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July 24 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

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12:21 BBT

Libra now using the old "when you see the tapes" reasoning to Keesha...Libra admits My mouth is making me a target"..Keesha warns her about her alliance..."libra says "i've pulled back"

Keesha says their alliance for now is good but "don't get so comfortable"..again Libra hints at the kiss asseslike she's not one...

A lot of rehashing of things already said...Libra apologizing "i feel like a dumbass"...Libra "i love you to death ..but I'm not licking your ass" She's a dumbass because she was Jealous of her and Steven and she told people and they made her the bad person...

a lot of "i have your back" Libra still saying she feels dumb..

Dan comes in finally ending this crap...Dan jokes he's going to wear the headband while Keesha grabs it...

Libra asks if she's sleeping upstairs by herself and Keesha says she should sleep up there alone and Libra says "you should" her first night...{she was trying to get invited to spend the night}

Libra has followed Keesha upstairs and the water works have started because she wants to see her kids...saying "i'm trying hard not to cry" [more like trying hard to fake cry]...and in an instant she stops crying...FOTH {thank God}

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12:44 BBT

Memphis is now in Keesa's ear and his approach is to talk about family and Keesha says she trusts him and says she was starting to feel a connection...

Memphis talks about being an asshole and not wanting to be "the person everyone hates" saying even if you won the $500K wouldn't be worth it...

Keesha saying "I hate hurting people" and "its fucking hard" waiting for that key...they are drinking "hogging the wine" Jesse comes in and Michele follows..but they won't let em in "Let Reeney go downstairs and call Michele back up"

Now April is joining Reeney and Michele trying to get in and Jesse doing a mexican accent "pedro" and teasing them..."cut the crapola" [guess who said that]

They finally got in...and the Keesha indoctrination session comes to a screeching halt....turns into a party

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12:54 BBT

Libra talking to Dan..asking him if he like a person that you "know where they are coming from"...Libra says "I kinda know" about the noms and Libra says "to keep playin the way you're playin it" ...she won't say what his fate is..

Libra saying "i know who's coming after me" and that's half the battle.....

Dan says she has a voice but says 'i know you're not the ring leader"....Libra people think "i've got the biggest voice"

and she will be targeted...

Dan asks if anyone been on slop for 3 weeks besides Chicken george and Libra says "yes"

They are talking about HOH and the final pillow question and how she she figured it out....

Dan telling Libra that he was told "i was not the person"...Libra saying things are that close to your face "your eyes" and "you can't see it"

Libra talking about "i've got the memo"{not sure where this convo is going..seems Libra may be getting votes just in case she's nominated}

Feed switch to Jesse and Michele talking about the noms and are whispering...about "put me up" from Michele {can't hear} only to be interrupted by Ollie..foth

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1:12 BBT

There are 2 convos going on I'l follow the one in HOH..Memphis talking about going to college "In Florida State"..Reeney asking about it..

Keesha asks "how did you get into modeling" [oh no] memphis saying his parents own a ad agency and did commercials locally and at 18 he became serious move to Atlanta...because LA NY cost too much for a "19 year old" he goes on and on about modeling.. ...ina nut shell he quit because he didn't want to tell him when to be successful..Paid for his own college...

Michele is in there with Jesse.....{hoping Reeney leaves..she's planted not moving]

trying to discuss the pronuciation of "roots" or "ruts" ......

talking about her music Jesse making fun of country music...Memphis singing a country sog that really made Reeney laugh...

No game talk because Reeney's not leaving HOH...

Talking about Dan "where is Dan" Keesha says" I can't believe Dan's in my bed"..Reeney "dan's a wildboy"

Keesha's wasted...Jeese telling Reeney he didn't put her on the block and she says "I owe you pal" and Jese says "you don't owe me" nothing...

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1:29 BBT

Libra complaining to ollie and April about being a target...she says "we'll wait about 10 minutes and we'll bust in" to the HOH.

Libra really paranoid...Tells Dan "you better go check it out Dan" the noise in HOH room

The three of them bashing Angie....Libra says she got info from dan ....they are complaing memphis "is coming after us" Libra "he's already got the car"

Libra talking about backing keesha up if she's nominated next week and if they get POV they need to use it..

Libra telling Ollie "April is stressed" and Ollie says he doesn't know why he thinks they are cool....Libra telling April keesha is not leaving us because she would not have anyone else in this game...saying she isn't going to 'walking around here like Dan"

Libra has determined memphis is coming after them..

