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Big Brother 10 Together Again Rumors Already Flying

April 27, 2008 07:53:07 by Joe Reality


With just one commercial at the end of the Big Brother 9 finale, CBS has started the rumors flying about what might be in store for Big Brother 10. The commercial featured black silhouettes dancing to the song

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Courtesy of: BUDDY TV

Big Brother 10: James versus Matt for House Calls?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Since 2004, House Calls has returned for every season of Big Brother. The live internet talk show presently hosted by Gretchen Massey that focuses on the events in the Big Brother house as well as taking phone calls from viewers has become quite popular in the reality TV circuit as it paved the way for other internet talk shows like Survivor Live for Survivor, Elimination Station for The Amazing Race and Talk Model for America's Next Top Model.

In the due course, however, the format of House Calls has changed to include a featured guest host alongside Massey. For Big Brother season 9, Massey co-hosted the show with Big Brother 8 winner "Evel" Dick Donato, runner up Daniele Donato, season 2's "Bunky" Bill Miller and Kaysar Ridha, who appeared on season 6 and season 7 of Big Brother. With the premiere date of the new season of Big Brother fast approaching, CBS has reportedly set its eyes on two former houseguests that might possibly host the upcoming season of House Calls.

Nothing official has been declared by the network. On the other hand, James Zinkand, who won $25,000 in the recent season as

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There is an article about BB10 in next week's TV Guide on page 38 - - - All I can say is Uh Oh!!!


returns 7/13, 8/7c, CBS

Think this winter's season of Big Brother was intense with its hospitalizations, emotional meltdowns and Bible-thumping evidoers? Just wait till you see what's in store for summer. "We're going to have our wildest group yet, " promises exective producer Allison Grodner. "We've found some very extreme personalities with very extreme points of view." Expect a wider age spread, too. After Evel Dick won Season 8 and Sheila placed third in Season 9, older wannabes are now banging down BB's door. "They're seeing that the younger contestants are impulsive and explosive and do themselves in," Grodner notes. "The older ones now feel they've got a real shot at the money."

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Allison Grodner promises Big Brother 10 cast is

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Live studio audience members wanted for Big Brother 10

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I have only one thing to say --- I hope that BB 10 has some houseguests that actually have some BRAINS! I for one am sick and tired of all the "20-30 somethings" that have humiliated not only themselves, but the concept of the show!! Give us some SENIORS who have LIFE EXPERIENCE this time around. You know there ARE viewers over the age of 30!!! Try and give US some respect!

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Rumor has it

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Allison Grodner reveals season secrets to WLBB

Posted by Matt Maynard

July 1, 2008 (4 hours ago)

WeLoveBigBrother.com spoke exclusively to BB

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Courtesy of; BUDDYTV

'Big Brother 10' to Have More Evel Dick Than You'll Know What to Do With

Monday, June 30, 2008


No one Big Brother house guest has had as big an impact as Big Brother 8's Evel Dick Donato over the past couple of years. The bawdry, profane, ultimately victorious elder statesmen has stayed in the Big Brother spot light since he won the $500,000 top prize last summer. He was a staple of House Calls during Big Brother 9, and has kept his fans (and enemies) up to date on his whereabouts via MySpace for the past year. Love him or hate him (and there seem to be an equal amount of people on both sides of that coin), Evel Dick is an entertaining individual and Big Brother is better off having him around. Big Brother 10, which debuts in less that two weeks on Sunday, July 13, will very much utilize the services of Mr. Donato. In addition to House Calls, Dick will host his very own show on Real Player for the live feed watchers.

This is all being reported thanks to a post by Dick on his own MySpace page, so you could say it's not entirely official. I trust him, though. Anyway, Dick's duties on House Calls might be scaled back a little bit this year. He'll be on every Thursday, and will talk to the evicted house guests (the Big Brother live eviction episodes will be on Wednesdays).

