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August 29 & 30 - Live Feed Updates

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memphis says everytime you take someone off the block its a big deal. memphis says it annoys him how whoever renny would take to the end she would win against them and that she could win no matter what.

dan says he would rather win 50 grand instead of zero and memphis agrees.

memphis says that his shirt stinks. (earlier he was smelling his shirt)

memphis says everyone in this house, even april, likes renny even though she sent her out the door.

memphis tells dan not to say anythign to keesha because he doesnt want the emotions to be on her sleeve. memhis wants what he is going to do with the POV to be uncertain to everyone.

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memphis says if dan wins HOH then he cant put him up. dan says he is trying to take memphis to final two. memphis says it will get interesting around here.

memphis and dan are suspecting some type of twist.

dan says he wont say anything to renny about memphis using the POV on him because it would be "dope" of him.

memphis goes inside and is now in the kitchen with jerry. jerry is eating. jerry and memphis talking about tossing and turninig at night.

BB calls dan to DR.

all four feeds on bathroom.

renny tells dan to go to the diary room and keesha says "dan, dan the man!"

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renny and keesha in bathroom and reeny doing her hand signals and lip talking with no sound, dont know what she said to keesha but she looked mad..... keesha gets up and kisses her on her cheek.....renny throws her towel down and says i wish we could get dan, keesha says she doesnt know......

feeds go outside to jerry/memphis..... jerry asks him what hes gonna do with the veto, he says he would rather talk upstairs, memphis says ill keep my word to you, jerry says the way we have been thru this thing together, jerry says he would bleed for him, memphis telling jerry that he has another issue in the house, i dont trust dan, but here is what im gonna tell you, that you, me keesha and dan have a chance to win, but reeny would beat all of us, jerry says you can deal with reeny in the house next week you need to get rid of dan..... memphis is telling him that she will win....memphis says he will keep his word and taking jerry to the final two but he wants to get rid of reeny now..... jerry says he is the biggest competition and will promise anything, memphis says i believe you but .... jerry really selling dan going home and memphis really pushing renny

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11:36 AM BBT: keesha and renny in the bathroom. keesha says she needs hair dye and then starts wth how she gets hangovers so easily (keesha has a hangover)

renny flossing and keesha putting on make up. not much talking going on.

renny and keesha start whispering for a few seconds (i couldnt make out what)


jerry asks memphis what he is going to do with POV. memphis wants to talk about it upstairs. jerry says he puts his trust in memphis and memphis says thats where they see eye-to-eye. jerry says you cant trust dan. memphis says he doesnt trust dan but he has another issue in this house but he doesnt have to tell jerry who it is.

jerry says he wants to take care of renny next week because shes not gonna win. memphis tells jerry he will take him to the final two.

jerry says that dan is a bigger competition and will turn on anyone. memphis says he doest have any deals with dan and that he thought he was a good friend until he put him on the block.

memphis says he has a bigger problem with renny cuz she could vote him out next week.

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11:44 M BBT Jerry and Memphis sitting on the BY couch. Jerry asks him what he plans on doing with the POV. Memphis says he would rather discuss it later upstairs. Jerry tells him that they could definately work together and make it final 2. Jerry tells him that Dan is not trustworthy and that Dan needs to go this week. Memphis says that he has issues with Renny and none of the other 4 can beat her in the end. That is his only concern. Jerry tells him that Renny can wait until next week. Dan needs to go this week. Memphis says again that Renny is the one that needs to go this week because she could possibly win next HoH next week. Jerry keeps mentioning that Dan is not one you can trust, but Memphis is making it quite clear that Renny is the one that he wants out. Memphis denies his alliance with Dan telling Jerry that they are still good for final 2 together. Memphis "if Renny makes it to the final 2, she wins, hands down" Jerry "but Renny is not likely to win next week" Memphis "In this house, you never know" Memphis says they will talk later but that he will keep his word on final 2 (poor Jerry-if you only knew FTB1974).

Conversation ceases when Dan joins them in the BY so they discuss the fact that in 2 weeks it will be all over with and how quickly the pace has picked up in the house.

