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Did You Know Who Is The Mole?


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Twelve strangers. Ten weeks. $420,000. One Mole. There are a 10 things we knew for sure.

Marcie was not the mole.

Liz was not the mole.

Allie was not the mole.

Bobby was not the mole.

Victoria was not the mole.

Kristen was not the mole.

Alex was not the mole.

Clay was not the mole.

Paul was not the mole.

That left Mark, Nicole and Craig. Nicole.

One of them was The Mole. Did you guess who?

The Morty's Mole Poll held steady from the first week of voting on the final three.

Mark increased his lead from 45% to 48.65%.

Craig increased his 2nd place standing from 32.5% to 35.14%

Nicole lost ground in last place from 22.5% to 16.22%.

The mole successfully sabotaged the game to the tune of $433,000, a potential prize pot of $853,000 reduced to a mere $420,000k. Just how did The Mole Do it and did you see the clues?

Did you put your fingerprint into the game? How successful was your personal Mole Tracker? Did you win the Final Morty's Mole Poll?

Who Was The Mole?

The winner of The Mole, Mark, fooled nearly half of you.

Only a third of you guessed that was Craig The Mole.

Congratulations to Mark who won $420,000. For a full recap of the season, visit:


Congratulations on all who guessed that Craig was The Mole and thank you for playing the first ever Morty's Mole Poll game!


Who cautions that while this season of The Mole may be over, The Mole may still be out there, so beware, be vigilant, and from time to time, be yourself The Mole...

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from week one I said it was Craig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to Mark for winning and WTG Craig!!

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I said from the beginning that Craig was the Mole. My daughter teased me that I was wrong and I started doubting my instincts. It is nice to know I was right and get the last laugh.

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lala wrote:

The clues that they gave were pretty.. ugh.

I was thinking the same thing. A couple of the of the clues weren't too unreasonable, but several of them would require a pretty serious nut case to spent hours of scanning and rescanning each episode for those obscure clues.

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I'm really glad I stuck with Craig too and am EXTREMELY GLAD that Mark won. Nicole would have just added the money to her portfolio. This was a pretty good season, all in all.

The clues that they gave were pretty.. ugh. At least the ones that were in very small print that you could barely see in the opening credits.

I agree- pretty lame clues, with the only one being obvious was the "CRG" on the wall right under Mark's arm.

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