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April - Week 6


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her and libra must be having fun

what i never liked about april is that she always projected herself as a know it all and someone who did it all

i always hated know it all in school

michelle tries to be a know it all too

both on the know it all path of eviction

well april is already there

it is nearly impossible to get a word in edgewise

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Just for you April...a song...

Parody of Jefferson Starship...

This is a dedication I am sending out to Ape and Hollie...just from me and just to you two :-p

-Takes microphone-

"We built this season

We built this season on skanks and ho's.....

Say you don't know, or recognize my face

But you know my boobies, and what's below my waist

Locked tight in the house, tumbling in your bed

But we don't need protection slowing down our fun

I'm prettier than Keesha

Which is why you choose me

But dooooon't you remember....

We built this season,

We built this season on skanks and hoooooooooos...."

Thank you! Thank you!

-tosses the mic over his shoulder nonchalantly and mumbles to himself "idiots"-


I'm just now getting caught up on reading posts. This one was great, ILoveD. :notworthy:

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once she hear what deal ollie got from dan in hoh comp

from michelle once she arrives in jury house

she may lose it because she gave almost same deal to michelle

so ollie should have known better


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I have said this before,but I never have been able to understand why Michelle didn't hold April responsible for Jessie being evicted. The deal on the wall was April said both Jessie and Michelle were SAFE.

Jessie could not have been voted out,and evicted, if April had never put him on the block in the first place? She made the nominations which put him at risk,she also had the power to have jerry use the POV and take him down,and put someone else up. April even had a gut feeling something wasn't quite right,and still failed to take jessie off? Thus screwing up her and ollies alliance with michelle ,and jessie,and ultimately the downfall of aprils game!

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i dont either gsn because april clearly broke deal

but she was sure to go after libra

for saving memphis

when it obvious he hangs out more with keesha

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