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First House Guest Of Bb10 From Evel Dick


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This is from Evel Dick's Myspace Blog.......

Any Thoughts....

Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to introduce you to the first HG of BB10 (no bullshit)

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Ok, I have gotten a few of these since BB8, but this one takes the cake...

I won't even put commentary in this anywhere, I will just let the letters speak for themselves....

This guy has been saying for months that he will be on BB10, but his lack of tarded letters in my box and the out of the blue letter with nothing but 3 YouTube clips leads me to believe that this poop stain really is going to be in the cast for BB10. And yes, I am serious, this is not some bullshit story I am telling you. I think this guy who calls himself The Silver Skidmark or some shit like that, is still in the final running to be cast on BB10.

If this jerkoff moron is on BB10, I have just given up hope of ever having another half way decent season to watch.

And to Robyn Kass, the Big Brother Casting Director

(and one of my favorite people in the world...)


If you really did cast this knob (with a walnut for a brain, and the personality that is a cross between your friendly neighborhood child molesting ice cream man and a character on the Sopranos...... There was "Big Pussy", and "Little Pussy", this guy is "Smelly Pussy"....) I will have to stop being your friend. I will come by your house and be mean to your dog everyday while you are at work (I will even replace his poop with my poop as part of your punishment...) And I will call you five times a day asking where my Viking Helmet is. I will spread rumors all over Hollywood that you are dating Skreetch because of his dick size and add that you wear granny panties.

Well, Ladies & Gentlemen....

I present to you.....

Your first look at a HouseGuest from the upcoming season of Big Brother 10...

Self proclaimed

(in your mind you have to make this part sound like Michael Buffer, the famous boxing announcer is saying it, Skidmark would want it that way....)

The Number Asshole in the World.....

The Silverrrrrrrrrr Skiiiiidddddmaaaarrrrkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!



"Silver Kid"



Jun 11, 2008 11:34 PM

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RE: Adventoures of Silver Kid

----------------- Original Message -----------------

From: .."Silver Kid"..

Date: May 5, 2008 7:25 AM

I just like to introduce you to the number asshole in world, thats right I am 1 mother fucker so I hope you watch me on Big Bro 10, I guarantee to break your derilect beginnings.

Silver Kid

----------------- Original Message -----------------

From: ..EvelDick ..

Date: May 5, 2008 4:53 PM

First off... you are introducing me to the number asshole? What is a number asshole?

Secondly... if you are telling me that you are still in the running for Big Brother 10 (they aren't even in the finals yet) you might not be. I will have to talk to casting to check this out, but.... you might have just blown it by telling me. Ooooops!

Now who's the biggest asshole.

Hugs & Kisses,


----------------- Original Message -----------------

From: .."Silver Kid"..

Date: May 5, 2008 5:50 PM

Screw off asshole I never said anything about being a finalists you did, numb nuts. Don't stick words in my mouth. Has not the Seaman in Long Beach taught you to shape up or ship out. Best you swear into the US Merchant Marines and see what real men do for work, your just a stroke alcohol pusher, not any different than a drug pusher but whos really counting huh.


----------------- Original Message -----------------

From: ..EvelDick ..

Date: May 5, 2008 6:25 PM

Well, Dickweed...

If you were to be on BB10 like you said that means that you are in the process and aren't supposed to say anything to anyone like they told you, and are VERY adamant about.

And I am not sticking words in your mouth, there is already a fat cock in there.

Anyhow, it won't matter that I forwarded off our last conversation to the head casting director if you aren't in the process then, will it? But then again how could you be the biggest asshole ever on the show, in season 10, if you aren't?

So, in closing I will tell you to go fuck yourself and get some more hair plugs while you are at it.

You are too easy, not even a challenge. You try to fuck with me and in 2 minutes you are out of the running for the show. Ain't that a bitch. I might just solidify it by posting our conversation in a blog so everyone will see you as well.


----------------- Original Message -----------------

From: .."Silver Kid"..

Date: May 5, 2008 9:27 PM

You don't even know who the hell I am. Gotta feel good that you are one stupid idiot to push drinks for a living and with all those tatoos come years of shame. It is alright if you need someone to talk to just go get a job because your tv days are long fuckin gone. Oh and yes I can read and whatever that has been told to you is not violating any rules so take your reading to the pit and get some glasses. You are also one of the uglist humans I have ever seen. Take showers once a month or once a week I cannot tell from that gostic freak out hair. You ever want a job in Hollywood kiss my ass peakaboo prick. If you had half of my brains you could be a dangerous fellow but I know you need lessons so just let me know when you want me to start.

PS: Long Beach sucks with all that exhaust fumes you must lick down everyday from the boats pump you up.

The mother fucker you never could beat, is that the truth or a lie. I always tell the truth even when I lie. Remember that.

Super Silver Kid

Holyywood Mogul

Post this Worldwide. They don't call me World Famous Silver Kid for nothing, now do they. I am the man, the main man.

