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September 12 to Finale - Live Feed Updates

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11:54..Dan is in the bathroom getting ready for bed......Memphis is already in the 60s room under the covers..reading...

12:00 Dan joins Memphis in the 60s room and discuss the bible..Mephis asks if he's sleeping in there and Dan says he doesn't think so..but will tomorrow...."do you want to hit the light" Dan asks and he does ..they say their goodnights..as Dan heads into the dark 80s room...

12:02 .......Everyone..meaning Dan and Memphis are in bed..Memphis doing his best Jerry impression..picking his nose......Hose is dark and quiet....

{Tomorrow should be good after the Q&A to hear the fallout if it is in fact tomorrow....We usually get a good read as to who wins from it.............anyway

I'm out and will be back a little later tomorrow night...night all}

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Bb Time 10:48am Houseguests are up and Memphis is walking around hte kitchen with his morning cup of coffee..... sitting at the kitchen counter now with his hat on picking at his face (Again). Dan not on cams right now.....They woke up to "Alladin" not the "rennegade" song memphis hoped for...still sitting and just looking around the house.

BB Time... 10:52am....... the same....(one IS a lonely number.lol)

BB Time 10:54 am...... Memphis getis called to the DR Dan walking around with his St Mary's shirt , got a bi red cup in his hand making fun of hte BB voice, it called Memphis and said "ma Ma Memhpis"

it stuttered. Dan fixing his hair... pacing around the kitchen...going to pick up some things from the bathroom area. putting on deodorant...going back to the bedroom now carrying socks and his shoes. smelling his black shirt.... taking off and laying out his St Mary's shirt, changed into a grey one...going up to the HOH floor and sitting at the end of hall looking down on the rest of the house... (maybe hiding?)...surveying the house..(lol).....just sitting and looking all around...Dan saying "Chris I'll stop this man man if you need it" ??? (huh)..... He has a green ball in his hand I think a thrill for Memphis ( LOL) fish.... Back.....

Bb Time 11:02 Am........Dan still up there sitting and staring down on the rest of the house....(Paitent guy)......Dan getting up throwing the balls down on Memphis saying "take this you Clown"....Then Laughing , memphis laughing too. ....Fish........back, ......Dan going into the DR with something...Memphis in the kitchen with another drink (cold).....Walking back to his counter seat and sitting there now.......Here comes Dan....Dan asked did you play along"? Memphis says I always play along" (guess he knew from the DR Dan was there).....Talking bout seeing 'The Dark Knight"

Dan says nothing to do all day "Couple guys, empty house , no girls" Memphis laughs....

Bb Time 11:08am......Dan asking if Memphis ate breakfast...Memphis saying "no".... Dan looking in the fridge... Wondering if they can have sushi tonight.....Dan saying.. "seriously, we arent being greedy at all , after being grilled by the Jury we may need some sushi tonight".....talking about a restraunt...... Memphis saying "This house is making me crazy"....Dan asking which "Cereal box vixen you like better ".... (girls on the box) Memphis chooses one and they talk about their type of girl...(Cherrios, raisin bran and raisin bran crunch are the choices today) Dan reading the back of Raisin Bran and reading fact of to Memphis about animals and how fast they are....and different facts on how fast different thing s are (speed of light, haleys comet)etc..

BB Time 11:15am.......Memphis looking at the woman on the one box and saying "Wow look at this woman" (not a compliment I think)....wondering what the are building them out in the backyard...(they are on LD) Dan asking who would be on the cover of different magizines.... referring to the housguest... Time, Newsweek, Gay rodeo, Mothers weekly....Libra for Mother's weekly, Jerry Memphis said TV guide..after Dan had said Time... (for his age) being on a reality show.. talking about Ollies job, Memphis said it "trips him out" , Jessie being a body builder.... wondering about how he lives , how do you make money doing that...Steven made google maps Dan said and Memphis laughs......Going through each person and saying how each kind of embellished on their job status....Dad saying Michelle would be a good gym teacher memphis laughs cause "I can see her with a whistle around her neck"... "Dan asking what did Jerry Do "? Memphis mimicking him (Jerry) "I sold conductors to the spaceships".......saying how Jerry would tell a story about the story he was telling before getting to the point...Dan says "something is up with Renny".....saying how he thinks she may own her own buisness........ Dan Saying how "Keesha didn't look like herself at all "(guess they could see her getting to the jury house on the show last night).....Dan asking "So whats the twist we missed "?...asking Memphis if there "was any awkward tension between people."?.......Memphis thinks it isn't anything huge....or they "Are blind"...

