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July 19 - Live Feed Updates

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Memphis and Angie sitting in HOH talking about getting Dan and Renny out then Memphis wants Jerry to go soon after as he doesn't want to be in the jury house with him.

Steven comes in and they change the subject

Memphis sings and we get FOTH

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10:44 BBT

Jesse and Angie in the HOH talking making their final 4 plans with Jesse and Michele. Memphis says the girls will eat each other alive. Angie brings to the Memphis attention that Jerry "hates Libra" and he knew that. he's reassuring that he and Jesse have "no other alliance"...Angie is thankful and is backtracking her support for Brian...

In the VW room Libra and Keesha talking "Angie will never be on our side"...Libra brainstorming that Angie is with Jesse saying "she's worked out a deal" because if Steve or Dan would have come down Reeney would have went up...

Reeney comes in from making her slop cookies and small talk ensues....Michelle comes in and asks what's going on and Kessha says "thinking" wondering if she can help and say "no" Libra starts talking to Michele and Keesha wonders how a person got lost "in the mix of thing" Libra hinting why Angie isn't in line to be nominated..."What do you think" Libra asks Michele.."i don't know" and Michele doble talks her way out of the inquisition of Libra.....Libra thinking hard...Next week Michele says it will be "dan and Reeney" and the next week and Keesha wonders why "her name disappeared"..Michele says Dan is out next week and the following week she thought it was suppose to be ANgie but Micheele says she thought everyone wanted Jerry out before sequester..

Libra asks "does someone in particular want to keep her" and Michele just talking in circles when Reeney bust in annoucing her slop concoction is good...and say they will be done in "five more minutes"....Michele keeps saying that she keeps thinking everyone out before sequester........Libra say "every since that boy has left she has laid low"..Michele telling him that Dan tried to get her into an alliance....but Libra saying that they are having her laying low and have her "take out each of the girls for us" {ding ding ding Libra figured it out} Michele tells her "I don't think so" and turns all suspicion to Dan....Libra asks how they are going to deal with Jerry "the old man dirty self" Michele tells her Jesse just doesn't Reeney and that's how she got into the eviction mix...

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Michelle, Libra, and Keesha discussing Angie and how she is laying low now that Brian is gone... the think Dan needs to go first. They want Jerry to go too. Michelle says they need to keep the ones with sanity. Keesha didn't know the jury picked the winner. They don't want Jerry there because they think he will sway the voters. Renny walks in and conversation halts.

The three girls asked Renny if she won HOH who she would put up... she said it changes hour to hour and she has to win HOH first.

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11:02BBT-Keesha, Michelle and Libra in the hippy room talking about evictions and order everyone wants--saying Jessie wants Renny out now--Does not want to be in sequester with Renny or Jerry. They are throwing all kinds of scenarios--Libra says she cannot stand Dan personally and wants him out. Renny is in and out of the room so the convo keeps changing--they just asked REnny who she would nominate if she was HOH--she averted the question very nicely, saying changes day to day. Michelle is spying on the girls for Jessie and Memphis--Memphis assured Angie earlier that it was still Jessie, Memp, Angie and michelle still good>saying no one knows

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11:02 BBT

Upstairs Steven talking to Memphis trying to explain his association with Brian and tries to explain he didn't want him getting "backdoored" while Memphis going on that he was upset about that paln and tells Steve that he's not going to change his mind about evicting him even though he's "open to listen" but now that's how he feels Steve asks if he feels if he's "a bigger threat" than Dan while Memphis says he sees them as a "level playing field" but he will vote to evict him

Steve still trying to convince Memphis that he didn't really wanted him out because they "didn't think it was fair" and Steve admits that he's coming out "of desperation" but still tries to convince Memphis to keep him..."at this point I've made up mind" and Steve puts "out there" and say "what if we put someone else that causes "a lot of drama" Memphis is not being receptive as he's not a fan of the "backdoor" "{his likely fate ironically}....Jesse goes on his disdain for "the backdoor" and considers it "cheap" early in "the game"..Steven trying to say "he's not ready to go" and say he feels like "he's getting ousted" Memphis saying "you are"...

Steve saying he's unfairly getting pinned for it even though most of the house wanted him out before Brians demise...

Memphis aslks "do you want to vote for Dan" and steve "uhh yay" saying "i like the shit outta Dan" and is looking for a way for both of them to stay...and Memphis says not into it and tells him it's only Saturday [it's Friday] and still has til wednesday....Steve says that Dan stuck with Brian till the end and he voted for him to leave...

