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Flipping Out


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what a great first show....of course i had to watch the flipping out marathon before the new season started.

Jeff is as crazy as ever and what makes him even more crazy> not being in charge.

I will say that courtney chick is a whaco too. She did tell him to hire that company and then she flipped out on jeff who then in turn flipped out!

i think jeff is great at what he does. that woman needs to listen to him. he was righ on the money when he said..nothing has been done for the past 6mos because she wont ever commit to hiring anyone. must be nice to have that kind of money to just burn away.

did he say at the beginning of the show he was getting paid 25K a month to be a consultant?

damn thats some good money.

ps i think chris is hot!

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Did you get the feeling he was trying to keep himself from laughing at that one part where he is telling the camera that Zoila is so selfish? lol I totally think he's playing it up this season. Still love him and the show though. It cracked me up that his neurosis actually talked Jenny out of having pepperoni. He makes mega-money, maybe they could order more than one pizza at a time! lol

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for him as you can tell its all about being in control.

Jenny said to order one of each but then jeff went into his what if everyone eats the one pizza and then he would be stuck with pepperoni.

did you see his chuckle when he got his way? its all a game to him. he always wants to win. one can only imagine what it was like playing games with him when he was a kid.

zoila seems to be the only one to kind of put him in his place at times. jen is also not taking his crap so much. she said ....this discussion about pepperonie vs meatball is just so ridiculous ...i dont want to die and have to remember having wasted 55 seconds of my life arguing over pizza. lol.

i still love the show and wonder how he is gonna freak out next.

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I've never watched an actual episode, but I saw some kind of Q and A session with Jeff and his sidekick -- the Elaine look-a-like. Nothing I saw made me want to watch, and I usually love shows like that. It all seemed very fake and staged to me. Oh well -- lots of people seem to like it, and it's not like a need another show to get hooked on.

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Looks Like Chris is gonna loose his job.

What a freaking Idiot he is. He should of just said to Jeff he was goofing off. After all they all know how imature and goofey he is. He blatently lied and made Zenzi look like she was not telling Jeff the truth.

Jeff then catches him on his hidden video doing exactly what Zenzi said he did. OOOPS!

I wonder why Jeff let Zoila in on the scheme?

I feel bad for Jenny as she will be caught in the middle of the whole mess and if Jeff does fire Chris..how are they gonna pay him rent? He owns the house they live in! HMMM catch 22 fire him and they wont have enough to pay rent...dont fire him and he will still be useless.

Too bad to as Chris seemed to finally have his act together. I know Jeff would be almost impossible to work for and is crazy...even more reason to watch your Ps and Qs !

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I actualy felt bad for jeff

Chris by all means was in the wrong and i feel really bad for Jenny. Chris needs a lot of growing up.

I did feel Jeff needed to be a bit more sensitive to Jenny especially after he found out about the problems between her and Chris and that Chris moved out and wanted a divorce.

Jenny should just move on and get someone new.

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Of course Chris was wrong, but Jeff contributed to the problem. He doesn't understand how to treat people. If you treat the guy like child, don't get mad when he starts to behave like a child. Jeff has issues. I feel bad for Jenny. I don't understand how she can put up with either one of those two guys.

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I totally agree.

$$$ is what probably makes her stay. I am sure she would get a job in a heartbeat if she left him.

She would be a great personal assistant to anyone.

I think Jeff has a soft spot for her as well but he better becareful to be good to her or she will end up walking.

and she and zoila are the only ones he really trusts.

I worked for this guy years ago ...he owned his own custom jewelry store and he took complete advantage all the time. Jeff reminds me of this guy but the guy i worked for was not as anal but he is like jeff when it becomes all about me me me.

When i finally gave my notice this guy actually cried and begged me to stay as i was the only one he could trust and i just looked at him and said ...why didnt you show me that or tell me that a year ago.... too late i was a gonner. He even offered to double my pay! It was not worth it. i was tired of getting last minute calls on how he was stuck somewhere and would not be in and needed me to hold the fort down. It seemed to become more like my store than his but i was not benefiting from any of it. soooo buh bye.

at anyrate Jeff does have issues and i beleive he deep down sets people he knows are going to fail around him so he can feel supperior.