Bb time.... 11:29 am......talking about April and trying to figure out why she hated Memphis....saying how you have to be careful what you said in the house....Memphis saying Jessie "The way he played the game was funny"....Dan saying he had cornered him twice before his eviction asking if he was going to stick to the plan and Dan said "I told him yes to shut him up"...

saying Keesha was smart to figure out she was going...Memphis thinks that the jury will think that Jerry and he and Dan "had something together from a long time ago".......Dan prenteding to be Jerry" Im going to sway ALL the votes".. they laugh...."I beat ALL of YOU'(to the Jury when he gets there)... they laugh again....saying how brian was So tall.... "Show me the twist " Dan says ....

Bb Time 11:35 am ....Dan going to get a yogurt...getting a spoon.....Memphis in the SR getting something in the fridge..... coming back to the kitchen now..... as Dan is getting a paper towel..

Dan giving a shout out to his "Kids" "..... and his Mom.... "Hope you had a nice Brithday".......Memphis saying "Suuuuueeeee" (calling pigs)..(huh)....... Dan talking about whether there Still are professional sports" Memphis laughing..... fish.....

(Im out for now folks.....) :)

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Today they've been discussing the other HGs, much like yesterday and around 11am they were reading cereal boxes and entertaining themselves (and not entertaining me in the process). When Memphis was in the DR early this am Dan was hiding upstairs and threw stuff at Memphis as he came out.

12:15PM BBT:

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2:10PM BBT: They're talking about the slop during the season and the fact that April and Keesha had bathroom issues during that time. They then made fun of Jerry some more.

3:20PM BBT: Naptime in the BB house...

3:35PM BBT: All four feeds are in the bathroom, I missed who went in there to use it.

(It was Dan)

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BB Time..... 4:20 pm.....They are gettting things ready to make their tye dyed "Rennegades" shirts....BB gave them a tye dye kit today with the bocce ball set..... Dan is making his on the covered pool table and Memphis is doing his on the covered Washer and dryer...............


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They made two shirts each I think. I stopped watching...

Now they're back to the ball game again and Memphis says that Dan's balls are in a tough spot...

(I have to take a break. I can't listen to them anymore...)

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8:40 PM BBT Memphis is ironing his blue blousey shirt, Dan is baking cookies. They speak of the jury questions and each time they do the fishtank comes up. I did hear Memphis say that he was told in the DR that "this is the last time you'll have to address them (the jury) before they are sequestered". He explains to Dan they'll each be individually sequestered, not able to speak to each other during the final decision time. That should put a big cramp in Jerry's plans, who, even in his exit interview with Julie Chen, still said he would control the final vote so that Dan could not win grand prize.

Dan removes a cookie from the pan and enjoys a warm one. He then asks "Hey brother, can we get some alcohol for after the jury......" his sentence is cut off by a moment of fishtank. He completes it "we're gonna need it". They are preparing for the jury questions, which are apparently coming up tonight.

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8:45 BBT

Dan prancing around the kitchen. Dan: "Big Brother can we get some alcohol for after the jury...foth....back, we're gonna need it." :cheers:

We can gather that they are both waiting for the jury's questions.

Dan now goes to lie down in the spa room.

I guess Memphis is in the 'loo' the 'john' the 'toilet' doing his thing...

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9pmBBT Trivia Jury Questions 2 Memphis & Dan. BBAD is showing a "taped" airing from earlyer in day.(they must of did this due to Jerry's Bed time)(it looks to be what the feeds saw from 12pmBBT-3pmBBT as Dan is yawning, saying its a cold morning, & they just got all their toys, which it apperas BB told them they were going 2 get, as Dan is "fake excited")

10:27pmBBT Feeds still Trvia(Jury Questions) & BBAD still Replay of 12pm-3pmBBT(which they must of edited as we get green screesns& no signal Sings and sometimes a frozen picture)(also skipping around, Boys playin badminton then in bathroom in 1 seond lol)

11:01pmBBT Feeds still Trivia & BBD still Replay from about 2pmBBT

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12:05 BBT

Dan opening a beer looking either aggitaed or excited... Memphis is not on any of the feeds....

