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Finale - Duel Of The Davids


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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Nokia theater LA Live and the main event and the fight of the century, scheduled for 3 rounds. So lets get ready to rumble!

In the Red corner, weighing in at 183lbs, its David "Sugarfoot" Cook!

And his opponent in the blue corner, 100lbs soaking wet, its David "Babyface" Archuleta!

This is the biggest showdown in showbiz history and its coming to you live. Ladies and gentlemen, this is American Idol!

Welcome to the show and good evening. Once again the eyes of the nation are trained on this stage. Who's here for Cook? Let me hear if you are here for David Archuleta? Let's hear it for the judges, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell.

So the rules for tonight. Big and little David will each sing 3 songs. Providing color commentary will be Clive Davis and Sir Andruw Lloydd Webber. Let's see how the contestants stack up against each other as we watch a video showing what's on the bill tonight.

Both Davids come in strong. Both come in undefeated, neither having ever been in the bottom three. And here they are, David Cook and David Archuleta!

Here we are boys. After last week's show, David Archuleta won the coin toss and chose to perform second. He says performing on the big stage is like a dream come true. To prepare, he rehearsed as much as he could and feels ready. Cook says he has a tall order trying to keep up with this kid and he hopes he found the right energy for each of the songs.

Randy says both Davids have to leave everything on the floor, drop the robes and go at it hard. Paula said that everyone is loving them, so soak it up and may the best man win. Simon said you have to have a desire to win and you have to hate your opponent.

Archuleta says Cook is awesome and Cook says what ever he says will sound trite now. The whole season has been amazing from 24 to 2, and Archuleta has been so consistent, as far as he is concerned, the contest is over.

Ladies and gentlemen, David Cook opens the show live after the break!

Tonight David Cook and David Archuleta fight for the title. Its and a three round contest. The first round songs are chosen by the man with the golden ears, Mr. Clive Davis. We get a video of the Idol Goliaths working with Clive.

David Cook will be singing I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For from U2. David Archuleta will be singing Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me by Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin.

It's going to be a tremendous fight tonight. Here is David Cook.

The performance seems to be a bit rushed possibly do to the pressures of fitting in 3 songs in an hour, but the song is perfect for Cook. Sung simply with a prominent vocal, he kicks it in midway with his own theatrical nuance, working the audience. Not sure if it was my favorite vocal of his, I felt like it was missing a little pop, not quite in the on fire groove.

Randy said he is calling him DC tonight. It was a great way to start off this duel of 2007, he may not have done everything he could with it but the scoop at the end was great, it was hot. Paula said we have found what we are looking for, David Cook has arrived, amen, amen, amen. Simon said he looked tense at the start of the show, but taking it all together, it was still phenomenal.

Next lets hear from David Archuleta.

Sitting on the steps behind the stage, it is a clear and pure vocal, but he looks so small on the big stage in a sports coat that seems to hang on his small frame. There also appears to be some white powder on his sleeve but lets not start any rumors here. A few tweaks to the arrangement give it a unique flavor but this is a song that you dare not change too much. His performance was emotional, singing to the mosh pit at the front of the stage, and the bouncy thing as he jazzed up the ending a bit was a bit weired. But he received more applause.

Randy said that was one of the best performances all season, flawless and unbelievably molten hot. Paula said her heart is still pounding, the sun will never go down on you because you bring out so much sunshine throughout the world with your singing. Simon said he thought last week he was OK but this performance was arguably the best he's done so far, taking everything into account, round one goes to Archuleta.

When we come back, Round Two.

Ready for the second installment? We took America's 10 favorite entries from the song writing competition and then let the guys choose the one they wanted to perform tonight. We watch a video of the fan song writing competition choices. David Cook choice Dream Big and David Archuleta chose In This Moment. Congratulations to the two song writers.

Singing Dream Big, David Cook is playing the electric guitar with a modern alt flavor. The vocals seem a bit shrieky during the chorus, but the song is is fun and energetic, and definitely befitting a rocker. I would have liked to have seen him bouncing around a bit as if he was fronting for a band. And boy did he nail the final note.