The Real Player show will air for live feed watchers every Wednesday at 6pm ET/3pm PT, when the feeds go dark in preparation for the live eviction. As for what you can expect on Dick's Real Player show, I'll let Evel himself explain it:

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I found some info on the net about the new bb.. :outfitted_pirate::lipsrsealed2::sherlockani:

Brian Helander AGRA

(602) 320-7136

Executive Committee 12-31-08

Brian has been competing since 1995 in roping, speed, rough-stock and camp events. He is a three time international chute dogging champion (2000, 2004 and 2006) He is also the international goat dressing record holder with his rodeo partner Chuck Browning. Brian is currently serving his second two year term as IGRA president 2006-2008. By day he is a college instructor in emergency nursing, a trauma nurse specialist and CEO of a health care software development and consulting company based in Phoenix Az. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona and Santa Fe, NM with his partner Don and dog pal Jax.


e here at Live Feed Updates Have just gotten word that Brian Helander, a 35 year old gay rodeo cowboy who is also prejudiced (LMAO!) has been confirmed as one of the 13 hg's this year. So look forward to seeing him Brian tomorrow on the early show when they reveal the 13 house guests.


Keesha, a 29 year old Blond Bombshell, has been confirmed as one of the 13 hg's this year. So look forward to seeing her this Tuesday on the early show when they reveal the 13 house guests.




The casting is going to have a slightly conservative vs. liberal angle.

A recently divorced Koren-American tomboy.

A 35 year old gay rodeo cowboy who

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CBS' 'Big Brother' has a senior moment

Jul 7, 2008, 05:13 PM | by Lynette Rice

For the love of Bengay, it looks like Big Brother will finally add a mature player (we're talking septuagenarian here, people) to the cast when the show returns to CBS this Sunday.

CBS is expected to reveal the entire cast tomorrow morning on The Early Show, but EW.com has already learned that a 75-year-old man (and ardent fan of the franchise) will be among the players vying for the $500,000 cash prize this summer. For a show that typically features 20-something hotties with gorgeous bodies, recruiting a great grandfather is a (welcome) first for the show.


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I Got 'Slop' Happy In The 'Big Brother 10' House

Digital Journalist - Jenn McBride

SLIDESHOW: 8 Journalists Move Into the 'Big Brother 10' House



LONGER VIDEO - 19 mins


Those who know me best know that I eat like a guy. Maybe even two guys put together. My friend, Alan, brings sinfully delicious apple fritters to work every few weeks and I often eat two of them. With my lunch. Heck, I even had a piece of Fisher's doggie Birthday cake last month. Suffice it to say, there isn't much I won't eat. But there is one thing I will never, ever eat again: SLOP.

The only thing worse than eating slop is eating warm slop, and only that, on the hottest day of the year. It was 112 degrees when I, along with seven other journalists, entered the Big Brother 10 house for 12 grueling hours of games, backstabbing and the most unappetizing menu known to mankind. (Or dogs for that matter. For the record, Fisher, your cake was MUCH better.) From the Head of Household (HoH) and Power of Veto (PoV) competitions to alliances and even a shocking eviction, we did it all.

Although I work just yards from the house on the CBS lot in Studio City, they were kind enough to take us over to the set on golf carts. During that short ride, I met two other contestants, Brian Gianelli, a producer for of Yahoo! TV, and Kyle Buchanan of The Advocate. All slightly nervous and unsure of what was to come, we immediately established the "golf cart alliance" or GCA. Little did we know, 11 hours later, one of us would betray another, who was ultimately evicted.

We met up with the other five contestants, were gratefully assured the bathroom cameras would be turned off during press day, and all entered the house. As great as it looks on camera, the set is very much like a bunker and is not as comfortable or inviting in person. An abundance of double-sided mirrors, a dark screen shutting out light from the backyard during lockdowns, and the noise of cameras shifting to capture your every move all make for a surprisingly cold environment.

But cold certainly wasn't a word we used very often, if at all, that day. The HoH competition was absolutely brutal in the sweltering heat. Even more awful was being eliminated on the first majority rules question. Entertainment Tonight host and correspondent Kevin Frazier was crowned HoH and immediately forced to put half the house on slop. As previously stated, yours truly was subjected to such misery. The other "sloppies" included Kyle, press day bad boy Reagan Alexander of People, and in a surprise move, Kevin humbly jumped on the bandwagon. He's clearly crazy. (Please note the green HoH robe he wore for the ENTIRE day.)

