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TV Guide News had this blurb:

That funny sound you hear is the bottom of the barrel being scraped. ABC has resurrected "The Mole" after four years, ordering 10 episodes to air this summer. With Anderson Cooper booked by CNN and Ahmad Rashad not being asked back, there's the question of who will host.

In an interview with Variety, Producer Scott Stone said, "We're looking for someone in the Anderson mode, a little mysterious but full of comedy. It could be a breakout role for someone." Casting for players is underway at MoleCasting.com.

Sign me up with the rest of you . . . I really enjoyed this show as well! However, I'll miss Anderson's guidance and humorous hosting style. I beg the producers to choose the new host wisely. It can either keep the show's intelligent pace or truly "dumb it down."

I too really enjoyed da mole.

I always thought it would be cool to intergrate the concept into BB or Survivor, or maybe just tell them one of them was a mole, when none existed.

I kind of viewed America's Player Eric in "Big Brother 8" as a "mole-type" of twist this past season. I truly enjoyed watching him try to control the game as voted by the viewers.

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Mole casting begins; production may begin in March

Casting for The Mole 3 has begun, with open calls and interviews scheduled for the beginning of February, and the series may start production as early as March.

The application asks potential players if they are available

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Former Extra anchor Jon Kelley will host The Mole 3, which may debut in late May

The host for ABC

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The Mole: First Four Contestants Revealed

May 2, 2008 08:39:04 by Joe Reality


By now, most reality TV fans know that the beloved reality TV show The Mole is returning to ABC this Summer. Instead of releasing the names of all twelve players at once, ABC is playing it cool and has only released the names and bios of the first four.

The first four players announced for the new edition of The Mole are Kristen from Santa Monica, CA; Victoria from Bishop, TX; Clay from Philadelphia, PA; and Paul from Yonkers, NY. No last names have been revealed yet, but it

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The Mole

Premieres Monday June 2

Dubbed television's smartest reality show, ABC is bringing back "The Mole," featuring all-new missions, locations and music, plus online and mobile interactivity, enabling more viewer participation during the 10 episodes. Jon Kelley ("Extra," "The National Sports Report," "Baseball Today") is host.

"The Mole" follows a group of 12 players as they try to figure out who among them is The Mole, a saboteur trying to keep them from winning money. Players must decide who they think The Mole is and then learn as much about him or her as they can, because, at the end of each one-hour episode, the player who knows the least about The Mole is immediately eliminated from the game. In the final dramatic episode, The Mole is revealed and one of two final players wins a substantial cash prize.

"The Mole," based on the hit Belgian format, will be produced by Stone & Company Entertainment. The original series, produced by Stone Stanley Entertainment, was hosted by Anderson Cooper.

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ABC slowly releases details about new Mole


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The Mole: Final Members Of The Cast Revealed

May 16, 2008 09:51:03 by Joe Reality


Over the past couple of weeks, ABC has been slowly releasing the names of the players in the upcoming edition of The Mole. Now, the names of the final four players have been announced.

The final four consists of Liz from Whitefish, MT; Marcie from Corona, CA; Alex from Haverford, PA; and Craig from San Diego, CA. Among the final four players are a musician, a graphic designer, a stay-at-home mom, and a retiree.

The names of the eight previously announced players are Kristen, Victoria, Clay, Paul, Nicole, Ali, Bobby, and Mark. Jon Kelly of Extra will be the host of the series. In the game, players are challenged to figure out who among them is The Mole. The Mole tries to sabotage the other players attempts to win money, while keeping his or her identity secret.

The Mole premieres on Monday, June 2 from 10 PM to 11 PM ET on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC

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Courtesy of: ZAP2IT

Meet 'The Mole' and 11 Other Players

Resurrected ABC reality show premieres June 2

May 22, 2008


'The Mole' host Jon Kelley

They are scientists, doctors, machinists and models. And one of them is a saboteur.

ABC has revealed the identities of the 12 contestants on its resurrected reality show "The Mole," which returns to the air on June 2 after a four-year absence (it's been six years since the last non-celebrity version).

The series, hosted by Jon Kelley, will kick off in Chile, where contestants will have to jump over the edge of a waterfall, among other challenges. And, as in past incarnations, one of the 12 players is the Mole, secretly working to foil the plans of the other contestants. As with the previous editions, the player who knows the least about the Mole in each episode is eliminated, and the winner stands to pocket $500,000.

The 12 players range in age from 24 to 60 and include a neuroscientist, a restaurant manager, a retiree and a musician. Viewers will have to figure out for themselves just who the Mole is, however; ABC is promising a heavy online presence for the show so viewers can play along.

Your "Mole" contestants are:

Name: Alex

Age: 31

Hometown: Haverford, Pa.

Occupation: Musician

Fun fact from ABC bio: Considers himself an expert marksman.

Name: Ali

Age: 24

Hometown: St. Louis

Occupation: Model

Fun fact from ABC bio: Has worked as a UFC "ring girl."

