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August 29 & 30 - Live Feed Updates

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11:59 BBT "fucking all man River" Memphis says....reeney replies "yep"

"the shit that is being said"..Keesha says about the Jury house ..Dan self righteously says "let it go" he will when he leaves..

reeney saying she might have to put on her "red negligee" and sleep with the colonel..

reeney saying Ollie "was pissed" because he didn't get to pack his own clothes....talking about April leaving some shoes behind..

12:02 BBT Dan "did she beg you today or last night".....Keesha says she was "bad today".....Dan asks "did she says I don't deserve this"..........Keesha says she told her '"one of us was going to turn on us".....laughing about that theory going out the door...

Talking about ollie's exit...Memphis "I've never seen" anybody hastily leave like that...memphis says he kept going through the hay ..looking for POVs probably because "he thought it was rigged"

bitter talk about HOH loss"that was probably tailor made for me" Dan says...

Laughing about "losing to the Colonel"

12:07 BBT talking about somone coming back in......maybe a past HG..."dr will" or someone who will bring "in the ratings"

Memphis "it you kick the door open and its Evel Dick..ulchh".....Dan says he hope it would be Will but he's "bigger than the show"..and would not come in..

talking about there celebration..jumping on the bed...reeney saying "i can't believe Dan can lift me up"

Dan "i am happy we are all still here..have a fun last week"....."they will be sooo happy in the jury house' when they see Jerry win....Memphis says they will not know until one of them delivers "the tape"

Dan schooling us that the game "isn't rigged"

Jeery come out..silently.........Reeney "what"...Jerry "i think they are going to call you in"...Reeney called to DR..."bite me"...Jerry informs them that he will be called in again after they are before he gets his HOH..

12:14 BBT Dan "evel dick is coming back"...Jerry "can you imagibe me and evel dick in the same room"

Jerry called to DR as Reeney exits....

{I'm out for the evening..I'll return on Monday as I'll be gone the rest of the weekend....night all}

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12:38amBBT been FOTH(Foam) since 12:15am

12:52amBBT Memphis lookin mad laevin HOH room goes down stairs. Keesha says goodnight to Jerry. Dan & Renny stay up in HOH. Renny needs a kleenex. FOTH

Jerry falls he will never forget the memories of this show. He says when people come to visit him he will show them tape of himself. Dan tells Jerry Jerry's best episode is probaly his POV. Jerry says he did somethibng stupid to Dan & he apoiliges

12:55am BBT same 3 up in HOH. Keesha eating chips & jogurt with wine. Memphis in Showr. Jerry is tellin jokes in HOH

Keesha & Memphis talk(Inaudible due to Memphis in shower hes also usin hand gestures)

12:58amBBT Keesha sits in Sauna. Renny heads down from HOH. dan tells Jerry he will talk to him this time unlike ;last HOH reign. they talk some more about Ollie reactingt to Dan's gameplay

1:01amBBT Jerry tells Dan how Dan made a dumb move by not staying on rope. Jerry dosent understand why Ollie did that Jerry asks him shold i trust u. Jerry says how Dan watched Ollie entire time and Ollie was dumb to drop, Jerry says he knows how Dan & memphis are close, I was in deep ship Jerry says. Jerry understands the deal, and how dumb Ollie was. "How god dam neive was he" Jerry says. Jerry needs some1 to count on for next two weeks, he says hes nervous about Dan, or if he shold trust Memphis or Memphis /Keesha. Jerry says he has to make deals tommrow. But can i trust u, Jerry asks. "if i make any deal with you i will put blood on it."

Keesha scares Renny. Keesha goes to BR

1:05amBBT jeery tells Dan "i saved your ass, April was gonna put you up & i stoped that. I got POV and protected both your asses when i won the onion. I already owded Keesha back." "i knew i had POV won as how Libra played around." Jerry "then i turned around & u & Libra screwed my ass." "i was so pissed at you, that swhen the Judas thing came out, i wanted to use it(POV) on you so bad." "But now thats all water under the....I need 1 to 2 people to be in a allicace with i needs to make deals tommrow."