Kyle was the first to dive into the cauldron of warm goo that Big Brother kindly left on the table for us. "It tastes like warm oatmeal mixed with clay," he muttered, clearly wishing he had a spittoon in hand. I was next. Kyle's description could not have been more accurate. But the worst thing about slop is that it gets more disgusting with every bite. You almost think you can stomach it at first, but the fact that it tastes like wet concrete mixed with Play-Doh makes it impossible to bear. The color is equally unappetizing: it looks like a cross between the greenish slime from Nickelodeon's You Can't Do That On Television and guacamole. In my desperation, I tried to make cookies for the four of us, but the slop just wouldn't bake. It also hardened after being left on the counter for hours. All of this made me wish I would have eaten more Krispy Kreme donuts when they were provided for us hours before. Kyle conceded to eat brown sugar, soy sauce and ketchup for lunch. Kevin just didn't eat. Reagan licked dabs of hot sauce and in his anger, tore apart Mike and Ike candies and stuck them on Kevin's picture, making a handsome headshot look like a frightening 3D version of Ronald McDonald. It's easy to see why Kevin later nominated him for eviction.

As bad as slop was, it's even more painful to see my experience on video. Twelve hours in the house and we were all given just 19 minutes of footage. A decent chunk of that footage includes me reading the nutritional information for slop. And I look BRILLIANT. (Note: The people who look stupid on reality TV shows may have only acted dumb (or in my case, completely clueless) for one minute during filming and that's all you see (unless they really are THAT stupid like The Hills' Heidi and Spencer).

After my horrendous lunch, TV Guide senior correspondent Zoe Alexander Levin and I suffered a humiliating loss in the PoV contest. She just couldn't get her footing while carrying 20 + cups of orange-colored water across a balance beam. Can you blame her? But we were happy to see that Gretchen Massey, who hosts House Calls on CBS.com, and Brian had won. Brian took a $500 prize and Gretchen, who was on the block as a pawn to help evict house outcast Reagan, took the Golden PoV. Gretchen shockingly chose to save Reagan and Kevin then put Brian on the block. It was at this time that the GCA had a special meeting in which Brian wanted to affirm our support for him. Kyle pledged his loyalty, provided Brian wear a pink poodle cape, which was really a hideous comforter from one of the bedrooms. I, too, vowed to support Brian. But shortly after our meeting, TV Week columnist Joe Adalian informed me that Brian had suggested nominating me for eviction earlier in the day. Feeling betrayed, I cast my vote to evict Brian in the diary room. Only one person voted to evict Gretchen (Kyle stuck with his poodle cape promise) and Brian was evicted. I was later informed that he never said any such thing to Joe and the two of them were still disputing this as we left the lot. Someone better fess up!

When I finally in got back to my car that night, I felt as if I'd pulled into the parking structure a lifetime ago. I would not survive an entire season in that house, especially not without my husband. I have a new respect for Big Brother contestants and will now pray daily for those who are forced to endure slop for an extended period of time. I am quite glad to back on my side of the CBS lot, at CBS 2 /KCAL 9, where I'm allowed to read the news, surf the Internet and eat whatever I want -- even if it's dog cake.


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Has Big Brother Found its Most Diverse Cast Ever?

They range in age from a 22-year-old pro bodybuilder to a 75-year-old great-grandfather who has not missed a single episode of Big Brother, ever, and even checks out the After Dark feed on Showtime. (Gramps!!!)

Three of the 13 are married, and there's one divorc

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TV Guide Ventures Inside the Big Brother 10 House

by Zoe Alexander

What happens when eight journalists are picked to live in a house of 12 hours with no cell phones, Blackberries or contact with their news desks? Well, let me give you a hint

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'Big Brother 10' Brings Back Diversity

Contestants range in age from 22 to 75

By Andrea Reiher, Zap2it

July 8, 2008


Gerry MacDonald of 'Big Brother 10'

The 10th Season of Big Brother is upon us!

