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Big Brother In Hdtv,bb Videogames, Boardgames, Etc.???????????

What would u like best from BB?  

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  1. 1. What Big Brother cool thing would u like 2 see happen more!

    • Big Brother in HDTV
    • Big Brother Videogame
    • Big Brother Boardgame
    • Big Brother ETC.(something besides ABC)

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What would u like(or hope) for BB merch to be avabilbe

I would love to see BB in HDTV! it would be amazing video coveage & the feeds will look awesome in Full HD. Yes it would be expenise for CBS but the images would be amazing. BB Australia is in full HD & same with feeds. why can we do it here! My outlook BB will be in HD hopefully by BB11(2009) but i know by BB12(2010). CBS is going HD with Survior so I hope BB will folow after.

I would live to see a Big Brother Videogame or Computer game! Where u can play "regular season" like Single player and u could paly online with other ppl and like u get put a group and ever certain time, we all will be put into a time that we play if we dont show up we get pentyalized. My oulooks is a know from Wikipedia a Company has the rights to Videogames & DVDs for BB(When has the last BB DVD be realeased!!!) and that deal was signed during BB5 and i aint seen nothing of that yet! Survior had a computer videogame come out after season 3 wherer u could paly as tribemates from the 1st 3 seasons(i played as Rudy!) but the game had promblems & many complaints, mine always froze after the same challge ever time. I dont know if a BB game will ever come but we can always HOPE!

I would like a new BB board game. BB had a extremly dumb & weak game come out after season 1(that i bought after season 4 on vaction at a KB Toys for $0.99 LOL) http://www.amazon.com/Big-Brother-Game-Rea...n/dp/B000050YR6

The game was on stupid questions. "Vote for who needs dedorant the most, put their # for that Houseguest into the Box." and whoever got the most votes was voted out. BB needs a new boardgame, others we will be board with that. My outlook: Survior had a Board game that dindt do that well either, and game wasnt hat great either. So i doubt a BB boardgame will ever see the light of day again!

I hope BB makes T-Shirts or other items or each HG as us SUPER BB fans would love it!

What other things do u hope BB makes or how do u feel about my items above!

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Anything Big Brother would be great. lol

I think that they should have the live feeds on tv all the time. The BB channel.. Don't they do that in the UK?

Do you play the sims? I know a lot of people do a "Big Brother" situation sometimes with their simmies. Not that I have though. lol

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big brother usa get improvements lol

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