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Season Three, Episode One: The Second Coming

Airdate: September 22, 2008


Four years in the future, Peter runs through a bank of desolate warehouses to find a grimly determined Claire waiting for him with a gun. Peter wants to go back to the day it all started and fix everything, but Claire has another plan in mind. Claiming she always loved Peter, she pulls the trigger. Peter stops time, pulls the gun out of Claire's hand, and teleports to the present day.

Disguised in a hat and coat, Future Peter walks to Nathan's press conference in Odessa, Texas, and shoots him twice, square in the chest. So future Peter is the one who shot Nathan at the end of season two! Present day Peter and Matt chase after the shooter. After ditching the gun in a supply closet, Future Peter teleports away, leaving Present Peter holding his hat and coat.

Devastated, Claire watches news of Nathan's shooting on TV. She wants to rush to Odessa to help, but Peter tells her to sit tight. Doctors kick Peter out of the operating room as they struggle unsuccessfully to bring Nathan back to life. When Peter is left alone to say goodbye, there's another shocker in store - Nathan sits up. He's alive!

The executive office of Yamagato Industries: now that Hiro has inherited 51% of the company, he's bored and without a quest. He's just wondering when destiny will next knock on his door, when there's a knock at the door. The family lawyer hands Hiro a DVD with a message from Kaito. Hiro is to guard the contents of Kaito's safe, which he should never open, with his life. Like his father and grandfather before him, Hiro is to be the sentinel of a dangerous secret. The fate of the world depends upon it.

Claire packs a bag. She is shocked and frightened when Sylar shows up at her door, claiming that she has what he wants. Claire makes a run for it, but Sylar prevents her from leaving the house, so she grabs a kitchen knife and locks herself in a closet.

Meanwhile...Maya nearly clocks Mohinder with a cricket bat as he enters through a door, mistaking him for Sylar. Now that Molly is safe, Maya hopes that Mohinder will finally "cure" her. Resigned to being unable to help, Mohinder starts packing for his return to India. Maya's eyes fill with blackness, and Mohinder starts to fade. She is able to control herself and stops. Mohinder suddenly has a thought: Maybe Maya's abilities don't originate in the blood as his father thought, but in the adrenal glands! Maya is relieved as Mohinder gets to work investigating his new theory.

Back in Japan, despite Ando's protests, Hiro opens the safe to find another DVD and a torn piece of paper, showing half of a chemical formula, which could destroy the world if it falls into the wrong hands. With a sudden gust of wind, the paper disappears, so Hiro stops time to investigate. Following a bizarre ribbon of plasma, Hiro comes face-to-face with a self-described Speedster, who chides him for not knowing the parameters of his abilities. She suggests that he ponder this when he gets back on his feet, punches him in the face, and disappears with the formula

While searching for the Nathan's shooter, Matt finds Peter in the broom closet looking for the gun. Matt's already suspicious about Nathan's miraculous recovery, so Future Peter morphs to the surface to introduce himself, and explains that he had to stop Nathan from telling the world about them. Now that Matt knows, he needs to be somewhere else, so Peter makes him vanish. When Peter returns to Nathan's hospital room, Nathan has disappeared, too.

Outside the hospital, a reporter is taping a segment on Nathan's miraculous recovery, just as Nathan wanders behind him and into the chapel. Peter, holding a pistol, watches carefully in the wings, worried what his brother might reveal. Nathan explains to the congregation that he saw God, who has given him another chance to do His bidding. Announcing his noble goal to save the world by saving souls, Nathan falls to his knees and prays, the secrets of the Heroes still unrevealed. Peter pockets his gun and skulks off as the reporter gets it all on tape.

Mohinder shows Maya a syringe, which if his calculations are correct, should give instant powers to anyone. The serum will bond with an individual's blood chemistry, so abilities will manifest uniquely and in an infinite number of ways. He rushes off to the lab to run more tests, which indicate that he's finally hit the nail on the head. Exhilarated by his quantum leap, Mohinder contemplates using the syringe on himself, but Maya warns that it's evil, and begs him to destroy it.

Claire trembles in the closet as Sylar searches her house, promising that he doesn't want to fight; he merely wants what she has. Finding one of H.R.G.'s file boxes, Sylar pulls out a stack of Level 5 personnel files - a veritable shopping list of abilities he might want. Claire uses this distraction to attack, stabbing Sylar in the chest with the kitchen knife. He responds by pinning Claire to a wall and drawing a bloody line across her forehead.

Claire lies in shock as Sylar, having removed the top of her skull, probes her brain with his finger. When he finds what he came for, his stab wound heals. Sylar replaces the top of Claire's head, shocking her. Isn't he going to kill her? Sylar confesses that he couldn't kill Claire, even if he wanted to. She's different - special - and she can never die. And now, Sylar can't die either.

Peter takes Nathan back to his hospital bed, asking what happened to his plan to tell the world. Nathan professes that they might all be angels, but not if everyone knows about them. After Peter leaves, Linderman suddenly appears, and Nathan recognizes him as his "healer".

Meanwhile, Governor Malden watches a TV news report of Nathan's miraculous recovery with Tracy, a dead ringer for Niki, who doesn't seem to recognize Nathan at all. Malden is delighted with what he sees of Nathan onscreen and is convinced that they have found "their guy."

Finding himself in the middle of a desolate savannah, Matt stumbles across a rock painted with the image of the world splitting in two. Meanwhile, Ando wants Hiro to teleport to the past to consult Kaito about the missing formula. Hiro insists he will never visit the past again, preferring to see for himself how the world will be destroyed in the future. In the blink of an eye, Hiro finds himself in a war zone, where he sees future Hiro and future Ando battling for the formula. Future Ando kills future Hiro, grabs the formula, and runs off. The city begins to crumble and Hiro goes back to the present.

The docks are dark and deserted. Mohinder stands at the water's edge, preparing to throw his syringe into the water, but thinks the better of it and injects himself, immediately reeling to the ground. He regains consciousness in the midst of being mugged. Without thinking, Mohinder crushes the mugger's gun and tosses him 30 feet in the air. Amazed, Mohinder stares at his hands, contemplating his newfound abilities.

Angela leaves Nathan's bedside to confront Future Peter - what has he done with Peter, and why did he have to shoot his own brother? Future Peter insists that he had to try to stop Nathan, who set everything in motion. Since Angela can dream the future, she should know that the formula she and her friends tried to bury gets out and destroys everything. Now Nathan doesn't have to die.

Angela claims that it doesn't matter whether or not Nathan dies, because now Peter has screwed up everything. She no longer knows what the future holds. She orders Peter to go back to where he came from, but not before he tells her where Peter is. Future Peter tells Angela not to worry, Peter is someplace safe... Deep in Level 5, H.R.G stops tossing his ball, his ears perking to a screaming voice claiming to be Peter Petrelli.

Source: NBC

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Season Three, Episode Two: The Butterfly Effect

Airdate: September 22, 2008


Feeling woozy and violated after her run-in with Sylar, Claire is devastated to discover that she's lost her ability to feel physical pain. Feeling the pain is the only time she knows for sure that she's still human.

Angela walks through a horrific scene: a killing field, strewn with the corpses of Heroes. In a jolt, she awakens from this terrifying vision of the future, alone in her limo. She visits Future Peter to demand that he go back to wherever he came from. He doesn't realize the power of the fire he's playing with, having set the butterfly effect in motion. His actions caused Claire to be in a place that she shouldn't have been. When Peter asks what happened, Angela tells him to go see for himself.

