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August 13 & 14 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

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12:32 BBT

Michele and Reeney talking in the Living Room..Reeney sings "Michele by belle"......Michele singing a song she's making up...Dan laying on the couch

Michele in her insane mode...doing her baby talk [marty loves}..making absolutely no sense

Reeney "why are you being so quiet Dan"...Dan "i'm tired...That;s how Dan rolls" Michele says..

Reeney wants to play a joke that she ate a chocolate..but changes it to a lemon and she's going to get a "penalty nom"

Michele and Dan head out to witness the joke

They head out......complaining BB woke them up at 8:30.....

Keesha says "we were talking about the money"

Reeney comes out asking what's wrong...because she has her mouth covered..Keesha doesn't want to come over..in fact no ones is taking her seriously..Michele plays along "oh shit" all concerned...Oh god Reeney why did you do that"

Dan "what you do"

Memphis and Keesha are laughing..Keesha whines "what happened"

She whipered to Dan "you're going up"..now Memphis and Keesha know..Memphis saying "if its on accident.."don't worry about it" Memphis saying the rules are for people who says "screw you" if it accident.."you're fine"

Memphis trying to explain the rule...Reeney asking "how do you know its on accident"

Reeney lets her joke {that fell flat} out of the bag....they discuss the rule....Reeney heads in to tell Keesha whose getting in bed she was just teasing.."you're such a brat"

12:48 BBT Reeney makes her good nights...asking Dan "why do you look so depresed".."just tired...Memphis growing a beard for thuersday....

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12:53 BBT

Michele telling Dan and Memphis about the James and "ERic" {she means Alex} and the mystery box..

Michele "they had the Ryan thing and the James thing" talking about bb9 twists..

Memhpis goes in..Dan says "how much do you trust him" he asks Michele.she says "i don't know" and Dan says "I don't know what he would do"...Michele says that you can't go by me since she was HOH and she was blown smoke up her butt...Dan questioning his trust of Memphis.....

Dan saying that veto ceremony was so wierd.....Michele says that certain people take advantages of their powers and Jerry really though he was going to make the replacement noms

Dan says not arguing with Jerry "is not worth it" and Michele going on about Jerry Dan said he admitted "to making that up" about Ollie alliance...

April comes out to check her laundry..

Michele talking about self control and actions "thats it"...

Michele asks if "Libra has asked" to vote to keep her... Dan says she'll ask but "not yet" Michele saying she's using "reverse psycholgy" saying she's ready to go trying to get sympathy

Michele saying everyone wants her out......saying she's done so much to so many people and tells Dan that they all want her out......

Go back over Jerry's speech "well Dan today's your lucky Day"..Michele says she wasn't going to put him up..Michele "I'm the one who can save you" Jerry said..Michele says he can't do that.....both saying it was wrong they "made up" the alliance thing"he wanted people to turn on you" by saying it.....Michele going on about Jerry..

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11:11 BBT

Michele heads up to her HOH after telling Dan goodnight.... Ollie and April are talking in the sauna room..

{I'm out be back tomorrow..night all}

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9:30 BBT


(Maybe wakeup call?)

10:00 BBT

Many HGs up and doing ADLs. michelle in HOH bathroom, Libra and Renny in kitchen, Keesha outside with laundry.

Renny, Keesha, Ollie and Memphis outside on the couches talking about drinking coffee. michelle in HOH shower.

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10:25 BBT

Michelle getting ready in the HOH bathroom.

Keesha's talking about a cheap airline in the backyard. Says you could pic your seat for $10, $5 per bag, and extra money for drinks. Says that there was cheese and wine on there, too. Also, that you could buy expensive gifts while in flight. Says there were Gucci watches and Calvin Klein stuff, and how she's bought Christmas gifts for her dad on there.

K:What's the first thing you're going to do when you get home?

O:Buy a bag of Twizzlers.

He then says that he might change his number when he gets back in case people he hasn't heard from in a while start to call. Keesha asks if they think everyone will have to do that? She says that she changes her number all the time. She says she thinks Libra already chnaged her number. Memphis says he has one phone number that he's had for 9 years, and another phone he uses.

Michelle's in the downstairs bathroom now blow drying her hair.

