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July 14 - Live Feed Updates

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6:13 am BBT

Snoring going on in the Pink Poodle room... Female says something about snoring. Make answers "What", female "Was that you snoring maybe"... Male says something like uh huh and signs and goes back to sleep... all is now quiet on cam 1

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11:11am BBT

Keesha, Steve in bedroom. Keesha says Dan has been caught doing things to stir up trouble, lying about certain situations. Basically Dan has been a gossip but she doesn't think he's making all this stuff up.

Renny enters the room. Steve says this is the hardest time, between nomination and who's going home. People are trying to place their moves. Keesha says we all have people we would be afraid to get HOH because that person would want you out. Steve says he'd love to be able to hang out in the DR to hear what everybody is saying about each other.

Renny asks him if he was able to get it out, vent to the people in there, isn't that was it's suppose to be for? Steve says it's not like he doesn't want to talk to the people in the house it's just easier to talk in the DR.

Renny is tearing off the belt loops on her pants because they took all her belts. Steve asks her if she wants to borrow some scissors. She said no, I'll just rip them off!

Keesha said she feels like she's in a loony bin! Steve says hopefully they'll have some food tomorrow. Renny leaves the room and waves at the camera. Steve said at first she annoyed him but over the past two days she's gotten a whole lot better and settled down.

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11:23am bbt

Steve, Keesha in bedroom. He says he thinks one of Renny's problems is she likes to control things but if she takes it easy it won't go against her. They start talking about their teeth and insurance. He's surprised Hooter's doesn't give her health insurance and dental.

Feed changes to bathroom with Libra, April. Libra says she'll be alright, just needs to chill. (?)

Feed change again to Michelle and Angie. They're talking about something in reference to the vote splitting in the house. If the colonel finds out he'll be upset.

Back to Keesha, Steve. He says there must be some drama happening out there. Maybe we should go see. Keesha said eff it. We'll hear about it sooner or later.

Feed to Jessie, Libra. Talking about Brian and how he said he has six votes. Neither one of them like the way Brian is playing the game. Jessie says he didn't know he was one of the "Brawny Boys". Nobody told him a thing. Jessie says when all this started to hit the fan he stopped working out with him (Brian). Brian also told him if he sticks with him, he can protect him. (this was while he was on the block).

Jessie calls Keesha into the room. Libra says she called out Brian right in front of everybody. Brian had said if Ollie can get him four votes he's good. He denied he said that. Jessie is telling her it isn't a good idea to hang out with Steve because he's part of the Brian, Ollie, Dan group and it will cause her problems. Jessie says Brian is out the door because of the crap he's pulling in the house. Keesha said Steve told her Dan is honest. Libra throws a fit. "See what they're doing!?" They all leave the bedroom.

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11:37am BBT

Jerry, Michelle talking in HOH room. She says Dan has approached her several times this week. Jerry said Brian told him he has Dan and Ollie spying on the house for him. She knew about Steve, Angie, Brian alliance. She kinda figured out April, Brian but wasn't sure who else April is with. She says they are calling Dan the mole.

Jerry said all he saw was Keesha with Memphis in the back yard. He's not sure who all are in groups together at this point.

Feeds switch AGAIN to Jessie, Ollie, April in spa room. April and Ollie are questioning Keesha. Jessie told them she isn't with Steve, just talking to him.

Ollie says the longer this goes on the more stuff is going to go down. Jessie bad-mouthing Brian saying he's going around stirring things up. Talking about Brian saying he's got the votes with Ollie, Dan and Steve. Ollie denies that. Ollie wonders if there's anybody in HOH with Jerry so they can talk to him.

The three of them keep talking about Brian, Dan and Steve but it's hard to keep track which person they're talking about. Lots of whispering which is hard to make out. Ollie says he's surprised how much sh!t they are stirring up in the house. It's too early for all this.

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11:50AM BBT

Ollie makes some statement about the Brawny Boys and Jessie goes off. He says he never knew he had been labeled with that nickname. Jessie says the guys hosed him.

