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August 29 & 30 - Live Feed Updates

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10:50PM BBT: Dan is pacing in bedroom chanting, "Live or die." He breaks a large lollipop into small pieces, which he puts into a plastic baggy. He says, "Gotta be prepared," and he stuffs the baggy into one of his tennis shoes. He then sits back and reads Monica's letter.

Keesha and Renny completely drunk, and bonding in the kitchen, with just over an hour to go to veto comp. Renny, close to sentimental tears, keeps drunkenly saying, "I know I've had two glasses of wine."

11:00PM BBT: While Keesha cleans up the kitchen, Renny goes to Dan, who is still reading Monica's letter. She drunkenly hugs and kisses him, and she tells him she loves him. Renny returns to kitchen, and Keesha decides it would be a good idea to brew some coffee.

11:05PM BBT: Keesha and Renny in bedroom. Keesha is getting upset because Renny said that Renny is going to honor Jerry's wishes by not using exercising the veto, should she win it. Within a few minutes they become manic.

11:10PM BBT: Keesha and Renny in kitchen getting their coffee. Memphis walks in having remarked that "it's hot in there," so it sounds like he was in DR for awhile.

11:20PM BBT: For the past several minutes, Memphis has been in the kitchen trying to remove a cork, which is stuck deep in the neck of a wine bottle. He has been stuffing a cloth napkin into the neck, and after he make a few attempts at shoving a knife into the bottle neck, he is warned by BB to "stop doing that." When Memphis doesn't stop, he's called to DR. We can hear him enter DR and say, "What's up?"

Within a few minutes Memphis is out of DR, and he has taken the cloth napkin and the bottle into the bedroom, where he continues to try to remove the cork in front of Keesha and an amazed Renny. Memphis must be pissing off BB because he is once again called to DR. He returns to the bedroom in a couple minutes without the napkin or bottle. He tells Renny and Keesha that BB didn't want him messin' with the bottle.

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10:47 BBT: Whole lotta nothing going on, HG's just biding their time until the veto comp. Talk has been about suicide (Renny: "Women don't usually use guns, but this woman called her son back to the bedroom, told him she couldn't take it anymore, and shot herself.True story"), nicknames, and more uninteresting topics (this may be the most boring final 5 ever)......

Dan in bedroom making a LOT of noise with a lollipop, puts it in his shoe "in case he gets hungry later", lays down and rereads his letter.....

Back to the kitchen, Keesha saying she'll "value the people in her life" and cut off the ones who are bad for her.....

Renny telling Keesha about child birthing and tells her what she takes from this house she'll carry with her forever. Now talking in circles, not making much sense (to a normal person - Keesha seems to be eating it up).......

11:25 BBT: Keesha back to eating (chocolate and Reeces peanut butter cups), Memphis trying to get the cork out of a wine bottle by inserting a dinner napkin (the trick actually works but I think his choice of napkin is too thick), Dan reading the bible silently by himself, don't know where Jerry is (probably napping in the SR).....

Memphis called to DR which ends his 20 minute attempt to extract the cork....

Renny: "What's going to happen to us, Keesha?"

Keesha: "I'm not going to sell you out, you better not sell me out. I'll strangle you".

Memphis back, BB told him to not play with the bottle (took them long enough).....

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11:40PM BBT

Jerry sleeping in sauna room, while the remaining HGs are in '60s bedroom chatting while they wait for PoV comp to begin in 20 minutes.

11:45PM BBT

Keesha's left breast is getting dangerously close to popping out.

Renny: "Keesha! Your boobs are hangin' out tonight. That's good for Showtime."

Memphis: "Check 'em out, Showtime."

Keesha (leaning forward, shoving her boobs close to Renny's face, who is sitting on bed): "Wanna touch, Renny? Who do I sound like?"

Renny: "Oh, you are nasty. I don't do that crap. I like men, girl."

Keesha: "Who do I sound like?"

Renny" "April! That's nasty, Keesha."

11:55PM BBT

FotH, which soon changes to Trivia. It's time for PoV Competition.

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3:10AM BBT: The feeds are back. Reeny is in the bathroom washing face and Memphis is in the pink room taking his shoes off. Keesha comes out of the WC and neither her or reeny saying anything to each other.

Memphis is in the 60s room. reeny and keesha talking but cannot hear them.... memphis laying in bed in 60s room staring at ceiling.... keesha brushing teeth now... reeny was told to put on her mic and has left the bathroom

havent seen dan or jerry yet

keesha in 60s room now with memphis and wet get fish at 3:16 for a few seconds... come back to renny changing in shower and dan in there with her

keesha and memphis have not said anything to each other and keesha walks out

dan laying on couch in bathroom

no one is talking to each other yet, still havent seen jerry

3:18 keesha goes into spa room, renny done changing and dan starts shower... memphis looks like hes going to sleep, hes rolled over in bed.... renny pacing in the bathroom like shes looking for something

3:19 keesha sitting in massage chair and looks like shes really upset (dont think she won pov)

renny comes into spa room and tells keesha "you did so good keesha"...renny now going into 60s room

3:22 keesha tells dan good night and heads into the kitchen, renny left the 60s room to go to kitchen, memphis has rolled over onto his back now and reeny now in kitchen, keesha stands in front of pictures and says that was so hard, renny says dont go there girl....keesha laughs and says can you believe they put you two as a couple.... then fish for about 20 seconds..... reeny now looking at pics on wall.... keesha says "you were out there for awhile i was like what is this challange" and giggles

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3:25 renny kneels and crosses herself and bows her head.... keesha still roaming around the house.... renny and memphis in bed as keesha comes into the room, she asks if they want her to turn off the light, both move around but say nothing

other feeds on dan done in shower

keesha turns off light, takes off mic and gets in bed

dan in shower getting dressed now

memphis looks restless, they have a close up of him and his eyes are open.... keesha says god i slept so much today... i slept from like 6:30 to 9:30.... uuuhhhh you just cant help it sometimes you just want to pass the time..... renny laying there saying nothing

5:29 dan brushing his teeth, still no sign of jerry and no idea who has won the veto

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memphis restless on feed 4,.... dan taking out contact lenses... put on his mic and has town and flip flops on, grabs his clothes and heads out of the bathroom to bedroom, open door to 60s room and says "goodnight guys" and memphis and keesha say goodnight....dan heads into 80s room .... (no sign of jerry or veto so does that mean jerry won??) dan grabs his bible and letter and lays down and reads

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Haven't seen the Veto winner but but they still haven't shown Jerry yet and the only one that looks comfortable with the situation is Renny the rest all seem bothered by something so I assume it is Jerry winning the Veto but still not confirmed haven't seen Jerry yet.

Nobody talked game at all since the feeds came back which could be a clue to it being Jerry as well.

Oops Jerry is in bed picking his nose! Not the DR either

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3:38 dan gets up all of a sudden and grabs mic and heads into the kitchen

dan up making cereal.... feeds now show jerry sleeping on 3 and his tv on 4

3:40 big news... dan sitting at table eating cereal and feeds 3/4 on jerry and his bb tv (shows his HOH door area)

3:44 dan rinses bowl out and leaves in sink then heads to the bathroom

3:46 dan out of bathroom, brushing teeth again

3:47 dan is back in 80s room, and lays back down and picks up bible

3:58 all houseguest in bed

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3:51 am BBT

Dan had been reading his Bible, he is now reading his letter from home...

3:52 am BBT

Dan gets up, puts his BiBle away and heads to bed...

4:22 am BBT

Everyone is in bed. It must be warm in the house as the HG's aren't bundled up as they usually are.

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