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Mod'ing This Week.


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Yesterday I posted a couple of times in the Libra thread about what is acceptable/unacceptable at Morty's TVFanFourms. The results... were not as good as I had hoped.

The majority of you understand what it means to be able to post anything you want about a house guest, game play or NOT... but, that same rule doesn't apply to fellow members.


This week I'm going to try something new. :D

In other words... not going to be nice anymore.

If you spam, bait, flame, threaten, attack another poster about their opinion or them personally, your post will be deleted in its entirety (even if some of it had discussion value) and your warning level will be increased. If you receive more than 2 warning level increases this week... I'm going to put you on post preview for one week. (That means a mod will have to approve your post.) If you have a 3rd strike... your posting privileges will be revoked for 1 additional week.

Most of you remember BB8 here... and we aren't going there this year.

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