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August 11 & 12 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

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12:07 BBT

talking about the embarrasment of their actions...Libra saying about her DR session with the psychologist..Keesha "I'm not a mean person".....Libra saying saying "do the Dan" and walk away...Keesha says BB told her "our ratings are through the roof"

Libra saying walking away is whats best..talking about their actions again......of last night...

Libra "at least I' "we made up" and "we never never know" a party in Jury house saying it will be less stress....libra talking about taking sleeping pills the first week and sleep...Libra says "you'l be fine"..asking about Memphis being a supporter...Keesha "i have no idea"....Libra "if you had him close to you..that would be good for you"....Keesha saying she feels like being in a mental institution...with crazies "being all around" her.....herself included

Libra saying this is harder than Survivor beacsue "you can't get away"

12:14 BBT

Back in the HOH April Ollie and Michele making fun of LIbra ..April says "she only comes out for food"....she said "fuck that I don't have to eat in my room" and April says she sat right next to her..

Michele saying they wre laughing at her Libra impression......Michele saying she loves the one Reeney does of her.....

laughing abot BB telling Reeney to put away "all the steak knives" into the storage room..and we get foth...

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12:19 BBT

In HOH April wonders if Jesse will go after Libra and the wrap show.. sayig she'll probably won't go.....

Michele ragging on Libra......April blaming her for talking about her and Jessie...April "I feel bad for her husband" and Michele says she "feels bad for ex husband and all the "...FOTH

12:21 Feeds return...with Michele saying her husband is probably "moving all her stuff on the fucking front lawn"..April making fun of Libra's pretentious attitude ...her house "Rice" University and Michele "and My daddy's a crack head"..FOTH

12:24..Feeds return to pretty much the same....talking about the designer clothes comment...April saying "she spent 3 hours trying to get a voluntary exit" because she wanted to see 'her kids" saying "that was hilarious" making fun she didn't say that "last week".....Michele telling Ollie "don't feel bad" about saying mean things about Libra

Talking about the feelings from the blindside...saying if the tables turnes "she would be gloating" laughing about "who's going to be first in the Jury house"

talking baout what was shown tonight.."the aftermath" and "the nominations and my speech" and "the food competition".....Michele "what's craig's going to ask us" April says the "steak knives"...Ollie says he doesn't ask about "drama in the house" and more about "the personal lives"

Memphis comes in and April and Ollie leave and talk about Craig Furguson and tonights show..

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12:31 BBT

Michele saying "its my parents anniversaythis Thursday" Memphis goes to eat..Michele "you can't have anything" Memphis "oh shit"

Michele asks whats up...Memphis says he was just talking to Dan about how the final 4...Michele goes about the winter season...

Michele fill memphis about Dan and Monica season..Memphis saying Dan "told me" "it was last season" and she backed out at the last minute...Michele "what does he tell me about that"

memphis says he doesn't think they'll do another couple..Michele that Keesha thinks that Dan might be changing the vote....Memphis saying Dan's worried "he's going to be put up"

Micheel Keesha said Dan did and win POV..Memphis saying "no way Dan would use it on Libra".....Michele says she just runs by what she hears and see "what you think"

Michele says is he worried..."anything's possible" about getting put up...

Michele says her replacement noms are few and far between...Michele saying not to trust him...Memphis "i don't trust him at alll...numbers..were getting into the numbers game"

Michele saying she doesn't trust anyone...saying Keesha's fine.....

Memphis saying Reeney Keesha and Dan win HOH they are putting Ollie/April up....Memphis says the Showwmance shit has to go..Michele saying Ollie?April would put up Keesha and Dan...Memphis saying she's scared shitless of him....and knows he wouldn't have anything to do with her...

Michele saying they are distrustful of Dan put if one of them won POV she doesn't know what will happen..maybe Reeney..

Michele going on about Dan and his AP possibilities...

Michele asks if he won who he would put up.."the showmance is bad news" and would rather see April goes..."if they lose her..they'll be lost"

Michele saying she's won more comps than Ollie saying if POV is used Jerry will be replacement...and worried about Jerry/Olie out "that sucks because I don't want Ollie to go"

talking scenarios......and what are future comps...

