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July 27/28 - Live Feed Updates

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9:00 BBT

(just got here. I will rewind and see if I can catch everyone up)

Everyone sitting outside talking about tornados and wildfires. Michelle, Angie, Keesha on the couch. April, Ollie, Dan by the hottub, Memphis and ? (Jesse I think) playing pool.

Convo changes to body fat (no game talk yet). Michelle talking about she has 20% body fat. Telling the girls about her runnng marathons. Keesha and Angie listening and asking her questions

9:15 BBT

Memphis and Keesha have gone inside to the kitchen. Renny is eating. Memphis is talking about rollie pollies (the little hard bugs that roll up when you touch them), Keesha calls them willie worms and Renny calls them doodlebugs (that's what we call them too, must be a southern thing-smooches)

9:30 BBT

Jerry,Libra, April, Ollie and Dan are sitting by the hottub. They are talking about school. Libra didn't like school and wasn't the best student , she just wanted to play volleyball. April talking about teaching 1st graders and she was devasted to leave them. (really random convos about nothing)

Angie inside with Keesha, Memphis and Renny. Angie is wiping the kitchen clean while Michelle is still talking to everyone about herself and all her accomplishments

Libra and April talking about bill collectors and credit cards. Dan is sitting by himself, seems to be deep in thought

April now crying because she misses her family. She says she has never gone this long without talking to her family. Libra giving her a pep talk.

Dan goes over and gives he a hug

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9:40 BBT

April and Libra having a heart to heart about missing their family and how the game will wear you out. Libra says this game is so tough. Libra now crying. They are giving each other pep talks.

Michelle STILL inside talking about herself....Ollie at the table eating, Dan sitting at the table staring at the memory wall. renny at the bar, no one really talking

(haven't seen Jesse yet, guess he's in bed worn out from all the fighting-smooches)

Dan says he jsut knows something is up with the blank picture frame on the memory wall. Renny is saying it has a key slot, so someone has to be coming in. Then says maybe Brian, so can make 9 more alliances. Ollie says when he came in, he noticed that Dan/Memphis picture flickered and changed, then quickly changed back....Ollie says Dan/Memphis must be the twist...they all laugh. Ollie says if there is a twist, he doesn't think anyone there knows about it.

Renny, Dan and Ollie are wanting to play a joke on someone by removing there key, then they say, well that wouldn't be a big deal so Ollie gets tin foil.. BB"stop that" Ollie says "come on man" then walks outside with the tin foil.

Michelle is going to the DR to ask for beer.

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10:00 BBT

Renny, Memphis, Angie, Dan, Michelle, Ollie, April and Libra outside joking about what the twists could be. Dan says Renny is the twist, she is really a CIA agent. Ollie says Angie is the twist "she says totally" then asks Memphis what his real name was..they are all laughing. Now they are discussing prior seasons twist

Michelle says she wishes she was the f'ing twist (anything to talk about herself)

Dan/Renny outside on the couch. Dan asking her how many times she has used her sniper riffle and saying he knows she is a spy from Russia, he sees her eyes light up when he mentions it (kinda funny these two) He says her agent name is Sophia. Her real name is Lorenza. Renny tells him he is funny, she knows why Monica is in love with him

Dan/Renny still joking about her being an under cover agent. Renny says that's why she has so many wigs. There are going back and forth with it (cute)

Renny likes Dan. She tells him he is pleasant to talk to and very intelligent.

(nothing exciting happening, all the excitement was earlier today)

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10:49 BBT

At Dining room table Jeese telling Michele saying he couldn't sleep and says Libra felt the same because she knows people are against her saying if they win HOH to put Libra and Keesha up and after Libra is gone he will be "even" with Keesha..

Jesse eats.... silence...Michele still upset for Jerry "sticking his fingers in my face" and Jesse saying he did that too and told him "never stick his fingers" in his face again...

Jesse saying "libra has the most power" and walks around the house like her shit doesn't sting..They are saying Libra has "figured it out"..the game saying there is no way since it wouldn't be fair

"keesha I nominate you because you nominated me last week" That's what he plans to do if he's HOH and put up Keesha or April ..."we just need to win so bad"...plotting their revenge for the way the house made them feel this week

Jeese and Michele saying Jerry will be the replacement nominee if either win PoV..

Angie comes in says Jerry walk into SR and went back to the bedroom......Jesse saying he wants to ask Jerry "how many friends" does he have in the house...

