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August 15 & 16 - Live Feed Updates

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12:00 BBT

The food eating begins...Reeney slurs "oh my God its time...its 12:01"..she saying "it looks so good" about Michele's Nuggets April's cookies ..."you aren't going to get my friends anything you bunch of bastards" she tells BB about giving the booze..

Reeney sloshing about the kitchen getting her food..

Eating continues without much discussion..Reeney "they won't let me in there"..about DR...

They got one bottle of wine..and 4 cans of beer...

they start divvying up the booze.. and continue to eat

12:12 BBT

Pretty much the same going on...they are all eating....Keesha Memphis Dan and Reeny sitting at the table together.....April Ollie and Jerry sitting togther at the kitchen bar and Michele just "standing" in the kitchen while she eats..{that paints the picture pretty much}

Eating continues...

12:20 BBT

My apartment's kinda like this" with the loft.....when Reeney asks would you like to own a house like this..Reeney "Hmm" of course she says "but not as big"

Michele says "i wnated to learn how to make em" as Reeney compliments her on her nuggets...

12:25 Reeney gives Dan a kiss

Reeney saying something about her pic..puts foil over it "oh God that looks worse" tears it off..."who will win the 1/2 million dollars" and goes through each HG...and where they are from......"Miss michele from the east coast..tough girl"..."mrOllie ......I knew he was good to go".."Miss April........could she be th eone"

"last but not least Mr Charisma himself....Memphsi...southern boy"...."miss Reeney..southern girls with southern roots........you go girl"

"one of you will win"..but will someone come in {points to balnk screen" and "suck up all the money"

they like it.....Reeney asking who has the sneakiest eyes.....she puts napkin over and says "we have two winners"

Dan "no more food" because he's stuffed..

12:48 BBT

Dan and Memphis in the LR Dan in his usual position laying and staring balnkly ahead..no talking

In the kitchen Keesha saying her condos "acroos the street" start mid to upper 200,000......

Jerry saying where he lives in goes for half that..

Aprila and Keesha saying "she would brag" about her $2000 Christmas tree..about Libra..."some of these people are here to make my rent" Keesha whines that what Libra says....

Jerry "you may not know how much in debt she may be"..April says Libra has to get a Christmas tree for each of her kids...."keesha "5 christmas tree".......laughhing "home nay times did we have to hear she lived in a "culd d' sac"

Keesha going on about Libra about her saying about Aprils bags under her eyes..saying "you can't say those things to people"...Keesha says she was tired of hearing her talk about losing weight..Jerry "she needed to lose the weight..and still needs" to lose more...saying he never forgive her about comment about him and Reeney being old..

April says she calls her "a one upper" talking about her going on her Rice...."i graduated from Rice look it up"..Olie that was the fight with Jerry

Keesah "I've never heard of Rice College"...

They keep ragging on Libra....{Keesa's wine must have kicked in, as her whine has gone up a few obnoxious decibles}

they talk about America hating her....pretty much an amalgamation of everything they've said these past weeks..

Saying she might be different in Jury house..Ollie "i think it will be the samee" with Libra "unfortunately"

Memphis gets up off his rump and heads back into the kitchen Dan still laying in a trance...


1:09 BBT

Keesha to Jerry "reeney must have passed out"

April and Olie getting Ready for bed in the bathroom brushing teeth and washing up..they are upset about Jerry saying something about "us 3" "using the PoV" to save Libra they are upset at jerry's lose lips..

Michele says she heard him say that she needs to be put up and taken out...Dan reappers "from giving birth" and she tells him about her mentioning Monica in her "blog"

Reeney is still up and heads from the 60s room..as Dan has moved onto her bed....and memphis has taken over the water bed..once occupied by Libra''Oh God I'm getting seasick"....Dan saying "we've gotta talk about more stuff' tomorrow...