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12:53 BBT

Michele and Memphis talking about the rest of the season...saying about the possibilty of someone being voted back.."how fucking awesome it would be if Jessie comes back"... {Memphis doesn'y look too thrilled}...Michele saying "somethings has to happen"

Michele saying that there hasn't been a luxury comp...

Memphis and MIchele "libra's gone" and Memphis saying he's worried about April and quickly changes to he's worried about her Loyal people...

Memphis say a Reeney or Keesha win would be good since they will botyh put up April?Ollie and "take the spotlight off me"

Michele says the other side would want revenge on reeney/Keesha and would be in the background...

Michele says if she gets put up she has the votes to stay..and really thinks no one would put her up.....saying Keesha understood why she put her up...

1:01 BBT in Hippy room

Libra and Keesha still talking about her looking for a job worried "are you the Libra on" ...keesha "its just a sow"...Libra I'm going to DR and request..she meet Barak Obama" Keesha "who?" Libra "he's running for president" ..Keesha "Oh Obama"

Libra "I think Barak would meet me" saying she would work on his camapign...

Libra "thanks for talking to me"

They are getting ready for bed..Libra "at least I'm getting skinny...I lost another pound"...."goodnight Keesha"

Lights out and they get into bed...

Reeney snoring....

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1:07 BBT

Dan's in the bathroom getting ready for bed...used the bathroom comes our wipes his mouth and doesn't wash his hands..{nice}

Dan talking to himself "my face is on fire"..rinses face and hands....inaudible mumbbling to himself..walking around..lays on the couch in LR and starts playing with a ball tossing it up...

1:14 BBT Ollie and April whispering..{hard to hear and not going to try}

1:15 Dan just staring mubling inaudibly..while laying on the couch..

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1:31 BBT

Memphis comes down.."what no bible study today" Dan saying "just reading..about forgiveness" he tells Memphis

Memphis "forgiveness about being on this show"

Memphis has the rule book.....saying being One of the "reserve" HG..saying that sucks.....Dan saying they would have to be sequestered........Memphis saying "after press day" its a seal deal...Dan says maybe they go through press day...Memphis says "No"

Dan saying he said he said dome pretty messed up stuuf during "press day" saying he'll find out what's more important..Monica "or $500,000"...saying Monica told him not to say it again..

Memphis reading the rules book and pretty mush silent again...

they hear something at Dans says "you hear it" and they laugh..."what are you talking about"

Memphis saying he wished he brought " a daily bible study book...at least everyday you can read something..and be like a calendar too"

Dan saying "it is so bright in here"......

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1:51amBBT Michelle & Dan in HOH room talkin bout her Bulldog

Memphis downstairs reading then FOTH

Michelle talkin bout Her 2 Parrots Rocky & Ralphy and Dan askin questions bout them

Memphis readin BB10 Rulebook


2:05amBBT All in bed tryin 2 sleep

2:41amBBT Dan uses BR,washs hands, grabs something from Bowl in LR,takes shoes off, & gets into bed

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1:46 BBT

Dan's joined in on the twist search..saying "there must be a secret room in here somewhere"

Michele pokes her head out..wondering what Dan's doing...

Dan heads up to HOH to talk telling Michele "I can't sleep" saying he was laying in the LR "playing catch with myself"

Dan reads Michele's letter and Dan reads it..."this is a long letter"..Michele says "they probably toook a lot out" and quick FOTH

Michele talking about her albino "pitt pull"..Dan asks about agression....and says she's hadit since she was "5 weeks old"

another foth..

1:52 BBT

and Michele is talking about her pets/fish..

Michele metions her fiance and their pet togther and we get another foth..feeds returns and pet talk continues

Michele saying Thursdays she'll give her shoutout for her parents anniversary..

Dan asks how old her bro is and Michele says he's 31 and talks about her nieces...Talking baout her bros ex saying she just now seeing the kids her brother has custody of..saying she "owes 30 something thousand dollars in child support" and we get FOTH

2:00 BBT

Feeds return to all 4 feeds following Memphis into the bathroom to use it which means{i'm out of here til tomorrow..night all}

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9:40PM BBT: Everyone is up and around getting ready. Jerry is dressed up so I assume they're getting ready for the PoV Ceremony. Jerry corners Michelle in the SR and bitches about Dan and the fact that he thinks he should be nominated.