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ok Jeff is a complete control freak.

i think he is kind of mean to his employees and enjoys kind of belittleing them.

i think that chris should just look at him and tell him to take the job and shove it. that is the new chris.

then he did his review infront of all the other employees.

they must be paid a lot of money to tolerate his behavior.

i am losing more and more respect for jeff lewis as the series goes on. i thought he was a bright and talented individual but now i see him more as a contriving,whining,mean spirited bully.

there must be a serious problem when your own employees dont want you to know their home address. Jenny stood up to him and would not tell him her new address no matter how hard he tried to get it from her.

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I was thinking the exact same thing while watching last night. I had always thought the remarks around the lunch table were a lot of hazing type teasing. But, now we see that Jeff isn't just playing it up for the camera. He's got serious issues, not only about control, but belittling his employees as a means to feel better about himself.

The way he treats that one client of his is utterly ridiculous and I think if she weren't so "star struck" by him... she'd would of fired him loooong ago. Her 11 yr old daughter was divine and I got a little kick that Jennie got a kick out of her too!

Now, the mega rich bitch is deserving of a lot of the bs she got from Jeff. :lol: j/k I like Jeff's partner a LOT so, I'm glad he's worked it out with that client.

At this point I'd rather see him (sorry can't remember the partner's name) as the start of the reality show. His life partner, little girl... flipping houses the whole process would be interesting to me to see. Plus decor' ides, etc.

As far as Chris is concerned. He's waaay to bright to be doing the bs Jeff has him doing for this many months. The other douche' bag didn't really want to work/have a job so, it was right up his alley but, I think Chris has proved himself to be a hard working, self starter. At this point... he should tell Jeff to kiss his arse and go work for the other guy. :lol:

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The season finale was great

It was refreshing to see that some people do snap back at Jeff and his attitude.

Loved the moving guy who said "i am all out of favors today jeff". Jeff did not want to hear that and immediatly went to level 10 and they guy just basically said "Whatever Jeff"!

the other realestate lady put him in his place too. She got him 100,000.00 off that house that to me looked in really good condition and he wanted credits?!?? If i were her i would have said..well Jeff the deal is off! He would have probably wrecked his mercedes as he would have realized what he just lost.

Even Jenny bit back a bit with Jeffs remarks.

I think the new guy will probably work out as he seemed a bit hmmmm how can i say in a nice way...well kind of dumb...he just sat there looking good and smiling. He needs to have one of our friends at Shear Genius at that hairdoo of his though.

I also rolled with laughter when he called Ryan and asked him if he wouldnt mind if he moved in with his housekeeper/3 dogs and 2 cats. Then said that Ryans partner Dale could go get some allergy injections because he is allergic to cats. LOL! Interesting and a bit odd. If i were Dale i would be like there is no way your ex boyfriend and his entourage are moving in.

Its Jeff crossing those boudries without any thought.

Cant wait to see the reunion show and see if they do tell you anymore about Chris and that whole situation.

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Loved the moving guy who said "i am all out of favors today jeff".

I loved that too, but now Jeff is going to ruin all of his future business.

I think watching Jeff is hilarious but could you imagine actually having to deal with someone like him. It's not just his insane personality but the fact that he has money and power and could make it his priority to ruin your life. Scary, IMO

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The reunion was enjoyable and fun.

I think Jeff and Andy were flirting BIG time.

Andy is the cutest thing on TV.

It was amazing to see and hear that Jeff thinks he is more calm. In some ways he is but i think he has been shown as a much darker and meaner person.

I do think his interaction with his ex partners daughter is hilarious. He is a bad influence on her.

I am amazed also to know that Jett is still there but then again he seems a bit oblivious to things a bit dumb if you will.

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