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August 5 & 6 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

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Thank you!

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12:05 BBT

after a brief nauseating kiss Olie tells April that he's ready to put his BB game face on and not worried about makingfriends...

talking break.......April talking about BB's techinal difficulties with the lights may be a clue that a comp..will be about about being in the dark..."If Bruce Springsteens Dancing in the Dark" is played..the she'll know it has to do with HOH {lol they're in the dark and don't know it}

talking about "talking behind your backs" Ollie says everyone does it and now argue that they don't talk behind each others back....

olie says if he wins HOH he'll put it if 'they will put me up" then he'll put them up..April and Ollie believe Kessha and Libra isn't going to put them up...but doubt it a little...then April says "she gave me her word"...now Ollie belive his nom "has to be Dan"......April says she didn't have to make the deal put did it because "she respected" her for staying up there 2 hrs longer than the rest of them....April saying about Keesha/Libra "the only two" that would remotely put up Ollie..they would put him up with "jesse" and Ollie says "how's that a teat" ...That would be the dumbest move they will make in their entire lives" ...saying he'll make their "lives hell"..April..."its a game"...ollie says "it like someone slapping you in the face"....April say if you can't respect the hOH has to "put 2 people up" saying that's the game and shouldn't be in the game if you can't understand that.... Ollie joke are you tryiing to set me up.... laughs "they'll pay They'll Pay! I'm telling you"

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12:18 BBT

April returns from the bathroom with Ollie saying "you're mad" she says she isn't saying "I think your funny" and says "I think you're a hypocrite but I'm not mad"....

April saying she "can't take it" when she's outside people come over and in reality he's the "only one I want to talk to" and Ollie agrees..."everyday I like you more and more" to Ollie.."it's such a good feeling"

Outdoors Memphis Libra keesha talking shit about Michele and Jesse saying her voice "creeps me out" when she does that baby talk...

Libra says "I'm curious what the hell he's about" when she gets out....Libra says shes so bored she wants to see some "cussing out"...

Talking about Jerry is going to "lose it"..memphsi saying he wants to tell Jerry "you're out" if he wins HOH but has to woory about other people and bnot his "Old ass"

Libra says "she'll put up Michele and April"...Memphis and Keesha will put up "Ollie and April"..telling not putting up Ollie he'll win POV and both will stay in here...

Memphis says he'll have to cut a deal "swear on his children" for two weeks of safety..Libra wonder what "April's obsession" about him winning the car..... laughing about maybe she wanted it...saying on Craig Ferg he'll bring it up..

Memphis ragging on Jesse 'he talks in cirlces" when libra say during POV meeting he sais "I know why I'm here"...memphis saying "all he does is eat and sleep" when Libra asks why he hung out with him...calling Michele "creppy" for getting feeling "in two weeks" memphis joining in talking shit about his Alliance....

Libra goes on..".I haven't put my finger on him yet"Memphis says about jesse ..."she ain't no damn realator" about Michele saying she's an assistant and even cleans the guys house .."she's a maid"... they ask it she's rich.......Memphis saying "its a pet peave" when people say they can't go to college because they "can't afford it" they are talking about scholarships, Pell Grants and loans like they are a dime a dozen and anyone who wants to go can go......{clueless idiots}...

Talking they don't want to hear "sad stories"...Libra talking about her "shitty year" and didn't "cry about"...saying she's not her for feeding or clothing her kids because she already does that.......Reeney sayng "we are in it for ourselves"....Libra say we all can use "we are here for our family excuse"......

they all decide to go to bed......

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12:39 BBT

jeese feeling sorry himself about being nomiated again....talking about "the reason Memphis is going out the door"

Talking about him wearing his green unitard being like "M&Ms"

talking about "we need to win HOH"

jeese saying "he talked to Dan" and said "he already gave me the word" saying "the worst case scenario" is Keesha Libra will vote to keep Memphis..{inaudible whispering}

In HOH April says she doesn't talk to people online....but says she talks to a guy she went to college with.....Ollie wants to know what they talk about....She tells him that after they say each other "one of the perfect weekend" and realized she was attracted to this guy.......April says he came to visit and left and thought everything was "great"...and her best friend Bridget....and says "I know Dan{her friend from college}..tells her "i don't know how to tell you this..but Dan has a girlfriend"....she says "I was so devesated" and felt like a fool..Oliie says how can you hide you're single on Myspace........April says everyone does....Ollie wonders "how'd he pull that off"

April says she emailed him "a pretty nasty email" retracts saying not nasty as "im not a vindictive person" and cut it off and he's "never contacted me again"...Ollie "Poor Apeeee"she says "don't mock me" ans says he isn't and understands why she doesn't put her "guard down"..April say she was opposite of her short "heavy set" with "black hair"

Ollie and April talking "why would a guy do that" Ollie "i don't know" he says some people do things "because its there an available"..goes on having no will and temptation....

