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July 21 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=89

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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  • 2 weeks later...

12:04 BBT Steven still trying to get Dan to play his game even going as far as saying "Stories of the Bible password"

Dan was trying to scare Angie when she comes in and their game "Porno password"..Angie tries to explain to Jerry and says "Its so much better when we play in the dark"

Dan gets called to DR before he plays...Jerry takes his place and is soo lost..

In the other bedrrom Libra is in bed talking to Reeney and Keesha talking about snoring she says "I just say your name and you stop"

Outside..April Ollie Michele and Jesse playing pool

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12:19 BBT

Keesha and libra trying to justify their inevitable losss with Kessha saying "I can't imagine someone handing me the check" saying they can'y lose what they don't have ''I hear you honey" says libra....Then Libra hears poor Keesha's empty stomach growl in hunger....Keesha says "I'm not going back on my word" saying the Steven thing has brought them closer..saying "he's only got a couple more days left".....dead silence....

Keesha talking about steven "fucked up" and they can't make targets of themselves....Keesha talking about her fight and getting irritated and Kessha says "once you give you word"....

Libra talking as people leave it gets "clearer" Libra doesn't want to be pinned against friends and isn't going to do it..

Reeney comes back in...talk about the other room saying all they guys are in there..Keesha say's Angie was in there..Reeney "with Brian's hat on" Libra goes back to being called "sheep" and bitterness.

Upstairs Michele and Jesse going to play Chess while Dan Ollie and April look on...

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12:36 BBT

Libra Reeney and Keesha having sex talk and first time....Reeney say people are different after the first time... Keesha asks if reeney if she's faked an orgamsm and says yess and Libra says I haven't" Keesha "Drunk sex is the best I can't get enough"...Reeney says that the only reason to fake it is to get it "over with it" and Keesha admits she's faked it with her significant other......"i love NY city honey" talking how she couldn't get enogh of her then dating husband...Reeney telling them how "handsome" her husband is...sex talk goes on......

Upstairs the chess game is on hold while Michele is called to DR....Ollie talking about "Iowa Boys" to April...

You can hear screaming from "porno password"..April "jerry's even playing"...of course they don't show it on the feeds..

Dan's in bed listening to them talk...from being handcuffed and a mans bad aim with his tongue..Dan says "Ok" and leaves...Foot fetish talk ensues...

{I'm out til tomorrow}

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2:00 a.m. BBT Keesha, Renny, Libra and Steven are in bed and steven is telling them every sexual move he would make on them if they give him a vote. Keesha and Libra are rolling - he is very explicit - Renny is saying she can't listen and needs to get her earplugs (but she doesn't LOL )

keesha says poor renny she thinks her church ladies are never talkin to her again and then steven says let me see if i will be able to get it up and all the ladies scream and libra asks if he would do that for a girlfriend who has had a long drought and steven says as long as it was fun and i wasnt gonna pay child support. steven tells keesha well i would do it i would even suck on your titties a little and the girls scream some more and steven says ok you dont like your nipples licked i really dont mind going down

Everyone is rolling and laughing so hard. Steven jumps up and goes over to rennys bed and gets on top like he is gonna mount her and she is pulling the covers over her face and cackling hysterically.

Someone opens the door and turns on the light because of the noise -

Libra says he doesn't like black women - still laughing hysterically - and steven says hey you are a vote for me to stay so you are next!!!

Steven says he is just offering his services for votes!

(I am sure this will end up on Youtube - it was really funny)

everyone is in bed now sleeping

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Two people are upstairs playig chess. Looks like Angie and Memphis.

Jerry is in the kitchen and says everyone in the house should be complimented on how clean they keep the house.

Renny is fixing something, or doing dishes, but not talking. Ollie is at the table eating PB&J, and Michelle is painting her toenails.

April, Libra and Keesha talking in bedroom. Libra says why is it that all women want to date a bad boy? She said they don't want to marry them, it is just the excitement that is around them.

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10:50AM BBT: April says when she breaks up with a guy, it is a long time that before she gets another one (they don't know about Ollie). Libra asks if April's parents are ok with her dating a black guy, she said yes. Keesha said that is so cool.

