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July 26 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=89

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:08 BBT

In LR Jerry telling Dan that they were the ones to go out the door one right after the next "keesha stoped that" and Dan goes "i know"

Libra comes in "guys its so quiet"

"did you know Sweeded is slightly larger than California" BB useless fact is announced and they got to the globe looking for it....Libra "so it is its slightly larger" and Jeery and Libra debate...

Upstairs in HOH Reeney and Keesha talking with Reeney says remember when they use to change the HOH for each HOH and ask her if she remembers Janelle's Pink..

Reeney saying she is good with people ..Keesha "I like people" saying she treats people "like she wants to be treated".......saying she's not mean because "my conscience alone will bring me down"

"this guy makes you crazy" Reeney says and Keesha "and brings the bad side" out and not to let it do that...

Reeney noting Libra is counting...they are watching people through the spyscreen..saying April "bark is bigger then her bite" reeney "she's moody" and Keesha saying she doesn't like her and she would never talk to a girl like Michele "outside the house" "she's a boys girl" {so much for Miss Concscience's golden rule}

Reeney saying in DR she never talked "mean about you" and gets BB warning...

they talked about watching the show afterwards Keesha say she won't and reeney says she will and that Keesha will too....

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12:28 BBT

We had the Ollie and April show..bt far the most obvious show in BB history..he was bouncing high..

Ex enemies Jerry and Libra are having a heart to heart Libra talking about her kids..and Jerry saing that's the most important part of his day 'hearing from my kids garandkids and great gand kids" saying "those kids will be your life'

Dan in there also.....Libra talking about seeing her dad "only once" when she was 10 and says "my mom was the meanest mom in the world" saying his father and gradmother were "very poor" and only talked to them once and never say them again......Jerry saying "thank God for your mom" Libra "oh yeah" ..Libra saying "I would never leave my kids" saying "your selfless" because it should be "innate"

In hoh Reeney and Keesha little sleepover continues...

redorcorating and small talk....

Reeney leaves for a few and says "I'll come back up"

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12:39 BBT

Back outdoors Memphis Jeese Angie and Michele still being bitter about their nominations..talking about the swearing on the bible...

Jeese everytime jerry puts his 2 cents in "he so far out in left fiels without a mit" and bashes Jerry for being clueless.

Angie wants to do "a puppet show" Michele says BB wants her to do an "entertainment show" and her to do a top 10 list..

They are talking about how they only cook for themselves...saying reeney said "they can cook their own food" and make fun of Reeney...talking how she made "fruit salad" "for some people" memphis says if he heard it he would have dumped it "on her head"

complaining about the food situation...

Michele tells Angie "they" complain about Angie "there she goes taking over the kitchen" and yet they eat all their foods..

Michele says April complain about doing dishes becaus eshe needed something to do and nobaody said "thank you"

Angie "what a minute people think I take over the kitchen"..Michele goes on how she hears their whispers..."I have hawk ears" ..the she says they were taking shit "about Keesha because she doesn't cook, doesn't clean" and sits around doing her nails...complaining "this is going to change" and Michele continues "yeah like she won HOH and they're up there licking her asshole"

Angie brings up her hat that brian gave her saing "it was a slap in their face" Michele "they're pyschotic"

Jesse gives the head up that Reeney is upstairs and should go up and kick her out to talk to Keesha..

Michele laughing about Libra giving the "top 3" who she would watch her kids and she was in there with a total of 4 girls..Michele didn't make the list...

Angie laughing about Keesha saying that "you have to buy me a car in you win" before she won HOH and Michels says you should of said "fuck you I wouldn't buy you a bus ticket"..laughing how random she is..

They are ragging on every HG..Ragging on Libra's nasty underwear she dropped in the hall..and she his them in "her capris" .....Michele says "sorry I had to share that story"

Jesse's Libra story about Libra's period...and Steven said "what is this red stuff on this towel" and "he strait picked it up" and Libra grabbed it..Angie says she could sympathize because she's a woman but should have grabbed the towel and run to her run..

their rag session continues about every HG...