April and Ollie in bed...talking saying "I could easily pretend I'm memphis' friend"..Ollie saying they gave the gifts "on purpose" "they want you to go crazy"

April/Ollie play "scenarios"

In the bathroom Michele and Keesha whispering...about jerry "fucking the piss off"..she heads to Bthroom to tell April/Ollie she apoligized to her about Jerry "what a fucking asshole"...whispers inaudibly..except for Ollie "dumb"


1:26 BBT Keesha saying that we have an early comp 'time to go to bed"..Memphis says they have wait around for 5 hours..Keesha saying if they heard Jerry.."if we wanted to save Libra we would have taken her off the block"

Dan reads his bible

{I'm out.. back tomorrow night..night all}

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9:19 am BBT

Michelle in Kitchen.. April in the kitchen too. Talking about what they think the food comp will be. Ape says - Aha! There will be one day of the week there are seven of us! Renny doesn't have to cuz she is HoH. Awwww! I figured it out! Michelle - You figured it out dear Watson! Ape going around telling everyone she has figured it out. She says (April) like I will get Tuesday and get eyeballs and I don't eat stuff like that. At least we know we will eat on Michelles day. Ape and Ollie talking about Apes dream. K and Mich in the BR.

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9:29 am BBT

O, K, D & Mi in the kitchen talking about weird dreams. R in Hoh now coming down to Kitchen. K asks R how she is feeling today. R - how am I supposed to be feeling? K - a little bit of a hang over? R - U think? D - You have frosted mini wheats??? R - yeah. D - Can I have some? R - Yeah D - Those are my favorites!!! D telling everyone about his weird dream. They are wondering if they should eat a lot?

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9:33 am BBT

K saying that he bed was shaking last night. They are wondering if it was an earthquake. Mem laying in the spa. A, K and Mi sitting at the kitchen counter. Looking at the structure of the building and wondering if they would be safe during and earthquake. J now in the kitchen. Looking at all the doorways, wondering where they should stand. Saying that the table looks pretty sturdy. Mich wondering where to put the grease. They tell her in a jar. Mich made coffee. K says - awww thanks. Fishies

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9:39 am BBT

K asks R if she is ready to eat some nasty stuff! R - what? K - didn't you hear the song this morning? Eat It. K - saying that last night felt like a slumber party, everyone was runing around being like children. K - it is just like one day you are 40 and you are like S*** how did I become 40??? R - Yep that is how it happens, so you should judt enjoy it. Someone is humming and we get fishies.

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9:41 am BBT

R - I know I didn't drink all of the white wine last night. I didn't need it, ya know what I mean? K - I know what ya mean. R - where is everybody? K - Memphis is in the other room... R - did ya stay up late? K - we all did... laughing. R - g'morning Michelle Mich - Good morning Renny. K - laughing at each other. J weraing the same freaking clothes he wears everyday, and has been silent. K - April does that Zaro taste like sprite? A - Yeah want to taste it? K - no I have seen everyone drink it. I don't like diet pop. A - it doesn't taste diet. K - thats not bad. Mi - Dahhhhhling... K - Darling. K - it is flippin cold in here! Look at my goosebumps. Mi - you are always chilled. K - Always. Mi - I heard you say Whateva yesterday K - Yeah I said it like you say it, we are all going to be talking in different ways. K to A - Are you cold? A - Oh my gosh it is so cold. K at kitchen counter. J silently cooking at stove.

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9:46 am BBT

R - it is very quiet in here K - huh? R - it is very quiet K - uh huh. A & Mi in the BR R & K at counter. BB - Renny please center your microphone. J now done cooking. K - you made yourself an egg sandwich with ketchup? J - yeah. K - I used to make myself egg sandwiches like that without the ketchup. J - you going to eat something? A & Mi talking about weird dreams in the BR... then they whisper about someone being disrespectful. J chomping loud, have to switch cams.

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9:50 am BBT

A in BR plastering on her makeup. Now A in BR mirror popping zits. Mi now in BR playing with her lions mane. Mi - how was the feeding of the fish Renny? R - Fine I just put it in the little hole. Mi - I don't know what I am going to do with this hair. I'mnot going to wash it cuz then it is going to be all poofy. A - that is why I am not showering. A - Keesha said it right when she said we were all like little kids again cuz we were laughing so hard. Mi - uh huh. A literally smearing the makeup all ofer and deep into her face. K now in BR. K to Mi - it is so weird! it is just us 3 girls. A - like woah there is nobody here!. Mi spraying her mane with mass hairspray. K putting lotion on her face. A still plastering on the makeup. correction K put face cleaner on her face and just washed it off. J am Me in the kitchen. Me - that is what it sounds like, I wouldn't be surprised (came in halfway through convo)

