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Top 5 - April 29 & 30


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1.David Cook

2.Syesha Mercado

3.Brooke White

4.David Archuletta

5.Jason Castro


bottom two: Jason Castro & Syesha Mercado

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OK I do not feel very stongly about these people like I did at this time in past years. I was crazy about Fantasia, Bo Bice, Jordan Sparks, Taylor Hicks and many others. This is my least favorite year. After the Beatles were finshed I hated the song choices too. Anyway here are my choices:

1. Cook

2. Castro

3. Syesha

4. Archeletta

5. Brooke

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lol i meant top 5 after tonight performance

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Dyson should figure out how to get tonight's show to power one of his vacuums. It sucked that bad!

Here's my 5.

1. David Cook (First song was OK, Second was great. Classic Cook. I agree with Paula. It feels like its his show to lose.)

2. Jason Castro (First song was good, Second song bleah. Simon hit it on the head. Its like Jason isn't even trying.)

3. Syesha Morris (She sings every song well and techincally a good performer. She just doesn't "Connect" with me.)

4. David Archeletta (Totally disagree with the judges. I found myself yawning at his performance. He's a great singer, but I didn't like him tonight)

5. Brooke White (Her second song was "OK" but it was not good enough to make up for that abomination for the first song. I actually cringed.)

Paul Abdul should go home this week. What a whack job!

If Paula doesn't go home, it will be Brooke for sure. (Unless vote for the worst is at its old tricks.)

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OK I jumped the gun!! Silly me!

OK that was how I feel in general

For tonight's performance----

1. Cook he sang well

2. Syesha so did she

3. Archeletta I like the songs he picked!

4. Brooke she was better this week

5. Castro the worst this week, boring, terrible arrangements of songs!

what about you?

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1. David Cook- First song was good, the second was fantastic!

2. Syesha Mercado- it will be a crying shame if she doesn't make it into the final three with the two Davids because she has proven that she deserves to be there. I loved both performances.

3. David Archeletta- his first performance was mediocre, his 2nd was technically excellent; I just couldn't get past the fact that I felt like he picked (or his dad picked) the song to pander to the American voters with the whole patriotic theme. I totally agreed with Simon's statement- this is one shrewd dude.

4.Jason Castro- The first song was disastrous. The 2nd was actually pretty good. I did have to close my eyes so I wouldn't be swayed by his annoying mouth mannerisms (ditto David A.).

5. Brooke White- That first song- gaaa! What was she thinking? The 2nd song was much better, however, it may not have been enough to propel her into the final 4.

Bottom two- Brooke White and Syesha Mercado (this is not who I want it to be but who I think it will be).

Going home- Brooke White...hopefully. I'd be happy with a Jason departure as well.

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The glare of the spotlight and the pressure of constant exposure have already taken their toll on some. Will anyone lose their cool tonight? Who will win your vote? This is American Idol!

We are still reeling after last week's drama. Carly is watching from home tonight. Say hi to Carly. Please don't let your favorite go the same way. You've got to vote, vote, vote. We have a very tight show to jam into one hour, so let's get started. Say hi to your judges, Mr. Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. And I know you want to make some noise for these people, its your Top Five Idols!

There they are. Its all about twos tonight. Each contestant has two phone lines for you to call, and each will be singing two songs. It's a good thing our mentor has such an extensive catalog. It's Neil Diamond. And we get a video look back at his amazing career, from I'm A Believer to The Jazz Singer, to mentoring the American Idols.

Doing things a little differently tonight, the contestants will be judged after their second song.

Jason Castro was up first, singing Forever In Blue Jeans. Playing the acoustic guitar, while it was vocally OK, it lacked an emotional pull. He just doesn't have the stage presence to pull of a strong performance.

Quickly up next was David Cook, singing I'm Alive. Playing the electric guitar, he had the rock vibe from the first note, a bit of modern grunge, a strong performance that should have at the very least met if not exceeded fan expectations.

The middle spot fell to Brooke White, singing I'm A Believer. Singing in a baritone and playing acoustic guitar, this was a bit of country rock that lacked the power that Donkey and the Monkeys brought to the table. A few twists on the arrangement but nothing that jumps out and says wow.

Next up was David Archuleta, singing Sweet Caroline. Taking a few liberties with the arrangement, it sounded like he may have lost the lyrics at the start, or maybe it was just pacing that seemed a second too long. A few pitch problems, but he was working the stage and made his fans happy.