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jerry says he could see dan winning more than renny because he doesnt see renny getting to the final two. memphis tells jerry that they will talk later. jerry says that he will not break his deal for final two with memphis. jerry says its a crazy game. memphis says they dont have a long time left. jerry says its going to go fast now.

memphis wants a luxury challenge (what else is new?)

jerry is glad that him and memphis could work something out.

dan comes out into the BY and talk changes about the date and how long until they will be sitting at home.

memphis is still talking about getting a luxury competition. jerry says that they need to do something for them. jerry wants them to sneak gizmo in here and hide her in the bedroom so keesha will walk in and see her and freak out.

there is another duck in the pool apparently.

memphis comes inside and is now in the bathroom with keesha. he says that it is hot out there.

he started talking abiout how they go to a mandatory psychology meeting after the show ends... and now fishies on all four feeds.

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11:55AM BBT: Memphis is telling Keesha and Reeny in bathroom that while he was waiting in the SR during comp he read the rule book and they all have a mandatory phsycological meeting after this is all over.

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12:05PM BBT

Dan in bathroom popping in contact lenses.

Keesha and Memphis both sunbathing in BY.

Keesha: "Think we're gonna get a luxury competition this week?"

Memphis: "I hope so. I feel like they would."

12:10PM BBT

Dan joins Memphis and Keesha in BY.

Renny enters shower stall to get dressed after her shower. She reemerges donned in a red kimono with a purple towel wrapped around her hair. Dan enters the bathroom while she's still there, and he gets Renny to lather his back with lotion. Dan mentions, "those red dots have gone away a little." [i imagine that both ladies will be giving Dan and Memphis the Royal Treatment from now until eviction day. - jimmie]

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keesha, dan, and memphis are discussing what to name the new rubber duck.

keesha suggests Eugene but memphis says that he doesnt like that name.

dan says "how about Howard? Howard the duck?" keesha says that its too basic.

dan says "how about Ugly? because it is ugly" and then suggests "The Boss"

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keesha says that its nice out. dan says that its "hot as balls."

keesha sitting on couches in BY while renny is inside plucking her eyebrows.

dan comes into the bathroom and sits on the chair. renny now putting sunblock on dan's back. dan thanks renny and begins to put sunblock on his chest.

memphis still outside tanning and keesha now laying down on the BY couches.

renny asks dan if its hot out and dan says yes.

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1:13 BBT

All feeds on Memphis and Dan in the pool, chatting non game with Jerry, who's sitting on the lawn chair next to the pool. No signs of Renny or Keesha.

1:20 BBT

M and D in pool talking about shoes. Jerry and Renny in the kitchen talking about possible scenerios. Renny asks why he didn't put both guys up and Jerry says he'd be in the same situation and if one guy won it, then he'd have to put the other guy up (basically ignoring the question) He's telling her that he thought about nominations for hours and she needs to think of all options. Renny asks if J thought about M winning the pov and he said yeah, anyone could have won, and Dan lost by 8 seconds. J says he hasn't talked to M yet about what he's going to do and tells Renny to stay cool with what's going on. R saying why would M keep D in if he wants to win the money at the end. J tells R 'it's a circus right now, kid!'

1:30 BBT

Renny's trying to explain to Jerry about having put both guys up there and Jerry's trying to tell he doesn't think the same way as her. She keeps going, saying if both up and one won, one would still be up there and he says that means Renny would know that Dan or Memphis was going to win and that's not possible. Saying that if he put both D and M up, he'd have them both going after him (it's the end of the game, there's not much choice!!!!!) Jerry goes on to say that he put Keesha up to get Renny's vote to get Dan out. Jerry keeps repeating that he's not stupid and Renny agrees. He tells her there's nothing they can do now and to wait it out. Jerry heads outside and Renny says she knows Jerry will get in M's ear about how D put him up last week. Jerry goes over to the pool to join the boys. Just general chat, non game.

1:40 BBT

Jerry heads inside and passes the girls in the kitchen. Renny saying Dan's out there trying to save his ass with Memphis and that Dan's a snake. R says how M wasn't doing anything in the beginning, but now, he's playing the game. R telling K how Jerry said he didn't want all the guys disliking him, which is why he didn't put both boys up. K says they're pretty screwed and even if they make it to next week, they need to get HOH. K saying J needs to tell M the facts about what D has been saying about M and throwing him under the bus. R says that or J's full of shit. K says D would sell her out and anyone else out if he needs to in order to move forward in the game. Renny's really mad and telling K about how D was being mean to her yesterday, saying how she's nice to her son but mean to her stepdaughter. K says she didn't understand what D was saying yesterday and he's dumb.