9:55 am BBT -

J still at counter eating silently. Mempis making coffee. Me leaves kitchen, J still eating silently. J - morning Michelle Mi - morning Jerry. K laughing and talking about A's clotches. K - I couldn't wait to wear one of those dresses they are georgous. J - burps... K - heads upstairs. J - done eating, washes plate. K - is renney even up here Jerry? J - No she went that way (points to lower BR's) K finds R K - I need to use your BR.

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10:00 am BBT

R lets K use her BR. K tells R - we need you back there, it is weird, not the same. You have your own private room. D going though and making beds in different rooms. Mi in kitchen at sink. R sitting on HoH bed. D now folding clothes. K is done in BR (toilet flush)... D smelling clothes before he puts them away. K flushes toilet again. R still sitting on bed... D yawning. K -eeeew... K - your perfume smells good! Is it weird being up here? R - huh? It's alright. When's nominations? K - today, today at 5, somewhere around there, it is later in the day. R - I'll be honest with you, I don't know what I am doing yet. K - I figured that, I assumed that, you are like what I like to call a wild card, I never know what you are going to throw in there, that is why I don't ask. As long as I don't go up. Are there certain people that you are debating? R - You know I really wanted April out, one of three One of them has to go. feeds blocked for a sec...

10:05 am BBT

R - I can't see voting Ollie out. K- no, me neither, to tell u the truth, I don't know if I would vote for Ollie... K - I don't know though. R - If the Col. were to go then that would leave A and O together. Memphis wants April out but he hasn't done S*** to do it. K - he hasn't had a chance R - I mean I won something finally. K - is saying that memphis isn't a threat and that April is stronger physically.

OK I am going swimming, someone else takeover

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10:30 BBT

Dan and Keesha in the living room talking about eating breakfast. April and Ollie talking at the bar. Memphis is walking around and Michelle and Renny are in the bathroom. ADLs.

Michelle and Memphis join Dan in the living room. They're takling about baseball.

11:11 BBT

Been FOTH for awhile now. Might be food comp.

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1:07 BBT

Feeds back. America chose the GIANT LOLLIPOPS!!!!!

Their dining room table is full of lollipops. Jerry's laying in bed, starring at the at the ceiling. Dan, Michelle, Memphis and Ollie are wearing tuxedo tshirts. Dan's playing with the lollipops, saying they're forming a band tonight. He's using one as a guitar and says another can be used as a mic. he calls them the Lollipop Band. Renny's sitting upstairs in the HOH. April, Keesha and Michelle are going over all the flavors of lollipops they have.

April and Ollie are eating lollipops already. Dan goes into the 80's room to check on Jerry. Dan says that Jerry's giving Chicken Georgr a run for his money (many days on slop?) Renny is eating by herself in the HOH room. Michelle talking about using the lollipops for throwing, such as football. Renny turns on the spy screen. April says she loves candy and can lay down in the candy and be content. She has several lollipops in her left hand, and eating one with her right hand.

1:15 BBT

Dan asks where do you go to buy 200 lollipops. Michelle's eating a lollipop as well. Renny just got done eating chips and salsa upstairs. Jerry entered the kitchen, but I don't see him anymore. memphis is eating a lollipop too and says he's going to try to finish by the end of the day. Seems like Keesha is going to save a lollipop, as she says he niece is going to love it.

TV screen in the living room says Nominations Today. Still can't tell who's on slop or not.

OMG NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!

Dan goes upstairs to join Renny in the HOH room. He asks her what's going on and tells her the tv screen says nominations today, and Renny says she didn't see it. He asks if he's in danger, and she says no BUT she may need him to go up as a pawn. He says he doesn't know, but it's up to her, and that there's a chance he could go home if he's up. Renny says she wants Jerry gone. Dan asks if she's putting Dan and Jerry up, and ask if Renny's confident in Michelle's vote, and she says yes.