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1:00 BBT

Ollie and April talk about their "showmance" and their relationship......"just know this one thing ...know this my goal in not to hurt you..your're a sexual girl"...Ollie says...Ollie say "i'm looking like the one who has no ______in here" {think he said balls but not sure}..Ollie saying "first time I've lived with a girl"

FOTH...1:05 BBT

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1:07 BBT

Dan and memphis in LR playing with camera wanting to put his face against the screen when we get FOTH..

Feeds return with Dan and memphis just talking...about nothing of importance...Do you think Lost got their idea from Survivor" memphis admits he doesn't watch Dan says "you can't explain" the show just have to watch it...

They get up go to the room put bandanas on their faces..run in scare Reeney Libra and keesha and attack them with pillows..they are screaming and laughing....all are giggling like a bunch of little girls...Reeney telling a story of her first week nobody talked to her...Dan says he did and she says "you were to wraped up in Brain"...saying "it was like Chinese Torture" "didn't sleep the first three days" and no one approached her for an alliance because "I was on the block"

1:19 BBT

Ollie and April still talking relationship calling her "Mrs Dominate"........doing hypotheticals..."what would happen' if she went home and found out he hooked up with another girl inthe house "i would end it"...even a kiss "would be bad"..Ollie says "we shouldn't be talking about this"...they go on........April says "after the warp party" and they will return back to their respective cities and he'll hook back up with the girl he met before he got in the house...Ollie is insulted....saying what he has now "eclipses all that"....corny analogies follow...

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1:25 BBT

In Hippy room the flippers talk shit and do their fake bonding pretend they like each other talking past season.....

In HOH Ollie and April talk about their relationship unaware of the mutiny that is happening within their alliance

that's about all is going on now...

{I'm out..back tomorrow...night all}

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1:42 BBT: Renny, Keesha, Dan, Libra and Memphis in 70's room doing impersonations again, (caught ending) they are laughing hysterically about what ever. Renny playing a nurse with a rubber nose on and Dan the patient. (Wish I had seen all of it, they were rolling all over the place laughing hysterically)


Checking in on Feeds 3/4 Ollie and April in HOH find them chatting, but hard for me to hear them. April naming all kinds of states that she traveled to. Never been to Main, RI, New Hampshire. Never North Carolin or So Carolina. Hawaii she was there it was beautiful for her sisters wedding. She got so miserable she got sunburned couldnt fit in bridesmaids dress, father snorring so bad, she broke into honeymooners suite nitght of wedding and slept on their floor with them.

Ollie saying April winking at him got him. She said no you were checking out Angie. Ollie saying no, then admitted yes. Now fighting who came to who first. She says she did. He didn't want to be obvious. She didn't get he wanted to. Ollie thought she was with Jessie the first night.

(*lost sound you LFU are my heros, how do you do this??)

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3:16amBBT Dan up brushin teeth on & off FOTH, then him brushin teeth more, he then loks into the basket in bathroom, camera zooms in, Dan then touchs cup on wall camera zooms in, Dan weighs himself, dan head back 2 bed by 3:21amBBT

3:30amBBT All Sleep

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11:22 BBT

Some of the HGs decided to say the lyrics to a song, and then can't control themselves as the start to actually sing it, and the feeds go to FOTH.

Looked like Michelle was outside suntanning before the feeds went off.

Libra, April, Ollie, Dan, Renny and Keesha discussing songs in the kitchen/dining room.. Libra can't control herself and starts singing again, with more FOTH.

Keesha's talking about how Renny was a doctor last night and Dan was her patient.. Keesha wants Renny to do the doctor routine for them all.. Renny leaves the room to get ready and tells Dan to be the patient.. Keesha says to make Memphis be the patient, as he has just entered the kitchen.