Maya wanders into Isaac's loft looking for Mohinder. She finds him hanging from the rafters, pulsing with the wondrous power of his new abilities. He further demonstrates his newfound abilities by running up a wall, defying gravity. He believes it's only a matter of time before he can give or take powers from anyone - including Maya. Mohinder claims it all came from what's inside her beautiful body... which, of course, leads to Maya and Mohinder making passionate love in the bedroom.

After being thrown by Future Peter, Matt Parkman finds himself on the hot, dusty ground in an unfamiliar place. Under an unbearable sun, he staggers, looking for any sign of civilization in the wilderness, finally collapsing in the heat.

After escaping, Sylar strolls down the street carrying his stolen files. Agents Karina and Cruz drive up to taser him repeatedly, but he heals instantly and makes quick work of them. At Primatech, Elle takes responsibility for screwing up, insisting she can take Sylar down. Exploiting her desperate need for approval, Bob takes her off the case.

Back in Japan, Hiro's discreet and very expensive private detectives follow up on the robbery of the formula. Discovering a fingerprint, they identify the thief as Daphne Millbrook. When Hiro prepares to teleport to her Paris apartment alone, Ando demands to know what's up. Why is Hiro acting so strange? Rather than disclose his glimpse of the future, Hiro takes Ando with him to Daphne's, a magpie's den of art treasures and gold bars.

In Governor Malden's hotel suite, Tracy Strauss, the Ice Queen of K Street, pitches hardball. She tells him he doesn't pay her for sex, but he does pay her for advice, and she urges him to appoint Nathan to a newly vacated New York Senate seat. Malden relents, and Tracy runs to catch a flight to Odessa. In the parking lot, a scruffy reporter confronts her with claims that she was once the hottest stripper in Vegas. She denies the allegation, but the reporter says he's running his story tomorrow with or without her comments. Tracy promises to hunt and destroy him if he does, and peels out of the garage.

Wondering if she still has a soul or if she's really going to live forever, Claire sets up a video camera to tape her seventh suicide attempt. She steps into the path of an oncoming train, but Peter scoops her up in the nick of time. She confesses that she thinks her healing power is lame. It makes her a victim, and she wants Peter to teach her to fight back. Afraid that he'll do the wrong thing, Peter refuses apologetically, and flies off.

Tracy shows up at Nathan's hospital room to offer him the Senate seat. Believing her to be Niki, Nathan tells her to cut the crap. Tracy doesn't know what he's talking about, and tells Nathan to call her when he's made up his mind. Upon her exit, Linderman appears to tell Nathan that Tracy's offer is part of God's plan, the chance of a lifetime. Claiming that Linderman doesn't know the first thing about God's plan, Nathan shows him the door.

Excited with her new plan to lure Sylar, Elle bounds into Bob's office, only to find that Sylar has come and gone, leaving her father dead. Elle hustles to Level 5 and tosses H.R.G. a gun just as Sylar appears. H.R.G. shoots repeatedly, dropping Sylar. But as the bullets drop out of Sylar's body one by one, H.R.G. is horrified to learn that Sylar has visited Claire and taken her healing power. Sylar makes quick work of H.R.G., blasting him unconscious and then turns to Elle, claiming that she's as much to blame as anyone for the whole mess. Summoning everything she's got, Elle blasts Sylar against the wall and passes out. She wakes to a scene of inmates escaping Level 5 amid chaos.

Back at Daphne's (the speedster) apartment, Hiro and Ando continue to bicker as they search for the formula. Why is Hiro treating Ando like a criminal? Hiro confesses that he saw Ando kill him in the future. Ando fights back - maybe it was someone who looked like him, or a crazy robot. Taking his cue from Batman, Hiro decides they need to set a trap for Daphne, perhaps something to ransom. Wondering what might be most dear to the world's fastest thief, Hiro chooses a high school track medal.

When Daphne arrives, Hiro holds up the medal, offering to trade it for the formula. He stops time, but Daphne can still move at a normal pace, so she holds a knife to Ando's neck, asking Hiro if he's willing to risk his friend for the formula. Hiro releases his grip on time, and Daphne speeds off with all the booty to pick up the other half of the formula.

Ando is upset that Hiro allowed Daphne to cut him, but Hiro insists that his plan is working perfectly. Unbeknownst to Ando, he's put a tracking device on the medal, with the intent to follow Daphne to her destination. When she shows up on the GPS in Berlin, Hiro and Ando take off to retrieve both halves of the formula.

Nathan tells Peter that he's unsure about taking the Senate seat - look what happened the last time he held public office. Peter has a confession of his own, explaining he came from the future to kill Nathan, and wants forgiveness. He was just trying to save the world, but instead, he's inadvertently changed the future. Nathan asks Peter what he should do, but Peter will only say that Nathan has been given a chance to make the right choices.

Tracy is just pulling into her parking garage when Nathan calls to accept the Senate seat. Exhilarated, she promises to set up a press conference. The pesky reporter lies in wait for Tracy, armed with sex video of Niki and Nathan in Las Vegas. Does she care to comment on his story now? Insisting that she's not Niki, Tracy grabs the reporter, who freezes instantly, then shatters into a million ice cubes. Unable to believe what happened, Tracy takes off.

Elle and Angela watch over Sylar, strapped down and unconscious in a Level 5 cell. Now that Bob's dead, Angela declares that she is in charge, and she's got a few changes to make, starting with Elle - she's fired. Bob had been protecting Elle for a long time, and her outburst took down the power grid and released a dozen inmates just as bad or worse than Sylar.

Back at Isaac's loft, Mohinder gets out of bed, feeling odd and knowing something isn't right with his body. An irridescent fluid pulses through his veins. As he looks in a mirror, he is horrified to discover that his back is covered with oozing scales.

Across the world in Africa, Matt Parkman wakes from his delirium and starts talking to a tortoise, who shows him where to find water. After drinking from a plant, Matt discovers that is was not the tortoise who was talking to him but rather a man. Usutu knows Matt's name, and also knows that he's not supposed to be in Africa, because that's not the future he painted. Matt's eager to exit the continent, but Usutu insists that he must stay and spirit walk for many miles.

Linderman plays chess with Nathan in his hospital room, telling him he made the right choice in accepting the Senate seat. Nathan explains that it'll be different this time, that he won't let Linderman manipulate him. They're interrupted by the hospital nurse, who encourages Nathan to go to sleep. He responds that he has to finish his game. The nurse can't undertand why he's playing against himself. Linderman reveals to Nathan that Nathan is the only one who can see him.

Claire returns home, relieved to find her dad, but quickly realizes that he's just stopping by to gather files on the escaped Level 5 inmates. He's the only one on Earth who knows enough to stop villains Knox, Flint, the German and most powerful of all, Jesse Murphy, the guy whose body Peter is stuck in. H.R.G. refuses to allow Claire to come along, revealing that he called her birth mother, Meredith, to look after the family while he's gone.

Future Peter arrives on Level 5 looking for Peter/Jesse. Furious, Angela orders him to bring her son back, and then go back to where he came from. Trapped in Jesse's body, Peter calls Nathan, trying to warn him of Future Peter. Meanwhile, the other three members of the Level 5 posse, Knox, Flint and the German, are terrorizing and killing people at a gas station. Peter/Jesse climbs into the SUV against his better judgment and the four horsemen roar into the night.

