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Skins On Bbc America


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Hey what's up! Hope you're all feeling fabulous :) I'm Daphne. I work for BBC America and tried messaging TV_Paige about starting an official discussion thread for the brit-teen crossover Skins. Never received any response, so hope this is cool... would love for someone to give me the greenlight, but hopefully no one minds if I get the ball rolling!




For those unfamiliar with the show, it follows a wild and diverse group of teens (including Nicholas Hoult, About a Boy) in Bristol torn between growing up and being kids, some are actually calling it "Dawson's Creek on speed!" And though it's written by teens (most under age 22), it's geared toward mature audiences so adults will be just as entertained. This ain't the Cosby show folks! My favorite character so far is Cassie, the eccentric blond girl with an eating disorder and history of drug abuse - she's craaaaazy but I love her :) You can check out the character bios and cast interviews at the website (http://bbcamerica.com/skins) and the youtube page (http://www.youtube.com/skinsbbcamerica).


The show airs this Sunday the 17th on BBC America at 9 PM. If you watch, let's discuss! Who do you love/hate/love to hate?

-Daphne Mays

Skins Ambassador


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