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August 7 & 8 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

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Thank you!

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12:05 BBT

April "if I have to go out of this house' sitting next to Ollie "that's fine"....Ollie says he talked to Dan and he tells him "what he wants to hear" and he knows about her....all the Libra talk of he's "America's Player" kind of screwed him...

Ollie talking about "taking memphis' bed"..next week...they talk about their sleeping arrangements next week...

April saying Jessie slept in "MIchele's bed...all day"

They are watching "its reeney" on the spyscreen" wondering what shes doing..April laughing "I have no idea"..Olie 'who's outside'..April "is that Jesse" wondering if he changed out of the unitard..

camer switch reeney running arounf with her head in a sheer sock/panyhose over her face while Keesha watches amusingly on the LR couch..she's trying to scare someone "he" when he comes out of DR..."he's been in there awhile" Keesha says..

It was Dan and she yells and scares him...Dan laughs...Keesha kackles "it was funny..she's hilarious".. Reeney called to DR she goes in with her pantyhose mask...

Memphsi joins Libra/Keesha in hipy room laughing hysterically...saying how funny Reeney is.. Memphis saying "I got to get her..where can I hide" memhis lays on the floor between the beds and waits for libra..scares her "I'm done.....with you Memphis" {so so lame} he rehides to wait for reeney to do the same..libra we need Dan..."get his ass in here"..Dan walks in Memphis performs lame stunt....Dan joins in and hides...{he seems in really good spirits maybe AC went his way}

they turn lights off "oh my God she's going to lose it" Libra says... they wait....

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12:23 BBT

Reeney walks in {she didn't seem scared} they all laugh....Jerry opens the door with the afro wig and bandana on his face and screams....

{sorry folks this is all thats going on all 4 feeds or I would have switched 10 mins ago}

libra saying this house makes people "want to drink"..."straight rubbing alcohol" {bottoms up Libra}

Keesha going on stories of what scares them Libra say she's "deathly scared of clowns" when she was a child

12:30 BBT

all four feeds on Keesha showering and reeney removing makeup..Keesha "there are ants everywhere...even in the shower"

Reeney leaves heads to kitchen..and so {the excitment continues..or lack of}

12;34..reeney and Libra in bed inaudible whispers...keesha come in turns lights on with reeney going over what was said between her and April..."to vote out Memphis""......

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12:40 BBT

BB "jerry please go to the diary room" other then that its pretty quiet now...girls seem to be going to sleep..

Michele is up in the bathroom washing up..

Looks like it will be an early night

12:46 BBT

Jerry is listening to Dan's sermon of" driving out demons" ..Dan reads fo a couple more minutes...and asks Jerry "did they ask you about our talk late at night"

pretty much silent as Dan reads his bible..

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12:57 BBT

In room Dan's done reading and the room is dark..

"what where your expectations" Dan asks Jerry about coming to BB..Jerry says "to compete" "getting thrown into that first HOH didn't sit well" .....Dan says "you survived"

"What did you expect" Jerry asks..Dan says he came "for the money" but came in for the fun....Dan says if he does something that puts him in a bad position "he's not going to get "mad about it" like intimidating or make someone's life "a living hell"..he's says he wouldn't do it..."I understand" Jerry says..talks about nominating people for eviction as "you have to do it"

Dan asks "Is there 31 days in July" and Jerry says "yep...tomorrow's the 7th"


Libra/Reeney and Keesha are talking in bed when camera switched to them.....someone is snoring and pretty much is quiet again...

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1"07amBBT WakeUp calls have started they have had 3 and scared them, they think its gonna happen all night(every1 woke up except Renny)

#1 "Incomming message from the world" "You could win $500,000

#2 Hello Squirrels, ...........are u goin Nuts

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1:05 BBT

The phone calls started..."incoming message from the outside world"....and people jump out of bed...

now they realize that they are not getting any sleep..Dan says "that wa kinda freaky"...Libra says she's getting cottonballs and earplugs...

BB telling HG to put on their mics.....Jerry says "how bout some earplugs"

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1:15pmBBT more wake up alls

#3 a Hour beeping

#4 a Wakeup sayin eachs name

#5 A guy talkin about trust & each other in the back

Dan "Why?" Jerry "Stop it" Michelle "lets pretend its ok, then their stop" Jerry "were havin a bad hair day, Leave us Alone!" Renny wakes up

April & Ollie in bed lookin atspy screen of Jerry & Dan & on other couch Keesha,Libra, & Memphis. April says "Can u belive them just stayin awake listin to them, thats how they are gonna lose the HOH tommrow."