Back at Level 5 Angela turns her attention to Sylar, promising to give him what all sons crave from their mothers: inspiration, guidance and comfort. When Sylar insists that she isn't his mother, Angela assures him that she is.

Source: NBC

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Season Three, Episode Three: "One of Us, One of Them"

Airdate: September 29, 2008


The episode begins with Angela confessing to Sylar/Gabriel that she should never have given him up for adoption, and promises to take care of him. She tells him he's special and needs to be strong for what's to come. She introduces Bridget, another "special" who can see the history of any person or object she touches. What's Bridget going to do? Feed Sylar. As Angela walks away from Sylar's cell, Bridget's screams can be heard. Angela smiles.

Tracy Strauss ponders her new ability to freeze objects by touching them - and wonders about her mysterious look-alike, Niki Sanders.

Meanwhile in Nathan's new Senate office, Future Peter appears looking for Peter/Jesse. Nathan plays a phone message he received from Peter (now trapped in Jesse's body) that he is sticking with the Level 5 escapees, afraid that they're going to hurt people.

Indeed, the villains are on the move. Peter/Jesse tries to talk them out of robbing a bank, causing Knox to sense his fear. The Villains terrorize a bank, clearly enjoying the chaos and pain.

Over breakfast, Claire informs Sandra that she's not going back to school. She needs to be stopping villains and helping people and Sandra just doesn't understand. Meredith tries to defend Claire, but Sandra tells her to butt out, insisting that Claire get ready for school.

H.R.G. returns to Primatech to clarify his intentions. He lets Angela know that he's not going to re-enlist, but he will find the psychopaths and put them back in their cages. She explains that his old partner, The Haitian, is out on a job for Angela, so she introduces H.R.G. to his new partner - Sylar! H.R.G. is horrified by the prospect of partnering with a murdering psychopath, but Angela points out that H.R.G. has killed plenty of people himself. All Sylar needs is a little structure, and she's going to put him in play whether or not H.R.G. agrees to supervise him.

Ando and Hiro track Daphne to a movie theater, where the exchange for the other half of the formula is slated to go down. Both Hiro and Daphne are surprised to discover that their powers don't work. Daphne does her best to drive a wedge between the friends and claims she doesn't need her powers to beat them. Spying The Haitian, Hiro concludes that his briefcase must contain the other half of the formula.

Back at the bank, the German cracks the bank safe and he's ready to leave with the money, but Knox insists that this isn't the plan. The German wants to leave anyway, so Knox punches him through his chest, killing him instantly, then lays out his plan. He's powering up from all the scared hostages, which will also serve to draw H.R.G. to them. Phase two of the plan entails beating H.R.G.'s glasses into his skull.

In a moment of insecurity, Sylar laments that he's nothing but a killer. Angela claims it's not his fault; his ability includes a powerful hunger that he hasn't been able to control, but she's going to fix that. Having concluded that some of the escapees are responsible for the stand-off at the bank, H.R.G. summons Sylar for his first mission. Angela says that Peter is in Jesse's body without knowing what Jesse's abilities are, and is thus unable to use them.

Meanwhile in Africa, Usutu leads Matt into a valley filled with paintings that depict his life. Matt is pleased to spy a painting of himself as a happy father, but Usutu claims that this is no longer the future. His eyes turn white, and he begins whitewashing the happy painting.

Peter/Jesse tries to talk Knox out of killing H.R.G., making him suspicious. After all, revenge was all Jesse talked about during their months together in the lock-up. Realizing that Jesse isn't Jesse, Knox violently demands to know what's going on, as Sylar and H.R.G. approach the scene. H.R.G. tells Sylar to stay close and do nothing, but Sylar immediately takes charge, ordering the cops on scene around.

At the movie theater, The Haitian meets a courier behind the movie screen to receive Angela's half of the formula. Rather than adhere to Hiro's plan of dressing up like an usher, Ando rushes The Haitian, knocking him down the stairs, and the guys grab the briefcase. When Hiro starts an argument, Daphne whips in to steal the briefcase. Hiro is stunned to learn that his powers still don't work as The Haitian awakens.

Tracy shows Nathan the video from the Corinthian Hotel and asks him about Niki, but he stays mum. The only thing Tracy's been able to find is an address in New Orleans, so she travels there only to discover Niki's casket. She opens it and sees that they are exact look-alikes. Micah sees her and immediately recognizes that Tracy's not his mother but offers to help, cross referencing her and Niki on his computer. It turns out that they were both born in the same California hospital, on the same day, with the same doctor in attendance.

H.R.G. trades himself for the bank hostages. When Knox prepares to do away with him, Peter/Jesse discovers that his voice is Jesse's ability, as it literally blows the villains away. Future Peter appears to stop time, and pushes Present Peter out of Jesse's body. Present Peter demands to know what's going on, so Future Peter teleports them both out of there to show him. When time starts going again, H.R.G. isn't pleased to discover that Jesse is no longer Peter, and he's really mad!

Meredith offers to play hooky with Claire and teach her how to fight. She takes Claire into a shipping container and surrounds her with an inescapable wall of fire to show her that there are some things you just can't fight. Suffocating, Claire admits that the real reason she wants to stop bad guys is not to help people, but to hurt Sylar for what he did to her.

Sylar enters the bank to secure Jesse, allowing H.R.G. to shoot Flint while Knox escapes. Feeling like he's just a killer, Sylar can't fight the hunger, despite H.R.G.'s urging, Sylar uses his powers to keep HRG out of the bank. HRG looks on helplessly as Sylar pins Jesse to the wall and begins to cut across Jesse's forehead with his finger. Back on Level 5, Flint and Sylar are returned to their cells, right next to Hiro and Ando, as H.R.G. and The Haitian look on. When The Haitian asks if he's being replaced, H.R.G. claims it's only for a little while - just until he discovers Sylar's weakness. Then he's going to kill him.

Back at home, Meredith apologizes for tricking Claire, but she did it for her own good. Claire has a nice family and a nice life, and there's nothing wrong with being 17 for a while. She's got to learn how to save herself before saving the world. Claire smiles and hugs Meredith, while looking over her shoulder at a box of Primatech files.

Usutu finally stops painting his picture of Matt holding an unconscious (or dead?) woman in his arms. Matt demands to know who she is, but Usutu claims he doesn't understand these things. Figuring the reason he's in Africa is to learn the future so he can change it, Matt asks Usutu to help him see. Usutu offers Matt his headphones; once he puts them on, Matt nods out and his eyes turn white.

Sandra confronts Meredith. The school called about Claire's absence. Meredith apologizes, explaining that Claire's been hurt, and now she wants to push back. There's nothing Sandra can do to stop that. Meredith did what she did to protect Claire. The doorbell rings, and Claire bounds down the stairs, claiming she forgot all about the cheerleader sleepover retreat. Sandra happily lets her go. Later, Claire drives through the night alone, with the box of Primatech files in the passenger seat.

Tracy Strauss knocks on Dr. Zimmerman's door in Reseda, California. He mistakes her for someone else, so she explains that she's Tracy. Oh yes, now he recognizes her, she's the one from Beverly Hills. He tells her that, not only does he know Tracy, he created her.