Dan's mumbling to himself pacing around the kitchen dining room area..Drinking his beer at a pounding pace..

12:08 BBT Dan continues his pacing sighing heavily.."if I get two outta those" {maybe Q&A didn't go well for him}

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12:10 BBT: Memphis is still nowhere to be seen and Dan is visibly upset...pacing around and still drinking his beer mumbling to himself..

Dan still walking literally in circles safe to say upset..."if I do not get reeney.I cannot win" {I think that's what he said}...

12:13 BBT Pacing drink continues and slaming his beer down between gulps...

"he has to get either Ollie or April and he never said a word to em" Dan says to himself...Feeds switch to bathrrom with no one there..

12:15 BBT : Dan comes out of the bathroom....and heads back to the LR where he sits on the couch beer clutched in his hand...

Dan seems a little more calm/relaxed......Memphis out of DR and looks a lot more chipper than Dan....Lets Dan know BB provided them Beer dan wants a Tecate since he's never tried "one before" and heads to DR..

12:18 BBT Memphis in the kitchen looking calmer as he drinks his beer...he heads to the bathroom....

12:20 BBT: Memphis is now getting something to eat....says something with his mouth full and couldn't make out what he said...he continues to stuff his face...

Memphis very much the opposite of Dan just sitting at the kitchen bar stuffing his face looking a little more calm...

12:25 BBT Memphis isn't saying anything and just sitting there...doing that wierd self rub thing he does on his neck/chest..stopping to drink or eat...

12:28 BBT Memphis moved to LR belching as he lays on the couch..

12:31 BBT: Memphis just sitting there on the LR sofa..drinking his beer and looks like he's thinking.....picking at his face...

Dan still in the DR....{Memphis is a little harder to read than Dan} but he hasn't said anything the last 10 mins and just sitting there I guess waiting for Dan to get out of DR...reading his can of Tecate beer and now looking bored...

Memphis yawning...so he may be tired...but no change from him at all from what's been posted...

12:36 BBT: Memphis heads outsides "these things are never gonna dry" as Dan come out....

Memphis "I have not idea its a fucking toss up" Dan says "you have to either get April or Ollie"...Memphis says "that's two people"...Memphis thinks he lost Michele because Dan took "her on a trip"...Dan explains that he told Keesha on the way out...Memphis says about Jerry "he might pick you since I pissed him off last"

Dan wants to play "Who would you"...saying hypotheical answers only...Memphis decides he doesn't want to "were not playing that game"........

Dan asks who would be his best man..Brian he says ...In a bachelor party "who would you hire to serve drinks? He says Jerry and Dan says that was gross..

Dan says "did you figure out what ollie asked you" and memphis jokes that he was giving him his vote in "code words"

Memphis says he was surprised Jerry was so upset even though he gave him a chance to "win the game"....Dan says Keesha will forgive she said "so I was part of a business deal"..and Memphis says why can't she understand since she was taking Dan to final two......and can't "grasp" her "why why why"

12:45 BBT: Dan talking about past votes and what they were.....Memphis adds Jerry's eviction being last was "get the fuck out of my house bitch"

They are talking about Jerry Dan saying he played a good game since he lasted so long and Memphis says "people kept him around because he was 75 years old" and both talk about Jerry not using his POVs when he won them...FOTH

12:47 FOTH

{I'm out be back tomorrow..night all}

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1amBBT Dan telin mephis how their threw every single competion till the POV Licesnece plate & and he threw the stars.

Memphis said he knew as u are no actor and how weak u acted.

1:15amBBT Renny told them he owns a hair salon

Dan tells Memphis he owns a website wher he makes good money he says he owns " computercoach.com " he says he makes 20K on each small bussiness say he uses GoDaddy.com for cheap website and creates websites for people for about 1K each. He says he charges each clnt sepratly and Dan/Memphis are going to make a Website for the Renegades and Dan gonna help memphis make a website for his compnay he is starteing. Dan says Monica was made at him bailing on his company while hes in house

1:25pmBBT he now says website is " http://cpucoaches.com/ (his website is currely "parked" by GodDaddy which means nobody paided bill, so i guess Monica was right)

(i rewound it he did say " Computercoach.com " at 1:15am for "computer consulting"

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