally), while other plots were hatched. Oh, and this episode stacked up a pretty impressive body count along the way. Let's get to it!

With Arthur dead (really dead, it seems) Peter plans to destroy the formula and thus save the world. There's just one problem: Nathan has quickly turned into little Arthur, and refuses to let Peter carry out his plan. He urges Peter to take a side, which he clearly does when he knocks Nathan out cold and moves toward the lab. There, he finds Mohinder preparing to inject himself with the new formula as a last-ditch effort to save himself from the scaly monster he has become. When Mohinder becomes agitated (thanks mostly to Daphne rushing in to steal his syringe...more on that later), Peter surprisingly receives backup from Flint and Knox, who without Arthur have no problem destroying Mohinder's lab.

As they set about doing so, Knox explores Pinehearst to find that the super soldier has revived Nathan. But before they can hatch a plan, Knox snaps his neck. Nathan tries to tell Knox he is choosing the wrong side by joining up with Peter ("He always disappoints the people who believe in him," he says), and tempers soon flare. Luckily for Nathan, Tracy is there to cool things down (literally) by freezing and killing Knox. But interestingly enough, Tracy's plan to remove Nathan and herself from Pinehearst for political reasons don't meet Nathan's approval. Apparently, he really has transformed into his father, and fires Tracy when she protests to his new line of thinking. Worse, Tracy has the formula stolen from her by pesky Daphne and Hiro (again, more on that in a bit).

Meanwhile back in the lab, the destruction continues, ultimately resulting in the dumping of the "highly combustible" formula all over the floor, a large amount of which rushes over Mohinder. Before Flint can set the room ablaze, Peter stops him in the interest of Nathan's life. Flint isn't so convinced until Nathan helps him understand with the aid of a steel bar. When he turns his aggression on Peter, Flint sets the lab on fire, bringing the brother-on-brother beatdown to a halt. Seeing no way out (or just tired of not having an ability?) Peter injects himself with one of the remaining syringes, grabs Nathan and flies out of Pinehearst as it continues to burn.

With Hiro stuck 16 years in the past with no powers, Ando decides he must become a time traveler. (Cue Daphne running to Pinehearst to steal some of the formula from Mohinder.) When she returns, Ando injects himself and... faints. When he comes to, he is unable to be a "master of time and space," but quickly learns his ability: He is a supercharger. Using the red electric pulse we saw in Hiro's visit to the future, he is able to amplify others' abilities to much greater degrees (Parkman hears many people's thoughts at once, Daphne runs fast enough to break the space-time continuum.) The latter is helpful, as that is how the duo makes their way back to Hiro to bring him into present day.

Hiro, however, is inspired by the younger version of himself to create his own plan to save the world, even without his powers. He uses young Hiro to find the formula that Kaito protects and that Hiro himself lost earlier this season to Daphne. He gets into the safe and finds the formula, just as Kaito catches him in the act. Hiro tries to explain to no avail, so he decides to rip up the formula. Before he can do so, however, Daphne and Ando blast through, grabbing Hiro and leaving the torn formula behind. Having failed again Hiro and Daphne race over to Pinehearst, and Hiro decks Tracy and takes the formula. (Note to self: Don't call Hiro Pikachu.)

With Arthur dead, Sylar turns his attention on Angela Petrelli, by way of Noah, Claire and Meredith. Sylar's plan (which seemed equal parts Joker from Batman and Jigsaw from the Saw movies) basically involved locking the four of them inside Primatech and forcing them to choose who survives on their way to becoming "a monster like (him)." Noah, presuming he's a step ahead of Sylar, releases the Level 5 inmates to "bring (Noah) Sylar's head." In truth, Noah tells Meredith, they are simply bait to lure Sylar out of hiding.

The first of Sylar's tests promises Claire the safety of HRG and her biological mom Meredith if she shoots Angela. Claire simply shoots the phone as a message to Sylar. After dispatching of the Puppet Master, who could not control Sylar or defend Meredith, Sylar injects Meredith with adrenaline and locks her in a cell with Noah. The adrenaline makes her unable to control her flaming ability, leaving HRG with the choice to either burn inside the cell with Meredith or kill her. The second aspect of this test is whether or not Claire will leave Angela to come to HRG's side, despite his lying and negligent ways in the past. Claire does, and with the help of Meredith's flames, HRG's bullet and Claire's inability to be hurt, they shatter the bulletproof glass and foil Sylar's plans again.

But all of that just seems like busywork as Sylar's main goal is to get to Angela and administer his lie detector test. Though she tries to lie at first, Angela ultimately confesses that she is not Sylar's mother. Worse, Sylar learns that her intentions to have him work for the company were never because she saw him as a hero, but as a monster she could manipulate to stop Arthur. Angry and ready to kill Angela, she tells him that she knows his real parents (not the watchmaker and snow globe collector) and that he will never know if he kills her. This all distracts him long enough for Claire to exploit the weakness she and Sylar share: vulnerability in the back of the head. She stabs Sylar with a shard of glass, and she, Angela and Noah head back to get Meredith. However, her ability is out of control, and Claire must say goodbye as Meredith and the rest of Primatech goes up in flames.

While both Primatech and Pinehearst meet a similar demise, for the rest of the characters, it is that same duality that draws the differences. Hiro & Co. celebrate their success in retrieving the formula while Angela watches in pain as "The Company" burns down. Peter again shows his innate goodness and willingness to do right while Nathan assures Peter he would not have saved him had the situation been reversed. Sylar, after reforming and doing good returns to evil (and his "death') while Mohinder's physical reformation and healing finally seems to have worked.

But even though Arthur's plans may have been reduced to ashes, Nathan has emerged as the villain of the hour, giving up the names and abilities to the President, in an effort to bring them all in. Primatech 2.0? Maybe. Perfect set up for the "Fugitives" volume? You bet. Can the government succeed where The Company failed, and who will be on the run?

A few other thoughts:

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