1:45 BBT

Renny saying it's out of her hands and telling K that she can talk to M and see where he's at and R says this could be the game winning moment for M if he gets rid of Dan. R saying she wants to stay. K looks upset, but like she knows what the boys plan to do. K says Jerry doesn't care which girl leaves, as long as one of them do.

1:50 BBT

Keesha says that she doesn't see Memphis getting rid of Renny and R replies with he wouldn't get rid of Keesha, either. R asks if M would tell K if he's going to use it. K says he might and she's going to try and talk to him. K says the boys won't be as open with her as they used to be b/c of her relationship with R. R says she wasn't able to get Jerry to put both boys up and K says Jerry's not stupid, of course he would put up and guy and a girl. K says J seems to like M, and R says M has never screwed J. K says whoever wins, good for them, and R agrees. K looks out the window and says D and M are definitely talking right now.

2:10 BBT

All feeds on Keesha in kitchen. Renny joins her and says Jerry might be lying and K agrees that J lies a lot.

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2:10PM BBT

In the kitchen Renny and Keesha have just now completed a small eternity of giving Jesse a run for his money, when it comes to seeing whom can absorb the most calories per minute. During the process, they worked themselves up into a petulant frenzy, mostly accusing Dan of everything under the sun and threatening to expose him to Memphis. Renny, totally paranoid, casting looks outside at Dan and Memphis talking.

Keesha takes a plate of cucumbers and cherry tomatoes out to the BY. Thinking that Dan and Memphis have nothing better to do than talk game, (which they're not), Keesha steps in BY and announces, "Better stop talking; I'm coming out."

2:20PM BBT

Keesha and Memphis on BY couch. She begins to work on him, and he reveals to her that he and Dan are planning to save her. He tells her that if she's in the Final 3 with him, he would take her to Final 2. Jerry comes outside and walks up to them. Memphis and Keesha stop game talking, and then Keesha starts crying.

2:35PM BBT

Dan in kitchen. Everyone else chatting on BY couch.

2:40PM BBT

Memphis in kitchen telling Dan about his conversation with Keesha. Dan is concerned that Keesha might tell Renny that Dan and Memphis are planning to save Keesha. Memphis says, "So what. There's nothing she can do about it." The remaining three HGs are still out on the BY couch.

2:50PM BBT

Memphis called to DR.

2:55PM BBT

Jerry goes inside, leaving Renny and Keesha alone on the BY couch. Renny calls him "an ass", as soon as the door closes. Keesha blunders by telling Renny that she had a conversation with Memphis. Renny immediately begins to question Keesha about it. Keesha coyly leads Renny down the garden path until Renny finally asks the big question: "Well, what did he [Memphis] say?" Keesha completes giving Renny the run-around by telling her that she doesn't know because Memphis gave her "the run-around".

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2:58 PM BBT: All four feeds on Renny and Keesha talking on BY couches. Keesha saying how she thinks Jerry is lying about Dan. Silence for a few minutes. Renny finally says that maybe Memphis doesnt really know what he's doing yet and doesnt know why Memphis would want to take a big competitor to the end with him.

Keesha says she doesnt feel good and Renny says she needs to put her clothes in the dryer.

Keesha goes inside and is now in the kitchen with Dan.

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3:15PM BBT: Renny comes in and says "why are you looking at me like that, Dan?" and Dan says "because you werent talking to me"

Renny leaves kitchen and heads to BR. Keesha joins her a few seconds later.

All four feeds on Keesha and Renny laying in bed. Renny says all she can do is be straightforward with Memphis. Keesha says she needed to win that veto. Renny says "you needed to win that veto? look at me, its a mess."

Renny tells Keesha not to worry because she's not going anywhere. Renny says that Dan isnt to be trusted and she will be straightforward with Memphis if he plans on using the veto on Dan. Keesha says that she doesnt see this going good.

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5:55PM BBT

BB: "Attention, HGs. The storage room is temporarily unavailable."

6:00PM BBT

Dan, Memphis, Keesha clowning around in '60s bedroom. Renny in kitchen. Jerry in BY.

6:10PM BBT

Dan, Memphis, Keesha move out to the BY to exercise. Renny is in the kitchen, giving herself a reason to exercise by cooking.........again. She's frying food. It looks like she's cooking dinner for the house. Jerry is nowhere in sight.

6:25PM BBT

Feeds on storage room interior.

BB: "Attention, HGs. The storage room is now available."