Closing out the first set of performances was Syesha Mercado, singing Hello Again. Taking a simple and pure vocal approach, she sang slow and powerfully, with emotion and elegance.

Ryan brings out all the Idols and gets Randy's quick opinion on round one. Jason was better than last week but just OK. David Cook, very good, in the zone, doing his own thing. Brooke, better than last week, still a little karaoke. Archuleta, the bomb. Syesha, definitely in the zone, nice vocals, not amazing but strong.

Paula is up next. Jason, loved hearing his lower register, but the second song, his usual charm was missing, left it a little empty for her. The two songs made her feel he was not fighting hard enough to get into the top four. David Cook...

Randy interrupts: He's only sung the first song, though.

Paula: OMG, I thought you sang twice!

Ryan: You're seeing the future, baby, you're seeing the future. He's coming back.

Paula: This is hard! David...

Simon: Who was your favorite?

Paula: Looking at your notes, David. You were fantastic and it was a song that wasn't known.

Simon: You are all very lucky that you got two songs. Jason, forgettable. David Cook, just above average. Brooke, a nightmare.

Paula: No, no no no.

Simon: David Archuleta, I thought it was amateurish. And Syesha, I thought it was old fashioned. You are top five contestants. I want to hear performances of a lifetime in the second round coming up.

After the break, Jason Castro is back, singing September Morn. Sitting solo on center stage, Paula was right before. The performance was dry, and heartless, you could see it in how he stands on stage. Its like he has lost the excitement and thrill of being on American Idol and is just going through the motions. Randy said dude, it was just OK and he is not bringing his best vocals. Paula said he sang both songs the same way, safe and inside his comfort zone, he has to break out. Simon says they don't recognize Jason, no attempt to make it his own, both forgettable performances.

David Cook returned to the stage, singing All I Really Need Is You. Playing the acoustic guitar, the vocals were not as strong the second time around. The second performance simply lacked the magic of the first. Randy said again he rocked the house tonight, it was blazing, molten. Paula said he took two unfamiliar songs and pulled them both off, she feels she may already be looking at the American Idol. Simon said the first song was OK but the second song was brilliant, he actually made that song feel like it was written this year, changing the arrangement and making it work for you, it was smart, well done.

Out next was Brooke White, singing I Am I Said. Playing the piano and hitting the lyrics she had written onto her palm, the performance was kind of ethereal, a little too much incense and not enough power boost. It seemed like it was over before it started. Randy said it was gutsy getting behind the piano, being vulnerable and that song was one of the toughest to sing tonight, the melody moves around a lot, but nice job. Paula said what she her vulnerability is who she is and how she connects with the audience. Simon really hated the first song, but this is the Brooke they like, sitting behind the piano and being vulnerable, it wasn't incredible but it was a million times better than the first song, well done.

Tackling a big song, David Archuleta returned, singing America. This was a big song with big vocal requirements and he gave it everything he had but his power vocals were just not there. Vocally it was strong, maybe a little pitchy at the end, but the arrangement just seemed stitched together. Randy said for a young man, he is definitely in the zone, another good performance. Paula said this was the absolute perfect song for him to sing, his voice is on point, she loves to see the joy, the spirit, the prodigy and the savant, she loves him, he's brilliant, have fun. Simon said that was a smart choice of song, that was clever, it ticked all the boxes, his audience will eat it up, check, check, check.

Bringing the night to an end was Syesha, singing Thank The Lord For The Night Time. Bringing a little soul back to the stage and backed up by a trio, this was pure gospel, an energetic, powerful performance that just was the best of the night. Randy said she has finally realized who she is, in the zone, this is how he likes her. Paula said that her first song was beautifully vulnerable and her second song was completely different, her theatrical and performance voices. Simon said what she demonstrated that she is a very good actress/singer, but she may be in trouble tonight because there are only 5 left and she may not have had a really memorable second song like the others.


Whose top performances tonight came from David Cook (first song) and Syesha (second song)...

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paula needs to go

it was a disgrace a junkie is actually able to sway folks at home perception

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1. Syesha Morris

2. David Cook

3. Jason Castro

4. David Archuletta

5. Brooke White

Bottom 2: Brooke White & Jason Castro

Eliminated: Brooke White

Also: I agree with uvp... Paula is a disgrace. My husband and I have loooong thought that all three judges have already pre-decided what they were going to think of each performance; based on rehearsals and who they do/don't like.