----------------- Original Message -----------------

From: ..EvelDick ..

Date: May 6, 2008 8:31 AM



First off, Jenius... use spell check, because you can't spell for shit.

Secondly, if you were anything or anyone, you wouldn't be trying to get on a reality show.

Third, your best slams are calling me ugly? stupid? idiot? You are even more lame than how you dress and speak. Tattoos (notice the spelling and take note) from years of shame? Like I got them in the joint or something, right? By the way, what the fuck is a peek a boo prick? Does it disappear when a woman tries to find it? And don't you mean if I had half of your only brain cell? Well, I think if I did you would be in a wheelchair drooling on yourself with someone changing your diapers once or twice a day while you shit yourself.

Fourth, I never gave a flying fuck about being on TV. I went to play the game and win. I did what I set out to do. You on the other hand, will never even play the game. I don't give a fuck what you read you jerk off, you know god damn well that you have been told quite a number of times that you are not to discuss being in the running for the show with anyone. You did. And a little FYI for your solitary brain cell to absorb.... THEY ARE ONLY IN THE SEMI FINALS, DUMB FUCK! That means that there are still about a THOUSAND people in the running for the show. The finals don't even start for another month.... You are an over confident twat. You are totally full of shit. You are a fucking douche bag. And yes, as you started this conversation off by so proudly exclaiming, you are an asshole. Thing is, you are too big an egomaniac and too closely related to a fucking monkey to realize that the "asshole" part of my game in the house was just but a very small bit of a very large, well thought out, well planned strategy that was talked over with my daughter for hours and hours while in the house. We planned strategies for weeks in advance covering every single possible scenario.

So, while you are just so happy with yourself that you made the semi-finals for this upcoming season that you obviously couldn't contain yourself (did you pee yourself a little too, like a puppy when he gets all excited and happy?) that you had to jump on myspace and give me the what for about how you are the main man.... you made yourself look like the main TOOL in the shed.

By your actions and reactions in your messages here, and how you left yourself completely wide open, you wouldn't have stood a chance against me in the game. I put you in check mate with your first note.... the first note, asshole. Checkmate. The thing you were trying to gloat about, brag to me about, you were still 2 months away from.


Let me also point out something that must have missed hitting that lone brain cell....

Not only was I an asshole, I had more complaints against me than all the previous Houseguests combined for all 8 seasons. And the best part... I was also the most popular Houseguest they have ever had on the show after even 9 seasons. I brought them the best ratings since season 3. I brought them the highest rated episode in the shows history (the 3 part HOH with Zach and Dani.)I brought them the highest rated episode of Season 9, when I hosted the POV. The second highest rated episode, the "Where are they now?" episode segment I did with Dani. And I was on Season 9 six times in total. The days I co-host housecalls, I near 2 million viewers... they have never gone over a million (excluding the episode I was .. I won.

That episode was the most viewed ANYTHING on ..CBS.

com.., it was so big the servers went down.) viewers on HouseCalls. The chat I just did with Janelle for Real Player was the most viewed ANYTHING ever on Real Player.

So, Johnny Jerkoff.... you go on about what a big Hollywood mogul you are. And tell me how because you are this big wig (trying to get on a reality show, yeah.. right) in Hollywood, how I will never work in this town again.

You are a pathetic waste of my time. And I have a million things I should be doing that are better than pointing out what a complete and total retard you are. They should have cast you in the Sopranos as a relative of Big Pussy and Little Pussy, as just "A Pussy"

Now, fuck off and cry into your polyester suit and dream about how if you didn't fuck up so bad how you would have been king of big brother, lmfaorotff!!!

Your Owner,

EvelFuckinDick, my bitch

This is what I got today....

To be honest, I made it through about 30 seconds of this retard's drivel before not being able to take anymore...

It says the same shit over and over, I will be talking to the world soon.

This is his way of saying that he (thinks) is going to be on BB10.

He obviously made it through to this point and after telling him he would be cut from the running if mentioning he was involved at all, he stopped writing me, but just couldn't contain himself any longer.....

So, what do you think? Think you want to see this turd brained dip shit in the Big Brother House?

http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=HSDHJJqjPaM

http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=1B3444ZxLGg

http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=EcEcLV3xatg





I thank you and my brain thanks you for saving me from losing more brain cells due to being subjected to another season of idiot ideology and high pitched mind numbing voices that drive you to the edge of smashing your TV to bits just to make that horrible noise stop (Holly, Jessica, Amanda, Natalie.)

Join me in saying to everyone with the show...

That we like smart people with wicked senses of humor.

We like competitors who are smokin' hot, with great boobs and snappy lines like, "Bye Bye, Bitches!"

We like charasmatic manipulators who can piss on your head and tell you it is raining... And you will believe them!

That casting the right personalities is more important than a catchy twist they can make .99 a call from.

Stop screwing with the integrity of the game with shit like that fucking Guinea pig question that fucked Sharon in Season 9.

