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August 29 & 30 - Live Feed Updates

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3:15 BBT

Dan and Renny in kitchen. Jerry comes out and says he got the rest of his pills from home. Dan asks if he has a minute and they walk upstairs to the HOH room. Dan tells Jerry he has 3 questions for him.

Dan: Do you like me?

Jerry: Sure I like you.

Dan: Do you think I can help you in the game?

Jerry: Not sure, I think you'll hurt me more than you'll help me.

Dan: Which leads me to my 3rd question: Do you want to trust me?

Jerry: I don't know. I don't know how or what with anyone at this point. I haven't had an alliance with any of you and how you feel about me, I really don't know.


When feeds come back, Dan goes into his room to grab his small basketball then heads outside. He's now laying next to Memphis on the lawn chairs, no talking.

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Renny making creamed potatoes, steak and shrimp. Asks Dan how he is doing and says nothing you can do til POV.

Jerry's back from DR in the kitchen. Says he has his pills from home. Dan asks Jerry if he had a minute. Both to HOH. Dan says I have 3 questions. #1 Do you like me? Jerry says sure #2 Do you think I could help you? Jerry says he isn't sure. #3 Do you trust me? Jerry says I don't know. I haven't been close to any of you

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3:40 BBT

All feeds on Dan and Memphis laying down on the lawn chairs outside. No talking, all you hear are the planes flying overhead.

Well, actually, BB JUST called Memphis to the DR. He gets up and heads inside.

3:50 BBT

All feeds on Keesha doing her hair. Renny's standing in the shower in her PJs watching Keesha, who says she's getting ready to make her debut (for the nomination ceremony). Renny closed the shower doors and is going to take a shower.

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Keesha head in to talk to Dan. She says she knew it. Dan is trying to work out what can happen. Keesah says the PoV is really important.

Safe to say Keesha and Dan are on the block.

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Renny goes in to see if Dan and Keesha. She says 'How are you Dawlin?' and gives him a kiss. He says hes ok. Renny says 'You just never know how things will play out before she leaves the room'

Keesha just said, 'they' will be playing as hard as us (her and Dan) for the veto.

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Keesha getting into bed. Everyone else is sitting down to dinner at the table.

6:45 BBT

Dan and Memphis talking in the 70's room. Dan says he's been thinking about throwing the POV to Memphis if it's down to the two of them. Memphis says he doesn't know and says Keesha needs to stop freaking out. Dan says he's going to go lay down in the 80's room and Memphis says yeah, he'll be in there in a minute. All feeds on Dan laying in 80's room.

7:09 BBT

STILL all feeds on Dan sleeping in the 80's room.

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7:25PM BBT: All four feeds followed Keesha around in the kitchen, then her going back to her room where Memphis is sleeping and she got back in bed. Now we have two feeds on Keesha sleeping in her room and two feeds on Dan sleeping in his room.

Renny was called to the DR.

7:28PM BBT: Feeds change, all four now on Jerry sleeping in the HoH room... Then all four back to Keesha sleeping...

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7:40PM BBT

All is quiet on The Western Front. All HGs are tuckered out and resting. Renny laying out in sauna room. Dan in Jerry's old bed. Jerry in HoH bed. Keesha and Memphis silent in '60s room beds.

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8:07 pm BBT: everything is eerily quiet... In the 70's room Keesha in her bed, Renny in her bed, Memphis in his bed (Libras old bed), Camra man on cam 1 keeps zooming in on all of the pictures on the picture wall of all of the HG's still in the house. Jerry in the HoH bed and I think Dan is still in the 80's punk room... Camera man seems bored... keeps zooming in on stuff... camera 2 is focused in on the BR...

8:15 am BBT: Fish (I wonder if BB will let them really go to bed this early... what about BBAD)

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9:10PM BBT

Jerry lying wide awake in sauna room. Dan, Keesha, Memphis, still asleep in their respective beds. No idea where Renny is.

9:20PM BBT

We have action! Memphis just got up to use the john and made enough noise to wake Keesha, who walks into sauna room and starts to chat with Jerry. They're talking about all the noise outside. They're on ID LD. Jerry wants to drink some of Keesha's wine. Renny passes by on her way to the bathroom and says, "Hi." Memphis asks Keesha for some of her cereal, and his request is granted. After a few minutes, Keesha leaves sauna room to use the john.

9:25PM BBT

Dan gets up to use the john. After he washes his hands, Dan is called to DR.

9:30PM BBT

First Jerry, now Memphis is suggesting to Keesha that she crack open the two bottles of wine, but she thinks they shouldn't open them because they might be called to compete for PoV without notice. Keesha finally relents, and she asks Jerry if the wine opener is upstairs. Jerry very quickly retrieves the opener, while Keesha grabs some glasses. Renny, Keesha, Jerry guzzle wine, while Memphis showers and Dan is still in DR.