Source: NBC

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Season Three, Episode Four: "I Am Become Death"

Airdate: October 6, 2008


photo source: NBC

Regular Peter and Future Peter travel four years into the future to witness how the world has changed. Present Peter doesn't think it's so bad until he sees people flying and Future Peter tells him that special abilities can now be obtained if you have enough money to buy a serum. Future Peter tells Present Peter that this will result in the world's destruction.(Here we go again...) Future Peter tells him that he needs to go to Sylar for help, but before he can finish, he's shot by Future, and apparently evil, Claire. The Haitian is with her and they both attempt to stop Present Peter but he escapes in the nick of time.

Future Claire, who is also in cahoots with Future Daphne (aka speed racer) and Future Knox (villain who can detect fear), makes plans to use Molly to find Present Peter. Meanwhile, Present Peter has gone to see Future Mohinder, who has completely transformed into a creepy mutant who hides in the dark and wears a hooded cape. (I guess the special effects and makeup team aren't ready to reveal Mutant Mohinder to us quite yet...) Mutant Mohinder gives Present Peter dire warnings and information on where to find Sylar.

Present Peter travels to Costa Verde where he is stunned to find a domesticated Sylar in the kitchen wearing an apron and making waffles for his son, Noah (named after Mr. Bennet, perhaps?) . Sylar gives Peter a big hug and also reminds him to call him Gabriel. Noah asks "Uncle Peter" what happened to his scar and Gabriel/Sylar pulls Peter into another room so they can talk privately. Sylar realizes that Peter is from the past and informs him that they are brothers. Peter doesn't look all that surprised, which is actually kind of surprising. Gabriel says he has denounced his evilness and fights off his hunger. Peter tells Gabriel that the world is headed for destruction but Gabriel is not convinced. Present Peter tells him to paint the future if he doesn't believe him. So Gabriel paints a painting (a really horrible painting, I might add)and realizes that Present Peter is telling the truth.

Back at Matt Parkman's apartment, Future Daphne comes home and we learn that she is the new Mrs. Parkman. She asks Matt to use Molly to help them find Present Peter. He doesn't want to but he finally gives in to his wife's demands. Once Daphne gets the information she gives it to Claire and Knox.

In Costa Verde, Gabriel realizes, after looking at his painted picture, that Present Peter is telling the truth about the worlds imminent destruction. He agrees to give Peter his powers but first warns him of the dangers- of the all-encompassing hunger. He takes off his watch and instructs Present Peter to fix it. Peter says he can't but Gabriel tells him he must if he wants his power-collecting abilities. Present Peter is able to fix the watch with his mind and obtains Gabriel's powers. Suddenly Future Claire, Daphne and Knox appear to kill Present Peter.

While Mrs. Speedy Parkman gets into a ultra-fast fight with Present Peter, Knox goes after Sylar. He throws him through a table and against the wall, accidentally killing little Noah. Sylar goes ballistic, literally, causing a nuclear explosion. We later learn that 200,000 people died in the explosion.Future Claire and Present Peter survived but Peter has been captured and Future Claire begins to torture him with a scalpel. Wow, this girl really is EVIL! Future President Nathan Petrelli interrupts her and asks to speak with him alone. Future Nathan tells Present Peter that Congress has decided to move forward with its plans for a superpowered army. Peter can't tell whether Future Nathan is telling the truth about his intentions being noble and begins to be taken over by the "hunger" Gabriel warned him about. He pins Nathan agains the wall and uses his finger to cut open Nathan's head. He realizes what he is doing, and Nathan drops lifelessly to the ground (dead?). Peter travels back to the present to Sylar's cell. Sylar informs Peter that he is now just like him (Sylar) and will always have the hunger.

We return to Mohinder's loft where he is still molting and oozing and still trying to find a way to reverse the process of the injection he gave himself. Talk about your major regrets. He hears loud voices down the hall and goes to investigate. He discovers a domestic dispute in progress and attempts to intervene, slamming the wife-beating husband against the door. The wife tells Mohinder to leave. Maya arrives back at the loft but they quickly get into an argument (who wrote this part of the plotline anyway?)and Maya quickly storms out. Mohinder comes to the realization that he cannot reverse the process, and he will continue to mutate. (and most likely lose his job as the show's narrator if he turns into a giant blobman.)The angry neighbor arrives at Mohinder's door seeking revenge, but Mohinder forcefully invites him in, leaving us to wonder whether the angry neighbor will ever make it back home to beat up on his wife again.

Tracy Strauss visits Dr. Zimmerman and learns that she's just one of a set of triplets. He injected them with a formula that gave them superpowers. Tracy wants to know who is ultimately responsible for his actions. He said that the company headed up the project but can't or won't tell her the name of it. She becomes angry and grabs Dr. Z, almost turning him into a giant icicle before letting him go.

A despondent Tracy shows up at Nathan's office and hands him her resignation. She tells him that she now knows what she must do. After she leaves, the Invisible Mr. Linderman (except to Nathan, of course) informs Nathan that it's his destiny to help her. The scene then switches to Tracy standing on the edge of bridge, preparing to jump (which seems a bit like a rip-off of Jack's near suicide on LOST.). As she plunges toward the water, Nathan swoops down and rescues her. Back at Nathan's, Tracy seems much better- now that she knows Nathan has a power as well. She shows him her freezing ability, which causes Nathan to get all hot and bothered, and they share a long kiss. We later see them in the future with Nathan as president and Tracy as his First Lady. (and wearing one of the biggest and ugliest pair of sunglasses I've ever seen.)

In Africa, Matt wants to see the future that the shaman painted. The shaman gives him some really awful tasting goop, but it doesn't do the trick so he gives Matt his headphones. After Matt puts them on, his eyes glaze over, he travels to the future in his mind and witnesses the destruction in Costa Verde. He also sees his future wife, Daphne, come home. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to run fast enough to get away from the explosion and her back looks like a burnt s'more. She falls dead in Matt's arms. He wakes up from his trance/dream and realizes that he must find her. The shaman instructs him to first find his mystical animal guide. Matt looks down and sees his turtle buddy and contemplates a very sloowww journey ahead.

Back at their present day Level 5 cell, Hiro and Ando are not getting along. Hiro is still a bit mad and afraid of his future vision of Ando killing him and Ando is angry because Hiro believes his vision and said he didn't need Ando's help. Hiro spies a vent and realizes that he really does need Ando's assistance to escape. (this is a bit perplexing because, unless the Haitian is hanging out right next door, you'd think that Hiro could use his superpowers and blink himself out of there!)Speaking off...just as Hiro gets halfway into the vent, the Haitian enters the cell.

Angela visits with Hiro and Ando and tells them that the missing 1/2 of the formula will make it possible for all people to have special abilities, which will cause the world's destruction. Hiro vows to find the formula and save the world. She tells them that they know what they must do and who can help them. The episode ends with Hiro and Ando digging up and freeing a very pissed off Adam Monroe from his underground grave.


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Season Three, Episode Five: "Angels and Monsters"

Airdate: October 13, 2008


Saving Tracy from committing suicide, comparing their special powers, and then sleeping with her has Nathan all confused. He leaves Tracy in bed, only to run into Linderman. Nathan wants answers: how did Linderman know Tracy was about to take a header into the Potomac? Linderman claims that God resides within, along with the answers which will come. Tracy startles Nathan - who's he talking to? Nathan claims he was just clearing his head.