I hear the casting folks decided to get back to their roots, which means casting an interesting, diverse group of people who did not know each other prior to the show. Maybe this season we'll have our next Toothbrush Incident or Evil Dr. Will (muhahahaha). If you prefer to be surprised on the debut night of the show, please do not read after the jump. This morning The Early Show on CBS revealed the 13 houseguests to us, and this article is going to be a rundown of the contestants. So come with me after the jump to see which 13 crazies Julie the Robot will be interacting with this summer.

Allison Grodner tells us the houseguests range from a 22 year-old bodybuilder to Jerry, a 75 year-old great-grandfather whose wife was just diagnosed with Parkinson's. Aww, geez. Nobody can top that story. That's like musically-talented blind orphan territory. Jerry might want to keep that aspect of his personality to himself. In order of youngest to oldest, the contestants are:

Jessie, a 22 year-old bodybuilder from California, originally Iowa (Iowa, wooo). They describe him as "eye candy" for the women watching the show but... I disagree. Sorry, Jessie. He says he has a good relationship with his mom, which is kind of cute but also kind of worrisome that he's been ruined for every girl he will ever date. I think the fact that the youngest female in the house is SIX years older than him will be interesting.

Dan, a 24 year-old high school teacher from Michigan. He's a real charmer who doesn't see women as "equals" and finds tattoos "trashy." He's very religious, as he teaches at an all-boys Catholic high school. This oughta be fun.

Robert or "Memphis," a 25 year-old mixologist/party planner from Los Angeles. Memphis says that a "mixologist" should not be confused with a "bartender." Hmm. He'll either be really funny or really annoying. He's better eye-candy than the first two guys, though. He also has a live-in girlfriend, which means I'm sure we'll see him proposing to a girl whose last name he doesn't know during the finale episode.

Brian, a 27 year-old telecommunications account manager from California. Brian is the cutest male contestant yet. He was an Air Force crew chief for six years and likes sports, Maxim, and Led Zeppelin and the Beatles. Woo hoo.

Ollie, a 27 year-old marketing sales representative from Minneapolis, via Des Moines (MORE IOWA!) In his picture on the CBS website, he looks like Rerun from What's Happening. Awesome. He's the son of a Pentecostal preacher and describes his family as "The Black Brady Bunch." This guy rules.

Michelle, a 28 year-old real estate agent from Rhode Island. She seems to be a fiery Portuguese lady who speaks her mind, including jumping up to object at her brother's wedding. Excellent. Now that is the type of girl who would clean the toilet with someone's toothbrush!

Keesha, a 29 year-old Hooters waitress from California. Keesha works at Hooters and has a lot of big, blonde hair. She's an avid member of PETA and aspires to work on the Hooters management team. She is supposed to be the "eye candy" for the guys watching the show, but I feel like she and Jessie got the same treatment -- they have to be listed as "eye candy" because they are a bodybuilder and a Hooters waitress, but there are actually better-looking people in the house. (That is just my opinion based on the "eye candy" comments by The Early Show. I am reserving judgment on their personalities until the show starts, and we find out they are round-the-bend crazy.)

Angie, a 29 year-old pharmaceutical sales representative from Florida. She is a Korean-American tomboy who is fiercly protective of her developmentally disabled brother. She is also the women's Guiness-chugging champion at a bar in her home town. Awesome.

April, a 30 year-old finance manager from Arizona. She works at a car dealership and is OCD. She also says in her bio on the CBS website that she enjoys "watching sports, grilling outside, bowling and having sex." She doesn't pull any punches, does she? She is the other "eye candy" contestant, but I think CBS only thinks bleached-blonde women can be the "eye candy," because I think Angie, Libra and Michelle are all better-looking than the blondies.

Libra, a 31 year-old human resources representative from Texas. She is our resident liberal, a staunch Obama supporter. I hope she and Dan get in an argument and she chews him up and spits him out. She played college volleyball and has 3 children. I love her already. Plus her name is Libra and I'm a Libra! BFFs.

