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6th Annual Tv Land Awards

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2008 TV Land Award Winners

Pop Culture Award

"The Golden Girls"

Pioneer Award

Jonathan Winters

Legend Award

Garry Marshall

Icon Award

Lionel Richie

Innovator Award


Lucille Ball: Legacy of Laughter Award

Mike Myers

Future Classic Award -- Comedy

"The Office"

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2008 Viewer's Choice Awards

(winners will appear highlighted in red)

Island You Most Want To Get "LOST" On

"Gilligan's Island"

"Fantasy Island"

"Island of Dr. Moreau"

"Treasure Island"

Best Movie To Watch At The Drive-In

"King Kong"

"The Blob"

"Godzilla, King of the Monsters"


Favorite Nanny

Fran Fine ~ "The Nanny"

Mr. French ~ "Family Affair"

Uncle Charlie ~ "My Three Sons"

Nanny Jo Frost ~ "Supernanny"

TV House Most In Need Of Ty Pennington

"Sanford & Son"

"Beverly Hillbillies" (Pre-Oil)

"All in the Family"

George's Parents' House on "Seinfeld"

Most Memorable 'SNL' Musical Guest

Simon & Garfunkel

Sinead O'Connor

Elvis Costello

Leon Redbone

Movie Dance Sequence You Reenacted In Your Living Room

Song: "I Had the Time of My Life"

Movie: "Dirty Dancing"

Song: "You're the One That I Want"

Movie: "Grease"

Song: "Old Time Rock and Roll"

Movie: "Risky Business"

Song: "Tequila"

Movie: "Pee-wee's Big Adventure"

Co-Worker You're Least Likely To Invite Out For Happy Hour

Character: Mimi Bobeck

Actress: Kathy Kinney

TV Show: "The Drew Carey Show"

Character: Dennis Finch

Actor: David Spade

TV Show: "Just Shoot Me"

Character: Vicki Groener

Actress: Kathy Griffin

TV Show: "Suddenly Susan"

Character: Dwight Schrute

Actor: Rainn Wilson

TV Show: "The Office"

Favorite Character(s) Who "Went Missing"

Character: Chuck Cunningham

TV Show: "Happy Days"

Characters: Molly, Cindy, Sue Ann and Nancy

TV Show: "The Facts of Life"

Character: Mike Douglas

TV Show: "My Three Sons"

Character: Judy

TV Show: "Family Matters"

Greatest Gadgets

Gadget: Shoe Phone

TV Show: "Get Smart"

Gadget: Bat Utility Belt

TV Show: "Batman"

Gadget: Pop-up Bed

TV Show: "The Jetsons"

Gadget: Tricorder

TV Show: "Star Trek"

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