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Amazing Race - 13

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I want to be on this show so bad. I have sent tapes, filled out applications and though I am middle aged, I work out, swim at least three days a week and walk 5 miles four days a week. Please take me!

Other shows have taken me, why not TAR??? LOL.

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from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Amazing_Race_13

The Amazing Race 13 will be the thirteenth installment of the popular five time Emmy Award winner reality television show The Amazing Race. The Amazing Race 13 will feature several teams of two, with a pre-existing relationship, in a race around the world.

Applications are due on November 27, 2007. Semi-finalist interviews are expected to be held in December 2007 and January 2008 and final casting interviews will take place in February 2008, in Los Angeles. Filming is expected to take place around April or May 2008.[1][2]

CBS had originally planned to only air one installment of The Amazing Race (Season 12) in the 2007-08 season, but due to the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike, CBS has ordered this installment as a replacement for programs affected by the strike.[3]

so thats good news looks like reality fans will get a nice scoop of Big Brother & Amazing Race early hope their good!!!!!!

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TCS wrote

I love TAR....I'd love to see another one sooner that later.

I suspect this series will be on the air for 10+ years. Tell me what you LOVE about this show? I think it is a great concept for a reality TV series, I just don't like a few things (like getting sea sick :animated_bouncy: )

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Tell me what you LOVE about this show? I think it is a great concept for a reality TV series, I just don't like a few things (like getting sea sick )

Well...I really like seeing the countries they visit. They do some kind of task that is on the traditional side. They also do fun touristy stuff too. And believe it or not, over the seasons I have learned some things about other countries that I didn't know. Each week I get to see alittle bit of the world outside the US. I love that its a race!

Stuff I don't like.....they do move at a fast pace and some of the interesting stuff kinda flies past the camera. Its sometimes hard to keep up with the teams.....good thing that they always put what place the teams are at the bottom of the screen.

I'm sorry that you get sea sick. :boat:

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Oh....another thing I love about TAR is how they show how different teams handle the same tasks in different ways. And how they can take a wrong turn or choose the wrong animal or wrong car and get completely messed up. It still gets to me how many people, even the men of the teams don't know how to drive a stick!!!! I love driving stick-shifts.

Two of my vehicles are stick-shifts! :animated_bouncy:

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From The Futon Critic:


The new 2008-2009 schedule is:

On Sunday, the perennial Number One news magazine, 60 MINUTES, kicks off its 41st season at 7:00 PM, followed by the return of the five-time Emmy Award-winning reality series THE AMAZING RACE at 8:00 PM. The successful crime drama COLD CASE remains at 9:00 PM and the action drama THE UNIT joins the night at 10:00 PM.


Doesn't seem they have an exact airdate yet for Season 13.

Also, they're accepting applications for Season 14 already so at least we know it's 2 more seasons :)

Season 14 Application

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They confirmed a season 13 a long time ago whenever season 12 was still airing. I think CBS is realizing that airing TAR back to back to back isn't really working... and I think they're trying to take a break from some reality shows especially due to that writers strike that happened in the winter.

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