Mohinder meets up with a drug dealer in Central Park. He tells him needs something to take the edge off, but it's not drugs - it's the dealer. He knocks out the dealer and takes him back to his lair...er, I mean, his lab. Meanwhile, Claire stops by a pawn shop to buy a taser.

Peter teleports into Sylar's Level 5 cell and confronts him in a fury. When Angela rushes in, Peter demands to know what other secrets she's keeping. Better yet, he'll open her head and discover them for himself. Angela screams as Peter draws a bloody line across her forehead, causing Sylar to revive and knock him out. As Angela tends to Peter, H.R.G. calls to Sylar. He tells his "partner" they have a new target.

Meredith finds Sandra looking through the files of the Level 5 escapees. Sandra tells her that Claire lied; there is no cheerleading retreat, so she's obviously going after one of the villains. Meredith tries to calm Sandra - Claire can't get hurt. Sandra points to a photo of Stephen Canfield. He creates vortexes which can make people disappear forever. Spotting "villain" Eric Doyle's file, leaves Meredith sufficiently concerned for Claire. She says she knows where he lives and leaves to look for Claire.

In an empty house, Canfield, aka Vortex Man, paces frantically while on the phone, trying to locate his family, now in hiding from him. Furious that his sister won't divulge their whereabouts, he creates a tiny vortex, which vacuums up a teapot. Claire sneaks up behind him and fires her taser, knocking him to the ground.

When Claire announces her intention to return Canfield to Level 5 where he belongs, he insists he's not a monster. He killed one person inadvertently and the Company dragged him away in the middle of the night for two years of solitary incarceration. He just wants to see his family. Getting emotional, he creates a vortex which sucks up Claire's taser.

Hiro and Ando negotiate with an irritated Adam. They tell him they need his help to retrieve the second half of the missing formula. Adam guesses that Angela must be the villain behind the missing formula but Hiro tells him it was Angela who sent them. Hiro reverses time to put Adam back into his coffin, until Adam promises that he has a plan to help them.

At Pinehearst, Linderman persuades Daphne to recruit other specials for a new world order where heroes are respected. He shows her files on Knox and Mohinder, claiming they've lost their way and need new purpose.

Back at his lab, Mohinder continues his "work". Maya shows up with a flyer. Mohinder's wife-beating neighbor Mark is missing. Mohinder tries to distract Maya with kisses, but when she sees blood streaks on the floor, she makes excuses and leaves quickly. Meanwhile, Mark languishes in the back, encased high on the wall in a stringy cocoon.

When Canfield realizes Claire doesn't work for the Company or Pinehearst, he explains the incident that landed him in Level 5. He's having trouble dealing with his abilities, just like her. He tells her she's free to go, but she has compassion for him and offers the last phone number the Company had on his family. Thrilled, Canfield makes the call and arranges to meet his family at the Griffith Park Carousel.

Nathan asks Tracy what drove her to jump off the bridge, but she doesn't want to talk. Finally she admits to killing the reporter. Nathan thinks it was an accident, but Niki wants to turn herself in. Nathan claims no one will believe her. When he tried to tell the world he got shot, he realized that God gave him his powers for a purpose. Tracy is skeptical, since her powers were given to her by Dr. Zimmerman.

On the way to pick up their target, Sylar tells H.R.G. that he is trying to rehabilitate himself but it won't happen overnight. They show up at Canfield's, surprising both Canfield and Claire. He becomes agitated we he learns that Claire is H.R.G.'s daughter and thinks he's been set up. Claire apologizes; she had no idea. Telling Claire to hold on to something, Canfield opens a giant vortex and runs away. Sylar saves Claire from being sucked into the vortex.

When the vortex subsides, Claire tells her father to leave Canfield alone; he's not a killer. She's more concerned with Sylar - how could H.R.G. be working with him after what he did? H.R.G. promises to explain later; now he just needs to find Canfield. He promises that he'll just talk to him, so Claire leads him to the Carousel.

Adam takes Hiro and Ando to a shady bar, the go-to destination for "specials looking for work". He figures they can find whoever hired Daphne there. When the bartender catches sight of Adam, he jumps over the bar to punch him, but Adam ducks and Hiro is knocked out. Ando tries to revive Hiro as Adam runs off.

Nathan and Tracy visit Angela, who has put Peter in a medically induced coma since he tried to kill her and now has Sylar's abilities. Tracy wants to know more about Dr. Zimmerman, but Angela insists his work is classified. Tracy threatens to go public, so Angela explains that he was instrumental in developing synthetic abilities-including Nathan's.

Maya sneaks back into the empty lab to find Mark. She tries to peel him out of his cocoon, but hides when she hears Mohinder entering. In fear, Maya begins using her powers, giving herself away. Mohinder's eyes begin to turn black and he tells her she doesn't want to do this. She manages to control herself, but calls Mohinder a monster. Mohinder descends upon Maya, encasing her in a cocoon of her very own.

Tracy and Nathan come down hard on Angela for using them as lab rats - it wasn't God after all. Angela explains that "they" now know what they did was wrong; that's why the formula was divided and hidden. But someone has stolen the formula in an attempt to restart the project, which will destroy everything. She begs for their help, but Nathan and Tracy refuse and leave. Nathan decides it's time to consult Mohinder - he's trustworthy and harmless. (that is, he used to be...)

At the Carousel, Claire finds Canfield crying; his family never showed up. She claims that H.R.G. just wants to talk, but her father puts his gun to the back of Canfield's head and demands that he use his power to kill Sylar. Claire defends Canfield - he's not a killer. Refusing to be a monster, Canfield opens up a vortex and throws himself inside.

Hiro and Ando search the alley behind the bar for Adam. Adam runs in the opposite direction, straight into the arms of Knox, who knocks him out and loads him into a van. Later, the two friends are drowning their sorrows when Daphne shows up with Knox. If Hiro wants a job with their employer he's going to have to prove himself... by killing Ando. Hiro apologizes to Ando, and then, as Ando looks at him in disbelief, Hiro runs him through with a sword.

On the way back to Level 5, Sylar points out to Mr. Bennet that Claire sees HRG for what he is - a user. He used her to find Canfield, and used Canfield to try to kill Sylar. Bennet tells Sylar that he is a sociopath, and HRG is only trying to protect his family. When Claire gets home, Sandra thinks Meredith must have found her... but Meredith is under the control of the creepy puppetmaster, Doyle.

Angela nods off in her office. In her dream, Tracy, Nathan and Peter are brutally slaughtered. Their unseen killer greets Angela familiarly, placing his bloody hand on her shoulder. He knows that she can see the future, and it's too dangerous. He promises that she won't succeed, because she won't be able to move - and when Angela wakes up, she can't move.

Daphne returns to Pinehearst for a meeting with Linderman. She tells him everyone's on board, even the Japanese guy, but she's not happy. She didn't sign up to be a killer. Linderman claims it's all a part of making the world a better place and sends her off to recruit Matt. She figures out that he is not really there, but is some sort of apparition. As she leaves, Matt's father Maury is seen walking nearby.