Steven, a 35 year-old geographic consultant from Texas. He is our resident gay housemate, but he is also a rodeo cowboy. Let's just get the Brokeback reference out of the way now because I shall not be resorting to that crutch. "Big Brother, I wish I could quit you." Okay, now no more of those.

Renny, a 53 year-old hair salon owner from Louisiana. She is a New Orleans socialist who loves showing off her Elvis, Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe impersonations at parties. She's also a gorgeous sassy redhead. This is the cougar that Sheila from last season wishes she was, but Renny is happily married for 27 years and has two grown children. I like her.

Jerry, a 75 year-old retired marketing executive from Texas. He is a huge Big Brother fan, never missed an episode and watches the live feeds. We should hang out when you're done in the house, Jerry! He stays physically fit so that he is able to take care of his wife with Parkinson's and has 2 children, 5 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

I have to say, I can't remember the last time I was this excited about a Big Brother cast. The show appears to be going back to the formula that worked so well in seasons 2-4. The breakdown is that eight contestants in their 20s, five are 30+. There are two African-American contestants, one Asian contestant and the fiery Portuguese woman (from what I know of Portugal, they do consider themselves different from the typical Western European grouping). There is one homosexual. The biggest diversity, though, is going to stem from their different backgrounds and beliefs, which always makes for interesting relationships, rather than having a facially-diverse group of people who all just want to be famous. Tune in Sunday, July 13th to meet the houseguests for yourselves.

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Magnolia's own MacDonald a 'Big Brother 10' cast member



Magnolia resident Gerald "Jeff" MacDonald, 75, is the oldest contestant on CBS' 10th season of reality television show "Big Brother." The show premiers Sunday, July 13.

On Tuesday, July 8, just five days before the premiere of "Big Brother 10" this season's cast was announced, and what a surprise it was for local fans of the pioneering reality series who learned Magnolia's own Gerald "Jerry" MacDonald was named a contestant.

The Associated Press and CBS Radford Studios announced the identities of the 13 houseguests who will compete for 13 weeks for a prize of $500,000.

Billed as a "return to its roots," this season's 24/7 edition which follows the group living together in a house outfitted with cameras and microphones in every room, features competitors who range in age from 22 to 75 - with no secret relationships.

"To celebrate 10 seasons, we are going 'old school' and returning to the original concept for the show - a group of strangers living together in a house and battling it out for half a million dollars," Allison Grodner, executive producer of the show said.

"Big Brother 10," seems to have a recurring theme of "13," as well with its cast of 13, competing for 13 weeks and its debut on Sunday, July 13. Maybe it will be "Lucky 13" for MacDonald.

The retired electronics marketing executive and great-grandfather is the oldest member of the cast at 75, and is the subject of many fans blogging on the Internet. While some predict his age will do him in, others believe his age is an advantage.

MacDonald was quoted by The AP as saying, "Age does not bother me. I hope it does not bother them."

Cast members have been sequestered for the duration of the season and MacDonald was unavailable for comment. An avid golfer, MacDonald is known to be physically fit. He stays in shape by doing push-ups and lifting weights, a habit he developed while in the U.S. Marines in the mid 1950s.

Moreover, MacDonald is known to love a challenge and what he does when he gets a hold on one like "Big Brother 10," is hang on, say his fiends.

MacDonald has never missed a "Big Brother" episode and in fact watches Showtime's "After Dark" version of the show. His wife of 54 years, Joanne, his daughter and son-in-law, Linda and Carlos Gonzales, along with at least three of five grown grandchildren are expected to gather for Sunday's "Big Brother 10" premiere.

The first "Big Brother 10" episode, a special two-hour event, will air on CBS Television Network - Channel 11 in the Houston area - at 7 p.m.

Orlando woman to compete on "Big Brother"

by halboedeker on Jul 8, 2008 8:46:08 AM

Yes, a 75-year-old great-grandpa will take part on the new "Big Brother."

But here's the Orlando news: We have a contestant on the show. She's Angie Swindell, 29. And she's a pharmaceutical sales rep.

