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September 6 & 7 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=89

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:10 AM BBT

Dan up in HOH still, now looking at a picture he put on the bed of him and Monica?

Jerry in LR

Memphis in Kitchen.

Jerry has his raincoat on and sitting in the LR, Memphis just assured Jerry that he would be

wearing the raincoat Jerry has loaned him. Jerry saying, "as soon as you turn out the lights they (BB)

will start the POV challenge.

Jerry: Cant get over how tired you are from doing nothin"

Memphis: Its mental strain

Jerry:I washed all the dishes I got bored

Memphis:I get on that kick too.

Memphis making coffee in the kitchen.

Still waiting......

Theyre discussing past pov at night.

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12:51 jerry by himself in living room... keesha and memphis in 60s room chatting about what do they think the pov is going to be.... memphis says to get all around comfortable as keesha pulls some stuff out of her drawers.... they both leave room and memphis hollars out its getting about that time.... memphis says come on mike give us some music or something man and he walks into the LR.... keesha in BR and says im sure he will and gets into shower to change clothes... dan just walked past in LR but they didnt show where he went, just walked by jerry in the LR sitting in chair, neither said a word to the other..... dan just walked by again into kitchen area..... keesha out of shower now and changed into jeans and red shirt

12:54 TRIVIA

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BBTime 12:27 AM......STILL Waiting for the POV to Begin (Hopefully)....Jerry and Memphis in the Livingroom Jerry all dressed and ready to go , Jacket on too. Memphis dressed in Jeans and a black Tee with a bandanna (Black).....Memphis made coffee for them...Jerry doing most of the talking...Talking about POV's, HOH's.........Keesha is asleep not on Camera.......Dan up in the HOH in bedd with Pics of Him ans Monica on the bed with him..... Jerry talking to Memphis asking whether he like it where he lives or not.......U H OH 12:31 AM FOTH.. Oh we are back....

12:31 BB Time still....... Memphis talking to Jerry about the fact they do like it where they are. Saying he may have to move to Vegas for his job.... Keesha is awake now, up and dressed too , Memphis tells her he made coffee, she is getting some....Memphis says how Vegas is jumping all the time....... Jerry says he "has gotton into a crap game at four o"clock in the morning"....

Bb Time 12:35 AM.....Jerry talking how Jerry has gone to Vegas ,on Work. Gone to shows and stuff. Silence.....Jerry and Memphis say at the same time "we were right, one O' Clock" (figuring the POV is at 1am now).....Dan now getting out of bed getting shoes on and walking around the HOH. Getting his St Mary's shirt on....now coming out of the HOHto the living room too...

12:39 AM BB Time..... Keesha saying "Hi Dan" .... Jerry has finished a whole cup of coffee..... Memphis asking Dan if he wants a bagel.... Keesha in BR now going through her stuff, still in bags....saying "Ewwwwwww" (Not sure about what) Memphis in SR now with Keesha in BR Keesha laughing about not being awake yet....."Dude, I'm so not awake yet". Saying "Whats goin' on"? to Memphis he said "What are you talkin' about" ? and laughs.....(she is half asleep) Dan having a bagel now with Cream cheese .. Jerry in Kitchen ....... Jerry saying "it usually means something physical" (then doesnt finish the sentence)......

12:45AM BB Time....... Keesha putting her hair up in a ponytail by the pink room......"Hi Dan " she says as Dan walked through....Jerry sitting just waiting in LR..... Dan back up in the HOH carrying some of his clothes....(Wow, quiet house) Keesha eating in Kitchen....Memphis going through to the Living room. to the bedroom....Keesha getting a drink of water.....taking her coffee into the BR , Memphis in BR now with Keesha talking about the weather outside and maybe she should take a jacket............Memphis saying it "could be something physical" Keesha says "I know".....Keesha taking some other clothes out with her ..... Memphis asking "Mike" "to give us some music or something"... Keesha saying "Im sure he will"......Jerry still sitting same place just watching all of them...Keesha decides to change in the Shower.... she is out and adjusting her Mic.

12:57 AM BB Time......FOTH.......(We have Trivia Folks... Here we go).......POV....

(I'm out )....... :bedtime:

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2:11 BBT

Keesha and Dan in the BR talking. Keesha looks upset, hugging each other.

