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Bb10 Real Time Live Show Play-by-play

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The Morty's TV Real Time Live Show Play-By-Play will be back for Big Brother 10, starting with Wednesday, July 16th at 8pm EDT.

I will be transcribing the show word for word for your reading pleasure. During the PbP, please change your font color to black and refrain from chatting while the program is in progress. When the show goes into a commercial break, I will give you an opportunity to get your reactions out before we start the next segment. In order to ensure accuracy (and preserve my sanity), I will be using Tivo to periodically pause the action while my fingers rush to catch up. As a result, the PbP will run past the end of the broadcast show. For this reason, PLEASE do not post any spoilers for those who choose to experience the excitement first hand through the PbP.

The Real Time Live Show Play-By-Play is a volunteer service for the Morty's TV web site. If you would like to show your appreciation, please PM your My Coke Rewards or Disney Movie Club rewards codes to Fuskie, or email me at fuskiebp@gmail.com.


Who invites all to join him this summer for the BB10 Real Time Live Show Play-By-Play...

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