Maury enters a large room containing an ornate bed, which holds a patient, as doctors tend to him. Maury converses telepathically: everything's going according to plan. Maury has given Nathan visions of Linderman, Daphne is building an army, and Adam will be there by tomorrow. We spy the ring on the patient's hand - he's the killer from Angela's dream - and he's her husband, Arthur Petrelli!

Source: NBC

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Season Three, Episode Six: "Dying of the Light"

Airdate:October 20, 2008


In last week's episode, Knox demanded that Hiro kill Ando as proof of his intentions to join them. Hiro ran Ando through with a sword. Or did he?..,

Back at the Angry Skunk Bar, Hiro stops time and teleports to a magic shop, where he grabs a trick sword and a packet of fake blood. Then he teleports back to the bar two hours earlier to warn Ando that he will fake stab him later. Ando needs to trust Hiro, and pretend that he's dead.

In the present, Hiro "kills" Ando, impressing Knox and stunning Daphne. Hiro demands that Daphne take him to her leader, but she explains that he gets an assignment just like everyone else, and hands him Usutu's file. Hiro is to bag Usutu and bring him to Pinehearst. It's going to be a tough job; Usutu is a precog and will know that Hiro's coming.

Realizing that Meredith is in trouble, Claire is determined to find her and Sandra insists on going with her. Meanwhile, Meredith languishes at Doyle's puppet theater, unable to move unless he directs her. Doyle is determined to make Meredith love him again, even if he has to cut her up to make it happen.

Knox escorts Adam down a long hallway at Pinehearst. Adam isn't afraid... until he spies Arthur. Knox drags Adam to Arthur's bedside, where Arthur grabs hold of Adam's arm. In the blink of an eye, "immortal" Adam ages to the point of decomposition, then crumbles into dust. Rejuvenated, Arthur rips out his tubes and sits up and smiles, filled with new life.

At JFK airport, Daphne is having second thoughts about the whole Pinehearst thing, looking at a file on Matt. Linderman appears to intimate that leaving her current job isn't an option, just as Matt descends the escalator with the tortoise. Linderman disappears as Maury is seen hanging up the phone. Matt, holding his turtle guide in a cage, spies Daphne at the foot of the escalator.

Nathan and Tracy knock on Mohinder's door. Tracy explains that she's not Niki, but one of triplets, and she wants her ability to go away. Surprised to discover that Nathan and Tracy weren't born with their abilities, Mohinder offers to help, injecting the couple with something that causes them to collapse. With the last of his strength, Nathan rips down a tarp, revealing several cocoons with people inside attached to the wall.

Daphne is amazed that Matt knows her name. He's saddened to learn that she's come to recruit him for Pinehearst, and knows that she's not buying her own pitch. He explains his dreams of their future together. When Daphne turns to go, Matt makes a last ditch effort, explaining that they name their baby girl after Daphne's grandmother, Daniella. Daphne asks Matt to wait for her, promising to return.

Alarms sound on Level 5 as Daphne releases its prisoners. She stops into Sylar's cell, claiming that her boss wants to work with him because he's a killer. Sylar tries to take Daphne down, but she zips out, taking Flint with her, and leaving a Pinehearst card behind. Sylar rushes to Peter's cell to wake him up, explaining their mother is in trouble and needs their help.

Ando isn't too happy to be in Africa. The goal was to retrieve Kaito's formula, and now the dynamic duo is kidnapping an innocent man. Hiro is delighted to spy Usutu's paintings, which remind him of Isaac. In one image, Hiro gets hit over the head with a shovel. Hiro turns, only to be hit over the head with a shovel... again and again. Finally, Hiro decides to go after Usutu the old fashioned way: hide and wait.

Sandra cooks up a plan. As Claire goes around the back, she enters Doyle's theater at the front, pretending that she wants to hire him for a birthday party. When Doyle hears rustling in the back room, he smells a rat and freezes Sandra. He runs to the back and finds Claire with her taser, and instantly takes control of her movements.

Daphne knocks on Mohinder's door, then rushes into the lab. She explains that the people who sent her already know how to do what Mohinder is trying to figure out. They just want access to his database and research, and they need his help to save the world. Disgusted to see Nathan, Tracy and the cocoons, Daphne zips out, leaving the Pinehearst card behind.

Realizing their familial connection, Doyle organizes the three women into a demented game of Russian roulette. Claire is forced to shoot first; luckily, the chamber is empty. Sandra is up next, and Doyle forces her to shoot Claire. Sandra pulls the trigger repeatedly until a bullet hits the chamber and Claire keels over. Claire quickly heals and knocks him out from behind.

Meanwhile, Sylar takes Peter to Angela, who's paralyzed and lying in bed. Sylar asks Peter to look inside her head to find out what's wrong, but all Peter can see is the helix that appears on Pinehearst's business cards. Disgusted with Sylar, who keeps calling Angela "Mom," Peter locks him into a coma in a Level 5 cell, and decides to proceed to Pinehearst by himself.

H.R.G. shows up at the Puppet Theater to finish off Doyle with a pneumatic needle gun. Everyone gives Claire kudos for saving the day, but she walks out. Claiming Claire has the wrong idea about him, H.R.G. decides to talk to her, but Meredith reminds him that Claire doesn't need their help. H.R.G. asks Meredith to help him catch the other Level 5 escapees.

Tracy wakes up and tries to lure Mohinder to her side. She knows that he didn't mean for any of this to happen; it just got out of control. Tracy grabs Mohinder's arm and freezes it, then freezes her restraints. After freeing herself, she frees Nathan, but Mohinder recovers to throw the furniture around. Their business has not yet concluded...

Late at night, Daphne returns to JFK. She's supposed to recruit Matt for Pinehearst, but he thinks that both of them should stay away. In the future, Pinehearst is going to get Daphne killed, and Matt has come to prevent that from happening. Daphne doesn't trust Pinehearst, but she doesn't trust Matt either. When he asks her what her heart tells her to do, she explains that she's got to keep moving and takes off.

When Usutu finally returns, he apologizes to Hiro and congratulates him for using his brain instead of relying on his powers. Now he's finally ready to see Usutu's new painting, depicting familiar villains along with the Pinehearst helix. Hiro also spies a portrait of Peter hugging his father.

Peter teleports to Pinehearst, making himself invisible to infiltrate the conference room where Arthur meets with his "villains": Daphne, Knox, Flint, and Maury. He explains that they will lead the world, and soon will be able to control who's special and who isn't. Then they'll be able to save the world from everything that's wrong with it.

Peter materializes, shocked and amazed to see his father. How is Arthur not dead, and what did he do to Angela? A conciliatory Arthur explains that they need to talk, pulling Peter into a hug. Peter screams and drops to the floor, unable to access his powers. That's because Arthur now has Peter's abilities...

Source: NBC

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Season Three, Episode Seven: "Eris Quod Sum"

Airdate: October 27, 2008


In Africa, Ando tries to convince Hiro to go back in time to learn how to defeat the villains, but he adamantly refuses, claiming it will only make things worse. Usutu warns that time is running out; will Hiro choose his own path, or will it choose him?

Back at Suresh's apartment, Mohinder makes a last ditch attempt to get a sample from Tracy and Nathan but no dice. so Mohinder snatches Maya out of her cocoon, punches through the skylight and flies off.

After having dreams of his father's funeral, Peter wakes up at Pinehearst, handcuffed to a bed. Arthur claims that Peter's abilities are gone forever-he had no choice but to take them. He wants Peter to join forces with him. Furious, Peter resolves to shut Arthur down and make him pay for everything he's done. Arthur tells Peter that until he changes his attitude, he's grounded.