Libra tells them she's putting Dan up and not telling him "cold as ice"..Libra says we have to tell her "we got your back" we got your back"...Libra saying someone {missed it} told her she knows she has something with ollie because "blacks stick together"

keesha comes down and Libra tells her that Dan is not in an alliance and he asked her if he should unpack his bag....now they are telling her they got her back.. also telling her they are probably watching her on the spyscreen

Libra says she hesitaed to go up and idn't want to look like "i was tryig to rescue you"

Now they head up to HOH

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1:46 BBT

the two opposing alliances are up in HOH with Reeney and Dan..Jerry asleep and Angie is also not there..

[After people fighting for Keesha's attention and personal time with her..Libra has succeeded in having Keesha gravitate to Libra Ollie and April Alliance with tears and "I have your back" but as of 1:53 BBT she hasn't had a lot of one and one time with Jesse Michele and Memphis..After contemplating putting up Memphis as a pawn, Keesha has decided to put Dan up with Angie who she wants out even though its "not personal". She doesn't plan to tell Dan he's going up and Dan wll be the target if Angie wins POV as she refuses to put Jerry or Reeney on the block. With Keesha though she tends to go whichever the BB winds blow so I suspect she may change her mind come nomination time later today..we'll have to wait to find out ...I'm out til tomorrow}

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3am BBT - Seems like Libra has been kissing Keesha's ass for over 30 minutes now. They are talking about April and Keesha telling her how she needs to pay attention to her but the 4 of them need to stick together. Looks like Angie is still going up for sure no change there yet haven't heard confirmation on the other nominee although it looks like Dan will be up with Angie.

Dan & Jerry get up they whisper something and Dan heads to the HOH and Keesha hushes Libra and they ignore the door being very quiet. Dan heads back down to Jerry sorry had 4 feeds on and by the time I changed to the whisper it was done.

No real surprise as it hears a 45 minutes conversation about the same thing over and over. Looks like Libra has found a new best friend in the house go figure it just happens to be the HOH Keesha.

I can't take anymore I'm out lol

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Keesha is hungover. Her, April and Libra are at the kitchen bench talking about having a burger or something. Renny is up making coffee. Libra has gone to brush her teeth, ANgie is in the bathroom doing ADLs. Everyone getting up and around trying to wake up.

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Some more of their conversation...

April and Keesha are in the bedroom talking, Keesha says she is going to put Memphis and Angie up this week and tell Dan she

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April fills Ollie in, they both agree that Libra will probably go next and they will just pull Dan into their alliance. Apparently us live feeders LOVE them as they

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Feeds are back.

Michelle, Angie and April are changing out of whatever they had to wear during the food competition. Seems that they won beer but no wine. (maybe a food for the day for the house competition)

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1:16 pm BBT

Angie and Dan doing dishes in cold water (hot water in kitchen is still off). Angie says that she misses Steven. That's why she went to bed early last night. Dan agrees that he misses him too. They are just talking about Steven. They are talking about the way he "went out" last night. Dan says the viewers aren't going to understand why he said what he said when he left. The hope some viewers understood by seeing all the Digorno pizza and the charades. (?) Just general chit chat about Steven.

1:24 pm BBT

Keesha and Memphis are in the HOH room chatting.

K: "Can I be completely honest with you?", "Is there any way you would vote against Angie?".

M: "I don't know, I haven't even thought about it."

K: "Because, there is a group of people in this house that want me to put you up against her".

M: *Chuckle* "I mean I know who the group is, You don't have to be.............."(Silence)

K: "They think you are a really strong player, you know?"

K: "BUT YOU ARE A REALLY STRONG PLAYER" I have a relationship with you that I totally respect, and you know, I think you have my back and you've proved it"

M: "And you should, I really think that we could have eachother..." (Feeds cut out)

M: ... "you know, she's a friend"

K: "No I understand"

M: "But you gotta understand too, when she pulls... I know you look at it different... I don't think she is a smart player" (Talking about Angie"

K: "I do"

M: "This is the only reason, this is what bugged me out about her and what eats me up, about the Brian thing, because it kinda threw me for a loop, I was like what the hell is the matter with this girl?!"

M: "But I don't know, I don't want you to think, like, Me and Angie do NOT have an alliance"

K: "You don't."

M: No, so just be aware of that. So don't think that I am going to stick my neck out for her, you know what I mean?"

K: "Yeah"

M: "I'm just trying to do what is best for me in this game obviously" "But Keesha I don't want you to think, I mean I really feel that you and I can work together together later on in this game"

K: "I do too"

M: "I don't want you to think that...." (Cut off by Keesha)

K: "Because I think that out of everybody, like sometimes we are the least suspected, cause we are very calm".

M: "Yeah" "I don't know, you and Jessie are the one people that I don't want to look at me as a threat"

K: "I don't look at you as a threat, I worry about that if I put her up (Angie) that, I know that you are trying to keep Angie in the game"

M: "But it's too early in the game, you got to understand, I'm not going to pull any triggers that I don't have to".