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1:08 BBT

Jesse bitter about Dan playing the floater game saying he needs to pick a side and stay there..

he continues to make fun of reeney being a kiss ass Michele joins in...

Michele saying how April and Libra went up there when Jesse was talking to Keesha and literally waited an hour out side of the HOH..and Reeney walks in and Jesse kept slamming the door on each one of them and April flew in the door as soon as Jesse walked out..

Michele laughing they sat up there eapecially when they don't know "how to play chess"

talking about their DR sessions and Memphis call it "seeing the physciatrist" and they get BB warning..

Jeese says to memphis "you need to put face time" in with Keesha ..Memphis says he'll do it tomorrow..Michele warning him that "they'll stalk her" and jokingly suggest he sleep on the couch outside HOH.....

Making fun of Keesah Michele saying she "talks in cirlcles she makes my head pop"

Angie wants to go in and Play "never ending story"..Angie suggest they ask April to moves beds and saying that might not look to good...

Michele saying she'll go crazy and doesn't give a fuck while Jesse saying he'll probably leave..Michele saying "I won't let that happen"..

Jesse and Michele vote counting....Jesse saying "if they are smart why not vote me out"..Michele "we can't think that way"...Jesse Martyr talk about being the "pawn"

Jesse "i want Libra out"...Michele "if Angie goes home" she'll be crazy amd Michele says if Jesse goes home "shit will hit the fan"

Michele "I will make their lives fucking hell....hell" if she's stuck in the jury house...

Memphis comes out says "are you playing" they say yes ..Libras comes out to get her laundry...they say "it stinks' about the smell around the pool table..Libra "what stinks" they head indoors..

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1:29 BBT

Almost everyone in bed or getting ready for bed..Libra is still up keeping an eye on Jesse Michele Angie and memphis..they are getting ready to play never ending story...Dan talking to Libra while getting ready for bed..

Dan reading and "story time" starts with memphis Angie Jesse .....April moves to the other room and Jesse says "where's Dan" Jeese gets him and Dan says "i'll be right there"

Libra finally gets in bed..asks Dan to read his bible..he gets up and heads in to play "neverending story"

{Well the big PoV showdown for power ended up with Keesha winnning "by default" much like her HOH Jeese commented on the feeds tonight.Jesse is really worried that even though Keesah said he's the pawn he might be infact the one leaving..Jeese and Memphis are upset Dan seems to be floating to the otherside but still count him as a vote for them..Memphis' hate for Jerry is in full rage...Michele tells Jesse he won't leave but if he did she plans a scorched earth attitude with other HG if he does, saying she'll make their lives "hell"....Tomorrow Memphis will talk to Keesha and try to get Libra nominated as a last ditch effort to save their alliance.. saying she'll be safe with them and in danger with Libra and crew. Will it work we'll see what happens later on today..I'm out til tomorrow..night all}

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2am BBT

Nothing real special to report they are telling bedtime stories the light was out before I started to watch so I have no clue who's in the room but it appears Michelle, Jessie, Dan, Memphis, and Angie I think as well.

For those interested I think the last story was told by Dan talking about why Uranus is so close to the earth and then he heads to the bathroom then heads to bed.

Everyone is saying their good night appears the day is over (... just like Jessie's game if he doesn't ride out the storm.)

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3:43 BBT

All HGs sleeping. 3 feeds on dark bedrooms while 1 feed is on someone in the spa room sleeping on the couch, with their entire body covered by a blanket. (I thought at first it was Ollie and April doing the deed, but whoever(s) it is is snoring, so there's no action going on at least.)

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11:35AM BBT: memphis and keesha conversation in HOH. Keesha just called him out on saying "Oh Shit" when she won POV and he denies that was why he said that. Memphis says he knew that was not her plan and that was why he said it. Jessie just came up and Memphis leaves. Jessie says he feels like he is the one that is going to be going home. Everyone is afraid to talk to him and he is like in jail. He is getting falsly accused by someone and after he walks out the door and everyone she trusted is going to turn on her and all the people that liked him are going to hate her. (OMG he walks in and is major intense - no small talk or anything he just is rambling about knowing he is going home)

He wants her to take him off the block and put up libra so he keeps his alliance together. He says they are sitting up here laughing with her but when he walks out the door she will see what is really happening.