The twists always put someone at an advantage and someone else at a disadvantage. Please just let these people play on a level playing field..

Like they used to.

Feel free to change shit up with the rewards or powers. Like the Golden Power of Veto, fucking Rules! The Diamond Power of Veto, should be brought back. The Coup d'etat was good as well.

It is a good game, it is a good show... I liked it best when it was stripped down to what it was in Seasons 2 & 3. It was personalities that made the show what it was then and it is what fans of the show, like myself... enjoy the most about the show. Not the twists, or the competitions or the eye candy. They are all part, but it is the personalities that make us come back and devote our fucking lives to this show for 3 months out of the year. And the personalities do not ALL have to be extreme. Danielle from BB3, Diane BB5, Hardy BB2, Bunky... I can go on and on... Even Dr. Will & Janelle are not extreme personalities. Yet, I know that I am an extreme personality and there have been many great extreme personalities in the house as well with people like Jase, Howie, James BB9 and others. And you need your Roddy's, your Lisa's, your Erika's, your Sharon's that do toilet scrubbing with another HG's toothbrush, and although I hated her and every pimple on her fat face (she thought she was so hot, yack...) you need your Allison's BB4.

It is only my opinion, but I don't see the Silver Skidmark as someone that is going to propel Big Brother in any way. The object is to make it more interesting, not more annoying. If I wanted to be annoyed, I would have stayed married, ok?

As the old Exec Producer wrote to me in two letters, one in each of the seasons I didn't get on the show, Seasons 5 & 6... Dick, you just didn't quite fit the "mix" of the people we cast for this season. He is right, "the mix" is extremely important. Which is why last season was weak. Too many like personalities.

I understand casting these people is a fucking tough job and that you don't know what you are getting most of the time until they are in the house.

And enough with people in the house knowing someone else in the house. In the beginning the whole thing with the show was "14 strangers together in a house."

I have never, ever heard anyone say... Wow, that was a great twist they had on Big Brother this season. The people they had on it sucked a fat dick, but the twist saved the season!

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Guest Moxie

It always cracks me up when people think they can spell and get on others for it but they can't do it correctly themselves.

First off, Jenius... use spell check, because you can't spell for shit.


This guy better not make it on BB. I refuse to watch that weirdo all summer. :cookoo:

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yep if i get ed i wont watch either

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If you were to be on BB10 like you said that means that you are in the process and aren't supposed to say anything to anyone like they told you, and are VERY adamant about

Didn't Dick text Danielle before the show stating that he would be on it? Didn't Diane and Jase speak before AllStars? They can't be that adamant about not talking about being on the show. Just saying.

The twists always put someone at an advantage and someone else at a disadvantage. Please just let these people play on a level playing field..

Like they used to.

Is he admitting that AP put him at an advantage? Or is he lumping his season with the "used to seasons"?

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I just watched about 10 seconds of the Youtube clip for this guy......please let this be a joke! If that guy is one of the BB10 HGs.....I won't be able to watch....the guy's voice is enough to do it in for me.

Allison Grodner said there would be some over the top personalties, I was hoping they'd get tired of picking nut jobs. And this guy is a total nut job. BB is doomed!

jmho :pixiedust:

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Go the away Dick...you'll always be a BB legend so don't fret. That biatch Grodner will never find a bigger asswipe than you, so don't feel threatened by this silver guy.

As for those who are like "Oh no, not this guy, I'll never watch." Well, Grodner and her cronies set this up since BB 8 allowing asswipe Dick on the show and setting precedent. This show will only sink lower and lower every season until they knock themselves into tv oblivion.

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I loved reading every minute of it!!! ED is still my favorite HG, sorry to the haters, but he played a GREAT game, end of story!!!

As for this loser skidmark, he blew his wad already, he won't make it, cuz he can't keep his mouth shut!!!

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I liked E.D. too. Don't like this guy. Even if he's on I'll have to watch but seriously, this guy is a mental case. If you look at his pictures on myspace he's flexing muscles he doesn't have, but you can tell he thinks he has them. I seriously think that he has some screws loose.

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Guest Moxie

I don't think we have anything to worry about in reference to this guy. Don't exactly think he'd look fab in a speedo. :animated_rotfl::animated_rotfl:

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geez Ginger .. why don't you tell us how you feel..... that's ok

I did .....and yes it is (especially if it's "ok" for others here).

I hope we don't have to hear about Dick hate all the time in season 10.

Such is life on the message boards...you should know that by now (and for others who spend their lives here.) I've sat and read through endless crap posts on this site....I think I'm entitled to make a Dick hate post. Put me on ignore if it bothers you.

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I tend to agree with that Ginger !! ...... all of it... You are soo right... lots of crap here .. and some great, funny posts... and it is definitely our place to post our opionions... Ginger.. I would never iggy you. I have actually enjoyed your posts !! sorry if you took that personal... it was NOT intended that way at all !! just fun'in with you.

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