1:08amBBT Renny in Shower, Memphis brushs teeth, & Keesha talks & laughs & tell stories.

in HOH Dan & Jerry still talk about trust. Jerry "what shold i do." Dan "well i already lost 2 votes." Jerry "you have 3 votes agianst you, i can turn Libra for or againt u, i know i can win or get 2nd." Dan "I know" they cont. to talk about trust. Jerry talks about Brian week 1. Jerry "I saved your ass twice, i can save it again., U are playing an ok game, but not grreat you need me. otherwise u wont win anything." Jerry says Keesha/Renny are together & U & Memphis are together. Keesha has to votes in Jury, would u count on Renny counting on her on game ore even Keesha

1:20amBBT Indoor LD over.

Jerry 2 Dan "Im best player in the house right now 2 HOhs & 2 POVs, i can be with u & dan, but i need sto trust U & Memphis. I can win in final 2 with u or Memphis." Dan says hes reallying honest when he talks to Jerry about life im not lying. Jerrys says "U,Me, & Memphis can make it to final 3, if u really want that" "You think u can pull shit on this old man, u cant u cant pull stuff over on me."

Renny come sup 2 HOH, Dan heads down. Renny talks with him. Jerry "im not tired and u are tired at this time on night." Renny "im not gonna suck your ass, but probaly probaly if u did not win i would be next gone. Thats between just u & i."

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1:22amBBT Jerry "renny ive seen u worm you away around here." they both say game is hard. Jerry says same he said to dan who can i trust, who will take me to finals with me.

1:25amBBT keesha says Dan & memphis "we were in complet conmtrol, we ran out of ppl, we have to vote one of are own out."

Jerry & Renny cont. in HOH, Jerry sayin same thing to Renny as he did Dan. Jerry says he can play HOH next week(but is incorrect), Jerry seems to want Memphis gone as hes more physical, but he woulod also like aallicanw with him due to stretgh to counter of his smarts(jerry's) Renny tells jerry theirs no more alliances. Jerry tells Renny whatever he does is to further himself in game.

1:45amBBT Renny leaves hoh, Jerry follows down, Dan & Dan will slepp in the 80s room as Memphis/Renny snore and the yhead towards bedroom

Renny says Jerry has a body, Dan says "Dont like this." Jerry wants to party all night long. Memphis in DR. Dan's got his birthday cake, but their save cake 4 tommrow. They say thank u for cake & beer. Jerry opens a beer. Thye will save beer 4 tommrow. Keesha wants 2 go 2 bed, Jerry says lets party tonight & again tommrow. Renny has a beer. Keesha mouns she need ssleep

1:51amBBT Renny says she has to put on ligerie to keep in house. Jerry laughs. Jerry says he wont sleep all night. Dan is shower. Jerry "Thank You Big Brother!"

1:55amBBT Keesha says he embarrsed as Jrry says "they can look each other in room 2 stay warm" Memphis come sout of DR. Keesha is sharing Reeny ;s beer

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1:56amBBT Keresha hopes for a luxery comp, Jerry wants them all 2 go 2 NYC. Jerry say can u image me & Memphis changed 2gether for 24 hours. They bring up the chain from S9,S8

Jerry says i hope BB is nicer to us this week. Memphis thinks some1 is comming back. Jerry thinks they will have many multi hard comp everyday for complcations, Luxery,trips & penaty stuff

2:02amBBT FOTH

2:05amBBT Jerry says hes not fat, but hhes losin weight in house, my pants dont stay on. Keesha says i can tell if guys have butts or not

2:07amBBT Memphis oopens a beer, they hope they can go on Prioce ids Right with Brew Carey, Jerry said if he wins on POR hes givin it away 2 animal shelter, Keesha wants to be a Drew's Beauty

2:09amBBT kessha head s2 bed. dan inDR. other ssti at counter drinkin beer

2:11amBBT Renny heads 2 bed. Jerry & memohis talk how days gone by soo quick and how chockin its een

2:14amBBT Jerry 2 DR. Keesha & Renny in 70s room beds Keesha re readin her letter & renny readin hers

2:16samBBT Dna & Memphis in BY. memphis tells Dan "im not promisin ghim anything, no matter what Jerry on block nexct week, 2 are on block & 1 could be xuz of POV. We are money if wee pass by this week." Memphis come sup with a plan to try to pull somethin goff on Jerry. Dan is worried abou tthat. Memphis say we dont have 2 Fuck him over. Memphis says we need to put Dan & Keesha on block, to try to backdoor Renny. or rather have Renny up 1st. Dan say he need backdoor her, why would Jerry put her up 1st

2:25amBBT jerry joins them outside, Keesha 2 DR

2:27amBBT Jerry who ever made this game is awesome. this is best ame in world its a roller coaster, u minute u are living high next u are not. Its quilty action for 3 months.