Jerry makes a bee line to the storage room to retrieve the basket of goodies we've been looking at. They have been given a variety of crafts and games, including a deck of cards. Everyone excitedly gathers in the dining and kitchen areas. Dan and Jerry spread the loot out onto the dining table. Jerry wants to teach everyone a card game called "31".

6:30PM BBT

Renny has finished cooking, so the games are cleared away, and the table is being set for dinner.

6:40PM BBT

It's chow time. Everyone at table. Memphis says, "Let's bless this mess," and Renny says a quick grace.

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6:53 PM BBT: fishies

6:57 BBT: feeds are back but we still hear music from the FOTH in the background. (the bad touch- bloodhound gang, lol)

memphis is still eating and renny is cleaning up. jerry and dan are in the room too but i cant see what they are doing. dan thanks renny for the food and says "thanks renny that was amazing"

jerry comes in and announces that there is a lot of ants outside. keesha goes back out to see and comes back into the kitchen and makes a disgusted noise. jerry says that he touched something and couldnt believe how many ants got on his arm. (must be a lot)

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7:05 PM BBT Supper is done and it's a group effort in cleaning up the kitchen, even Keesha is helping.

7:20 PM BBT Keesha and Renny seem to have some kind of arts and craft out on the backyard. Looks like small amounts of multi-colored pom poms and popsicle sticks. (reminds me of kindergarten) Dan is teasing the fish, holding the food above the water like they are supposed to jump for it or something, and Jerry is sitting on the couch in the BY with Keesha and Renny and yells to a plane that flies overhead "I'm going home!!!"

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7:10PM BBT

Dan, who is washing dishes, is eventually deserted by the remaining HGs, whom go out to BY, each with a glass of red wine in hand.

Jerry: "That is a rich, rich wine."

Keesha: "Oh, my God, it's so good."

Jerry again says that he wants to teach everyone how to play a card game called "31".

Renny and Keesha are working with arts and crafts stuff.

7:20PM BBT

Extreme closeup of Dan feeding fish in downstairs gold fish bowl.

Jerry sitting on BY couch with Renny and Keesha. We hear a jet pass overhead, and Jerry looks up to the sky and exclaims, "I'm goin' home!" He then waves at the jet as it passes by.

7:30PM BBT

Dan is finished with KP duty, and has joined the remaining HGs in BY. Jerry says he wants Dan, Renny and Keesha to each work on a craft, and Jerry will judge them.

Renny called to DR. She goes inside, first warning the others not to mess with her Xmas tree.

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7:46 PM BBT Jerry is serving wine and even Dan decides to drink a little bit tonight. Dan is at the kitchen table painting what looks like a frog. Keesha has paused her craft making of the pom pom pets while Renny is in DR. No sign of Memphis. Dan has either named his frog Spike or given him a spike.

Meanwhile, Jerry is talking about the ups and downs he has experienced in his age. Keesha goes back to crafts. They discuss what they have learned about the game and have gotten out of it. Jerry tells her, "well, I got to meet Keesha, and you were my first concern in here." "That's why I am so good for Joanne. I won't let her suffer." Jerry mentions that are only 3 evictions left and the time is going to fly by. Keesha "I hate being on the block." Jerry "Someone has to be there, I have been there 3 times so I understand. At least you know you are safe." Keesha asks Jerry's opinion about Memphis using the PoV. Neither of them speculate on what they think he will do with it. Jerry says it will come down to his real relationship to Dan.

8:04 PM BBT Keesha rescues a bug that was in her glass of wine. She gets excited about it being able to fly away. Jerry mentions that he really does like everyone in the house (coulda fooled me-FTB1974). Talk turns to their pets again for a few. Jerry later says "I tell you what bothers me more than anything, everytime someone goes on the block, everybody shuns them. Everybody does it, even their own sides....that's human nature." Jerry calls out to BB "we're so calm and sweet, can we have another bottle of wine tonight....I love you." They have a brief discussion about being careful when you evict someone because they are going to the jury.

8:14 PMBBT Keesha escapes Jerry with the excuse that she needs to go see Dan's frog. Jerry is still trying to get someone to play 31 with him (card game) and so far there are no takers.