Outside 10:59 BBT

Reeney talking with Keesha while Dan lays quietly..Reeney talking about someone about having the hots for her "over there" UK and Keesha says "until they hear my laugh" and Reeney goes on abpout being invited to a "fancy Dress" party which meant costume party and talks about having to buy tape for her "tits" to hold um up......Memphis goes on about his "british" friends..."I love british guys" Keesha interjects.. Reeney finished her story about the partty...about the taping of the tits for her New Years PArty...she had her husband tape her stomach and butt as well with him saying "you're looking good" when they get to the pub she's in a sequin dress and everyone's in costume...everyone politely laughing 'cept Libra sitting there arms folded..finally she laughs when she 's nevet thought of using tape...Memphis saying he new a lot of girls that use "duct tape"

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10:15 BBT

Memphis,Libra and Keesha talking about the banner from earlier. Memphis told them it could have said anything, he didn't repeat because he wasn't positive what it said, but he thought it said something negative about Libra. Libra and Keesha are saying that people have fans and next week a banner could say something completely different. Libra sais she doesn't believe it was anything bad against her. Talk turns to Jesse and how he acted earlier. Libra said she will not do this again.

Jesse up and outside with Michelle. He is telling Michelle what Libra said earlier, he is mocking Libra. Michelle is trying to get him to eat, he says no. Michelle saying when the banner went over, BB told them to get inside and was trying to get them in fast.

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11:09 BBT

Memphis comes into talk to Angie Jesse and Michele...they are whispereing sometimes inaudibly......Jesse "I think someone's coming in the house" because "there is only 13 and last season there was 16"..Michele says the extra space on the memory wall is for them "to make us think".......Angie jokes "i figured out the house" and sarcastically says she'll tell em when she leaves..[making fun of Libra]..Angie says she just wants to go to bed.....

they are wondering when they can turn out the lights...

Libra and April head up to HOH with Keesha...

Memphis went to turn off the lights to see.....comes back "they're off"

In the sauna room Michele and memphis talking about Dan with him saying he's catholic and a catholic teacher ..because he won't get into the shower when a girl is in there..Memphis "I guess its for his job"

Upstairs Libra complaining about Jesse "he's making himself a target" for his antics saying Jesse won't look at her or April...April listening to music while Libra picking at her legs.."I'm dry baby" she tells Keesha..

Back in the sauna room Jesse and Michelle talking saying they are calling Angie the Black widow she stuck with Brian till he was out the door "dead and the same thing with Steven

Outdoors Memphi telling Angie he has a big target on his back just being "who I am" and the yelling earlier today didn't help..Memphis telling Angie she should go visit his girlfriend at work... Angie saying "its a long shot" that she can stay... then hopes she sees Brian and Steven and is saying "I'm looking forward to leaving" the BB house...Memphis talking about having "to deal with shit" that he would normally wouldn't have to in his real life...

Angie agrees saying BB is like a "micro High School setting" in the BB house talking about missing her family....she syas she's not giving up and that if she does she ready to start competeting...

In HOH they are talking about Angie not seeing the banner. Libra says that next week when Jesse is nominated the whole week..but Olliw wants "to literally backdoor Jesse" so they don't have to "hear him" and realize the risk of not winning HOH and Ollie says he'll just nominate his straight up...Ollie saying "he's shot all his bullets"...."Continue to be a fucker" Libra says when April asks what's jesse gonna do when they nominate him next week...

Ollie saying "its going to be endurance" asks April if she's ready she says yes..April says that Angie would have been good at endurance...especially it its hanging...Libra comes in "Its going to be 6 against 3" and Libra says Michele would be their best competitor......April saying BB will be fair and probably wait til Reeney and Jerrry are gone..Libra Ollie disagree saying BB will just keep it the same since they signed up for it..

They are worried how Jerry could be persuaded if he gets HOH..Olii saying "we're forgetting about DAn" "I'm worried about him" say Keesha...April says he's been sitting with us since "the big blowout" and was upset when they brought "Monica" into it.. Libra says she can't believe the way they acted for the sake of the game...

They are talking about when Jesse says "you're gonna win" BB. they are all saying they all have the same chance...

Ollie congratulates them for making through the hardest day of BB...Keesha says she isn't gonna answer the door..because "I really don't care to hear" any more of his arguments..

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11:43 BBT

Libra saying they might not want to let "my 6'5"" 300lb husband' into the house after what went down today.....

Keesha "after today I know who I want out"........