Randy said the song was OK but what made it really work was he was singing his face off. Paula said a song in his heart, a guitar in his hands, he took a song we don't know and made us fall in love with it. Simon said it was a bit of a light weight, the end was OK, he made the most with what he had, it didn't feel like a winning moment, but there is still a third song, a six and a half out of 10.

David says he feels good, playing in front of 7000 people, he feels great.

When we come back, Archie!

Now singing his song from the song choice competition, David Archuleta singing In This Moment. A change of shirt and coat that fits better, its another vocal performance, where he takes center stage with a mature presence, a sweet and easy flow, backup vocals that accentuate his lead, he is definitely seizing his moment. A second incredible performance.

Randy said right now he's not crazy about the song, but he is so in the zone he could sing the phone book. Paula said another heartfelt performance, it doesn't matter what he sings, he's on fire and why you are in the spot you are in in the finals. Simon loved the egotistically lyric and he definitely, definitely chose the right song. In keeping with the night, round two goes to Archuleta.

The guys get a breather before their last song. Who is going to be the next American Idol? Stay with us!

Millions of people in 100 countries are watching tonight's finale. Simon gave rounds one and two to Archuleta, but Paula and Jackson say its too close to call. Lets go to Round Three, the performer's personal choice.

Singing The World I know by Collective Soul, its David Cook with the acoustic guitar. Its a quieter song, emphasizing his vocal more, a more moody and intimate performance that showcases the full range of his talent. His stage presence is serious, emotionally withdrawn as he draws his own standing ovation.

Randy said one of the cool things about him is that he has shown a lot of sides of himself, this was his sensitive side, he could make a record with this, very nice. Paula said he was standing on stage with his truth delivering songs with truth and integrity and she applauds him. Simon said that publicly, he is one of the nicest and most sincere contestants they have had, it was a beautiful song but it was the wrong song choice for tonight, what he should have sung was Billy Jean or Hello.

David said this whole experience has been a progression and while he understands what Simon was saying, for the record he wanted to do something new.

After the break, its David Archuleta, singing Imagine, his final and favorite song.

With an acoustic accompaniment, its David front and center on a big stage. His voice shows no sign of wear after the first two performances, the audience mesmerized, cheering each infection. With small changes to the melody to modernize the performance, this was an emotional plea to the world from one who should be the next American Idol. The difference between David Cook and David Archuleta tonight was the difference between night and day.

Randy said he is happy it came down to the final Davids, he was so good this is what the show is about, the best singer in season seven is right there. Paula said she is as speechless as the first time, a culmination, what its all about, he was stunning. Simon said at the end of the day, the show is about finding a star and tonight we have witnessed one of the great finals, tonight, David Archuleta came out to win and what we have witnessed is a knock out.

To close out the show, Rueben Studdard sings Celebrate Me Home to a video montage of the season..


Who feels confident that tomorrow night, David Archuleta will become the seventh and perhaps one of the most successful American Idols...

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Seemed like David A performed better tonite.

David C's song choices didn't show him off to his best advantage.

The young David A has been blessed with a beautiful instrument ... and presents it in a way that's is way

beyond his years. I'm hoping the industry doesn't mess this kid up.

David C's talents are harder to define. Chris D was able to break thru... but I'm not sure David C will

have as much success.

They both seem to be really great young men.

Guess it all lies with how many people punch into the voting pool..... punch away :excl:

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David A found some charisma tonight and chose songs that allowed us to hear every word and hear him emote. I came into this sure that David C could dominate the night and I was wrong. I wonder if David C's song choices would have made more sense if he weren't singing abbreviated versions. Somehow he didn't pinnacle in the segments he sang. His vocals were good but couldn't quite swell them to a big moment, which might be more important when you're not singing an easy to follow ballad. Darn.

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1st song- I liked David Cook's song better and thought David A.'s version of Don't let the Sun Go Down on Me was overrated by the judges.

2nd song- I hated both songs, but I have to admit that David A. totally blew David C. out of the water in this round. He did an excellent job!