They are hoping they get to eat around noon tomorrow. Looks like they are staying out of the kitchen since they are on slop. Keesha wants to make a big meal and have everyone else to sit down to a meal at the table.

Talking about Renny being a beautician, and going to cut someone's hair (possibly Keesha) She said it is strange to have someone new touch your hair. It is just supposed to be a trim.

Now talking about Steven. They question him being gay, since he was offering sex with the girls. Keesha said he undid her bra. Libra asked if it was under 60 seconds. Keesha said he was definitely out of practice.

Steven walks in, so talk changes to April wanting to lay out. Steven said it is a day to get wet. They are talking about a slip and slide. Steven said Jerry is outside watching the washing machine, Jessie is sleeping in the bathroom....

Steven said Keesha was rubbing up against him, she was all over him. They said she will pick up the Texas accent, and will be asking people if they want more wings with that beer...everything with an accent. Afraid Keesha's boyfriend will be mad about the talk last night...how it would be edited for TV.

Michelle comes in and they admire her french manicure. They were impressed she did it herself. Steven said they had a little Asian lady come in and do it.

Talk changes to Jerry. They said he is touching them and giving them the creeps. They apologize to his wife. She has Parkinson's and needs help. They hope she isn't watching the live feeds. April said her twin is watching, and gives a shout out to her. Back to Jerry. Steven said as guys get older, their sex drive diminishes. Libra is talking about Viagra and Cialis commercials, then a "dick pump". Steven said it isn't like Viagra, it makes the dick bigger.

Now the girls are saying they masterbate under the covers. Steven can't understand how a girl can do that...they are surprised. Steven said he does it on vacation. They said it takes a while, and they don't want to start unless they can finish. Now talking about a strip place in Vegas that has women stripping downstairs, and men stripping upstairs. The upstairs is for women, they get upset if men go up. Michelle took her parents there for their anniversary.

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11:00AM BBT: Now talking about Canadian guys. They strip totally nude. Steven said Canadian men are completely hot. Now going on and on about how gorgeous they are.

Want to go outside. Steven says they are building something outside. They asked if on lockdown, he said no...it is behind the fence. They don't know why BB got them up so early for DR sessions, no one has even been called in yet.

April says she is going to go home all scarred and bruised. She shows off her scars. Camera man did a close up of her legs. She is anemic, and bruises all the time.

Libra said when she left for the show, she couldn't hug and kiss her hubby like she wanted. She lives on a Cul-de-Sac, and it is Gladys Kravitz land. She said the neighbors were all outside, and she had to hold it together for her daughter. They ask if it is like Desparate Housewives. She said it is suburbia. They ask if there are hot gardeners, she said no, but they have some great pool boys.

Talking about their experiences. One didn't have a handler, the producer took her. Another, think it was Michelle, said she got stuck at the airport, and had to drive to another city to get a plane.

Steven came in and said the water has been shut off. They go to check. Libra stayed in bed, saying they live in the ghetto. Keesha comes back and said it happens fairly often. Libra asked if electric bills are high, Keesha said yes.

Someone said Jessie is funny sleeping in the bathroom. His mouth is wide open.

Michelle was called to the DR. April and Keesha go to the kitchen, where Renny is still making a slop concoction.

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11:15am bbt: am bbt: Have FoTH.

Back from FoTH. Keesha is adding honey to her slop. Michelle is called to the DR again (still). Keesha and April are complaining about the water being off...they can't go to the bathroom. Keesha said especially her. (is she still constipated).

The girls go outside and say it is punishment for Steven sleeping so long...he doesn't get a shower today. He said they only shower they girls are going to get is a golden shower (YUCK) Jerry asks Keesha how she keeps from getting hoarse...the way she laughs. She said she doesn't know, she always has laughed like that. Steven said he didn't know he was talking so loud last night. Jerry said they have a hole in the wall in his room.

April tells Memphis to go get some slop, Renny made some that is really good. Jerry said how could anyone say slop is really good? April said it isn't really good, but for slop it is really good.