2:30amBBT Jerry & Memphis hate BB9 4 bein 2 lovy dovy. Jerry say he was angry with Ollie for kissin with April, & sprayin beds with her perfume. they agree Olllie never played the game he wa caught up in APril

2:32amBBT Renny 2 DR, the 3 boys in BY still talkin boiut Ollie gamplan

2:35amBBT Dan hea ds inside. Jerry wants Memphis to give him a gameplan scenrio tommrow. Jerry "I want be fucked, if im fucked, ill fuck this whole game."

2:36amBBT we have a DR leak from Dan

2:38amBBT Jerry & memphis still talkin in BY(can still hear Danin DR, he finshes DR)

2:39amBBT Dan joins them in BY

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2:42amBBT Keesha & Rnny asleep

2:43amBBT Dan & memphis plit a beer, talk bout last 24 hours

2:44amBBT Jerry talks bout libra, then his philoshy of game, his plan wa s2 sit back and watch ppl self destrut

2:45amBBT Jerry talks abou thjow Steen,April,Michelle, & Ollie self destruted

2:47amBBT Jerry still thinks he can play HOH next week. "im a 75 dumb shit still her, respoect me 4 that. Do u know any 75 year old like me." Memphis says his Gpa is athletic at 75. jerry wants to meet him

2:49amBBT Memphis head sinside say shi 2 Keesha who heads to BR, & Memphis head back out 2 BY by Dan/Jerry

2:54amBBT Jerry & Memphis talkin how Ollie/Michelle under estimated Jerry

2:57amBBT Jerry says Jesse & April hurt his plans

3:02amBBT Th eboys still up Jerry says ho what hard life he has had. Jerry says his body is better then Dan (lol)

3:06amBBT Jerry Talkin how Renny spreads rumors, and makes stuff up

3:07amBBT Memphis tells Jerry wait tilu watch the show

3:09amBBT Jerry sayin Renny said Memphis said stuff weeks back.

3:10amBBT Jerry "This is a fucking zoo, a zoo." as ppl get paranoided. Jerry head sin

3:11amBBT Dan to Memphis "were momey were money, he loves u." Memphjis says how Jerry wasnt stoped talkin 2 him for over 2 hours. "i dont wanna fuck him, but i we need to get rid of him next week or week after." "Renny this week, then Keesha or Jerry next week." Jerry come sout.

3:12amBBT Memphis heads to BR. Jerry & Dan talk some more

3:14amBBT Jerry says how Michelle was fighitn Jesse's battles like Ollie did yesturday its bad gameplay he says. Jerry said he was Made at Ollie 4 ollie right in front of him yesturday talkin 2 Renny 2 keep Michelle

3:15amBBT Memphis rejoins them outside tallkin about 2nights evictes

3:19amBBT Dan head to bed'

3:20amBBT Jerry & memphi smake deal to put up Renny & keesha their still talin in BY at 6:21amBBT

Im goin 2 bed its 6:21amEST im tireeeed

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9:47AM BBT

Renny up doing dishes

Keesha and Memphis sitting out back.

Memphis says he's never really had a conversation with Jerry before. He's saying that Jerry talks about himself so much. He says that if he did that Keesha would say "Shut the F Up." Jerry could only talk about himself, how he looks, his stories and is totally conceited.

Memphis saying he wasn't going to lie to Jerry or say he would do anything he wouldn't actually do. Keesha agreeing.

(My live feeds have been acting up - be back later. Over use? LOL - ZuZu)

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Jerry and Keesha just went up to the HOH room.

Renny and Memphis are talking about Jerry is pretty much saying the same to everybody "lets examine different scenario..."

They believe that he doesn't give a damn about anybody in the house, he'll do what ever he wants to do in the end.

Jerry is asking Keesha who she thinks should go up.

Jerry is letting Keesha know that he does not under estimate her.

Trying to cut a deal with her right now...so far she's trying to avoid making a deal with him.

Now he's asking if she will be fine with him putting her on the block but also making sure she's safe.

He wants to put a guy and girl on the block, probably Keesha and either Dan or Memphis (probably Dan even more)

He just let Keesha know that she is definitely not his target, but he wants her to win the pov...

Jerry and Keesha just finished talking, Keesha promised not tell anyone what he just told her...Keesha just went back to her room, but Renny is laying in bed waiting hear what Jerry told her. Keesha kept her promise to Jerry and lied to Renny, saying that he didn't really tell her anything.

