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Forgetting Sarah Marshall


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My target movie to rent this weekend was Ironman. I grabbed "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" as an "eh, I need something else and it's a new release". I loved this movie. The DVD gives you the option of watching the Theatrical version or the Extended Version. I watched the extended version. I thought it was hysterical. Some of the funniest moments didn't come from the main characters, but the many secondary smaller roles.

This is one I will definitely add to my library.

Oh, and Ironman was OK, too.

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A TV actress breaks up with her writer boyfriend. He doesn't take it well. He gets talked into taking a vacation to Hawaii and winds up in the same resort hotel with his ex and her new boyfriend, a british rock star.

It sounds very formulaic and I didn't expect much from it. But I thought it was absolutely hysterical.

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