They are just going in circles and Steve tells him he'll talk to everyone and Michele pokes her head in to get them downstairs to play in the pool tournament....

Michele reporting to Memphis about Angie...Memphis tells her about Steve's plan to remove him and put up Libra..and Libra comes in to see Michele and memphis talking....she leaves immediately... Michele say she doesn't give a shit about Jerry and wants them to leave...and Memphis goes over what Steve said a few minute earlier...

Michele is "wooooooow" admitting to her that idea "would fuck our plan up"

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BBT 11:20

Libra talking to Memphis about Angie while Angie telling her that it is Steve, Dan, Reeney and Jerry saying it was the orginal plan...Libra confused about Angie and Libra taking their half assed explanation and Memphis telling her its apersonal thing because she wasn't trying "te get me out" and reverses direction as says "i'm thinking about it" its "in the back of my mind" {libra doesn't like convinced}

They move to the kichen to fawn over Reeney's slop dish as they munch away as being good......

Libra goes to talk to memphis again and tries again to explain the Angie decision saying to her its personal for Jerry and say ok wondering why "how this one got missed" refering to Angie

Back in the kitchen they gorge on slop ...

Jesse walks out of DR and asks about pool tournament while Libra rallies the other girls to go talk to Jesse about Angie later and ask what's up with....Libra knows they made a deal and doesn't belive their explanation about them not wanting Reeney and Jerry in the jury house... April looks confused but Libra says she's going to strait up ask Jesse if she's in an alliance because Michele will go up and tell him...

Reeney asks a brooding Libra what's wrong and Libra just generalizes about the house while Reeney says "its always flipping" telling Libra "you see all the guys up there plus one girl" and Libra says "Hmm mmm"

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11:36 BBT

The pool tournament is gonna start...Libra has opted out of the tournament. They are trying to figure out who plays pool and who doesn't and what the rules will be...

Everyone is either playing or sitting watching...

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11:49 BBT

Michele dominating the conversation while playing pool..The melancholy Angie sits there on the couch stoic and smokes like she would rather be somewhere else besides there.

Tournament continues ........

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12:04 BBT

Angie and Memphis talking on the couch as the tournament goes on..Memphis talking about his clubbing while Angie tells him she can't wait for him to move out "to Vegas" Memphis tells her "we'll see" saying "it will be the opportunity of a lifetime" [missed what the opportunity was]

Steve comes over as Angie pets his head like he's a dog and jokes he needs "to wash my hair" ANgie joking not to get to close with her ciggie as to not cause "a grease fire"...Steve tells her "I threw the car in his face" and Angie says "i don't think it was a good idea" and goes over what was said between him and Memphis...Angie says "maybe "he'll think about that" Steve admitted "he planted a seed" Steve saying POV wore him out and all the "mental anguish" that came with the loss...Talk turns to the weather while cheering goes on in the background...

Angie wonders if there is any booze "in the storage room" ..Steve says he's been checking all night......Angie "jerry cracks me up"...Steve playing Reeney for his next game..Angie says "are you happy about that" and he says yes but she may come out "and kick my ass".....Steve's game is up and leaves Angie to go play...

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12:22 BBT

Libra talking to Jesse about Reeney and Jesse going on how she doesn't "give me respect" saying her calling him immature when according to him he's the furthest thing from being "immature"...Libra gets up to play pool after her quickie with Jesse...

In the bedroom Jesse and Michele talking about their prediciment whispering.... Michele leaves while Memphis moves clothes in different drawers {sorry I missed what was entirely said}

Memphis is in the kitchen with Jesse and Keesha who's saying its "freezing outside" while Steve and Michele comes into the kitchen..and talk about how good "Reeneys BBQ cookies" were...

Talk is basically small talk of humus and the tournament and FOTH

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12:35 BBT

Angie Dan and Memphis outside talking on the couch ...just talking about "naps" ..and how tired they are..Memphis joking that if she makes the shot she can go to Bed with Ollie" of course she makes it..."that all it took"

Libra sitting in the bathrrom talking to reeney whao was just called to the DR..Her and April talking about when they will be finished with slop..

Looks like the house has pretty much seperated around..Dan Angie and Jerry with Steven playing pool..Libra in the bedroom getting into bed complaining to BB about the "exit sign" in the mirror..

