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August 1 & 2 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=89

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:05 BBT Libra in the shower telling Keesha that they don't show the endurance comps on the feeds, because they don't want to spoil it... Michelle sitting in the spa room crying... Jessie was rubbing her hands for her and he left to get something to drink...

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9:06 pm BBT -

Michelle laying down in bed crying hard, poor thing must be hurthing...

Ape and Lib in the showers.

Where the hell is her good buddy Jesse and why is he not taking care of her???

Libra asked Dan what they were putting in their hair and if it was sawdust...

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9:05 BBT Libra in the shower telling Keesha that they don't show the endurance comps on the feeds, because they don't want to spoil it... Michelle sitting in the spa room crying... Jessie was rubbing her hands for her and he left to get something to drink...

(I think it was Keesha not April in the shower, cause Libra kept saying that "HER" Sister was going to be so proud when the show aired Sunday and she saw that she had won...)

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Michelle still in bed crying, Renny came in and told her she did a good job, Michelle said she was just thinking of her mother.

Everyone else in the kitchen eating and wondering around.

Jessie in talking to Michelle now, asking her if she wants a hotdog. He is trying to comfort her as far as I can tell. Alot of whispering can't make out what he is saying to her.

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1035 BBT

Feed 1 & 2 April, Libra and Renny sitting at the table talking.

Feed 3 & 4 Jesse and Michelle whispering. They are talking about Michelle and April making the deal. Memphis came in, Jesse said to him "We're just trying to scheme against the world here"

Now they are whispering again. Memphis thinks that April is going to put him up.

Jesse is whispering that Jerry screwed himself.

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10:50 BBT

Jerry, Renny, Keesha, Libra, April, and Ollie are sitting at the table, Dan walked into the room.

they are telling April to put ice on her arms.

Jerry is saying that 30 is such a beautiful age to be, his son was born when he was 30.

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10:47 BBT

Jeese and Memphis discussing their situation..Jesse foolishly believing that he and Michele are both not going to be nominated and the noms will be Memphis and Jerry..Memphis worried about going up saying he needs to win POV...Jesse says he's ok even if he wins the POV he can't use it but said they will cross that bridge when they cross it... They are happy that the three will be intact after this week and shouldn't try to hang out...Memphis will keep hanging out with Keesha...

Dining Room April and Ollie and everyone else Ollie saying he's sleeping in the HOH....talking about his snoring Ollie "my snoring its getting better" saying his snoring is getting better and hasn't snored in 3 days.

Dan "one hour and seven minutes" until Keesha's birthday...Jesse "I still have 8 years to go"...Keesha saying "he's a brat" ..Jesse "I can't wait to turn 23"....Keesha says she couldn't be 23 again{pluuuuuleze}

small talk ensues.....

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10:55 BBT

April is called to DR to get her HOH room...Ollie says he should have feed the fish "the daddy long legs" he caught the other day...everyone say no..

Talking about their dwindling food supply "the cheese is old and moldy"...Michele asks if there are any eggs "I can't wait to have eggs tomorrow"..Keehas Deviled eggs "they are my favorite"...Jerry talking about boiling eggs with the beet juice.."they're good" telling them "they're purple eggs" of cours eLibra "I can't just eat that kinda stuff"..Keesha "good stuff" while Jerry says they cost fifty cents in the bar..

Reeney talking about boozing it on the plane..Memphis does too talking about getting a better "buzz" when you fly

Libra says she never drinks on the plane and then says she did on her honeymoon "a sip of chapagne on the plane"..Libra saying she like "pino grigio" and talks about getting "Santa Margarita" at Cosco really cheap..

11:03 BBT Talking over each other as they wait for April to get her HOH...

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11:05 BBT

Talking HOH about Dan losing and "punching the wall" and saying "I'm a sore loser" Reeney "Dan?" surprised he was such a sore loser{Nice acting Dan}

They are discussing what was more difficult "the honey competetion or this endurance HOH..Michel saying "both of them were pretty hard"..Michele said she just imagined she was at the end of a building "if you let go you're gonna die"..

Talking about the BB crew messing "with the pigeons"..behind the scenes..

Libra asks if she's tired and keesha says she is but is excited "my rooooom" and getting her "water bed" back

all sitting just waiting....when Reeney "48 minutes until you turn 30" ..Dan says "25 get it right Reeney" joking about her age...Keesha saying she definitely lived out her 20's "its been a blast let me tell ya" and goes through a top 10 highlight of her twenties....10. Flasing people in Canada 9. walking up to someone she didn't know...8.Moving to Cali.....7. Joining Hooters.....6. dating one of the lakers player #4 Walton {walton sucks}......5. "making out with a random celebrity....an "oscar " winner...4.Meeting the great group of friends at Hooters..3. "having my boyfriend...2. "having all of you" at BB......1. Gizmo....

Reeney talking about being 22...talking about a couple of celebrities sing to her..