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11:15 BBT: Keesha and Renny are in the the hippy room talking about what is going to be happening from this point on in the game, and Renny is trying to get Keesha to tell her what Jerry is going to do and she won't tell her, but Keesha does start crying and Renny goes to comfort her and asked her why she was crying, and then asked if she (Renny) was going home, and Keesha said she thought Renny was good... (From the little bit of the HoH conversation I heard, it sounds like Keesha is going to go up against one of the guys, making sure that this week one of the two teams will lose a member... Yana)

Keesha continues to cry and keeps telling Renny that she has a feeling she is really going to need Renny this week... (Sounds like she really thinks she is going to the Jury House) She told Renny if she went to the Jury House she would be so alone, cause none of them liked her that were in there...

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Keesha is now crying...which is pretty confusing to Renny

Keesha just assured Renny that she is pretty safe...she just told Renny she can't really give her any more info, but she is safe, "its gonna be so crazy from here on out" Keesha.

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11:15 am BBT

Keesha and Renny in 70's room... Keesha is crying and Renny keeps asking her why she is crying and if she is ok. Keesha tells her she is ok, it is just stressfull and it is going to be crazy from here on out. Keesha tells Renny that she ipretty sure that she is ok. Renny asks Keesha if HE told her who she was putting up, Keesha tells her NO. Keesha says that she is not going to talk badly about anyone in there and that she honestly likes everyone left in the house. She says that mean things are going to be said, but she isn't going to do it. She says that it is natural that ppl will turn on one another... Renny is still whispering and I am only picking up tid bits of what she is saying. Renny says she is not lying and Keesha tells her No it is not you... Renny then says " No when we get to the end"... Keesha - If I have to go to the jury house it is going to be like oh my gosh, I am going to be so disliked in there. Renny - you are not going to the jury house!!! Keesha is still crying.

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Jerry thinks that Renny will give Keesha her vote, and either one of the guys would support themselves, so he believes that the votes would be split in 2 and he would make sure one of the guys will go.

(it seems like Keesha thinks Renny might give either one of the guys her vote instead of her...if she thinks they will get her further than Keesha can)

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11 am BBT Jerry's got Keesha up in the HOH room, discussing his plans for eviction nominees. He tells Keesha "I want you to know I think you're real smart. I think people underestimate you, but you're real smart"; last night he complimented her looks saying "you have a real childlike look, and I mean that as a compliment.....I think you could go far in movies and TV, with your voice and everything. (This after a week he used every bad word known to man to describe her, ripping apart everything about her, from her voice to her body, to her "cankles"....and now as HOH he can't say enough compliments, he even tells her he's liked her since day one.....godddddd......will the real Jerry please stand up). He seems to be concocting a plan where he'll put Keesha on the block but promise her safety, then he asks for her to trust him. "Trust me, you have to trust me" He won't reveal the full plan, but does admit it will be one girl and one boy, and seems to think HE will control the outcome with a tiebreaker. "I want you to accept the fact that you are not a target, and I will do everything in my power to keep you here". He even asked her how she feels about Jerry and Keesha being the final two (oh good luck with that, girl). Jerry asks Keesha to NOT tell any of their dicussion to Renny or any of the others. Keesha promises not to.

Keesha returns to the BR where Renny is resting. Renny is trying to get her to say what they talked about in the HOH room, but so far Keesha's been pretty quiet. She says "You know Jerry, he's all over the place with this". She does tell Renny "I seriously think you're ok, I do". Renny says "His best bet is to put two girls up. I'll tell ya one thing, one of us is going home". Keesha is crying now!! A lot. Alarmed, Renny gets up to comfort her, saying "what's the matter???". Renny says "I'm goin home, I know it". Keesha says no you're not. Renny: Why are you crying then??? Keesha "it's just stressful now.....I can't breathe. It's gonna be so crazy from here on out." Keesha continues to wipe tears from her eyes, both women look really upset and depressed.

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11:19 am BBT

Keesha - You never know whos going... things get so dirty in this house... Keesha still upset... Renny looking aggrivated. Keesha is wearing her diamond bracelet from JJ.

11:21 am BBT

K - I think that I am really going to need you this week.

** silence **

K - this sucks

R - Yeah

Renny laughs... what are you lookin at?

K - who knows? who knows!