Name: Bobby

Age: 25

Hometown: Philadelphia

Occupation: Restaurant manager

Fun fact from ABC bio: Used to host "Mole" viewing parties.

Name: Clay

Age: 32

Hometown: Philadelphia

Occupation: Criminal litigation attorney

Fun fact from ABC bio: Says he suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Name: Craig

Age: 30

Hometown: San Diego

Occupation: Graphic designer

Fun fact from ABC bio: Has done disaster relief work in Thailand and Turkey.

Name: Kristen

Age: 35

Hometown: Santa Monica, Calif.

Occupation: Neuroscientist

Fun fact from ABC bio: Engaged in Parkinson's research at UCLA.

Name: Liz

Age: 60

Hometown: Whitefish, Mont.

Occupation: Retired

Fun fact from ABC bio: Adopted two kids and raised them on her own after her husband died.

Name: Marcie

Age: 31

Hometown: Corona, Calif.

Occupation: Stay-at-home mom

Fun fact from ABC bio: Speaks fluent Spanish.

Name: Mark

Age: 42

Hometown: Mukwonago, Wis.

Occupation: High school history teacher/soccer coach

Fun fact from ABC bio: Has seen all previous seasons of "The Mole."

Name: Nicole

Age: 32

Hometown: Chicago

Occupation: OB-GYN

Fun fact from ABC bio: Has no problem being considered a "diva."

Name: Paul

Age: 29

Hometown: Yonkers, N.Y.

Occupation: Machinist

Fun fact from ABC bio: Father worked for a company that made spy gadgets.

Name: Victoria

Age: 26

Hometown: Bishop, Texas

Occupation: Retail manager

Fun fact from ABC bio: Former beauty pageant contestant

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The Mole Season Premiere

June 2, 2008 09:05:42 by paulene_hinds

Jon Kelley hosts the Season Premiere of

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The Mole: When Pigs Fly!

June 9, 2008 10:51:26 by Paulene Hinds


At the beginning of tonight

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The Mole: Exposed!

June 16, 2008 09:58:39 by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on the Mole, the first item on the agenda was the death threat that Nicole made to Paul last week during the execution. Paul was especially taken aback by it, but decided to use it to his advantage to keep the other players off their game, while Ali thought that Nicole was just nuts!

While mistrust consumed some of the players, Mark, Clay and Bobby had been working together to form a coalition. They made an agreement to share their information to figure out who the Mole was. Together they discussed the other players and how they felt about them in the game. Meanwhile Nicole continued to go on about her comment to Paul and how she felt nothing for him and was going to remain focused in the game regardless of how he feels.


The players met host Jon Kelley, at a fruit stand for their first mission. He talked openly about the fact that there were major trust issues going on amongst the players and explained that the first mission is all about trust.

He told the group to break up into two with one being a non-trust group and the other a group of people who trust blindly. Immediately the players began to raise their hands shouting out which group they felt they should be in. After they have made their group decisions Jon told them that the mission was called,

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The Mole: Gets Burned!

June 23, 2008 09:33:24 by Paulene Hinds


After last weeks double execution, the players begin tonight showing their shock at what took place, especially the loss of Bobby. Nicole commented that she thought for sure he was the Mole and now she had to start looking elsewhere, whereas Victoria and Craig both were going to miss him.

Tonight the players live the life of the Incas, learn what everyone

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The Mole: Paul Gets Juiced!

June 30, 2008 09:42:28 by Paulene Hinds

The Mole, opens with Craig discussing how sick he got last week, Nicole complaining that everyone she picks to be the Mole gets executed, Clay thanking God for getting him this far in the game and Paul promising that he is working on ticking people off and will make the game even more brutal. Tonight the players must trust each other in order to be rescued from the freezing cold and the most loved player becomes the most hated.

The host, Jon Kelley met the players at Uspallada, Argentina outside of an old run down train station. He explains that a century ago this area was a holding place for prisoners being transported. They were chained together in the building behind him. He advises the group that this mission is all about trust. The first challenge is called,

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The Mole: Reunited!

July 21, 2008 09:17:14 by Paulene Hinds

Tonight on The Mole, the five remaining players put their memory to the test. But it

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The Mole: Nicole gets shot!

July 28, 2008 09:35:18 by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on The Mole, with only two executions left, the final four take aim at the game

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The Mole: Tick, Tock Boom!

August 4, 2008 10:00:09 by Paulene Hinds


After playing the game for over a month, Craig, Mark and Nicole are the final three players. One of them will win up to half a million dollars and one will be The Mole

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The Mole: Who Won The Game And Who Was The Mole?

August 11, 2008 10:25:52 by Paulene Hinds


Tonight, on the finale of The Mole we find out who was the winner and who was the Mole!

Host, Jon Kelley revealed the winner tonight of 420,000, but more importantly, who the Mole was.

The three finalists were waiting behind locked doors as the nine executed players waited to find out the truth.

Jon revealed each of the players suspicious moments beginning with Nicole. She revealed shady behaviour early on in

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