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Who Would You Evict?


Who would you evict?  

83 members have voted

  1. 1. Who/what would you evict?

    • Allison Grodner
    • Julie Chen
    • Gretchen Massey
    • BB Camera Crew
    • The Fuzzies/Fish
    • The Show Itself
    • The Twists
    • The Slop
    • 0

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Just the slop. Serves no other purpose but to cause bitching. There's enough of that as is.

Without Grodner BB wouldn't exist so I'm good with her.

Twists and everything else is just the ingredients to the show.

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all of the above

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If they could replace Grodner fine, but not at the expense of losing the show. Of course, you always know what you have and never know what you'll get.

Love the slop...why should anything be easy in the house. They have way too many luxuries to begin with. The cars, clothes and washing machines should be a thing of the past and slop should be the menu always.

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I think the slop is ridiculous and cruel.

Why not have more competitions for them to win their own food? Or more competitions to win things like the wardrobe April got? That little prize stirred up lots of jealousy from the others.

If I were creating this game, I'd have an ongoing search or puzzle to be solved to keep them busy, also I'd have them have to earn point or some prizes by doing housework or creating something. Why do much idle time?? Let them help earn comforts.

Things I think they could do to spice up the house:

* Paint a mural activity.

* Create a craft which could be donated to a charity (quilt squares?)

* Stage a "who dun it" game, like mystery theatre.

* I loved Dan's talk show -- more of that, please.

* Challenge them to learn another language or some interesting facts.

Why inspire idleness?

I recently heard a speech from a respected children's author who spoke about the biggest diservice this generation is doing to our kids is giving them everything without having them work for it. Give them a job, let them do some work, and you create pride and a sense of value.

Okay, off my soap box.

By the way, this is my favorite season in many years. I've really enjoyed all the people and the only thing I don't enjoy is some of the mean-spirited comments I read on boards. I find something worthwhile in all of the houseguests and like them all. I worry how hurt some of them will be when they see some of the cruel comments directed at them. Yes, it's a game. But everyone matters.

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Grodner is a bad poll option. Because picking her is the same as picking multiple options. I wish CBS would kick her ass off the show and if Mark Burnett has any kind of proteges give the job to one of them. He's had 1 or 2 alleged "scandals" with Survivor, but keeps the show fair for all contestants. Whereas Grodner has had about 3 straight seasons of unbalanced competitions and diary room strongarming.

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