Michelle's alone outside on the lounge chair tanning.

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Ollie, sleeping on the BY couch. April, Memphis and Michelle tanning. Dan is in the pool, Renny just came out to join him and is asking about the pool. Looks like Memphis is heading inside.

Libra and Keesha are in the bedroom talking about how boring the house is. Keesha can't wait to be around people, to go to a bar ect.

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1:20 BBT

jerry and dan in LR talking about jerry's wife and her being sick

other 2 feeds are on jessie and michelle in the pool

no game talk at this time

keesha comes out of the bedroom through the LV and dan asked what's up

she says "hey" and walks through

jerry comments that she's getting tan

nothing really happening to report

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2:15PM BBT: April made a sandwich, it looked like pita bread with cheese melted in it and A LOT of pickles with soup. :unsure:

Dan comes in and chats with her a little while she

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3:30PM BBT: Dan is teaching Renny and Ollie how to swim. When Ollie goes, Libra and April cannot control their laughter. (It really is funny. The sound is as if someone is drowning when it is Ollie's turn but Renny seems to be pretty good.) Keesha and Memphis are laying out together and Libra and April are together laying out watching the swimming lessons.

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3:50 BBT Michelle and Jessie in spa. Michelle, wearing a pink bikini, has fashioned the red unitard into some kind of draped cover-up. Michelle talking baby-talk to the camerman. Little spat. Sounds like Michelle wanted to cover them with pillows and Jessie said no, BB won't let them. They have already been warned. Michelle doesn't recall that. Jessie tells Michelle there white Mexicans you know. She knows, she said he's the strongest Mexican. He says she didn't let him finish his thought. Michelle asking Jessie about the rules of 'Portugese school'....same as 3 swim club rules. Today, Michelle says she will teach Jessie greetings, although they seem to working on curses vs. greetings so far.

Meanwhile, in BY Libra and April are sitting on lounge chairs near the pool, Keesha in the pool. I can hear Memphis, Renny, Dan and Ollie although they are not seen on the feeds at the moment. Talking about voice mail, they hate long ones. Memphis' voicemail message says 'Don't leave a message', text him or call the other number. Libra doesn't program numbers into her cell phone, because her best friend had an emergency situation and didn't have her phone with her and thus didn't know any of the numbers to call because she never memorized them. Memphis telling there is a way to text google, you can ask text them a question and they text a reply. Ask for movies etc. Keesha and April didn't know that, but Ollie did. He says it's the best. Libra's heard Google is one of the best places to work.

Random conversation by the pool. Dan asks Ollie if he's mad he's not a II'ed or a III'ed. No. Talk of George Forman. Keesha tells the group on her new stage name, Keesha Taylor. Taylor was Libra's maiden name. Libra mad that Jerry calls her Keesha so much. Dan laughing that Jerry called Libra "Lida" the whole first week. Keesha said it's obvious Jerry's wife took care of him a lot. Renny says she feels bad, Jerry had such a bad childhood. All agree it's sad, and that it's amazing what he accomplished considering his past. Movie talk, girls like Lifetime movies - boys do not.

The Portugese lesson continues in the sauna with Jessie and Michelle. Michelle says she is going outside because she doesn't feel like napping. She leaves Jessie alone in the spa and goes to join the others in the BY.

Renny goes into the house, uses the rest room, has a quick snack, goes into the 70's room, gets a new hat, back to kitchen snacking again. Uh oh. She has been hanging out with Keesha too long, she is smacking like crazy. Oh man, it's bad, I need to switch feeds.

4:28 pm BBT. In the BY, Keesha is getting some sun. Dan is in the hammock. Memphis walking around. They are saying that Renny's DR must be so funny, impressions etc. Michelle, who left Jessie because she didn't feel like napping, is asleep on the BY sofa. Dan and Keesha are very happy to be in California.

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4:35 pm BBT. Talk in the BY turns to BB. How many people they think applied, what the ratings are etc. Dan teases Memphis that when he gets out the house the AARP will be after him. Libra says 1 more day until her birthday. As soon as Libra and Keesha are left alone April bashing begins.

Meanwhile, Renny is going to trim Jessie's hair, discussion about how it's going to be done.