Claire and Sandra return home. When the lights in the house flicker and pop, the women rush inside to find Lyle on the floor. Claire is stunned and angry to see Elle at the computer. Claire resolves to get rid of her and the girls fight. Finally, Lyle douses Elle with a bucket of water, she screams in agony, and finally admits that she needs help and didn't know where else to go.

Arthur observes Maya back at Pinehearst, where Mohinder has brought her. She thinks Mohinder is a monster, but he would still do anything to keep his promise to remove her abilities. Telling Mohinder to watch, Arthur grabs hold of Maya's shoulders. She convulses violently. Finally the black in her eyes drains into Arthur. Maya is overjoyed to finally be rid of her ability, but she still wants nothing to do with Mohinder.

Arthur explains that he can drain people of their abilities and leave nothing behind. Mohinder admits that he wants to retain his abilities, but get rid of the crazy side effects. Arthur leads Mohinder to a state-of-the-art lab where both halves of the formula are on display. If Mohinder comes to work for Pinehearst, he could create a fresh version of the formula, which might be the exact medicine he needs.

Sylar languishes in a coma in his Level 5 cell. Angela comes to him in a dream vision to inform him that Peter needs help. When he protests, Angela claims that Sylar doesn't know the half of his capabilities and he needs to buck up and show everyone why he's "mommy's favorite". Sylar awakens and tears the tube from his nose, resolving to save Peter.

At the Bennett's, Elle explains that she can't control her ability anymore. She keeps overloading, can't eat, can't sleep, and endures tremendous pain. She shows Claire a Pinehearst card. Daphne said they would cure her, but Elle hoped to consult H.R.G. Claire admits that there's something wrong with her, too - she can't feel pain. Thinking there's a chance they can both get help, Claire proposes they go to Pinehearst together. Elle agrees.

In his office, Arthur confronts Daphne. Why was she unable to recruit Matt? Arthur orders Daphne to revisit Matt and kill him. Matt's father, Maury, protests. The deal was his loyalty for Matt's safety. He begins to say that without him Arthur would still be... but he is unable to finish his sentence as Arthur snaps Maury's neck, killing him instantly. Still, Daphne insists she's not a killer. There must be another way to deal with Matt.

Daphne shows up at Matt's door, with gun drawn. He urges her to shoot him, but she can't. Back at Pinehearst, Peter is strapped down and wheeled into Mohinder's lab as the perfect test case for the new formula. Just as Mohinder is about to inject Peter, Sylar bursts in. Seeing an opportunity to avenge his father's death, Mohinder attacks Sylar, allowing Peter to escape. Mohinder is about to deliver a death blow when Arthur stops him in the nick of time. He's been waiting to see his son Sylar for a long time...

Nathan and Tracy wait for Company operatives at Mohinder's lab. Tracy starts feeling bad for the people in the cocoons and tries to free someone, but the guy starts choking her. H.R.G. shows up in time to taser the cocoon guy, with his new "one of us, one of them" partner in tow - Meredith!

On their plane ride to Pinehearst, Elle discharges all kinds of electricity, creating a very bumpy ride. Claire tells her to turn off the power or the plane will crash, but Elle can't control it. When things get desperate, Claire grabs Elle's hand and orders her to discharge. Once Claire has absorbed Elle's electricity, everything's okay. It seems that together, the girls make a powerful combo.

Matt reads Daphne's mind to learn of his father's death, surprised that Maury would protect him. Daphne claims Maury didn't do it so Matt could sit around and get killed; Pinehearst will send someone. Indeed, Knox shows up to break Daphne's neck and punch through Matt, leaving them both for dead. When Knox leaves, Matt and Daphne rematerialize as if nothing happened, all due to Matt's "brain mojo thingie." Thrilled, Daphne plants a kiss on Matt, then asks, "Now what?" Matt calls Primatech. Back at Pinehearst, Arthur tells Sylar that Angela is just using him. In fact, she tried to drown him when he was a baby, and it was Arthur who saved his life.

Maya leaves Pinehearst with plans to make amends for all her wrongs. Even though Mohinder loves her, she can never trust him. Meanwhile, in the Pinehearst parking lot, Elle thanks Claire for helping. Claire insists that she should be thanking Elle. She was about to give up and hide at home because she was scared. Now she's going to find out who she really is. Elle confesses that it's kind of nice that Claire is as messed up as she is.

Peter finds Sylar in Arthur's office. He insists that Arthur can't be trusted, but Sylar believes that Arthur has finally told him the truth. Peter asks Sylar to kick Arthur's butt so they can leave, but Sylar tosses Peter through the window. He falls to the ground at Claire and Elle's feet. A wounded Peter explains that Arthur took his abilities so he can't heal. Claire drags Peter to the car, but Elle refuses to come with them-she's staying at Pinehearst to see if she can get help.

Sylar tells Arthur that Peter will never give up. Arthur is nonplussed, promising to take the fight to the enemy. Arthur wonders outloud how Peter survived the fall without his abilities? The camera pans to Sylar's nonresponsive face. Daphne calls Arthur. Their plan worked; Matt thinks she's on his side. Arthur warns Daphne to keep him posted on her progress or he'll put her back where he found her.

Peter believes that Sylar must have used his ability to slow his fall, thus saving his life. When Nathan and Tracy arrive, Peter tells them all about Arthur taking his powers. Nathan can hardly believe that Arthur's alive, and wants to rush to Pinehearst. Tracy admits that she's been taking consultant fees from Pinehearst; she can open doors. But Nathan says he doesn't need any door opening, because he's planning on kicking them down.

Back in Africa, Usutu mixes a batch of his psychotropic paste for Hiro. Since Hiro refuses to go back in time to uncover his enemies' weakness, he'll have to learn this way. Hiro's eyes turn white and he passes out. Panicked, Ando accuses Usutu of trickery. Usutu claims he warned Hiro: since he didn't choose his own path, one was chosen for him.

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Season Three, Episode Eight: "Villains"

Airdate: November 10, 2008


The episode opens with Hiro eating a disgusting hallucinatory paste prepared by Usutu. His purpose? A spirit walk through the past to discover the history of today's villains. Hiro travels back in time 18 months to New York City, where Arthur and Angela Petrelli's 41st wedding anniversary party is underway. Disturbed by rumors that Assistant DA Nathan is mounting an investigation against him, Linderman asks Arthur to get him to back off. If he digs too deep, Nathan will see Arthur's hand behind everything. Arthur knows his son is like a bulldog, but as in a Shakespeare play, when a son challenges his father, only one man is left standing. If Arthur can't fix it, he'll kill Nathan.

One year ago, Flint and Meredith knock over a Memphis liquor store. Thompson (Eric Roberts) interrupts, spraying Flint with a fire extinguisher. Meredith throws flames at Thompson, giving Flint the chance to escape, but she's captured. Meanwhile, in his Brooklyn watch shop, Sylar hangs himself. Elle rushes in and uses her power to fry his noose in the nick of time. Sylar asks for forgiveness for "what he's done" and cries in her arms.