Last night Paula was proof positive. This addict is such a waste that she gave Jason a critique on a performance he hadn't even done yet. She and AI producers should be embarrassed of her and that the charade was busted. Randy has always seemed to have a "favorite" or two and praises them whether they've done well or not. Simon is the only one that I think has a pre conceived notion of how he's going to feel about a performance BUT, I think he actually saves his acessment based on the performance they give that night. If they change his mind (good or bad) we'll give them their just do's.

What clinched it for me is that after Jason did actually sing his 2nd song... she said the basically the same words she had used the 1st time. (He's not trying hard enough.) Please get this farce of a judge off the table!!!

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With all due respect, production changed the rules on the judges twice. First, five minutes before the show they decided to only go to the judges after the second performance. Second, after the first half of the show ran short, they told Ryan to go to the judges. The judges take notes on the rehearsals so the sequencing and notes simply did not add up.


Faults Ryan for not controlling the situation better when Paula lost track...

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jason imho is getting by on looks

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These faces have been on your screen for nearly 3 months. You know more about these contestants than any other season. You are voting more passionately then ever before. But still, sadly, one of them has to go. We are live and this is American Idol!

I'm still out of breath after last night's show. I don't know if it was the strangest show we've ever had as Simon said, but it certainly was the fastest show. And the votes were amazing, over 45 million votes. Sweet. We have a great show tonight with Neil Diamond, Natasha Betefield. And say hi to our judges Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.

Let's start the music, half of t his summer's top ten tour, make some noise for your top ten. Singing a Neil Diamond medley, its Jason Castro, David Archuleta, Syesha Mercado, Brooke White and David Cook in the Results Show Group Song! Sing it now, Sing it now, Sing it now, my baby! Now in the name of traveling salvation shows everywhere, please STOP!

Now this season we are all about giving props to our Idol alumni and tonight we want to draw your attention to our very own Gina Glockson and Constantine Maroulis who are in the audience. They are doing a show on Fox Reality called American Idol Extra. Ryan wonders if they are being groomed to take his job. They are on Thursday nights on the Fox Reality Network.

But now, back to this year's contestants. Here's a 2 and a half minute look at last night's show. We start out with Neil Diamond's comments, the performance highlights, and the judges comments.

One thing before we move on. Last night the judges were thrown a curve ball before we went on the air, which is part of doing a live show, but it sparked a lot of gossip about Paula and I read some of it online this morning, and for the record, the rumors are not true. She's part of our family and we love her. And I think Simon still wants to hook up with her.

Now back to the results. Who's headed home, that's the big question.

Can I have out front first Mr. Jason Castro. You sang Forever In Blue Jeans and September Morn. Jason says he does better with songs he already know or changed. Did America love him? Jason, its been a long road and you've gotten close. America has voted, and to the sofas, you are safe.

Let's look backstage and grab David Archuleta. You sang Sweet Caroline and America. David wanted to have more fun with his songs this week. America voted and you are safe, you will be back next week.

We will leave it there right now, Jason Castro and David Archuleta are safe and will be back for our Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame show next week. Take a look backstage. One of those three is going home. Who is it? More after the break.

After a preview of Season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance (which lasted longer than last night's highlights video), we get back to the reason you have stuck through this plodding post.

Yes, its the reveal of the contest winner for designing the new American Idol Judges' Coca-Cola Cup.

Now back stage, we have three people waiting for the results. One of them is off the show.

Can I have David Cook please, front and center. You sang I'm Alive and All I Really Need Is You. David was worried Paula's praise might be the kiss of death. But America voted and you are safe, take a seat on the sofa.

Now lets bring out Syesha and Brooke together. Come on out, ladies. Well, here we are again, girls. With just the two of you standing here, one of you is safe, the other is going home, unfortunately.

Syesha, you sang Hello Again and Thank The Lord For The Night Time. Syesha, I'm going to talk about Brooke now. You sang I'm A Believer and I Am... I Said. Syesha said song choice is very difficult for her. Brooke said she genuinely had a good time and kicked into her happy, grateful mode.

Syesha, Brooke. Gonna let you rest on the couch for a little bit. Brooke said they will stay as long as they can.

When we come back, Natasha Betefield and Neil Diamond perform.

Ladies and Gentlemen, its the British singer-songwriter who is topping the charts in America, Natasha Betefield, who has a pocket full of sunshine and who won't let sticks and stones shake her.

Natasha gives David Archuleta a boost by giving him a hug. Ryan asks her to take David to the Prom. She has a dress but also a boyfriend, so that matchmaking is ruled out.