1:21amBBT more Wakeup calls

#6 Cornerl gets those kids out of bed

#7 Chime rining

#8 Wrong Number

#9 Slop is good 4 u(song)

\Michelle whats wrong with those "Fuckin People"

Jesse joins them on Nomination chair & Renny & Michelle on chairs by "Julie TV" Jesse "this is soo loud." April comes down from HOH to join every1 in living room, Ollie follows a few minutes laterand lays on floor

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1:10 BBT

They are perturbed and it seems Reeney slept through it..Libra keeps saying "i'm done"....Michele "the first one is definitely not the scariest one" and says they will get worse....Keesha says she's "shaky" from it...

they are tying to figure out the timing "either 1:25 or 2:00" Michele says

they talk how wake up calls work Michele "you know America is picking every 15 minutes"

2nd one starts honking...."Its evey 10 minutes"

"there is someone listening there is someone ready to snitch......"

Michele "it don't bother us" ....Dan "are you that twisted" to do that to us "you are that twisted"..Michele "they picked every 5 minute....why...I can't belive they picked every 5 minutes"

saying "we're fucked" while Keesha say "I'm scared I don't like it"

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1:18 BBT

Everone is up except April and Ollie watching through the spyscreen.."Are they planning on staying up all night to listen to it" Ollie says he could sleep through it..Ollie asks April what she would rather listen to his snoring or the wake up call April "your snoring"

Next wave comes "Colonel get those kids out of bed"

"slop is good for you..slop is good for you" they all like it and laugh...

talking about being exhausted..while dan sings "slop is good for you..it will make you poo"

Michele asks if April and Ollie are going to come downnJessie says he could probably "fall asleep"

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1:31amBBT more

#10 Chime Come on little Piggys come & get it slop is ready....." FOTH

#11 A Song sayin 2 Wake UP w/ Guitar with Little girl singing

Michelee "were definalty dont canled if we have 6 year olds watching"

1:36amBBT Renny sings FOTH

1:40amBBT Jerry has lied down in April's old bed(ewwww)

1:41amBBT #13"wake up wake up apple cakey"

#12 Chipmucks saying "wake up feed the fish, wake up check refigarot...." Michelle "Shut the fuck up and your stiupid voice." (umm Hello miss baby talk)

#13 R u up for a eviction, big balls in the kitchen, big balls in the kitchen (jerry is now in the kitchen makin coffee"

1:44amBBT Jerry yells "Coffee is on!" Dan is eating Cereal, Keesha,Renny, & Libra in their room talking

1:51amBBT #16 some 1 yellin wakeup

#14 Some1 smashin pots & pans. "Evel Dick is in the kitchen"

#15 "Why havent u called me back, u havent returned my calls."

Keesha says she feels like shes in a Horror movie and a Murder is talkin, Keesha turns out lights

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1:40 BBT

Reeney offred to make coffee for those who want to stay up..

one sounds like the chipmunks on crack.....

they are saying it sound like little kids...

Keesha seems to have warmed up to the calls..

"Oh my God its onlt 1:44" Michele says ..Libra "fucking America" and says she needs to head to bed and laydown..

Keesha wants "the light on" "for a little bit" Reeney "come on".... saying she's scared...again.. "i feel like I'm a freakin menta patient"

Dans up eating while Jerry walks around...Michele says people are laying in bed "but that's going to change in about three minutes"

"i guess people do watch this 24-7"...Dan its "30 -4- bucks a month to sit on your computer"

Jerry "i'll make some coffee" "just in case"

Michele gives the " coming up in about 2 minutes" warning

Jerry "1:49" Jessie up with Michele jerry DAn eating......Jerry doesn't understand why they would do it before an HOH comp..

Michele explains how it worked in pasts seasons but Jery says he doesn't remember....

1:50 BBT Dan "merry christmas to all and all a good night"

the next wave starts with pounding pots "looks like Evel Dicks in the kitchen better get up to see what he wants this time"

"call me call me please"...Michele "sounds like DR. Will"

1:51 BBT Jerry drinks coffee

{I'd like to post all night..but I'm calling it a night....I'll be back tomorrow..night all}

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2amBBT Jerry "Bring it on!, Im Ready Lets Party!." Michelle "What would Ric Flair do rght now." Jerrt/Michelle/Jesse "WOOOOOOOOO!"

April & Ollie are in Bed in HOH room. Dan & Memphis have gone back to bed in their room.

2:01amBBT #19 "whats in your belly, HOH Competion is tommrow.(LOUD Screaming!)HOH Competion tommrow." Michelle "i cant take that one."

#16 "(Static & Loud Beep)

#17 1st one repaeated about How much money to Win.

#18 same as #3

Jerry heads to bed

Every1 tryin 2 sleep, Michelle & Jessein Sauna Room, Michelle is exited "these wakeup calls are charging me up for HOH, one thing im great at is stayin up!, ive stay up for 24 hrs many times

2:10amBBT Michelle to WC says "come on AMeria is that aLL u got." Jesse waits in Bathroom 4 her."