Elle tries to comfort Sylar. Everyone does bad things, and the broken rope is surely a sign that he deserves to live. Sylar's not so sure, but he does think Elle is an angel. Afterwards Elle returns to a Primatech van, where H.R.G. watches Sylar's apartment. She's curious - why isn't this a simple bag and tag? H.R.G. explains that they need to record Sylar's extraordinary ability to absorb power.

In a Level 5 cell, Thompson reviews Meredith's case history. Why does she hate the Company so much? Meredith prefers to keep her reasons to herself, and tries to negotiate for her brother Flint's safety. Claiming that Meredith isn't in a position to negotiate, Thompson tells her to choose: agent or prisoner?

Back at the Petrelli home, Arthur asks Nathan to hand off Linderman's case to someone else. He refuses. Later that evening, Nathan's flying ability manifests itself, yanking him out of his car just as truck smashes into it, leaving his wife Heidi to bear the impact of the crash alone.

In the hospital, Peter tries to comfort an irate Nathan, who blames Linderman for crippling Heidi. Nathan swears revenge on Linderman, and tells his father that if Arthur is standing next to him, he will go down too. It's time for Arthur to choose: his client or his family. Later that night, Angela confronts Arthur, demanding to hear him say that he didn't order Linderman to kill Nathan.

Thompson takes Meredith to a shanty town in Austin, Texas for a training mission, to take down a special named Danny Pine. When Pine smells a rat, his fist turns to iron, and he quickly smashes Thompson. Meredith flames on and turns the iron fist molten red, grabs Thompson's taser, and takes Pine down, smiling at how easy it all seems.

As H.R.G. watches from the van, Sylar takes down a map and list of names given to him by Dr. Suresh. Elle knocks on the door with a peach pie. She asks about the list, but Sylar throws it away, admitting that he has an unusual ability. When he demonstrates by moving a dish rack, Elle snags the list out of the trash.

Back at Primatech, Thompson congratulates Meredith on her good work, claiming her real test is one of loyalty. Agents follow orders with no questions asked. Thompson gives Meredith his card, ordering her to put Danny Pine in a cell. She falters as she passes her brother, Flint, locked in another cell. Flint is on top of the world - he tells her he's going to be an agent, too!

Sylar confesses to Elle that his ability involves a sort of addiction, an overwhelming hunger that causes him to covet the powers of others. Elle tells him he's "special" just the way he is. H.R.G. wants to kick the plan into high gear, since he needs to see Sylar kill. Elle balks because she likes Sylar, but H.R.G. insists that they introduce Sylar to another guy on his list, Trevor Zeitlan, to see how he extracts powers from his victiims.

Arthur and Linderman discuss the botched attempt on Nathan's life. A second attempt will look suspicious and who knows how Angela will react? They decide to postpone killing Nathan in favor of keeping their New York plan on schedule. They turn to see Angela, who's heard everything. She grabs a kitchen knife, but Arthur quickly manipulates her thoughts, forcing her to repeat, "Nathan has to die."

Hiro bolts upright and begins whispering in tongues. Ando wants to wake him, but Usutu explains that he's stuck between this world and the next. If Hiro wakes too soon, he could get stuck forever. Usutu mixes up another concoction, and the fumes cause Hiro to collapse into his dreams once again.

Realizing that the Company is trying to trick Flint because he's dumb, Meredith orchestrates their escape by train. Thompson tracks them down, however, and begins to do battle. Meredith tackles him, allowing Flint to get away. Thompson asks why Meredith had to screw this up; now Flint's their sworn enemy. Claiming that she's an enemy as well, Meredith flames up the train car. The ensuing explosion propels Meredith and Thompson out the door.

Linderman visits Angela, who's cooking soup for dinner. Claiming that he still has a shred of morality, Linderman can't stand by and watch Arthur hurt Angela again. Each time Arthur forces her thoughts, he leaves damaged tissue behind. Linderman can heal these scars. Angela can't believe that Arthur would betray her, but when Linderman takes hold of her head, it all comes flooding back.

In the aftermath of the massive train accident, Thompson again asks handcuffed Meredith why she hates the Company. She explains that her baby girl Claire was killed in a fire 14 years ago, and it's all the Company's fault. Saying "so that's what they told you", Thompson cuts Meredith loose, claiming it's payback for the death of her child. As Meredith runs away, we see Claire racing to the burning train to save a man trapped inside.

Elle makes dinner for Sylar, and then introduces a "special" guest, Trevor. Trevor demonstrates his ability by pointing his finger at a glass and shattering it. Elle exclaims about Trevor's specialness. Flying into a rage, Sylar smashes Trevor against a bookcase. Elle tries to break it up using her powers, but Sylar throws her across the room. Now knowing that Elle has powers too, he asks her who she is and orders her to leave. H.R.G. watches transfixed as Sylar exposes Trevor's brain.

Angela serves Arthur soup for dinner, as the Haitian stands by silently. Arthur knows there's something on Angela's mind, but he can't see inside it. Angela wonders if Arthur knows her at all anymore. He was a great man, a visionary, but somewhere along the line, he lost his soul. Arthur makes no apology but suddenly falls over, victim to Angela's poison-laced soup.

Just as Angela is instructing the Haitian how to dispose of Arthur's body, Nathan shows up and finds his father on the floor. They rush Arthur to the emergency room, where a doctor informs them that Arthur has died from a massive coronary. As Angela hugs Nathan, the doctor returns to Arthur's bedside for telepathic communication. The poison soup has caused irreversible damage and Arthur's paralysis is probably permanent.

Elle cries after bloody Sylar runs out of his apartment. Now they have created a monster and let him loose on the world. H.R.G. isn't worried; they'll get Sylar soon. Besides, their job isn't to save the world. H.R.G. and Elle are agents, and agents follow orders. H.R.G. runs across the street to catch a cab, vacated by Peter and driven by Mohinder.

Nathan and Peter comfort each other at Arthur's funeral. Looking at Arthur's urn, Angela comments that he was not a god, but a man, deeply flawed in ways his sons will never know. Back in Africa, Ando is delighted when Hiro finally wakes up. When the they hear a scream, however, they run off to find Usutu... decapitated. Arthur materializes, brought their by Hiro's dreams. He clamps his hands around Hiro's head, causing Hiro to scream in agony.

Source: NBC

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I apologize for several episodes being missing from this thread. I became a bit disillusioned with the show along with an increased workload at my job. When I have more time I'll track them down and post them.-kayo

Episode 14, Season 3: Clear and Present Danger

Feb 2, 2009 10:19 PM ET by Adam Bryant

Source: TVGuide


With "Fugitives," Heroes returns from a long winter nap with course-correction on its mind. As such, much of this Volume 4 kickoff does a lot of scene-setting, as we check in on our friendly world-savers as they struggle to live normal lives. Claire is applying to college, Parkman is working as a security guard, Mohinder is back driving his cab, Tracy trades in her junior senator for a governor, Peter is working as an EMT, and Nathan is back on Capitol Hill. Nathan has some new friends who dress all in black and create a scenario that forces our heroes to return to their super ways.

Playing catch-up

As the episode starts, the only people not concerned with giving up their ability-fueled activities are Sylar, Daphne and Hiro, who doesn't even have his powers anymore. Even though we last saw Sylar unconscious on the floor of Primatech as it came burning down around him, the skull-slicer is alive and well, and he's got some daddy issues. His quest to find his father leads him to Baltimore, where he finds Martin Gray, the walking clich

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