Keesha's slop is sitting in her stomach like a rock and is contemplating going to bed talking to Jesse about the eviction order..Jesse praying before he stuffs his face and Jesse telling her "Memphis isn't game" for ??? but Jerry will be happy... saying he'll talk to Michele about it {can't figure if they are changing who they want to evict or backdoor Libra}

Libra must have got a vibe and is up complaining about the Exit sign...and says to keesha goodnight..Libra talking about how long they've been in and it seems "londer" and complains "she's cold"

Keesha asks if he talked to Jeese saying she doesn't "get it" and If I had to chose between Steven and Angie" "I would chose Steven" Keesha "I don't want by baby to go" explaining that "he cracks me up"...Libra saying "something isn't sitting right with me" when jesse told him he would rather be in sequester with Angie...libra wonders if they are covering their bases...Keesha told her "I think you got yourself in a lot of trouble" Libra "me" asking her to tell her something she didn't know...Keesha says talking "to michele" and warns her "not to talk in front of her anymore" talking about steve asking for votes and Libra say she would give him hers if jesse put up Angie...Keesha says she doesn't think she'll put her up...Libra "She's not going to use it"

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12:55 BBT

Keesha doesn't want Steven tpaeve before sequester and doesn't want to be stuck with Reeney and Libra doesn't want to be stuck with Angie..Libra perplexed that Angie has become safe and Keesha thing "she's a talker" and talked her way with Jesse... after long silence Keesha says "oh well there's nothing we can do about it now"...Libra goes on about missing her family while Keesha does the same and talk whether they reget coming on BB and both said "no" and never thought they would do a reality show..

Outside BB annouces the height of the tallest building west of the Mississippi ..they all think its the Stratosphere in Vegas {I think its the US Bank building in LA}

Jesse and Michele talking telling him "I'm not going to do it" telling Jesse that it's "crazy" Jesse saying "she's the biggest threat we have" and Michele refuses to use the POV and Jesse says "Fine" and says its easy to make that decision because he doesn't got it..the POV..Jesse telling her "don't jump down my throat" she reiterates she won't use it since its week 2 and Jesse says "whatever" and Michele says "don't say whatever" starts washes dishes..

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1:07 BBT

Jesse and Michele in kitchen she's doing dishes and is pissed at Jesse's idea of backdooring Libra...Michele and him talk and says "you think I'm going to risk myself for Angie" and Jesse says that Libra's calling us out and Michele thinks its Angie she's questioning...Michele is vigilant of not using the POV and Jesse 'you don't have to be doing dishes all the time"...Jesse sitting there and its apparent Michele isn't happy...

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1:13 BBT

After Michele storms out of the kitchen Jesse finishes eating and goes out and offers to play a game of chess with Dan.

They are playing but no discussion as of yet...

Michele and Memphis talking and are both against giving Steven the veto and Memphis will flip out if Angie tries to get Steven off. Memphis goes to talk to Jesse .....Michele "this people are fucking nuts " "got me talking to myself"

Memphis goes up to talk to Jesse who is playing chess with Dan and goes into HOH while Jesse continues his game.

Keesha Reeney and Libra still up talking about different BB seasons..

Michele back in the kitchen finishing up the dishes.....

Steven getting ready for bed and is sleeping with Keesha tonight...Steven dancing to the night cameras

Jesse talking to Dan about Libra pissing people off...telling Dan he'll look like a hero if he nominated Libra and make it look like he's thinking about a few people..Dan says that jesse and his goons would be safe with HOH..Jesse explains that Michele is not going to use POV and Dan asks if she does plan to use it to let him know...Jesse telling him that him Jerry are trying to find a home {hard to hear}...Michele comes up and sits with them...Jesse wonders why they went to bed so early...

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1:33 BBT

Michele checks on where Memphis is and talks to Memphis saying "I hope he had a brief snap" about putting up Libra and rehashes why he would put up Libra especially she asks questions all the time...Memphis and Michele saying :it doesn't make any sense" and saying "its going to throw a huge fucking wrench into the whole project" and think Jesse is worried to get "outed" but they are going to outed anyway...and think they should wait til final nine and Memphis is waiting to talk to jesses as it "needs to be addressed" and says they're fine since Michele is not going to use POV..

They think its "one person" asking questions about their decision to keep Angie around..

They are talking if Libra gets HOH she'll put Angie and Dan and if they win POV who would they take off..Michele says Dan while Memphis wonders if winning would be a good idea....Memphis think Libra will stay true to what they want..Michele believe s reeney will be next and jerry after that.....

Memphis and Michele "there is nothing good about keeping Steven" around and Dan being around makes Memphis uneasy..

"If Keesha got it who would she put up" Michele wonders and memphis says "she'll stick to the plan" and are certain Jerry will put up Libra..Memphis and Michele agree Libra is Strong but not the strongest player in the house...