Dan said 'its gonna suck because your up'.

Dan and Keesha talking 'smack' about Jerry.

Jerry in the spa room (pondering his BB fate).

Memphis in the bathroom

Keesha worried about what Jerry will say about her.

Talking about the POV--

Keesha: the first step I fk up. I couldnt figure it out. I was so confused.

I meant to put April but I was wrong and it was on the ground.

Dan: I knew it was a repeat, but I just didnt know who it was.

They seem to think this POV was meant for Keesha to win.

Dan: Jerry is waiting to talk to Memphis.

Keesha:It will be worse now.

Dan: Jerry walks in sees me and doesnt say anything. Keesha agrees

and says he did the same to her.

Dan: IF I HAD TO PICK A CHOVENIST (and the backsteps) oh I dont want to say it that way....

he grew up in a different era..

Dan tells her come up to the HOH whenever she feels like it because neither one are tired, then

he leaves to go up to the HOH

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2:30AM BBT

Memphis and Dan in the HOH-giving each other high fives.

Memphis: The first one I put the name over the clue (laughing)

Now theyre talking about who they should vote out.

Memphis: We have to think about which one lets just sleep on it

Talk goes to DR and we get FOTH

Back..Keesha in the bathroom

Memphis and Dan talking about Jerry-

Dan: He (Jerry) is going to be bashing keesha

Memphis: we have to make an educated choice

Dan: We couldnt have wrote a better script-one more and we're there, we have to use this week as information, whos breakin down,

Memphis: The next one's gonna be physical

Keesha enters the HOH. Keesha: your not going to vote me out are ya?

Memphis: Me and Jerry were sitting on the couch and Jerry said Dan's not going to the beach its something deep in the game.

Keesha: Jerry was camping out in the spa room

Dan: time to go home (refering to Jerry)

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3:37 am BBT

M and D up in HoH talking about how it is going to be weird going home D tells M "Nice win man, nice win"

M goes to the bedroom

K - giggles

K - you wide awake?

M - It is going to be so weird not sleeping on a water bed...

Talk of water bed sleeping and how the mattress hasn't been making noise

M - at home I never wake up

K - yeah that is because you have Asley to cuddle up nex to plus you are just wiped out

K - Good job Memphis, I know that was very stressful, for everyone out there

M - I just blank out and just do it

K - it is just huge though because there was so much pressure, it is the ones that have so much pressure

D in HoH taking a shower

M and K laughing downstairs

M - I need to get my chapstick

M leaves the 70's room to the 50's room to get his chapstick

M - the cameras won't leave me alone

K - yeah

M - they have no one else to follow

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3:53 am BBT

(K & M had more of a chat but I was out of the room)

D is done with his shower and is now in bed and is reading his letter from home.

K & M are settled down

K - goodnight

M - goodnight

K - see it's getting cool in here now

M - yeah now that the lights are off

K - there is just going to be so much, so much in the real world...

Dan still reading his letter he says something like "I'm going to take this home"

Dan turns off light and gets into bed

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10:50 AM-10:55 AM BBT - FOTH (Must be wake up call)

10:57 AM BBT - Feeds 1 & 2 show FOTH still & Feeds 3 & 4 show Keesha feeding the fish

10:58 AM BBT - Feeds 1 & 2 now show Memphis outside while Keesha is in the kitchen.

11:00 AM BBT - BB announced that the lights must remain on. (I think it was to keesha as her room light was shut off. She goes to the room and turns it on...)

11:02 AM BBT - Dan feeds his fish & says good morning to Monica, Keesha in restroom.

11:04 AM BBT - Dan now outside with Memphis, Jerry is in the shower, and Keesah washing up in the bathroom.

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Jerry's talking about the Galliera here in Houston..(represent H-Town) saying folks that live there automatically mean they're rich.. (not true Jerry, but I know what you mean) Him, Memphis and Keesha are talking about people that have money and places they live.

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1:05 bbt hg's have been on ID lockdown for a few minutes. Dan left hoh room key outside. Dan's cooking. Memphis and Keesha at bar. General chitchat. Jerry's lying on his bed. (He looks dead.)

Memphis is saying, "google Ultimatum"...it's a reality show. Then foth.

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