Jessie asks how many girls have won BB? They're trying to figure it out. He says if it wasn't for Ollie and April he would have lost. (?) Jessie says the four people we just said we target them and go from there. (Keesha, Brian, Dan, Steve) Jessie says this is a game. People lie.

Jessie said Brian came up to him and said, "this is a buy week". He was so sure he was going to be safe from eviction. He just shook his head.

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11:58AM BBT

Jessie, April, Ollie talking about sex. Ollie said this is one of the hardest parts of BB, remaining sexually conservative. Jessie says, "what do you want? BB provides condoms for us. They even turn off the lights to let you have at it!" They all laugh.

Feeds switches to Jerry, Libra, Michelle, Steven, Keesha in bedroom. Jerry is real upset. Says all these people are saying he's up in the HOH making all these plans and forming alliances. Jerry said he did name Memphis, Jessie and Brian the Brawny Boys because they're all strong.

Steven says he is NOT voting to keep Brian in the house. Jerry says Brian had said Jerry would give him his vote if it was a tie which was a lie. Libra says she was talking to Brian. He said if he can get four more votes he's good to go. Brian kept changing his story in total of three times in one hour. First he said colonel would vote for him if tie then he said he didn't say it then turned around and said he would again.

Steven wants to know who was saying he's a spy. Libra says it's guilt by association. If you hang with Brian, Dan it's going to have a negative affect on you.

Steve says to Jerry........you told me if Renny and Jessie hadn't got in the argument it would have been him and Dan going on the block. Jerry says that's the way I am, I'll tell you right out what I'm thinking, not holding anything back. Steven said he felt if Jessie got off the block he'd be the next person to go on the block.

Jerry said he's straight forward about everything. He didn't realize when he firs talked to Brian it was going to cause all this trouble.

Steve says he's not afraid to admit he had an alliance with Brian. Libra says she just has a problem with Brian lying about everything but didn't have a problem with him being linked to Brian.

Steve says he's not trying to defend Brian, he's trying to defend his own honor.

(I'm out for a little while. Someone else take over) :)

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1:22 pm BBT (In 70s room)

REnny, Ollie and Libra are discussing Brian and the fact that there was a rumor going around that Ollie was in an alliance with Brian. Ollie is telling them what's up and that if his name is brought up, people need tom come and talk to him.

Renny is saying how wong it was for Brian to swear on Semper Fi to the "Colonel" (Jerry) and how America will not be happy with him.

They are now discussing Angie and she says that she is non-confrontational. How Angie is now non-confrontational because her alliance with Brain was busted out.

Ollie asks what do you think...(whisper) Something about getting a certain person out.

REnny says Brian had the whole thing planned out...Brian was already planning on missing his sister's wedding in August.

Now discussing Brian's plan for splitting the votes and trying to stay. Ollie says everyone needs to stay on track with the vote.

They are laughing, "have you seen the show" does he now know!

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1:30 pm Same convo.

Ollie says we would be stupid to change it up now.

Ollie leaves room.

Renny and Libra now talking.

Libra says that after the Power of Veot, Brian discussed all of his plans with Libra because he felt safe and now he is on the block. (I can hear Lirbar's heart beating from her microphone).

Renny: Brian is dangerous.

Libra: I am done! If he stays, I am dead!

Silence now...Renny and Libra are laying in bed thinking.

Libra is telling REnny that it is all figured out and that she does not have anything to worry about.

Silence again...Renny is reading a bible and Libra is laying with her eyes closed.

(My feed switches to kitchen)

Memphis & Dan are talking about martinis....Memphis says that the average price of a martini where he works is $ 17 to $ 19

They are discussing tips and money in Hollywood for bars

Keesha has chimed in and is agreeing with Memphis

Keesha said she loved and hated cocktail waitressing at the same time but hated to work all time.

Jerry has now chimed in about it used to be $ 300 "back when"

Still discussing making money in bars.

Keesha is eating chips.

Jerry is saying he could not believe how much he had to pay for a Bloody Mary "out here"

Jerry is going to cook a steak for himself, Memphis and Dan

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