Michele says "you have to talk some sense into him" "he's fucking out of his mind" about Jesse

Michele says "its mind boggling" saying "I thinks he been drinking too many of those shakes" and is going crazy especially he can't compete next week...Michele goes out to watch him play chess "give him dirty looks"

crys2101 wrote

LMAO. Steven just told Libra about the plan to backdoor her. He didn't do it on purpose, but he did it. Michelle and Memphis are totally against Libra going home. He's digging his buddy Keesha a big hole
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1:53 BBT

Libra talking while snoring is going on...Steven asks asks if she will vote him out...Libra uncommital because He pulled their alliance out.......Libra says she knew it was Dan Angie and Brian and knew he joined the last minute...Steve tries to explain that Jerry confronted him and he felt threatened...and Libra agrees that her decision to maybe vote him out because he tried to target her the previous week...Steven says he doesn't think the backdoor will go through and Libra says "you never know" and starts to blame "Keesha" for being the talkker.. and everyone saying "Libra is the one....and I'm getting tired of it" and tells Keesha she wants to take the target off her and put it on Keesha and telling her "it hurts me" that Keesha would think that about her......

Dan heads to bed and Jesse says "in my defense" and said he felt threatened and went "off instict" and Memphis say she's gonna asks questions.....Michele still complaining they are going to ruin everything "for Angie"......Jesse just laughing at their inquisition while Memphis goes over his Steve convo...

Jesse admits he over reacted and just "wanted to talk about it" and accuses Michele of "ripping my ball sack off" and tells her he wants to be talked "in a civilized manner"....

Jesse sais he thought something happened he didn't know about and his first thought was to "abort" the plan....he again tells Micheles "you need to talk to me civilized and tells her he needs to explain/talk about it rather than go ape shit...

Jesse wants to know what Memphis told Libra and goes over his convo earlier [see previous post]

They plan to just ignore Libra's questions about Angie and just tell them to stick to "the plan"

talking in circles..

{Well what I thought was going to be a boring night turned out to be quite interesting. Steve started campaigning to stay and hit a wall with Memphis and his Alliance... they are adamant to get him out..Dan has laid low and hasn't campaigned at all...Jerry has been making public his disdain for Libra and wants her out of the BB house. Libra sniffed out the Jesse, Memphis and Angie Alliance and confronted Jesse, Memphis and Michele. Keesha who wants Steven to stay badly suggested to Libra not to trust Michele only to suggest to Jesse about taking Libra out through a backdoor plan Steve devised and was soundly rejected earlier by Memphis...Jesse brought up the idea to Michele and Michele went crazy and empahatically rejected the idea and rallied Memphis to get their friend Jesse straight from his "brain fart"...Things have been complicated when Steve told Libra about the backdoor plan and Libra is upset she's getting all the heat for everyones complaints...and basically told Keesha she plans to take the target of her and move it to her since she believes Keesha's meltdown earlier was the catalyst to make her the one causing problems....The three of Michele, Jesse and Memphis have made up and plan to win the next three HOH's and put themselves on the path to the final 4 with Angie...well we'll see how it all play's out tomorrow when the proverbial shit hits the fan...I'll be back tomorrow night till then..night all}

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2am BBT

Jessie, Memphis, and Michelle talking in the HOH seems as though Jessie starting to worry more about Libra. (sorry missed the first part)

Michelle and Memphis convince Jessie to stick with the plan and try to ensure that Steven is the one to leave this week. They hope that if someone fromm their 4 can't win they'll be fine as long as it's not Libra, April I think Ollie might be included in that too not sure.

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8:17 AM BBT: Keesha gets up to go to the bathroom, she weighs herself, then washes her hands. She then starts to brush her teeth

8:20 AM BBT: Keesha now goes to the kitchen and makes the coffee.

8:21 AM BBT: FotH. Wake up call??

8"22 AM BBT: We come back and Keesha is walking to her room. and grabs something then goes to the strorage room. She changes the battery in her mic. She then heads to the BY and sits down.

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8:30 AM BBT: Keesha goes into the kitchen and prepares her coffee.

8:33 AM BBT: Libra wakes up and heads to talk to Keesha then the bathroom.

8:36 AM BBT: Libra washes her hands then walks out to talk to Keesha. I think that they are talking about Michelle using the veto on Steven and then Keesha might go up.

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8:53 AM BBT: Libra goes and turns the light on in the retro room!! She wakes Renny up. Libra shuffles around in there then turns the light off and goes back to bed. (I think Keesha also went to bed because all four feeds are on night vision)

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