Ollie talks about Jerry causing problem...but Libra says that Jesse caused problem with everyone and Libra asks Dan who he would rather have in sequester house Jesse or Memphis and Dans says "Memphis" and Libra asks if he has problems nominating them..."are you scared" and Dans says no

Jerry comes in saying he was "lonely down there" and talk turns to winning HOH.... Libra "prepare for the worst...hope for the best"...Jerry saying "all you can do" about defending himself from the bullies..saying that's all you can do.

Libra talking about "what tactics" they aregoing through for $500K..Jeery saying he feels safe with them.. Ollie saying "the power" went to their head and Keesha says it didn't go to her head and Ollie says "some people"

Libra thinks they are not done with their trouble making.. "tomorrow is another day"

Outside on couch ANgie saying that the only deal Keesha has is that she won't put them up this week only. Memphis says he needs to get Jerry out before sequester...Angie says that if he can get to the end with jesse he will win the money over him..Memphis ageeing because he's "intense" and balme it on him being "22" "and a bodybuilder"..Both talking how they were at "22"...Angie saying "it sucks" she's leaving for the stupidity of Keesha and think she will regret her decisions of "going for her word" both realize they have talked about it "all day"...Angie calm in talking about them and their observation she attaches herself to the guys...Memphis saying he would never bring that up especially only knowing her "for only two weeks"....

Angie says because of the comments about her "taking over the kitchen" she just avoids it now because if they don't appreciate her efforst there's no reason for her to make the efoort..."don't be spiteful or hateful because people don't like you".......Angie jokes she isn't changing her behavior she still 'sitting on the couch" just like she did when Brian and Steven were in there.Angie saying she doesn't think she's been "disrespectful" saying who what of thought a Gator and Semiole could get along so well.."Until foorball season" Memphis quips.

Memphis says "at the wrap party" he's not going to be fake and saying it will be you me brian and Steven wasted with their sock puppets in a corner..

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12:07 BBT

Jesse and Michele whispering the the sauna room...Jesse talking about someone being 5 years older than him and has more "muscle density" therefore the only weigh 2 pounds less..

Jesse saying if Jesse goes out of the house "ratings wil go down down down"....

Jesse saying All I want to drink a shake brush his teeth "wash this scuzzy ass face of mine"...Michele saying "don't say the words"....

Jesse "this sucks I just hope Angie dug a big enough hole"..tells her act "like your asleep" as someone walks by...

In the bedroom at 12:12 BBT Ollie hits the bed while April hugs Jerry goodnight...

Up in HOH Keesha saying she's wearing her BF's boxers that he sent to her and Reeney "you do" and shows her...saying "i'm so tired"...her and Reeney hit the bed and turn out the lights...April comes in...to say "goodnight" saying "today's been a long day" and they hug and kiss and she heads back downstairs..

they talk about Jerry and Memphis "hate each other" saying "something is going to happen there..it so awkward"...Keesha saying that Memphis sees the banner about Libta lie.."reeney "well she does lie" and Keesha says "i know" and saying she realized "she shouldn't be lying so much"

Reeney talking about Michele and her stories saying "i don't know" saying at her age she's has a lot of stories"....Keesahs says about michele's stories. "she probably ad libs the stories a little bit"

Reeney "he's ridiculous" even though they say he's safe about Jesse ..Reeney says there is truth to what he says...and Keesha agrees and say if he were calm about it...Reeney "sounds like Steven goy a bad rap" and Kessh says "ya he did...I loved Steven to death"..talking about Steven

Keesha saying that jesse "took the funniest person in the whole house out of the games" saying he kept their sanity..saying since her left "look what happens"

Keesha "do you think Libra's going to be liked..... by America" Reeney "NO" very emphaticlly..."I wished I was out there" when the banner came..saying she would have "read the whole damn thing"....Keesha I just "want to know what it really said...I'm sure it said what Memphis says"

They wonder why Angie didn't see the banner...Reeney saying "That was really bad" about their fight.and want each other out..Reeney says when she asked why he calls him an womanizer Reeney says that his answer was "because her is" and reeney says if he was he "would be all over the women" and he's not.......Keesha saying she really likes him "he's a good guy...that's Jerry's deal with him"....Reeney saying about April "that girls doesn't think before she says anything"

Keesha saying "i've never seen Ollie..or Dan" have a temper......and "angie' as the three that haven't seen "blow up" Reeney says he isn't being a target while Keesha disagree because of his relationship with April..Reeney "what about Dan......I like talking to Dan"

Keesha says she tired and going to sleep....