Dan says if she keeps him off the block, him, Memphis and Keesha can vote out whoever they want. Dan says he'll vote however Renny wants and will promise it on Monica. Dan is very worried and trying to convince Renny out of it. Renny tells Dan that Jerry put her up and Dan voted against her. Dan says that's true, but what if Jerry wins the veto and Renny says April will go up. Dan's telling her he understands, but she has a guarentee if she keeps Dan off the block. Renny says she's still thinking things through and is trying to do the best thing for her. Renny says it's not definite, she's just throwing it out there. She also says that Memphis is a big threat, and she doesn't know what Memphis is doing.

Dan says that if Renny puts him up, he then has reason to put her up in the future. She says she understands, and he says he's glad he got a heads up. Renny's now talking about putting Memphis up with Jerry. Dan says Ollie and April will keep Jerry, and how much does she trust Michelle. She says she knows Michelle will vote to keep Memphis. Renny says that she's trying to break up that group of 3 without making too many enemies.

1:30 BBT

Dan asks Renny if she has any questions for him and if he needs to swear for Renny to believe him, he'd rather now swear on the Bible again, but will swear on Monica. Renny says it means something to her when she brings the Bible in. Renny's now asking Dan about him and Jerry. Dan's trying to tell her that Jerry lied about him being in an alliance with them and if he was, why would he have voted Jessie out. Renny says Memphis is the female version of April, he's strong even though he hasn't won anything. Dan asks if Renny is opposed to putting 2 of the 3 up, and she says yes, b/c that makes her more enemies.

Dan tells Renny that someone will have to deal with April and deal with April and Ollie. He's trying to tell Renny if she puts up 2 of the 3, that one of them will go home and she'll only have to deal with the 2 that didn't leave from that group and that the people on her side won't go after her. Dan talks about how Memphis doesn't want Renny out, he wants Jerry and April out.


Dan tries to tell Renny there's a chance he'd go home, and she says no. He says you never know, and she repeats he wouldn't go home. She says she has to think it through and Dan asks if she has any more questions for him. Renny asks about the Bible again and Dan tells her he feels unconfortable swearing on the Bible in this game, but he'll do it for Renny if that's what she needs.

1:35 BBT

Downstairs, the girls talk about their periods being late.

Memphis walks upstairs and asks Dan if they're going to play chess. Renny asks Memphis what he thinks of being a pawn. He says NO, Renny's crazy and he's not down for being a pawn ever. he says that's a mistake and has proven in BB history. Renny says she needs to watch out for herself and Memphis says Jerry can go within the next few weeks like Libra did. Memphis says he thinks April is using Jerry for his vote, but doens't have an alliance with him. Renny says April can win the POV for herself and Memphis says she won't win it if he has anything to say about it. Memphis promises Renny that April will not win POV this week. Dan asks who April would put up if HOH and Memphis says himself and Keesha. Renny talks about putting April and Jerry up together. Memphis says that Ollie won't win POV and Renny's scared b/c Jerry's won pov twice. memphis says by default. memphis says his goal this week if April or April and Jerry are on the block, that he won't let them win pov. Renny's afraid Ollie, April and Jerry will hate her. Dan says that only two would stay and say Renny has more people playing for her in HOH next week. Memphis is trying to tell Renny if Ollie or April went home, that he doesn't think Jerry will go after Renny. Memphis says Jerry will go after Memphis and Dan, regardless if Renny puts him up or not.

Renny says this week needs to be a strategic move. Keesha and Michelle come in, and Renny asks if any of the girls want to be pawns. Memphis laughs and Keesha asks if Renny's being serious. Dan asks Michelle what happens when a pawn goes on the bloick and Michelle says they go home. They're trying to convince R to put up o, a, and J. Kee asks Ren what's going on in her mind right now. Renny tells them she's worried about enemies and they say Jerry goes with the flow. Michelle reminds them Jerry's on his 3rd week of slop, so who knows what he's going to be doing. Renny asks what's going on with Ollie. They say if April left, Ollie would be lost.