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11:19 BBT

Dan being more extraverted...people trying to get Keesha what oscar winner she made out with..."you can tell me you told Dan" Keesha says" she can't"....Reeney "was he married"....Reeney asks "johnny Depp" Guess what Memphis saying he knows him saying "he's very quiet" {probably mistaken getting snubbed for being quiet}..Keesha still won't say who it was...

Memphis "yes..yes she is" when Keesha asks "memphis you're girlfriend's blond"..Asking about Monica she lives at home, is 23 and is an accountant...and is "controlling my finances while I'm gone" ...Keesha asks "she lives with her parents?"...

"33 minutes Keesha"..memphis "keesha just don't cry I don't think I can handle you crying"..she talks again about loving her 20's..memphis still loves his 20's..

Dan asking Memphis how to play "4 square" he explanes the rules...talking 'we should play it" Memphis "we should" talk about using "the basketball"

Silence.as they wait

keesha still talking about living it up in you're twenties Reeney "enjoy your youth".....Keesha saying women sarting "their sex drive in their 30's" and says "let me tell you I can already tell the difference"

Reeney saying you can have sexual activity "till your 90s" Jerry "you sure can" {oh man old people sex talk}

Still waiting for April...11:33 BBT

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11: 36 BBT

Still no April..talking sleeping arrangments......

reeney saying "I'm tired"..jerry saying "tomorrow is the 25th day".....Dan "19 minutes until the rest of your life"...Keesha saying her middle name is "Marie"

Ollie "just trying to rest my head" when Dan asks Ollie you a"ay right"

Micele saying she wishes she could have 1 glass of wine...the boredom ensues from waiting...Dan asks "whats the chances of BB giving me a squirt gun" they all basically say none...

Finally April is out and they all head up to the HOH...warning not to call her sis "Angie" its "Angella" "with two L's"

finally she's in....."there's my baby" "my two best friends"...."my dad"....."my nephew".....a lot of ooohs and Ahhhs.. and that's so cute...

they are looking around "You got Rice a Roni" jesse says.....Michele "April..they screwed you" because she got no wine......Aprilsays BB says to check downstairs...someone says "we got beer"

April says about her and her sisiter "i got all the bigger features" eyes nose {probably mouth}

People politelly looking around.....April reads ger letter saying "its fine" they stay...Ollie says we'll leave her alone..April crying as she reads her letter" Dear April I'm so proud of you" cries and cries.......

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11:55 BBT

Everyone needs to be upstairs when she reads the letter aloud...people start going up....April does this right before Keesha Bday countdown....

Michele saying "do we have time" and Reeney checks "one minute"...;12:00 BBT...."happy birthday Keesha" start singing "happy Birthday to you...." FOTH

Feeds back and April getting ready to read her letter as she waits for Jesse...April giving away the food with "meat"....excited "you got real Fruit Loops" instead of the generic brand Keesha got..

She reads her letter...........


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12:08 April talking about her and her family while thay all politely listen...talking about her big family saying "that's why I don't like to share" saying because she has had to share "all her life"

Dan gives a Keesha a present "from Gizmo" for her Bday..some chocolate.....she's grateful and says thank you...

sitting around talking in Aprils HOH..

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12:14 BBT

In HOH April still talking about her family........

Michele giing through what she got

Finally "thank you guys" April.."you're the big 3-0"....Michele says she's going to talk to DR about no wine..people conratulating her and hugging her...

BB won't let Michele in DR or SR..."standing up there for 3 hrs for nothin"

Aprils music is "Air Supply"...

Jesse and Michele in SR she is pissed no booze calling herself "runner up".."i gave em good tv" and "that's how they repay me" Michele rants "Bastards"

Michele goes back to HOH to complain saying they wouldn't even let her in to SR until Jesse went to exchange his mic..

All four feeds on HOH as Ollie recites her Air Supply CD....APril "all beautiful love songs"..Ollie recognizes a few...

12: 26 BBT

Dan called to DR to get his AP assignment no doubt.....

Everyone still in HOH talking....no game talk since almost everyone is in there

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12:32 BBT

All 4 feeds on everyone in HOH..Keesha saying April told her she would wear the robe too bed naked......."I will to Keesha watch me"

Talking about Pov maybe it will be like "60 secounds to get to the back yard"...Libra talking about the calls form bb7 but mistakenly says BB8 but Jesse corrects her...talk about past seasons...

Keesha and April drinking warm beer...

Ollie wonders if ratings will be better on Thursday nights...they mistakenly think we don't get to see the HOH comp in completion online..saying we get back on "and there you are" saying it won't be shown til Sunday.{lame brains}

No one is leavingthe HOH so not much to report....

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12: 42 BBT

HOH rehash.....with EVERYONE sans Dan in HOH.....Michele goes over about her hands saying she still doen't "have feeling" in her hands...Jerry reassuring "it will come back"

Memphis replays his experience at HOH..Jeese saying it hurt "the back of his shoulders" while Ollie says "my thighs"

Reeney talking about sweating....

HOH talking continues......

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