Keesha making clicking noises

K- he sees me as a threat

R - no kidding, who wouldn't

K - its like...

R - say if you were on the block and say memphis wins POV who do you think he is going to vote? me or Dan?

K - Dan

R - so who do u think memphis is gonna save?

K - I don't know

R whispers somethig...

K- Um hummmm... yeah!, He sees a lot of us as a threat, I think...

R puts on her sunglasses and leaves the room... R to BY.

11:25 am BBT

R goes to BY couch and lays down.

All 4 cams on R laying in the BY alone...

11:27 am BBT

K just went to the BR. Comes out and washes hands. Dan in BR and is brushing his teeth. Dan weighs himself... K gets stuff together goes into shower and changes into bikini to go lay out in the BY.

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11:55AM BBT: Keesha and Dan talking in the BY on the couches. She says how it (the 1st HOH yesterday) was all worth it just to get the letter. Memphis joins them and they chat about Jerry and how he's thinking too far ahead. Jerry's in the bathroom area and don't see Renny. Jerry joins them outside. memphis goes inside to brush his teeth. Keesha mentions she's hungry and Dan says he ate a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. Jerry's sitting on a chair in the yard with his hands covering his eyes. Keesha and Dan tell him he's got a lot to think about.

12:00PM BBT: Memphis and Keesha discuss in the kitchen his talk with Jerry. He states he doesn't know if Jerry's BSing him and tells Keesha he thinks him and her will get by this week. Says he might tell that to Dan, but not Renny. Keesha says Jerry's stressed out. Memphis says the mind games are just going to get worse and says he'll be mental exhusted when he gets out of the house. Keesha agrees and says it sucks. Memphis says Jerry has too much planned out and how Jerry has no choices next week. Dan and Jerry walk inside and Keesha says she's tired. Jerry and Dan head upstairs.

12:10PM BBT: Jerry tells Dan how he's read his letter many times and is blessed to have his family and his pictures. They continue talking about family.

Keesha and Memphis have moved to the BY and he says he thinks Jerry is favoring Keesha. Renny joins them and says she can't believe America didn't say anything about him being funny, b/c he is. Memphis says he's the strong, silent type. Renny says M is funnier than Dan and how Dan is goofy. Keesha wonders if she'll get her hair dye. Upstairs, Dan and Jerry continue their pre-game talk. Downstairs, Renny asks Memphis if Jerry's going to keep him. Keesha says she thinks she's going up. M says he thinks Jerry has a plan in the back of his head, and how they're all basically screwed. Keesha repeats that once people get HOH, they think crazy.

Finally, Dan starts talking game, offering Jerry that if Dan gets HOH next week, he won't put Jerry up, but that's all he can give, b/c once they get to final 3, it's up to eachother. Dan says he's not comfortable about saying who should go up and Jerry replies he has thoughts but doesn't know yet. Jerry tells that he needs to talk to Renny again and Jerry says whatever he does, hopefully it will bring him closer. Dan tells Jerry that he'd love to do something to gain his trust back, and Jerry says he knows.

12:15PM BBT: Memphis goes into the pool and Renny and Keesha stay on the shaded couch. In HOH, Jerry says if he makes it to the end, Libra will be the deciding vote, and he doesn't know who she will vote for. Jerry tells Dan that him, Memphis and Keesha have all pissed people off in the jury and how Renny hasn't. They now talk about how Libra thinks so highly of herself. BB calls an ID LD and Memphis is pissed, since he just started to swim. Keesha and Renny head inside. Dan telling Jerry how he crossed Michelle, by backdooring her, voted April off and broke his word with Ollie. Jerry asks him why he didn't join Jerry and his crew last week. Jerry says that Dan would have been treated as an individual. Dan explains that Keesha and Renny would have been going after him and how Ollie was protecting Michelle. Jerry says he recognized how Ollie tried going around the house to get votes for Michelle and how Michelle was no better than him. Jerry says he's tried to play this game without arrogance. Jerry tells Dan how the four of them thought they were untouchable and couldn't be beat, and obviously, they did get beat, with Jerry winning HOH. Jerry still trying to get Dan to tell him why he went against Ollie, and if he was going to turn on Ollie, why didn't he do it from the beginning instead of backdooring. Dan says he was hoping the veto wouldn't be used and he wouldn't have to uphold the 3rd end of the deal.