Memphis goes into the BY and tells Keesha and Libra he needs a hair cut too, his hair is out of hand. He thought BB would bring in a hair cutter. No. He's not too sure if he wants Renny to do it based on what he saw inside. Libra says he has no choice.

4:44 pm BBT. Back in the house, Jessie wets his hair in the BR, sits down and Renny starts cutting. His hair is thick. Looks like she shaved the bottom using and electric trimmer/clippers and is now cutting the top with scissors and a comb blending the 2 levels. (Looks good). Dan laying on the BR sofa watching the hair cut for awhile before going to BY. Rennie says the bottom hair line would be cleaner if he has a razor. He says yes, she can do it or he can do it later.

4:48 pm BBT. HGs have moved into the kitchen. Ollie, in cherry apron, doing dishes. Keesha eating. Memphis is sitting at the kitchen table waiting for a haircut I think. April at the counter playing with one of Ollie's hats. Dan walking around.

Keesha and Libra in spa. Libra clipping her toe nails and picking at her feet and Keesha sits on the sofa as she waits for the sauna to heat up. They are glad Jessie finally left the spa, it's not his private room. Libra mentions again that tomorrow is her birthday, she can't belive it. Libra complains that Jessie never empties the garbage, never does anything. Keesha says Jessie just sleeps and eats. They think Jessie has a lot of nerve having Renny cut his hair, after he talked about her like a dog.

Meanwhile, Dan is back on the BR sofa watching the conclusion of Jessie's hair cut. Jessie thanks Renny. He will clean the BR up and take a shower. Renny says when Jessie puts the gel in his hair it will look good. Dan says Memphis wants a hair cut. Renny said no, only 1 a day. Ollie says Jessie looks like a million bucks right now. Renny takes chair out of the BR back to the kitchen table while Jessie sweeps up his hair. Memphis ignores Renny saying she doensn't want to do 2 cuts in 1 day and carries the chair back into the BR for his hair cut. Renny gives in. Says she can't cut this mess, it needs to be shampooed. Memphis thought a shampoo was included. Memphis washing his hair in the sink. Dan providing salon commentary. Memphis wants his hair left exactly as is, only shorter. Memphis is directly Renny, he's worried about his hair not blending. Keesha joins Dan watching the haircut.

5:00 pm BBT. Ollie and April snacking on cookies and Cheetos at the kitchen counter. Ollie explaining to April the proper use of the word "Fire" (as in radical). You can't say "very fire" like she did he teases. Jerry is cooking slop. Ollie says it does not look good.

5:10 pm BBT. In the BR, Renny is still working on Memphis' hair cut. Jessie has finished taking his shower. Keesha asks Dan if he's getting a hair cut too. Dan said he doesn't need one. Eyes roll. Renny says Dan needs one the most. Keeha and Libra say Memphis' hair looks good, that Renny knows what she is doing. Oh gosh, Libra is picking at her feet again with the nail clippers and the cameraman zooms in tight on just her foot. (Funny, but not funny!) Ollie goes to BR to watch Renny put the finishing touches on Memphis.

5:15 pm BBT. Jerry in the kitchen, has finished his slop. He tells Keesha it wasn't bad, he cooked it a little longer this time. Now he's going to have a little glass of milk.

Renny is finishing up on Memphis. Ollie is playing with the trimmer and says he will shave lines into his eyebrows if Dan will. Dan says Ollie first. Ollie jokes that the whole house should do it. Jerry comes in and uses the restroom, and washes his hands before he leaves. Dan tells Renny she needs to shave Memphis' neck. Group jumps on him for putting in his 2 cents. April has joined Dan on the BR sofa. Memphis wants Renny to trim his sideburns too. She asks him if he wants her to shave his behind too? Group tries to convince Dan to get a haircut, it's out of control. No, not now. Renny says fine, keep looking like shit then. Ollie says Renny is teasing. Renny said she is serious. When Dan puts that gel in his hair it looks rediculous. Dan says another day. Memphis thanks Rennie and asks how much he owes her. Memphis sweeps up.

5:22 pm BBT. Keesha and Libra are in the spa. Libra is putting nail color on her toes. Keesha is in the sauna, says it takes forever to heat up. The ladies are being fairly quiet, no game talk.

In the BR, Memphis is shaving at the sink. Jessie is back in the barber chair. Slight adjustment needed after he washed his hair. A poofy spot. Renny is fixing it.

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