8:16 PM BBT All 4 feeds on Dan and Memphis at the kitchen table. Dan is going to teach Memphis how to play Slap Jack. He tells Memphis, it's fast and very violent, you'll love it" "Don't slam my hand!!" Memphis is not very good at it yet as Dan is taking all his cards. The cards are huge and it's nearly impossible to flip a card with out being able to see what it is. Memphis starts to catch on better and is now giving Dan more competition. Jerry is sitting at the table watching. Dan wins a big set and wins the game. Dan caves to Jerry and asks him how to play the game 31.

Jerry's game 31 is about holding 31 points in your hand. Something about 2 face cards and the ace of the same suit would be 31. Three of any kind is 30 points. Jerry isn't explaining the game very well and Dan seems baffled.

Meanwhile, Memphis joins Keesha in the backyard. Keesha mentions her previous conversation with Jerry about the PoV. She mentions how much Jerry says Dan is not trustworthy. Memphis says that Dan has proven that he can be trusted. Keesha says that she hopes he doesn't do anymore goofy things. Memphis says that he understands Renny will be broken hearted when he and Dan have to vote her out. Keesha says she understands. They discuss that Jerry is the unlucky one. He can't compete in HoH next week so he has to win the PoV or he is leaving.

Renny comes out after a lengthy DR session and Memphis heads back inside. The deck of cards that Dan and Jerry are playing with are really big.

8:40 PM BBT Renny and Keesha are in the backyard slamming Jerry. Keesha blames Jerry for a lot of what is going on this week. She says he leaked during one of their conversations that it will be 2 guys in the end and that she called him out on it saying it may end up being 2 girls. They think he orchestrated this whole week and they will both be pissed if he wins. They agree that he has no respect for women and Keesha says that he lies more than anyone else in the house. "He's such an ass." "Fucking get a clue". Keesha is making her growling noises as she imitates things he said earlier. Jerry is called into the DR and Dan comes outside. Keesha involves Dan in the Jerry bashing. She tells Dan that she hates the way Jerry plays and that he straight up lies. Keesha is going a mile a minute.

Jerry's DR was very short and goes outside to tell them that they said they were going to get a little more wine soon. Dan goes back inside with him for more cards and again Jerry tries to get the others to learn to play 31. Memphis is called to the DR. Keesha says at least Dan is trustworthy. Renny says "well, don't forget that he lied to me." Keesha says he likes to play his games, but she does trust him. Keesha tells her that one of them is going home this week. Keesha tells Renny that for the first time while on the block she thinks she is really packing for a possible eviction. Before against Libra, she packed, but she was confident she was staying. Conversation goes to morphomatic PoV and how hard some of the pictures were. They were both amazed at how fast Dan and Memphis' times were.

8:50 PM BBT Keesha and Renny discuss final 3 in BB9 with Sheila. They say they would rather be cut at 4 or 5 then at final 3. She was so upset, she couldn't even talk. They would rather go now than be cut after making final 3. Conversation goes back to PoV and the world's ugliest babies and that Renny paired the same 2 people up 3 times. She was so distraught.

I'm out to watch Showtime.

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Jerry and Keesha in the backyard talking about not having anything negative about anyone. Jerry is trying to see if Keesha knows what Memphis is going to do with the veto. She's playing it cool and telling him she doesn't know what he'll do.

Talk about how anyone who is on the block is avoided by the rest of the other players. Another brief chat about how Keesha was treated when she kept talking with steven.

All feeds on Jerry and Keesha. Asking for wine since they've all been quiet.

Back to game talk regarding needing to be careful about how people are sent to the jury. Keesha mentioned not voting for whoever sends her out.

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Card game between memphis and Dan still in full force. They seem to being having a good time. Jerry silently watching them.

Game ended and now Jerry is shuffling the cards to show Dan how to play 31. Memphis is off camera.

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9:20 BBT

While the guys are in the kitchen-

BY : Renny and Keesha trashing Jerry-

Keesha: "He's such an ass" and "what the fuck has he ever done for anyone" , "fucking get a clue" .

Now Dan walks out and Keesha talks to him about Jerry. How Jerry trying to put Renny against Keesha and such. (Talking fast)How Jerry is saying Dan is talking shit about Keesha and Renny. "He's lies" He's so obvious"

Jerry pops out and tells them all to come in and play the game theyre playing in the kitchen.

Renny: "Dan's a liar too"

and they continue back and forth.

9:40 BBT

Memphis on the couch reading.

Jerry in the kitchen playing a game of cards with Dan.

Keesha (sniffling a little) and Renny still in the BY doing her arts and crafts

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