We go to On The Air With American Idol, with Michelle, age 10, from Lancaster, PA. Why does Paula always give contestants a break? Paula says somebody has to. She says it is really hard what the Idols do and she tries to keep the dreams alive.

Myranda, age 14, from Houma, LA. Will Paula do any more music videos with Randy? Paula says especially when Randy becomes an animated cat. Randy corrects, Dog. She will keep dancing like there's no tomorrow.

Tara, age 46, from Petaluma, CA for Simon. Which of the two performances were the most memorable, your kiss with Paula, or your first kiss with me at the bottom of your garden at age 9? Simon says, this is Tara Miller, right? OMG, we are going back 17 years. This is really you? I promise you its me. Ryan wants to know if Simon is a good kisser. Um... Bearing in mind I was 9 years old, says Simon... Paula asks if she is over the rabies? Simon asks if she is still cute. She says he has aged very well. Simon says this literally was his first crush.

Ryan says to all the kids watching, 9 years old is too young to kiss. We'll be back with Neil Diamond, stay with us.

When we come back it is time for the Ford Music Video Commercial. And then it is time for this week's mentor, one of the most prolific influences in music today, its Neil Diamond!

As a special guest, Neil Diamond's mother was in the audience. Neil says he continues the work because he loves it, its fun. The key to longevity is hard work, loving what you do, and a lot of luck. Neil felt the judges were a little harsh last night, but generally pretty right on. The kids did great and there were some spectacular performances. Stay with it if you love it, don't listen to what Simon says, and just keep doing it, if you love it don't stop doing it ever.

We will be back with your results, after the break.

Jason Castro, David Archuleta and David Cook are safe. Brooke White and Syesha Mercado are not. Ladies, to the center of the stage. One of these ladies is safe. The other is going home in about 30 seconds. Best of luck to both of you.

America has decided that the contestant leaving us tonight is Brooke. Brooke White, ladies and gentlemen.

A crying Brooke is comforted by Syesha as we take a video look at Brooke's time on American Idol. A still crying Brooke White says thank you to all her fans before reprising her final performance of I Am... I Said, and then walks away.


Who is a loss for what is fueling Jason Castro's durability when he clearly does not want to be there any more...

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Who is a loss for what is fueling Jason Castro's durability when he clearly does not want to be there any more...

My guess is that it's all in the eyes and smile, Fuskie. Sad, but most likely true.

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As I said in the Jason thread, I like him, and not for his looks. My favorite song of the season was "Somewhere over the Rainbow."

Of the 4, he's probably the weakest singer. But this isn't "American Singers" It's "American Idol." Its about who's gonna sell the most albums. My guess would be David Cook and Jason Castro.

If Miley Cyrus can go multi-platinum, then Jason Castro could too and Jason sings a lot better.

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Gotta agree with you Baron on the Miley Cyrus thing. She sounded awful on Idol Gives Back. Not to mention the slutty dancing - got nothing against being slutty, but not when you are 15. I don't see David Archuleta being a big star, unless it's on Broadway. He has the personality of a limp dishrag. Cook is the star in waiting, IMO, and Jason will do well too, mainly because of his charm, and when he is able to pick the music he wants to make, he'll do well. Over the rainbow was his best song for sure. Not THE best of all the idols, but it is ONE of my faves from the season.

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If Miley Cyrus can go multi-platinum, then Jason Castro could too and Jason sings a lot better.

Hmm...you do make an extremely valid point, Baron, however, I still think that Jason's longevity in the music world will be brief. The cover of a few teen magazines, a world tour, a cd-maybe two-and then I'm guessing he'll sink back into obscurity. I do think he's a very likeable guy with an ok voice but I just lump him with the Shawn Cassidys of my day and say it won't last. A blaze and then a puff of smoke. That being said, I will concede that he could very well do better than Taylor Hicks did- but that's not saying much.

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Yep, Shawn Cassidy is a perfect example. But, I don't think Jason will mind. He will have his moment in the spotlife. Maybe he will have a hit that will be perpetually played on the radio to remind us of this decade forever. He'll get chicks, fame and money. Probably blow it all on living the fast life. Thirty years from now, we will see him try to make a comeback. I wonder if he'll still have the dreads?

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Maybe he will have a hit that will be perpetually played on the radio to remind us of this decade forever.

Just as long as it's not "I Shot the Sheriff". :giggle:

Thirty years from now, we will see him try to make a comeback. I wonder if he'll still have the dreads?

Most likely, but they'll be a lovely shade of grey.

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