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9:15 BBT: All houseguests except Jerry sleeping, and Jerry likely to nod off at any minute. He's sprawled out in the Spa Room, everyone else in their beds. Cameraman having some fun alternating shots of Beauty (Keesha) and the Beast (Jerry). Talk about Must (not) see tv!

9:28 BBT: From BBAD

Indoor LD

Memphis eating a bowl of Lucky Charms, Jerry asleep in SR, Dan in DR, Keesha with Mem in kitchen (entirely TOO much crunching and slurping going on!), God knows where Renny's disappeared to.....

Now Jerry going upstairs to look for wine opener per Keesha's request......

9:35 BBT: Ahh, there's Renny, lying down in bed.

Now she's up and in the kitchen with Jerry and Keesha, all drinking white wine. Dan still in DR, Mem in shower, Keesha doing her usual obscene eating noises (boy is SHE going to be embarrassed when she watches the tapes!).

Kitchen crew discussing how "draining" this game is.......

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9:45PM BBT

Renny, Keesha and Jerry in kitchen. Keesha wonders where Dan is and Jerry calls out, "You up there, Dan? At that exact moment, we can hear part of Dan's DR session bleed into the feed. Dan says, ".....because I'm so untrustworthy in his eyes.....that's the hardest thing in this game because - ", and then he fades out. The kitchen crew then realizes that Dan must be in DR.

9:55PM BBT

BB: "Attention HGs. The veto competition will begin in 2 hours." Keesha had just topped off her nearly full glass of wine when this announcement was made. Memphis doesn't care, and he pours himself his first glass of wine. Jerry, Keesha and Renny were already half-way to getting ripped. Dan is still in DR, and he may wind up being the only sober player during the PoV comp.

10:00PM BBT: Dan is out of DR, and when he walks into the kitchen, Keesha asks, "Dan, you want a glass of wine?" Dan wisely responds, "I'm okay, thanks." [What was Memphis thinking when he drank, anyway? - jimmie]

10:05PM BBT

Dan and Memphis quickly pow-wow in BR. Dan wants Memphis to win and pull him off the block. Memphis isn't worried about Dan winning and pulling himself off because he thinks Jerry will put up Renny as a replacement.

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9:49 BBT: Jerry, Renny, and Keesha discussing wine country and wine related matters (where's Mischelle now that she could actually add to a conversation), Jerry now looking for Dan to see if he'd like some wine. Renny now adding her eating noises to compliment Keesha's.

Briefly heard Dan saying something about being "untrustworthy" after Jerry yelled upstairs "You up there, Dan?", but now they're (Keesha and Jerry) saying that he's in the DR. (Weird.....)

Mem still in shower, kitchen crew now discussing dreams, with Jerry dominating the conversation as usual......

Conversation now turns to jury house and competitions turning brutal...

12:55 BBT: Keesha now opening a second bottle of wine (wish it would hurry up and take effect).....

Mem out of shower, strolls shirtless (my eyes! My eyes!) through the kitchen.....


10:01 BBT: Memphis now drinking the wine also, Dan the only one abstaining (he seems to be avoiding the group - maye hoping they'll all be sloshed for the veto comp)

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10:15PM BBT

Renny called to DR. She crys out, "Why you wanna call me, now? I'm havin' a good time! I don't feel like talking."

10:25PM BBT

Jerry, who is no longer drinking, and Dan chatting about game in HoH, while Keesha and Renny are getting shit-faced on wine, as Memphis sips his and looks on. Memphis leaves kitchen after consuming just one glass. Renny and Keesha continue to party hardy. Memphis returns, and Keesha pours him a half-glass of wine, which he drinks.

10:30PM BBT

BB: "Attention, HGs. The veto competition wil begin in 90 minutes." Renny, who's been getting drunk and boisterous yells out, "No shit, Sherlock!"

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10:15 BBT: Nothing much going on, Renny still eating and drinking, just grabbed Dan's ass a minute ago (she's beginning to embarass herself)....

Dan told Mem that he called him "strong and silent" in his blog, Mem told Dan he's a dickhead...

Renny called to DR, Keesha's out.....

Dan told Mem that if it comes down to them in veto comp he'll let Mem have it (so that Mem can't be put up after taking Dan off)....

Jerry sprawled out in SR again, Dan in talking to him (not about game)....

Memph and Keesh trying to figure out what the comp will be...

10:28 BBT: Dan and Jerry up in HOH talking game, mostly speculation about veto comp and possible outcomes. Jerry (as usual) running his mouth TOO much and giving out too much of his game to a guy he says he doesn't trust........

Dan telling him that if he (Dan) survives this week's eviction to not think that he's necessarily coming after Jerry. Tells Jerry his alliance is "fractured".....

Back to kitchen, Dan joins the group after shaking Jerry's hand and thanking him. Renny wasted, yells to BB "No shit, Sherlock" after they announce the veto comp will begin in 90 minutes.....Renny has Keesha (who's also obviously had too much to drink) in stitches, bringing on Keesha's annoyingly obnoxious laughter (I almost wish she'd go back to eating)......

Jerry standing on upstairs balcony watching the animals below......

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