12:25PM BBT: Jerry says he won the HOH last night by two points. Dan says they've had some battles and Jerry says he's not just some old guy that came along for the ride and how he's won things and come close to winning things. Dan congrats Jerry for turning the people who are mad at him into his friends again. Jerry repeats that he's still planning senerios. Keesha and Renny are in bed in the 70's room. No talking. Dan tells Jerry he has good reasoning for putting him up and understands if he does so. Dan leaves. Dan walks to the 80's room and says do you see the screen. (TV probably says nominations today. Renny gets up and Keesha tells her to go get em tiger. Renny walks to the kitchen where Memphis and Jerry are and asks Jerry if he's ready to talk. They head upstairs.

12:30PM BBT: Renny tells Jerry she's been going through some senerios and he tells her she should say that she's planning on not going on the block. Renny asks if he's serious and Jerry says Renny's supposed to ask him what he wants for keeping her off the block. She asks him and he tells her he wants to control her vote, for her to vote Dan out and keep Keesha. Jerry says he's going to put Keesha on the block to guarentee Renny will vote Dan out. Jerry says Dan's word means nothing to him. Renny says she wouldn't mind Dan leaving. Jerry tells her he betrayed their group by putting Memphis on the block next week. Jerry says he doens't play that way and hopes Renny won't put him up next week if she wins HOH next week. Renny replies with she wouldn't be staying in the game if it wasn't for Jerry.

12:40PM BBT: Renny says if Jerry put her on the block, she'd be leaving, and he says that's why he's not putting Renny up, he's putting Keesha up to control the votes. He tells her if someone breaks their word (I missed what he said, but basically he'll be mad) He says the only thing he can't control is if Memphis wins the veto and takes Dan off the block and then they're both safe. Jerry mentions that he has Memphis' word (to not use the veto??) Renny asks why Keesha was crying earlier and Jerry guesses b/c she's going on the block. Renny asks Jerry what he thinks of Keesha, and he says she's a tough cookie and how her emotions control her, and a little alcohol controls her even more. Renny asks Jerry is Keesha wants to take Memphis to the end, and Jerry thinks so. Renny says Dan, Memphis and Keesha are really close, and Jerry can see that with his eyes. Jerry repeats that if he doesn't put Renny up, she can't be touched. Jerry asks for the favor to be returned next week. Renny states she feels a little threaten by the other 3 b/c they are so close and how she feels like the 4th wheel. Jerry says he's playing smart and Renny agrees he's making a good decision. Jerry tells her their biggest worry is Memphis getting the POV, and Renny says he'd take Dan off and she'd go up. Jerry says he doesn't think Memphis will use the veto on Dan, how Memphis is still mad about Dan putting him up last week.

12:45PM BBT: Jerry and Renny discuss Dan's deal and actions last week. Renny asks Jerry if he can play HOH next week and he says yes, and how he's going to verify it by looking in a rulebook or something, but not to tell the others that, b/c they don't know. Renny suggests she should go downstairs and cry and Jerry agrees. Renny says the other 3 are playing her. Jerry says he's won more HOHs and more POVs than them. Jerry telling her how he's been trying to tell them how Dan really was by the speeches Jerry's given.

Memphis joins Dan in the spa room and says they need to keep it cool b/c Keesha's freaking out. Dans mentions something about finding out who's going to be the most loyal out of the 4 of them. Memphis leaves and Dan just lays there.

12:50PM BBT: In HOH, Renny tells Jerry she doesn't have to tell him anything b/c he's a smart man. He says he doesn't like to say mean things about people and how he's thought the 3 were taking advantage of Renny, he's sorry to say. Jerry thinks the viewers will cheer for Renny when she's out and like her. Jerry says he's a tough old bird and Renny says she knows, and from the bottom of her heart, she's grateful of him not putting her on the block and he asks her not to tell them. Renny says if she wins HOH next week, one of them are going home. Jerry tells her that Renny's only been a vote to the other 3 and they've been using her as their puppet. Renny asks if Keesha was using her, and he says yes, how Renny's vote has been Keesha's vote, and she's been walking around with 2 votes. Jerry says that Renny needs to keep Keesha this week. She asks about Memphis and Jerry says that Memphis has never lied to him, but he also hasn't looked him in the eyes and promised him anything. Jerry tells Renny the onbly problem they might have if Memphis winning and using the veto and Renny'd have to go up, and she'd probably leave.

