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Big Brother 10 Picture Thread


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This thread is for posting screen captures (pictures only) with SMALL captions that explain them from the Big Brother House.

Thank You.

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12:08am BBT

7-22-200830828AM.jpg They are asking the camera, "Do you want to see skin?".

7-22-200832704AM.jpg 12:30am BBT They discuss their future. Very serious.

7-22-200833731AM.jpg Libra comes in looking for a place to sleep. Her room is in a state of riot.

1:06am BBT

7-22-200835651AM.jpg They have been playing silly word games for a long time. Almost bed time.

7-22-200834411AM.jpg The lovers prepare for bed.

7-22-200834505AM.jpg And kiss 'goodnight'. All HGs are in bed at 1:06am.

7-22-200841850AM.jpg But Jess can't sleep. He turns on the light and searches his bed? 1:24am

7-22-200842113AM.jpg And seems troubled

7-22-200843305AM.jpg All is quiet at 1:35am.


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4:38pm BBT

Waiting for the surprise

7-22-200873513PM.jpg Angie

7-22-200873439PM.jpg Angie




7-22-200883941PM.jpg After the long foth

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11:45pm BBT

7-23-200821900AM.jpg Dan & April chat

7-23-200822838AM.jpg Jess loosens Michelle's muscles...

7-23-200823444AM.jpg And loosens...

7-23-200823814AM.jpg And loosens.

11:57pm BBT Just a few minutes until they can eat now. Libra tries to cook the kitchen dry, after 2 weeks on slop.


7-23-200825145AM.jpg Renny works too.

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12:05am BBT

It's time to eat, at last!

7-23-200830219AM.jpg Nobody had to get Libra out of bed.

7-23-200830226AM.jpg Back home, this would be called a 'Horse's bait'. But, not to worry, she tells us she's having Diet Coke.

7-23-200825908AM.jpg Jerry's ready

7-23-200830017AM.jpg Man cannot live without pizza.

12:20am BBT


7-23-200831733AM.jpg Libra complains because her belly's full and she can't hold more.




7-23-200831631AM.jpg Dan ponders the situation.

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Countdowntoeat.jpg Awaiting The Anticipated Meal

Preparingthefeast.jpg Preparing The Meal



OneMinuteLeft.jpg Camera Zooms in with ONE minute remaining

Jerryishappy.jpg Jerry looks about as happy as he can get

Theaftermath.jpg The Aftermath

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3:30am BBT

After dinner, Angie is close to tears about the prospect of Steve's leaving. Here they make plans to exchange phone numbers and hook up after the show.


7-23-200833408AM.jpg Steve and Dan talk.


7-23-200833511AM.jpg Keesh comes out and insists that Steve sleep with her tonight.

7-23-200834038AM.jpg Angie joins them, says she's gonna be moving in with Steve after the show.

1:33am BBT

7-23-200834706AM.jpg Libra, with a full belly, is officially now in a great mood.


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StrikeaPose.jpg Michelle and Memphis 'strike a pose' for the camera's while cleaning

AngieandSteven.jpg Angie and Steven in bed chatting

Latenightgametalk.jpg Late Night Game Talk... Michelle and Jessie


MichelleTalkingWithJessie.jpg Michelle in thought

AprilandOlliegoingtobed.jpg Ollie and April (minus all the yucky smooching sounds)

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April & Ollie have sex for the camera, uncut, with full sound. Amazing performance!

7-23-200844628AM.jpg 1.48am BBT April & Ollie warming up

caps omitted here

7-23-200850121AM.jpg 2.01.21am

7-23-200850250AM.jpg 2.02.50

7-23-200850301AM.jpg 2.03.01

7-23-200850310AM.jpg 2.03.10

7-23-200850437AM.jpg 2.04.37

7-23-200850525AM.jpg Putting pants back on 2.05.25

7-23-200853336AM.jpg 2.33.36am BBT Afterglow

3.00am BBT And this little studdy played pool.


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3.15am BBT

Everyone except Jess is in bed now.


7-23-200860340AM.jpg Keesh snagged Steve

Jess prepares for bed

7-23-200861037AM.jpg One last look.


7-23-200861408AM.jpg Music

7-23-200862153AM.jpg Last night in here.

7-23-200862827AM.jpg Jess stares at this pic for 30 min.

7-23-200863119AM.jpg going, going...

7-23-200863708AM.jpg Gone. And at 3.35am, calls it a day. (speaking of which) Niters yall

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Moregametalk.jpg More Game Talk

Cameraaction.jpg Jessie Being Silly For The Camera

Cleaning.jpg Lots Of Cleaning Going On Before The Live Show

Danpacking.jpg Dan Is Packing

EvictionNightDan.jpg He Looks Rather Worried Today

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InMemoryofSteven.jpg In Memory Of Steven

DanStayed.jpg Dan Stayed


KeeshaafterHOHwin.jpg KEESHA WON HOH!

aftereviction2.jpg Houseguests are relaxing and chit chatting after eviction



KeeshagetsHOHroomkey.jpg Keesha Gets The HOH Key


moreofkeeshashohpics.jpg More of The New HOH Room... Everyone is talking about all of the goodies she got!

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First thing after getting up, April comes in, 'Just checking on you, honey, to see how you're doing'. And they watch the other HGs on the monitor as they make a plan.


A little later, Angie / Dan ponder their fates.


2.45pm BBT After the food comp, they look for something good.


After eating...



7-24-200874651PM-1.jpg Later, Michelle tries on a Renny wig-hat

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Approx 8:00 pm-ish BBT

Keesha-1.jpg Keesha tries to grab a few minutes alone...

RennyInterupts.jpg THEN Renny shows up

TalkingaboutJessie.jpg Game talk about Jessie

KeeshaSpyingonJessie.jpg Keesha decideds to do a little spying


Elsewhereinthehouse.jpg Libra is Chatting Dan's ear off

DanGameTalkWithLibra.jpg Dan trying to be a good listener

LibraTalkingAboutJessieAgain.jpg More Jessie Talk...

LibraTalkingAboutJessieAgain2.jpg And More...

LibraTalkingAboutJessieAgain3.jpg AND More...

DanlooksREALinterested.jpg Dan keeps closing his eyes like he is falling asleep :)

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