3rd song- I loved, loved, LOVED David C.'s pick and performance, and the ending was phenomenal. My hats off to him for being gutsy and picking something new instead of going with Billy Jean, which is what I thought he'd do. Yes, David A. did a great job on Imagine, but I'm personally sick of hearing that song over and over and over. Are they going to put it on every cd he makes?

The bottom line is: The A.I. Machine KNOWS that they can work with and mold David A. much more than David C. and so that explains Simon's totally one-sided comments (and I usually agree with Simon). But did we really expect anything else? I'm really sad that it looks like David A. is going to win but, ultimately, it'll be much better for D.C. to not have to sign his name away in blood to 19 Entertainment- he can do much more creatively and will be much more successful because of it. I'm sure David A. will be very successful too- probably about as successful as Clay Aiken was- I'm just a bit worried about the guy. He's a likeable kid who is going to get used to the 10th power. I hope he does ok.

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Simon went into this expecting David C to win it all. Simon doesn't let others tell him what to say or think. I think he called it as he saw it.

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this whole season of ai has been bs to me

the moment idol showed david a. with Kelly Clarkson photo i knew they were gonna have him win

last night i admit david a. was better but judges from start of song 1 which i felt both were equal were pushing hard for david a.

i could tell david cook got discourage

randy was pushing hardest it was sickening

david a got great song selection in round 2 while cook got a lame song

this is one of first idol that a singer was being marketing during actually season from the start

i never voted for idol in my life but i tried my damnest to vote for david cook last night

but couldnt get through

but does it really matter david a. has already won the moment season started

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I think David Cook is trying to throw the comp..............he knows all to well with his talent, that somebody is ready to sign him up for a record deal.

Let David A have it...........It seems the American Idol men doesn't have the success as the women do once they've won the comp.

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David Cook subconsciously screwed himself last night. As the resident rocker on the show, he managed all season to avoid the kiss of death . . . "the chain belt" . . . which, in my opinion, is the hokey flashing neon light saying "look at me, I'm a rocker". Last night he wore the belt. He cannot win now.

Oh why David C ?

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I agree with all of Kayo's comments. Just easier to agree than do all that typing.

I think David A will do well. He won't dissappear like Taylor Hicks. I just can't stand watching him perform. He looks like a young man having sex for the first time.

Cook is a much better performer.

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I am sure that the Idols get to hear or at least get some feeling for the competition during the rehearsal show. I realize Cook was trying to be gratuitous to Archuleta at the top of the show rather than risk losing votes by looking mean (the whole fight theme for these two Peaceniks was just wrong), but I remember thinking at the time it almost sounded like a pre-concession.

The bottom line is that Archuleta brought his A game. As stiff as he is when he is not singing, he connects with his audience when he is singing. While Cook performed well, he did not connect as well emotionally, and with apologies to Simon, American Idol is not just a signing contest but a performance contest. Maybe Cook did intentionally throw the competition but I doubt it. You just don't enter these types of competitions playing for second place. But if he did, he'll never admit it.


Who heard that DialIdol was reporting a David Cook lead early in the voting last night, although I don't put much stock in that...

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any one notice in song 1 when david a forgot words

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This will be my last post before the big announcement. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for the outcome we know we all want.

Erin. . . If David C pulls this off, I'll do a much longer and louder happy dance than I did last week for ANTM.

Good night and good luck.

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I don't take too much stock in Internet polls. The people like us who actually take the time to write and participate in net polls make up a small percentage of the votes. Just because we like Cook. The teenies and the grannies all love David A.

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I always thought the premise of American Idol was to pick someone that could be a superstar. If that is the case then David Cook should be the winner. Archie is very talented and can sing anything you put in front of him very nicely but he just doesn't compare to the talent of Cookie!

David Cook sings, arranges, writes and uses his own brain. David Archuleta sings. I can't help but wonder if he was such a tremendous talent then why didn't his career take off after winning Star Search? I do hope I am around the day he finally tells his father to butt out of his life though! I think it will happen - not immediately because this kid is terrified of his father (IMO) but I think it will all come out one day.

Go David Cook!

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