K: "I just want your word basically that if I put her up that you aren't going to use that POV on her....... And if you tell me that then I will not put you up, I won't put you up"

M: "Alright... Then I give you my word I won't use it on her"

M: "Okay?"

K: "okay"

M: "Okay? Look at me"

M: "Okay?"

K: "Yeah"

K: "I mean cause it just makes me real nervous, there are people that want you to go up, but I don't think because you .... (something) cards that you should have to leave. That is not the way that I think."

M: "Yeah that's good"

K: "And I think that I have a relationship with you that I totally respect and I don't want to jepordize that."

M: "I appreciate that."

M: "No I will not use the POV if I win it"

K: "Okay"

M: "I wanna host it though if I don't play"

K: *Laughing* "Okay, that's a deal"

M: "Deal?"

K: "Deal."

M: "Deal?"

K: "Deal."

*Both are laughing*

K: "Ummm would you vote Angie out?"

M: "I'm gonna go with the house, I'm not going to be, like I said, I'm not gonna pull the trigger."

K: "I don't want you to pull the trigger, my biggest fear is though, I don't want you to change everybodys mind"

M: "No, I'm not, but what I've said when playing this game is I'm going to go with the house."

K: "Okay"

More chit chat about going with the house (Memphis) until he has to do something different. It would be "dumb" to do anything different.

Approx 1:35 pm BBT ** I am not getting any current stuff at the moment because I am pausing a lot to get the game talk conversations **

Jessie is sleeping outside of HOH room waiting for Memphis to come out. Keesha invites him in and now the two of them are talking

J: "What are you thinking?"

K: "Well this is what I am thinking... I'm putting Angie up." (Feeds cut out) (Grrr...)

Feeds are back. I am trying to figure out what they are talking about. It seems that if Keesha didn't put up Angie that Libra and April said they would "change it" (I think by winning the POV?) Jessie is telling her that that is BS, that whoever would "change it" are the people that are going to do whatever they want and you can't trust them. (Jessies conversations are hard to follow because he talks in such a random way with really weird examples)

Keesha is convinced that Angie is going to come after her and Jessie keeps trying to tell her that the group "Libra, Ollie and April" can't be trusted.

More talk about how Libra screwed Keesha already by trying to make April and her fight.

Jessie leaves HOH and Memphis returns...

K: "Okay Memphis, what if I put up Libra and Dan."

Keesha is going on and on about giving Libra her word, and that she is afraid.

K: "I can't put her up, I can't...."

M: "I just want to tell you that the word I gave you can't leave this room."

(Keesha is flip flopping so much it is a waste for me to type all of this)

Approx 2:00 pm BBT

April convinced Keesha that the boys are just trying to use her, they have never had her back before she got HOH. They are watching them (don't know who, I think Jessie, Dan and Memphis) on the spy screen. April says, "Look they are laughing at you!" (I think April is just being fake and quite possibly putting ideas in Keeshas head ) Libra joined in the conversation and she told Libra about Jessie and the others wanting her (Keesha) to put her (Libra) up.

Keesha told the girls about her pact with Memphis about not putting him up (she's sticking to that at least) and that he in return will not use the POV on Angie.

Keesha says she now will be putting up Angie and Jessie... Girls are laughing "Paybacks a B*TCH!"

(In my opinion Keesha is going to make a mess out of this whole nomination stuff...)

(Be back if there is anything else exciting to report. I hope that my posts are okay. I am still new to this!)

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2:25 BBT Keesha, April, Jerry and Libra talking in HOH talking game. Jerry says he saved Dan yesterday. They will bring Dan into their group when they are ready. They have 5 votes against 4. Jerry says Memphis is the biggest physical & mental threat. Jerry says Memphis has an aggression and a meaness about him. They need to watch out for him.

Keesha says she asked Memphis not to come after her if she doesn't up him up and that he agreed. Jerry says you can't trust that. Libra would never go to the other alliance no matter what, she would never cross sides.

Memphis and Jessie join the other is the HOH and talk turns to chili snack chips. Everyone is tired and hungry.

2:37 BBT Ollie eating jalepeno potato chips in the boys bedroom, then went to the kitchen to join Renny. HOH group comes down to kitchen now too. General chit chat.

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3:05PM BBT: Keesha and Renny in HOH. Keesha tells her that she understands girls like April. She deals with that type all the time at Hooters but girls like Angie are scary.

Keesha is telling Renny the truth - all of it. Says she is not putting Renny up and that she has gotten Libra and April to know they should not put them up too.

Jerry comes up and Keesha wants him to get Dan to come up to HOH.

Ollie has come in the HOH room. Libra and April talking about Keesha now asking each other what was said. April says she doubted you, she doubted me. We can't let that happen. We have to stick together.

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