Renny says she could put April and Ollie up and tell them dead on that he doesn't want Ollie to leave, she wants April gone. They says that April and Ollie will split. Memphis says Renny should tell Ollie that. Someone goes downstairs to get Ollie, as April's in the DR. Memphis says they should leave so Ollie doens't feel uncomfortable, but Renny tells them not to leave. Michelle dbrings Ollie upstairs. Renny asks Ollie where he's standing in the game. Renny says he knows he has a showmance, but what about the game. Ollie says he's here to win, and April is just the icing on the cake. He says he's here to win and Renny tells everyone to leave, she just wants to talk to him. Renny tells him it's against the rules for her to tell him she's going to nominate him but he says she can tell him he's safe or not. Renny tells Ollie everyone wants to see April go. Ollie says he can't throw her under the bus, but if Renny wants to put him up against April, that's up to her. He says don't worry about what people are saying in your ear, do what's best for you. Renny says forget about that, what will Ollie do if April leaves. he says that will make him play even more.

Ollie asks Renny what she wants, she says she wants him to stay in. Ollie's trying to put doubts in her head. Renny says her people will do what she wants, Ollie asks if she's sure. Ollie's trying to hear who she's going to put up, but Renny says she can't say. Ollie says if Renny wants him to stay, she's putting him at risk by putting him up. He trys to tell her Jerry has been bad in the house and he should go up instead. Ollie's saying that Jerry only likes people when they're HOH. He tells her she might want to ask Jerry where he's at in the game. Ollie tells Renny he likes her and he wants her here, but if she puts him up, she's now a new target for him. Ollie asks if she has the votes for him to stay, and she says yes and he says that's what he needs to hear. He asks to ask her a serious question. Ollie asks if Renny's being influenced by the people talking in her ear. She says no and he says she won hoh she needs to do what she wants to do.

Renny tells Ollie she thinks it's better for his game if April leaves. He asks her to remember Jerry and how he floats around. He's trying to sell Jerry to Renny, how he's lied and what he's done. Ollie says he knows him and April are two, but there might be bigger fish to fry. Renny says she'll see what she does. Ollie says he doesn't want to go up and that Renny says he's not a target, but he doesn't want to the risk. He brings up Jessie being a pawn and leaving. Renny keeps telling him he'd be safe. Ollie says he knows it for a fact if he doens't go up. He says put Jerry up and if he's not a target, why does he have to go up. Renny says she has a decision to make and has told Ollie how she feels. Ollie says he's always liked Renny. She says whoever she puts up, it's for a reason and that she has her eye on other people. He asks if April's her target, and she says she could be. Ollie asks why and Renny says b/c she's a big competitor, as is Memphis. Renny says April and Jerry have money and Ollie says Memphis has more than anyone with the car he won the first week. He asks how close she is with Memphis. She says she just wantred Ollie up there to talk. They hug and leave. he whispers to her to do what's best for her. Ollie goes downstairs and Renny stays in the HOH room.

2:00 BBT

The Michelle, Keesha and April are in the spa room. Memphis is called to the DR. Ollie's in the bathroom then goes to his bed. The girls are talking about Jerry. Renny's pondering things in the HOH room.

2:10 BBT

Renny comes downstairs and gets Michelle. They go into the HOH bathroom and Renny shuts the door. Renny says that she really wants April or Jerry to go, but it's probably going to be April. Renny asks if Jerry's sleeping, and Michelle says yes, and how they were just talking about him. Renny says Jerry has been up there to talk to her. Michelle gives Renny her word that she's with Renny. Renny says one of those 3 is leaving. Michelle says she's going to fight for pov and not use it. Michelle leaves HOH.

Ollie and April are whispering in the SR. Ollie's telling her about his talk with Renny. He says it's mostly them going up. Ollie says 'they' convinced Renny to put April up and get her out. Ollie says if he wins pov he's going to use it, and April says of course, you should use it, don't use it on me. Ollie tells April his options. Ollie's talking about getting on everyone's nerves on purpose this week and causing hell and making them vote him out instead of April. He says or he could win POV or throw Jerry more under the bus more so than what he just did upstairs with Renny. Ollie says they just have to win pov and that they'll vote Jerry out if either Ollie or April win pov.

Michelle comes in and tells them that Renny brought her upstairs and asked her what she thought about being put up. Michelle says Renny's talking to everyone and they all leave the SR. Michelle (playing both sides, obviously) says she thinks Renny's going to do something crazy.