Memphis downstairs eating in the kitchen alone. Jerry thinks Memphis won't use the pov and wouldn't go against Keesha and that Jerry thinks Keesha and Memphis have been together this whole time.

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11:30 BBT Dan in BR with Keesha saying "If you have to do something, Keesha, I won't be mad at you. I'll understand" He goes to the kitchen table and sits alone looking to be lost in thought. Keesha asks "why you sitting all by yourself"

Keesha's put on her purple bathing suit and headed to the BY to meet up with Renny in the hammock. Dan comes out. Renny asks "where were you, upstaaaaairs??" (meaning with Jerry in HOH). Dan says "I was in the kitchen." Renny says "NO, you were upstairs!" After telling Renny several times that he was NOT upstairs, he finally says "Ok Renny, whatever you think. But I was in the kitchen and you need to calm down. Just calm down." Renny says "Dan, you don't tell your mother to calm down", then admits at home her son often has to say to her "Mom, calm it!" They are having a friendly conversation, teasing each other, but their faces show they are all very worried. Renny suggests Keesha ought keep that bathing suit on, then no one would ever put her on the block. Keesha responds "Renny you are so silly".

Renny gets called to the DR, to which she responds "bite me". BB replies "NOW!". Renny says "I'll tell ya now, I'm not stayin!!!", then says another BITE ME as she slides open the door to go in. Dan and Keesha exchange a few words about how stressful this all is, then fall into silence, both looking to be lost in thought.

Noon BBT Jerry comes out back, sits down and holds his head in his hands. Dan says "looks like you got a lot to think about". Keesha says "Looks like you're stressed out." Dan says "whenever you get your fill of air, let me know if you want me to come and talk". "Whenever you want to", Jerry replies. Jerry takes a slow, slooooow walk back and forth in the yard for his exercise. He picks his nose, checks out what he's retrieved, then flicks it on the ground. Repeatedly. He says again "whenever you want to talk, Dan"; Dan replies "no time like the present.

12:05 BBT Dan and Jerry now up in HOH room. First discussing the photos and how Jerry is "so blessed, that's the thing about family, they have to love you unconditionally". Dan says it's hard for him to comprehend that all the people in those photos "stem from you". Jerry says "yeah, four generations, and I plan to be here for a fifth. I'll be a young 100" Dan says "you're a real character, Jerry". Dan asks a personal question about "Kelly" (Jerry's daughter??) and Jerry starts to reply "he wasn't comin home after work, and......" and it takes us to the fishies.

12:30 BBT Jerry and Dan have their talk in the HOH, Dan shakes Jerry's hand and says he'll understand. Dan says the only thing he has to offer is safety for Jerry next week. Dan leaves. Renny comes up next and Jerry reveals his plan to put Keesha up on the block but protect her, he tells Renny he will not put her on the block, "but I want to control your vote". He says he'll put both Keesha and Dan on the block, but Keesha is not his target and he expects to vote so that Keesha stays. Renny reveals "I want Dan gone too". (??? !!!!) Renny asks "Colonel, what do you really think of Keesha?" He says she's got a lot of spunk and that she's smarter than people think. He thinks Keesha might want to be final two with Memphis, and Renny agrees. Jerry says those three are tight (Dan, Keesha, Memphis), and Renny agrees with that too. Jerry says he just doesn't trust Dan at all, and that he has to go. Renny says "that's a wise decision".

It's hard to watch, how people's opinions are changing. Jerry tells Renny that Dan had it set up to screw all of them. Renny appears to be buying it all, nodding and saying "yes yes" to everything Jerry puts out there. Back to the Judas talk, and how Jerry was surprised to see them still hanging onto Dan when he was such a liar. Renny says she had words with Dan and told him "don't ever pull that on me again, I'm 54 years old, don't you EVER do that to me again". Renny says she's so glad that Jerry won, "I was a dead duck until you won". "you're a very smart man, you're aware of situations". Jerry says "I don't talk bad about people" (OH MY GOD) He tells her he often felt bad for her, that they were taking advantage of her. He compliments her game play, tells her how wonderful she's been to cook for everyone. "When you walk out of here, they're gonna love you, they're gonna cheer youuuuu. You know what I am, I'm a tough old bird". Renny says "I really appreciate you, Colonel". Renny says she'll go downstairs and pretend to cry. "You have been a little bit of a puppet, Renny" Jerry says. "Dan's gotta go.....dangerous......if he stays, anyone of us will go". He's said at least 20 times "the old man is stupid", which is how he ends his talk with Renny.

