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Old Guy's Stage Debut


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Old Guy will make his first appearance on stage TONITE :excl:

He auditioned for Theatre Downtown (in the heart of Orlando) and...

landed the part of Judge Taylor in To Kill A Mockingbird.


I've been busting a gut wanting to tell everyone...

I know he probably didn't want to toot his own horn...

so I just asked last night if it was OK if I posted his news.

It runs for a whole month - so - if you're down in that area...

try to catch it and give him a shout from all of us.

lol... one day we all might say ... "I knew him when"

(going to post this in Off Topics too ... if it's OK Mods)

edit: FYI for posters that aren't familiar with - oldguy - he's been a poster for 3, 4 years or so.

Mainly comes in during Big Brother. He used to do videos spoofing the HG's that were a hoot.

He wrote great poems and limericks too.

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That's so awesome Old Guy. Thanks for sharing the news with us Slowpoke!!!

"Break a leg."

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I am going to slide on over and tell him congrats just in case he doesn't see it here, but if you see this oldguy CONGRATS!!! Wish I were close enough to come see you on stage... I know you will be the best Judge Taylor ever!!!

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I got an e-mail from him yesterday...

He said they got standing ovation(s) and his family and friends got a kick out of seeing the

Old Guy on stage.

He mentioned that he also sings in a small choir that sings several gospel (Negro spiritual) songs before the play

begins (setting the mood).

He had 3 shows last weekend and they add Thursday nite starting this week.

He's got to be 'one tired puppy'... but, he's having a blast.

I'll post a Review if I come across one.


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