Now he is saying this is the worst move for both of them. Think about what your parents are seeing - you in an alliance with someone who degrades you??? He keeps saying I'm sorry but I will be walking out that door. says he has lost 6 lbs worrying about this.

Keesha has not said a word during his whole speech!

He says you won by default - because libra messed up. OMG he is laying it on thick. back to the jail stuff. "keesha I will be walking out that door and then you will see".

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OMG he is still going on and on about her parents seeing their baby girl being demeaned by someone in her own alliance - he says he is the only one that can say these things because he is the only one that has been on the block, then HOH and then on the block again. everyone lied to him and they are lying to her.

she says I will tell you right now that they are not voting you out. there are more people that I know and am friends with in the house and they are not voting you out.

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Jessie has seriously been talking non stop for almost 30 minutes trying to convince Keesha to take him off the block. Renny came in once to try to break it up and he refused to get the hint. Renny left and he started up again.

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11:55 AM BBT: Jesse is up in the HoH talking to Keesha pleading with her to take him off of the block. He is bad mouthing Libra and Michele. He is trying very hard. He is telling Keesha that he didnt want Steven to leave (Yet he put him up????) Jesse is sort of insulting her, trying to get her to take him down.

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memphis just came up to hoh with jesse and keesha and told keesha something that has her totally upset.. did not catch what he said

Renny came up.... she tells her that Jerry told angie not to worry that she is still in the game. Renny tells her that Jerry may turn on her.

Keesha asks if she needs to take Jesse off and put someone else up.

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12:10 PM BBT: Memphis came into the HoH room and told Keesha that Jerry told Angie she was still in the game. This pissed Keesha off and now she is thinking about changing her nominations to ensure that Angie goes home. Then she changes to see if Angie would stay who Angie would go after first... (All still confusing...)

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Renny is now in HOH and Keesha is telling her about what Jessie says. Tells her that Jerry is telling Angie "don't worry you aren't out of this game yet". Jessie tells her that once she leaves Jessie and Angie on the block all her power is gone.

Dan comes up and joins them and assures her she has his word. Dan is reassuring her that they are all planning to vote the way she wants that she is the one taking the heat.

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12:52 PM BBT

K, Jerry, April, Dan in HOH

The group is slamming Michelle and what a bad temper she has. Also talking about different things she's done to them, she's demanding making people move or get out of the hammock.

A - It's going to change once the POV is over.

J - Jessie is acting too cocky. He wants people to feel sorry for him.

K - They probably can't stand me more than any of you. It was huge when I won the POV. They were all stunned.

Jerry got a kick out of their reactions when he put the worms on them.

April said there was a huge cockroach in the bathroom this morning. Jerry says he killed it. Jerry said he spoke his mind with Memphis earlier so that's been settled.

Jerry hugs Keesha and April and leaves the room.

Dan says they think I can change Keesha's mind about the vote.

They're all talking about how much Jessie brings family into a discussion like, "wait until your family sees what you're doing in here!"

Keesha says Memphis is really putting it out there. The reason she wants Angie out so bad is because she's coming after her and her teammates.

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1:12 PM BBT: Dan, April and Keesha are in the HoH discussing the next HoH. They are saying that Libra will win the next HoH. They say it will be a buzzing kind. They say the physical ones will come later, that way it is fair. They also say that after next week, the jury will start to be formed and they say that is big!

1:19 PM BBT: April is talkign about shaving. She says she cant bend over or else the camera will see he body. She cant even pick things up with her hand. Jesse came into the HoH room to ask April if she told Jesse if he was safe this week, because she promised him that. Jesse gets pissed and walks out. Keesha had just said that he never wants to leave the HoH room. Keesha starts to follow Jesse on the spy screen. April apparently told Jesse he was safe IF she had power.

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