People are talking over each other outside. Dan said April reminds him of his sister. He said she evens has bathroom issues. She said she is trying to go...it has been five days now. They are saying the slop also makes you constipated. She is drinking Metimucil. She is also having protein shakes. She is going to use Jessie's bathroom for privacy. Angie offered to let her read her cigarette pack. April said that helps, to read something. Talk about leaving the bible in the bathroom for reading material.

Feed switches to Libra, still in bed. Can't hear what is being said...BB said "Libra, please do no obstruct your microphone". She is in the bedroom with Keesha. Keesha is still eating her bowl of slop.

(I gotta go to work...can someone take over?)

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11:55AM BBT: Dan, Libra, Steven and Keesha are in the bedroom talking about movies. :closedeyes:

Keesha talks about Renny saying last night that he shouldn't turn Keesha into his "faghag" and Steven explains he was going to give sexual favors for their votes.

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12:20PM BBT: Jessie and Steven are discussing making a slip n slide later today. Keesha is outside showing Jerry how to use the washer. Memphis is outside too.

Silence on feeds...

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Steven asks the date as whatever he's eating says, "Sell by 7/19". Jessie says that it's the 19th or 20th.

Ollie is running around with a swimming cap on and his shorts tucked like they're spedo's

Renny is getting her makeup on in the bathroom.

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Michelle and Jessie are in the HoH, Jessie is singing to her. He gets yelled at for singing...

In the BY, it looks like the Slip n Slide construction is underway. Steven is maning the hose and watering down the fake grass while Memphis is rubbing the water in. Angie, Ollie and Keesha are overseeing.

They're ready to start taping the bags.

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12:55PM BBT: Renny and Keesha were talking about Jessie and Michelle. Renny said Michelle is a fierce competitor and that her and Jessie have hooked up pretty much since day one. Keesha says, "Mmmhmm." Jessie and Libra come outside and interrupt the conversation.

Steven comes out of the DR and informs them what they can and can

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Seems like we're back to general chit chat in the BY. Angie is in the kitchen doing dishes.

Keesha, Ollie, Jerry and Steven are outside talking about a blind date Keesha went on.

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2:40 BBT

Jessie and Michelle just got scolded for discussing their diary room sessions with each other. Jessie says "You got me in trouble. How are we supposed to get on Allstars if we keep getting in trouble?" to which Michelle replies "America loves us. It's all up to America. You're the Fresh Prince of America. We both have fan clubs that will get us in."

Jessie says, "Yeah. When I win POV, I'm going to sing, "Reunited and it feels so good." Michelle reminds him they can't sing and Jessie tells her "In competitions, sometimes there's exceptions for winners."

These two are as deluded about what America thinks as April and the Nerd Herd were on Season 6 IMHO.

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3:05PM BBT: Ollie is spooning April in bed trying to take a nap. Ollie says that he bets Jerry will come in there and April says that he freaks her out. Ollie says that her hand is really warm. April says that she really hurt her rib. Ollie says that she thought that those huge jugs would have given her protection but she said no, that the ribs stuck out. She tells Ollie that he was supposed to teach her how to do it. She says that she'll go out later and try again but Ollie says that she's retired and is not going out there. She comments that all of America is going to see her do that and Memphis hurting himself too. He's tickling her neck and ear and she's giggling flirting talking about not being ticklish there. BB: Ollie, please go to the DR.

Feeds change to BY. Memphis, Keesha, Angie, Dan, and Steven out there. Angie and Keesha talking about infected nails from fake nails, manicures, fungus, tools, etc. On to bird watching - Hummingbirds. Someone starts singing...FotH. They've named it Henry the Hummingbird. Keesha asks what if it's a girl, Henrietta the Hummingbird. Steven says that he can see his hummingbird balls. Jessie joins them and Dan leaves the area. Steven is called to the DR and is going to ask for a Hummingbird feeder.

Keesha, Memphis and Jessie are talking about clubs in L.A. and hot spots. Memphis says that he owned the club Privilege and now it's going to be 14--like an old school board game, Clue, like the library.

3:20PM BBT: Memphis, Keesha, Angie in the BY talking about bars in LA.

April & Ollie laying down, kind of napping kind of talking, in the 80's room.

3:25PM BBT: OD LD called.

3:20PM BBT: Feeds back to Ollie (wearing his sunglasses and a hat) spooning April. FotH. They

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