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12:34 BBT

Michele has donned the green unitard..running and skipping about the house.."la la la la la''lal la" runs into Hippy room saying "what do you think" and Libra seems amused by it...Dan saying about her stuffed bra saying "those look really real" [they look like lumpy paper stuffed in it]...She keeps dancing and Libra says the cupcakes in her bra look like real "areolas"

she skips and 'la la" out to the backyard..

Michele says" Dan said he doesn't know what areolas look like..HMM mm as her puts his book over his area"

Angie and Memphis have made a penis out of foil and she sticks it in her unitard and stats laughing hysterically...Michele "i just lost my balls"..she heads back in"..they continue to laugh..as they wait for Jeese to come out of DR"

Michele "it looks like I have three legs"

Michele scratching her prosthetic balls

she removes them beccause "they're itchy"

[that was hilarious]

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12:45 BBT

Jeese out and shows him a unitard ..saying she had a fake penis....he says was it "a banana" she says no then he says "a plantain"

He says he look when he makes his shake...

She puts them back on and in a husky voice "jesse come her"..he's" Oh MY GOD".."Jeese do still want me on a desserted island"

She's removing it again...Michele saying "i'm going to DR I'll be right back"

talking about how "hilarious" it was..Angie "i almost popped an eye vessel"

All Feeds switch to April and Ollie's nightly horizontal jaunt...[gags uncontrollably]

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12:57 BBT

Jeese comments how nice Michele ass looks in the unitard....Jesse saing "Reeney has the nicest legs in here"

Outside Memphis Jesse Michele and Angie are the only ones up or not in bed....

Just talking whats "pretty hot" and not...Michele says tat every comp has been either "green or red" outfits...Angie "very interesting"

Angie saying "should we go ring the doorbell" and go hang out with keesha joking reeney will answer in an english accent "she's sleeping" "shall I go wake the master"

Jesse saying every HOH will not win the money...and someone "will win by default"..like Keesha won her "HOH" Jesse says for the millionth time...

Dan come out say he got up "because I was hungry"..of course they tell him about the foil penis..FOTH

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1:34 BBT

Everyone is asleep except of Jeese and michelle who are now getting ready for bed...

{After an exciting day of knockdown dragout arguments, tonights feeds were pretty tame..Jesse and Memphis efforts of getting Libra nominated by Keesha fell on deaf ears. Jesse who called almost everyone out and his contstant looping of "I can't sleep.."I can't eat" did nothing for his cause to get off the block. He did manage to corner Dan and bully him into a handshake agreement that he will not vote him out..boasted about it on tonights feeds..Seems Memphis and Jerry got into a huge fight that was blocked on the feeds by the arrival of "the banner" that said Libra was a liar..Unfortanately the banner had no effect for their situattion as Libra believed it didn't say that while the other house guests thought there was some truth to it..with Reeney commenting on Libra being a liar.."she is"...Well it looks like Angie and Jesse have realized the inevitable that nominations will not change tomorrow at the veto ceremony and have no plans to talk to Keesha about it..Angie is certain she is leaving while Jesse says it would be stupid of them not to "vote me out" and refuses to "be surprised" by his eviction...Tonight Jesse ,Angie, Michele and Memphis were able to have a little fun with each other...Tomorrow is the veto ceremony and with the nominations staying the same the task of who's leaving is at hand. The house seems certain that Angie will go..but this is Big Brother and things can change on a dime..I'm out til tomorrow..night all}

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9:43 AM BBT: Everyone is up and about. Jerry was shaving. Alot of people brushing their teeth. Renny and Michele are in the kitchen. Michelle taking out the garbage and Renny making coffee (I think).

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9:53 a BBT-Jessie up and outside working on Ollie--Asks him for his vote and Ollie said it all depends on the vote and the last Ollie heard Jessie was throwing everyone under the bus. Ollie saying he believes everything he says and doesn't want anymore drama. Jessie is again saying that everyone said he was not going up, but the loophole was that Keesha was not in there. Ollie tells him that he was not even a target until all this drama he created. (VOTE JESSIE OUT! ! ) Ollie saying he cant guarantee him a vote because he doesnt know if they will change after all he did. Is now saying he is in jail for everyone else's crime again, and again and again. Ollie saying anything can happen between now and Thurs. He will not let up--Ollie saying this is the last thing I am saying--He needs to chill and that he is good and he just need to relax.

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10:00 AM BBT: Jesse is once again bitching and complaining about being on the block. (It is gettin annoying so early in the morrning...) He is telling Angie that he actually slept last night. Angie and him discuss their sleeping patterns.

10:14 AM BBT: HGs are just doing their ADLs and then we get FotH

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