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11"10 am BBT

Michelle has her camera and they are now taking pics. Renny said she has to go get her hat. Michelle leaned down and took a pic with Keesha and then she told Renny to go get her hat so she could take a pic of her and 'Keeshie"... Keesha just took a pic of Michelle and Ollie. Michelle went out to where Memphis and Jerry are and tolf Memphis she needed a candid. Then she told Jerry to do the honors so she could take a pic. Keesha put on the hat and said she looks like Gilligan. Michelle says "That is a good look for you". Libra in the bedroom (70's) talking to herself and packing. Michelle and Keesha in SR taking pics and laughing. Renny is now ready to have her pic taken. Keesha again saying that she looks like Gilligan. Ollie at kitchen counter wearing fuzzy hat. Ape-vile is in the kitchen... Apre-vile now in the BR, she and Ollie talking about music and singing. Ape-vile says that she was in the band. Ollie asks if she played the flute. She screeches "No! The saxaphone! Shows how much you remember!"... Ollie says that he is going to start calling her Maggie from the Simpsons. Ollie gives Moms and Pops a shout out for their birthday and says that he'll holla at them when he gets out of there. Ollie says that the days are flying by, Ape-vile says that it seems like a year! Ollie says he is trying to be optimistic, Ape-vile says "thats a first" and Ollie says she is a pessimist, Ape says "Absolutely not! I'm trying to be good!"... Michelle, Renny and Keesha laughing and taking pics of one another in the BY. Jerry rambling on about something... Keesha says "Libra is packing already! She is anxious to get out of here!"... Jerry continues to babble...

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12:19 pm BBT

L & K in 70's room talking. L saying that she is like an elephant. K "An elephant" L- You know that aying that and elephant remembers. K - Oh yeah I have heard that. K is putting on make-up again. K - I don't want to look like a slob on national TV. I think we forget sometimes, we get so down and lethargic. They are talking about the emotions one goes in through the house. L needs to take a break from making the bed. K trying to pluck and unruly hair. L clipping her figernails. L finds a bra she had been looking for (it was behind her bed) K- Dan can't be hiding my stuff dude! I have to pack all my stuff! L - I think they call us in and give us the rundown. l - this is my 'sigh' ... K - do u know what u are gonna say tomorrow? L - No, no I don't. They are talking about the order in which they are going to have to make their speech. L - When Conan O'Brian asks me why I am in the chair I am gonna say cuz Jesse is not and someone has to keep it warm. L going over what she is going to wear tomorrow. L keeps finding stuff she was missing.

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12:52 BBT

Libra and Keesha are in their bedroom talking.

They think that Dan does not take things personal. Then they start on how they would go nuts if they took it personally. Libra is tweezing her brows.

12:53 BBT

Keesha steps out, Libra is alone

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12:49 pm BBT

J & O in the LR talking. J - If I had a body like Dan I would go to weight training school. Horrible body horrible body! O starts laughing out loud. O - Coffe doesn't sit too well in my stomach J - you could eat what I made, even Renny said it was good. Awkward silence... J & O just sitting there. O had mentioned that one of them could vote to keep L and M would think that 'the other side' had voted wrong. A - those slop cakes look wonderful O - slop doughnuts, sugar slop A - what ever they are. A - Ollie how much water have you drunk today? O - I drunk my spit. J - whatever that blue light up there is gone. O - I know I tolf u it changes everyday, it is some kind of decoration or message. J - oh what a boring life. O - this is the life! J - could you imagine a commune like this? If you had 8 wives what would you do? O - makes a crude heavy breathing noise. J laughs. More talk from J about the blue light A - hmmmm weird. K to A - U look like a cheerleader with that ribbon in your hair. A - laughs yeah A - you get so bored in her you get tired. A now in LR laying on couch too.

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12:55 BBT

Keesha is back in the bedrom with Libra. She takes the majority of her sheets off her bed. She asks Libra if she can wash the "green thing" with her sheets? (not sure what that is) Keesha heads to the BY

April, Ollie and Jerry in the LY. Jerry knows everyones walk. Ollie asks where everyone sat on the couch, the first night. More chit chat about the first day. Jerry enlightens us with saying he almost **pooped** his pants the first night.


Libra is still plucking away.

Ollie, April and Jerry are talking about the first competion (the car one). Laughing that Libra was being held out by her feet. April says if she was the one getting out and in the car, they would have won because she was very quick.

1:02 BBT***we get a brif look at the empty diary room**

Jerry: Today is day 36.

Keesha brings come clean clothes back into the bedroom.

Libra...pluck pluck pluck. Renny comes in the bedroom with LIbra and Keesha. General chit chat.

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1:07 BBT

Jerry Ollie, and April laying down/sitting in the LR. Not talking.

1:10 BBT

Ollie gets up and says that he is going to take a nap.

Libra and Renny are in their bedroom talking about the night of the feast. April goes into the kitchen from the LR and leaves Jerry. Jerry is petting his ear and looks sleepy. Keesha is in the bathroom curling her hair.

Libra is talking about how she dosnt hate anyone in the house, she dosnt like some people, and respects others. She is still working on that brow. She thinks there will be no stress in the Jury house. Libra has said "at the end of the day" like it is going out of style.