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1:00 BBT

Memphis is in the pink room. Jerry's laying on the couch in the living room. Don't see Dan. Keesha's eating in bed and asks what's going on in Renny's pretty little head of hers. Renny has tears coming out of her eyes and Keesha says sometimes this game just gets to you. Keesha tells Renny that she thinks Jerry told Renny not to say anything. Keesha tells Renny that she wouldn't throw her under the bus. Keesha says Renny's being quiet. She gets up and says she'll be back. Renny asks where she's going and Keesha says she guesses she's supposed to go back upstairs. She gives Renny a hug then goes out to the living room and asks Jerry if he's ready to talk. They head upstairs.

Keesha asks Jerry what's up and he says he wants Dan out and gives his reasons why Dan should leave. He explains putting Keesha up and the deals he's made with Renny and Memphis to protect Keesha. They can't control if Dan wins pov, but if Dan and Memphis play a game, he'll throw Memphis on the block. Keesha looks upset.

Memphis is back in the pool and Dan's about to join him. D asks if M has talked to Keesha and M says she's nervous and D says it's not in their hands.

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1:00 1pm BBT Jerry's called Keesha back up to the HOH room once again. "I want Dan to go home, he broke deals with Ollie, he's flipped back and forth, and I don't want to play another week in a scenario where I'd be vulnerable by him. I already have a deal with Renny to keep you safe. The way I have it set up, I have all three of you protected. The only other way is to throw Renny to the wolves, and I don't want to do that. Dan's been the one that's not been upfront with all of us. Do you think Memphis is happy about being put up on the block? I want Dan out and I'm asking you to play that game with me. Don't get emotional now. Do you understand why I'm doing what I'm doing?" (Jerry said he's not going to 'hold court', but surely seems to me he's quite comfortable doing just that. Talking about Keesha's "lovely face" when 48 hours ago he called her ugly and said he couldn't stand the sound of her voice. What a guy.)

And we're fishies once again.

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1:50PM BBT: Keesha and Renny talking now about Keesha and Dan going up and if Renny thinks is Memphis wins and uses the PoV then Renny is going home. Keesha doesn't think so. Keesha says, "I did not say anything bad about any one of you" (she's telling the truth) and says fact is this week we are all vulnerable. Renny tells Keesha that if she goes to the end with Memphis that Memphis will win. Keesha says she knows! She's not fucking stupid! Says she has the least chance to win of everyone and Renny rolls her eyes. Keesha tells Renny to think about who is voting, April, Libra and Ollie all wont vote for her. Renny says she just wants to go to the end with Keesha. Keesha says just know this is going to get worse.

Keesha reassures Renny that right now she is safe. Says Keesha should be the one freaking out right now. Says you can't think about later on. Renny leaves and Keesha stops her so they hug each other. now both headed out of the Hippie room. Keesha goes outside and Renny goes to kitchen

Dan and Memphis are in the pool. Keesha joins them and they argue over what to name the duck. The guys say quackwhore and Keesha wants Betty after Betty White. I think quackor ended up winning.

Jerry called to DR and Renny came out to BY with the others and the boys are still calling duck Quackor and Keesha doesn't like it. Memphis says he broke the ice tray again. Renny says one of our asses is going home and probably me! They're all discussing the alliance and how long it has lasted and they think 4 weeks and Dan says most only made it 1/2 a week.

Now wondering what each would do to win the next PoV, Shave head? Turn your skin blue? etc. Renny says fact is the one in the Jury house is gonna suffer. Dan says yeah I backdoored Michelle and I took away Ollies "manhood". laughing.

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Jerry somewhere inside.

Renny called to DR.

Dan, Memphis, and Keesha hanging out by pool. Dan is warned for talking about his DR session.

2:30PM BBT

Memphis alone with Keesha by the pool. They wonder which HG is Jerry's target and who Jerry wants in his Final 2.

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2:30PM BBT: Dan in DR and Keesha and Memphis at pool hanging out. Keesha says she needs to get ready for her big debut (on the block). Memphis says are you sure? and she says well Renny is not going up for sure. Then says she thinks they have all done well to make it that far

Keesha and Memphis both say they know who Jerry wants out but neither will say Dan's name. Keesha is going in to shower since they are soon going to have the noms -- Memphis will stay outside and tan a little longer.

Keesha in shower and renny doing her face. Ceremony must be soon.

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