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1960s Afternoon Special For Children

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I am new to this and I couldn't find Morty. Sorry.

I am trying to figure out the exact titile of a children's special that showed on some Saturday afternoons in the mid-60s, and I think at some point it also showed on Sundays, maybe in the evening. It had a long title, like "The ABC Sunday afternoon at the movies children's special," or The ABC rainy day children's special." It had different stories, and some were international, with various ethnic children acting in these stories. It was usually an hour long, I think. Maybe it was called children's hour? I'm not convinced it was ABC who produced these, but it was one of the networks. I remember it coming on in the mornings and then later it started coming on in the afternoons. It never was shown on a regular basis. I don't think it was Disney affiliated, but maybe???

Any one have any ideas about this? I used to love these.


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This may shed some light... a bit of googling returned this ... and I remember the show now ;)

CBS Children's Film Festival which was a part of CBS Children's Hour.



Here are the air dates for the Festival:

February 12 to March 26, 1967

February 4 to March 24, 1968

January 1 to April 6, 1969

March 22, 1970

February 14 to March 3, 1971

From September of 1971 to August of 1977, the CCFF ran all year.

From September of 1977 to August of 1979, it was renamed

The CBS Saturday Film Festival, and ran 30 minutes

without KFO, also airing occasionally until 1984.

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