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1:17 BBT

Libra and Ollie are talking. April says that Dan and memphis are "like this" (crosses finger indicating they are close)

They are talking about how Memphis makes people think that he is on their side.

April is complaining that he keeps telling her to talk to someone. (Didnt exactly hear who, I think Dan)

Ollie is saying that people disregard the options when they go up on the block of how they can stay, like Libra. He says there are 3 ways to stay - 1) Hoh 2) POV 3) campaign for votes. Ollie is wondering why Libra is already packing her stuff. April is saying that Keesha threw Libra under the bus yesterday by saying stuff about her. "Libra said this and Libra said that" - Keesha

April says the final three of BB10 will be Michele, Renny and Ollie.

Ollie tells April that she is playing a good game because she has not been on the block. April says "look who has won [head of houshould]" April thinks Memphis will put her up in a heartbeat. Ollie tells April that if she goes on the block she can get Renny and Dan to keep her in. April asks if he win HOH if she can stay with him - Ollie would be "upset if you didnt"

I think April and Ollie think they are having a double eviction this week because April tells Ollie if she gets kicked out this week to take out whoever did it.

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12:55 pm BBT

J talking about POW torture. About how the POW's had to be in a room with only light one light to make them crazy. Then he goes on to talk about water torture. J - they would drip one drip at a time and it would get to their brain and make them crazy. J (about K) she is arrogant and cocky again. Yesterday she was crying and now... she is phoney, a big phoney, big time. (pot meet kettle)... J - I am getting so that I know everyones walks. O - where was everyone sitting on the day we first came in here? J - Iwas sitting right there...

My feeds just went out.

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Feeds are back Michelle is talking about people who live like cave people.

Seems that they are getting ready to do something in about 20 minutes.

Jerry tells Michelle he watches the National Graphics channel and it is interesting what you learn. Also watches the Military Channel. Jerry worked on the F1-11.

Michelle gets amazed by watching things like that.

Feeds switch to Memphis is the BY saying you either win or you get put up...one or the other.

Dan is lying in the sun.

BB Voice:Dan please move your microphone higher. Dan, "Just another crazy day in the Big Brother House...what are you going to do...what do you when you are trapped in a house with 8 other people you don't trust." (He is talkin to himself) Going through the whole alphabet of things to do....He is saying that Memphis throws every comp and he can't talk to Jerry cause he wants to drink his blood. He says to be 3 moves ahead of them...victory cannot be achieved in this game without luck....on and on....

Memphis comes out. Dan says if Monica and I come out here you better hook us up dude.

Memphis: Of course

Dan: Before Brian left he told me if there is any way you can bury the hacket with Memphis he is someone who knows how to play this game.

Memphis: Yea

Dan: He hated Jerry man

Dan: Do you think he will get his girl back

Memphis: I don't really know what happened

Dan: The moved in together and he lied to her

Dan: Have you ever lied to Ashley

Memphis: No, I haven't ever lied to her

Dan: If ur from Dearborn and ur watching ur the best

Feed Switch

Keesha is in hippie room ironing her clothes.

Keesha: Yiyiyi

Libra: Oh My

Keesha: This shirt was not completely dry

Libra: It took forever for mine

Keesha: really

Libra: uh uh

Keesha: What is the girls name that works at the Arcalie

Libra:What is the Arcalie

Keesha: Oh I can't say

Feeds OUT

ok Back just went out for a second so we didn't hear that

Keesha: Memphis and Dan are so funny they are like lil boys...good to feel like you have someone in here once in awhile

Keesha still messing with her shirt and her and Libra are talking a lil about what they are wearing tomorrow. Keesha doesn't want to wear the same color. Looks like she is wearing the greenish top tomorrow for the live show.

4:00 Back to bubbles again....

4:05 they are back

Now Libra is ironing a green shirt

Libra: They just gave us 1 song now thats random

Keesha: it is very random isn't it

Libra: umummm

Feed Switch

Ollie and Dan look as if they are both crashed

OK...back to Libra and Keesha

Keesha is called to the DR and asked for just 5 mins to get ready

Libra (alone in the room) wheres my top...putting on make-up

Feed Switch to Renny and April in Bathroom they are putting on make-up talking about the BeeGees

Renny says they have many good songs

Memphis is in the shower

OK think they are gettin ready for Craig show

Ollie: He wants you to move around and get satisfaction (talking about jerry) I don't take him serious

Dan: If you think about how we are preceived in the house it would be a smart move for him to come to me

Ollie: Hes gonna kill himself at some point I told him he didn't make too many friends by what he did and he said I don't care like his goal is accomplished by doing something like that which is ridiculous. What was the point of the music man

Dan: I don't know I think a twist is coming

Ollie: I agree I think at the halfway point...even a double eviction or they may bring someone back. You never know whats gonna happen they don't like it when things get to calm.

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