2:12amBBT Michelle washing hands talkin with Jesse, seems Wakeup calls are over they lasts 50 minutes(a session every 10 minutes)

Jesse says no way its over why would they have it 1-2, their gonna have it all night long.(Snoring from HOH room, on feeds 1&2),(feeds 3 & 4 showing Michelle & Jesse sittin on Sofa in bathroom) Jesse says it will be probaly be every 15 minutes now.

2:16amBBT Wakeup calls resume

#19 is #4(Scared me it was loud and i thought they were over)

#20 is #5

#21 is #6

Loud Snoring from either Renny or Libra is keeping Keesha awake

Jesse tells Michelle hes gonna slepp on April's bed later, he thinks a twist is commin and their have to run to BY

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2:21amBBT Jesse brusing teeth

#22 same as #7

#23 same as #8

#24 same as #9 Michelle laughs as "Slop isgood u, it will make u poop." Michelle "Fuckin A Fuckin A"

2:23amBBT Renny's snoringhas woke Up Libra now, Keesha & Libra wonder if any1 else is awake

2:24amBBT Keesha goes and sees Michelle & Jesse in bathroom, they talk about Wakeup calls, & how loud Renny is snoring

2:27amBBT Libra gets up and shakes &tells Renny 2 wake up shes snoring too loud, Keesha has some cake while talkin with Jesse/Michelle

2:28amBBT(no Joke) Renny back asleep snoring luder and more often then be4, Libra sighs and ponds pillow

2"31amBBT more wakeup calls A Repeat from Earlyer the Pig one, then FOTH again like be4(hmmm whats weird, twice FOTH during Pig call) comes back during guitar song, Jerry "Shut Up!!!!"(they hear him yell from Bathroom) dan says "im not gettin any sleep 2night, and theirs not one thing i can do about it. Ill sleep every 2 minutes." he says to Jerry

2:34amBBT Keesha heads back to bed talks to Libra again

2:35amBBT Michelle has to use bathroom again.

2:36amBBT Michelle exits BR, and washs hands and sits down next to Jesse

2:39amBBT Jesse sings FOTHH

2:40amBBT more Repeat Wakeup calls (Cake,Chipmuck,Song "Meatballs"(not Big Balls)) Dan cant sllep in bed, movin around, Jesse & Michelle wonderin how many minutes till next setting of calls

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2:43amBBT Michelle goes to bedroom and lays in bed tryin 2 sleep, Jesse still n bathroom layin on Sofa, Dan still cant fall asleep in bed, looks like Jerry's havin trobles 2

2:48amBBT Feeds showing F1 dan tryin 2 Sleep, Feed 2 Jerry tryin 2 sleep, F3 Michelle tryin 2 sleep, F4 Showin Libra tryin 2 sleep, no feeds on Jesse layin in Bathroom

2:52amBBT More repeat Wakeup calls, Michelle sits up from bed, Dan puts blanket over head, after they end Michelle lays down.

2:58amBBT Jess heads to bed gettin into April's old bed, and Jesse mouths something to camera, then points to self. does some sort of hand singal thing with Michelle and alittle wispeering

3:01amBBT more repeat wakeup calls, its the screaming one and is scares Michelle, Jerry has his ears covered

3:03amBBT more whispering between Michelle & Jesse

3:11amBBT Keesha seems to be havin troble sleeping

Wakeup calls start again with the blowhorn one again, Michelle screams!

3:12amBBT All Houseguests tryin 2 sleep again

3:14amBBT Dan squeezing pillow over face as Jerry is snoring.

3:21amBBT more repaeting wakeup calls 3rd time, Michhel sit sup in bed and talks to Jesse, after they end she lays back down and says "leave me alone."

3:30amBBT Some1 snoring loudly

3:31amBBT Wakeup calls again we get the Pig one agian then FOTH(what is in the Pig Wakeup call they dont want us 2 hear) back from FOTH with Gutiar wakeup call.

Michelle sits up agian durin wakeup call, some1 still snoring loudly

3:40amBBT More Repeat Wakeup calls, after it ends Michelle sits up sighs and lays back down

3:50amBBT More repeat Wakeup calls(2 hours 50 minutes now)

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10:18am BBT - All the Hg's are up and around cleaning for the big day

10:25 BBT - Michelle and Jessie are in the spa room cleaning, they are going over all the messages played early this morning. They both think the HOH comp will have something to do with them. (I agree)

10:42 FOTH

10:42 All hg's are heading upstairs for hoh lockdown

10:47 - BB showed us a quick glimpse of the backyard and it is set up for questions tonight. All HG's are in the HOH for lockdown.

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11:55 am BBT - Not much going on in HOH, just some chatting about previous hg's Amanda ( BB9) and Erica (BB3&7)

11:58 - FOTH and back in a min, HG's are now off of the lock down and are heading down stairs. Back to cleaning and ADL's.

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