Michelle and April are talking in the pink bedroom and Keesha's talking with Renny upstairs. Kee asks her who she wants out, and Renny says April.

Keesha's telling Renny to put up who she wants to. Renny says they're all dangerous.

Ollie's in with Michelle and Jerry enters too. BB calls April to DR. Sounds like the food comp had something to do with crickets.

Renny and Keesha are watching the spy screen. Not much talking. They're eating. Renny says something about not knowing what's going to happen next week, and then gets up and says lets bring their ass in there. She opens the door and brings Memphis and Dan in. She again asks about them being pawns and they said no. She asks Dan and Memphis about them putting her up and they said no and she's going to bring the Bible in and make them swear, especially if they won't be pawns for her and she'll end up making more enemies.

Seems like they're doing a good job at convincing Renny. Dan, Keesha and Memphis aren't on slop.

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2:30 BBT

Michelle and Ollie whispering in the bathroom about their talks with Renny. (Michelle is totally playing both sides here. She even told Renny during their talk that she's floating and she doesn't have anybody.) Michelle's repeating what Renny said to her.

Upstairs, Renny's telling Keesha what Dann said about not swearing on the Bible and how she's mad at that. Keesha looks suspisious.

Michelle and Ollie in the spa room talking more about Renny. Ollie goes to the kitchen and calls A Plus. Jerry called to the DR. Ollie gets April in the spa room and fill April in on the talks with Renny.

April: Wht hasn't that scared bitch called me up there?

Michelle's repeating the same thing to April that Renny said to her. Michelle says how everyone was up there looking at her when Renny was talking to her.

2:40 BBT

Ollie says that Renny didn't have a good reason to put April up, except she's a good competitor and he said there are other good competitors in the house and it's about April winning prises too. April says winning those clothes didn't mean anything and that Memphis did that to her, not her. Michelle is not talking nicely of Renny. She's telling the truth, but saying it in a way that's not true. April says Michelle is not going up and they're not going to call the people they're scared of up there to talk and how they're scared bitches. April says she's bigger than this game, so they can put her up and the only power she has is how she reacts. Ollie laughs and says he thinks this whole thing is a joke. Michelle says Keesha might have set her up and Ollie says she did.

April says they'll try to threaten Michelle and Ollie to vote April out and they should play along and go with the house and then next week, put Renny and Keesha up and tell them those bitches are out of the house and April can watch the tape from the jury house. Michelle and Ollie agree.

Keesha leaves the HOH room and joins Michelle downstairs. April and Ollie are in the spa room.

April: It is what it is.

April says it's not going to be Michelle that goes up. April says about going upstairs to talk to Renny and Ollie tells her to go. Memphis and Dan pass April on their way downstairs.


2:55 BBT

Finally, feeds come back on. Aprils up talking to Renny about protecting people. April says that she knows she's a threat b/c she's a strong compeitor. She tells Renny to put April up next to Memphis or Michelle b/c they're tough competitors. Don't put Ollie up b/c he hasn't won anything. April says she shouldn't have played for the team when she was HOH and it burnt her that she didn't play for herself. April compliments Libra for how she left the house. April says this house is one big chess game and only 2 people win and 6 have to go. April says she thinks everyone in the house has an alliance. April's trying to tell Renny that everyone has a close friend in the house that takes their mind off the game. Looks like Renny is only half paying attention to April. April says she hasn't done much to piss people off and she feels she's played this game pretty respectful of people's feelings. Renny says so basically you're a strong competitor and April says we all are. Renny says that's the reason she'd put April up. April tells Renny that Jerry follows anyone. They hug and April leaves.

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3:00PM BBT: Aprils up in the HOH trying to plead her case. Saying that libra went out with grace and that she had played this game with integrity, she hasn't turned on anyone. That Keesha and Renny turned on her last week. She said she doesnt have a problem being put up if its because she's a strong player and renny said if she is put up its because of just that, she is a strong player. April trying to tell her about how the others have an alliance, and that even though her and Ollie do, they are each others refuge away from the game. That the house can make you crazy and they can go outside shoot pool or just be together and enjoy themselves.

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