10:30AM BBT: They're still primping and chatting.

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11:13 am BBT

Jerry and Michelle on all cams, Jerry going on and on about how he is going to go for the shock factor and not use the POV. Jerry just told Michelle that she was always on of his favorite little people. Michelle says that America is going to be on the edge of their seats waiting for his decision. He says he is going to say "Once again I am saving your a$$ Dan, I am not going to use the POV". Then he smacks his hands together. Jerry says bye to Michelle and says that he likes her because she is a family person. Geriatrics heads dfownstairs and Ape and Ollie are down there and they are talking about Ollie and his sleeping habits. Jerry says (In a deep gruff voice) let the games begin! Jerry boasting and saying that Dans tears are going to get on him when he is done with him. Jerry says that he is not in the mood for him (Dan). Jerry saying that he has been talking all this smack about Dan and said he is ugly and then he calls him a F*****. Jerry going on and on about how he is going to get all on Dan and that he is a loser. (I hope Jerry feels like an utter a$$ after he sees what really happend. I can't stand this POS)

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11:20 am BBT

Ollie and Ape in the kitchen talking about grudges and about Jerry and his 'soon to be' speech (for POV) Ape says "yeah but there is a point where you go over the top and it is desrespect" They aren't too thrilled with Jerry's plan to make a big speech. Ape and Ollie talking about Ape's eyebrows.

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Feeds are back. Libra is in spa room talking to Dan and Keesha. She said she told people she was the 4th vote for Jessie. She said she didn't say she was the final vote, but that when the opportunity came to her, she jumped on it.

Memphis and Michelle in HoH room. Memphis can't believe Jerry's speech at the POV meeting. He said it is fucked up, but it is kinda good for him. He is amazed that Jerry put such a target on his back, by badmouthing Dan in front of the entire house. Michelle was afraid Jerry was going to use the POV and she didn't want that. They said it looked like Jerry thought he could nominate the replacement. They said Jerry said "I have the power, so..." Michelle said he doesn't have any power except to pull someone off. She doesn't understand why he wants Dan gone, when everyone wants Libra gone. She wasn't going to put Dan up, she didn't want the noms changed. (Lots of "F" bombs here). Michelle said she thought he was going to say something to the nominees, not someone on the sideline. Michelle stated that she not only has to worry about the noms getting POV, but also Jerry using it.

Michelle and Memphis discuss that Jerry put up two people that had a fight in the house when he was HOH, and he didn't use it last week, when he could have saved Jessie, but he acted like he was going to use it this week. They can't believe he pulled something like that. Evidently Jerry said at the end of his statement that it was Dan's lucky day, he was saving him. Michelle said if Jerry used the POV she wasn't going to put Dan up. Michelle wants to make sure Dan knows that it wasn't the plan to put Dan up, and that she didn't have anything to do with what happened. It was never her intention to put Dan up. Memphis said he needed to get some air. Michelle goes into spa room and tells Renny and Libra she doesn't know what he was thinking...it is getting bad.

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1:00PM BBT: Michelle went outside to talk with Dan. April is there too. She explained to Dan that she didn't have anything to do with what Jerry said. Dan said not to worry about it. Michelle said most of what Jerry said was hearsay, not what he saw or did. April said it is good he doesn't take it personally. Michelle said no one person was more guilty than anyone else. There were four votes for Jessie. Dan is no more guilty than Libra, or Keesha or Renny. April said there is a time and place, and Jerry's speech was completely inappropriately. April said Jerry thought of Dan as a grandson, and took it personal, and the vote wasn't personal. Michelle said Jerry was saying he had all the power, Michelle said who does he think he is? She is HOH and she would have put someone else up because she has her own agenda of who she wants out. April said Dan wasn't even all that close to Jerry, not like her and Keesha and Libra, where they said they were family, then see what they did to her (It's always about her). They said this is definitely not a typical POV meeting. Renny comes outside now. She is acting very confused.

Libra and Keesha are talking. Libra telling how she was told she was the ringleader in getting Jessie out. She said she corrected them. Keesha said if she gets out now, she will go to a different house, lay by the pool, get phone calls, see people...she will enjoy it. Keesha said now she feels it has gotten to the point that if she leaves she leaves. Libra said she feels the same way.

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