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Bb10, Housecalls, Realplayer, Showtime, Eric & Jessica By Evel Dick


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BB10, HouseCalls, RealPlayer, ShowTime, Eric & Jessica

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I heard Eric and Jessica broke up. I don't know anything but that, so don't write me asking..... go write them and ask. And honestly, I don't really give a shit... I just thought it would stir it up letting everyone know that

And for what is more relevant to me....

Everyone wants to know what is up for BB10 and if I will be involved in any way.


I thought long and hard when the offer to do House Calls was made. I really did. But to me the bottom line was this.... I had a good time doing it and obviously with the amount of people watching on the days I co-hosted the show, you enjoyed it as well. So, I decided to do HouseCalls one day a week, on Thursdays. And yes, I will be talking to the evicted HouseGuests on the show. So, expect the unexpected with Gretchen at the wheel and me with my foot pressing the gas peddle to the floor.


Last season was such an overwhelming success with the things I did for Real Player Super Pass, that we have decided to expand my roll with them. So, every Wed. when the feeds normally go down because the live show takes place that day. Yes, the eviction day is Wed. this year. So, when the feeds go down at 3pm on the west coast and 6pm on the east coast... You will be getting programming this season instead of just a screen saver...

You are correct! You will get to see a very loosely put together show of sorts that I will be doing live from the Cat Club on Sunset Blvd, here in Hollywood. I will have guests, friends and random people on the show with me talking about the previous week on Big Brother. Talking about everything, nothing will be censored... My guests, well most of them, you will recognize, some you will want to fuck, some you will want to punch. It is not going to be all past houseguests, it will be more people that are just big fans of the show and have some type of celeb status or another. You will have to just check it out.

I will let you know what time exactly it will go on Real Player every week, when I figure out what time would be best. But I am thinking 4pm pacific, 7pm eastern. Then the live eviction show comes on at 8pm.


You will not have to be signed up for Super Pass for the first two shows of the season. But after that, yep.... you need to be getting the feeds in order to see me do this trainwreck in the making that I am gonna call a show.

It should all get rolling about the 16th of July.


I came very very close to getting my own ShowTime show that would have either preceded or followed BBAD. Didn't happen this season, but a lot of people took notice at how willing ShowTime was to jump into bed with me. But things out of my control made the bottom fall out of the deal... It's too bad, it would have been a blast to do.

So, starting next month watch me on Real Player on Wed. tba and House Calls on Thursday at Noon (new time)

For everyone writing saying they have tickets to the live eviction shows now that they are having an audience for those. All of you who have been asking if I will be there for those shows.... I was told that there will be no past House Guests in the audience for those shows. They want them to be different than the finale show. Which I totally understand. So, no I will not be at those shows, sorry.

Oh, and just so you are jealous.... I will be up at the Playboy Mansion for the 4th of July

And did I say that Eric and Jessica broke up?

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looks at watch

notes his 15 minutes are up already

i never thought jess and eric were a couple to begin with

and this info is so late it been known they were broke up for awhile

i always thought of it as a mutual agreement for both to use other to advanced their game with jess doing most usage

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for someone who doesn't care about Eric and Jess, he certainly seems interested.

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I never thought so either, I just thought it was a way of extending their 15 minutes, but I really don't care.

As for Dick, he does seem to take pleasure out of the whole thing...didn't his daughter have "break ups" too. Was he all over the internet about that too.

As for the Playboy mansion, now Dick that is really impressive :rollseyes: and how much of your winnings did you have to pay one of the butlers to get in?

Go spread your STD's somewhere else and leave the poor bunnies alone.

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LOL, I caught an episode of Girls next Door, the one where one of the bunny's mom gets plastic surgery, and they had a party. Guess who was in the crowd...Mark, the guy from the original Road Rules. The guest list for the Mansion MUST be exclusive!

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