Swindell packed nine cartons of cigarettes for her stay in the "Big Brother" house. I bet the competition will like that -- ha. Thirteen players will compete for the $500,000 prize.

Swindell attended a casting call in Florida. The Associated Press quoted her strategy this way: "I'm going to lay a little low and then start winning competitions when I have to."

She also told The AP: "I'm motivated because I'm a big fan of the show, but I'm more motivated that I have a chance to win $500,000. I just have to keep telling myself that if I start feeling all queasy about the 24-7 thing, there's an end to the means."

The 75-year-old, by the way, is Gerry MacDonald of Magnolia, Texas. He packed a Korean War veteran hat for a stay in the "Big Brother" house.

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Big Brother Producers Finally Listen To The Fans

July 8, 2008 09:38:57 by Joe Reality


For the past six seasons of Big Brother, there has been some kind of twist involving at least some of the houseguests already knowing each other. Big Brother fans have been clamoring for years for a return to the early seasons of Big Brother with a house of complete strangers.

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Courtesy of: nolalogo_242x90.gif

Metairie beauty-salon owner to compete on CBS's 'Big Brother'

Posted by Dave Walker, TV Columnist, The Times-Picayune July 08, 2008 4:43PM

Categories: Living: Columnists

HOLLYWOOD -- Renny Martyn, a 53-year-old married beauty salon owner from Metairie, is one of the 13 "house guests" on the upcoming new season of the CBS reality-TV series "Big Brother."

The show's 10th season debuts at 7 p.m. Sunday (July 13) on WWL-Channel 4.

"I'm very happy for her," said Renny's husband Patrick Martyn, reached by phone at the couple's Metairie home after Tuesday's announcement. (Renny's already in media seclusion in Los Angeles in preparation for Sunday's season opener.) "She's a very competitive lady. When she does anything, she goes whole-hog."

Joining Martyn in the camera-rigged "house" are a Realtor, bartender, rodeo competitor, school teacher and professional bodybuilder, among others. The season promises none of the casting gimmicks - such as casting participants with secret affiliations - that marked recent seasons of the show.

"To celebrate 10 seasons of 'Big Brother,' we are going 'old school' and returning to the original concept for the show -- a group of strangers living together in a house and battling it out for $500,000," said Allison Grodner, executive producer, in a CBS news release. "All 13 houseguests have no prior relationship -- they are not exes, nor secret couples.

"We are also excited to have the most diverse group we have ever assembled. They range in age from 22 to 75, come from all walks of life, and have distinct points of view. This should make for an unforgettable 'Big Brother' summer."

After Sunday's premiere, regular episodes of "Big Brother" will air at 7 p.m. Sunday and 8 p.m. Tuesday, with the live eviction show airing at 7 p.m. Wednesday.

The three-month season will take place on a new "house" set.

Per the CBS release, "This season, houseguests will move into a brand new, all-American home with a traditional look, with a rocking chair on the front porch, Victorian stenciled windows and a lush flower garden. Like the contestants who will inhabit it, each room has a different style and flair, including a groovy 'Road to Woodstock' bedroom, a rad '80s 'Punk Room' and a classic retro 1950s style kitchen. Additionally, the house comes equipped with a Jacuzzi and swimming pool in the backyard."

The network's website bio of Martyn says she describes herself as "vivacious, witty, passionate, dynamic and entertaining."

It continues: "She's a proud New Orleans socialite, the life of the party, who loves hanging out in the French Quarter with her family as well as friends. She claims to have outfits, as well as wigs, for any and all social occasions. Among the things that she is most proud of was being chosen as an NFL Saints dancer in 1977 out of the 2,000 girls that applied. She likes a wide variety of music including soul, pop and jazz. While she has never been an actor or a singer, she especially enjoys showing off her Elvis, Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe impersonations at parties.

"Renny studied at the University of New Orleans as well as the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London, the Jingles International Hair Academy in New York City and the Paul Mitchell Institute in Costa Mesa, Calif. She currently operates her own hair salon.

"Renny has been happily married for 27 years, has two grown children, and says her husband has always encouraged her to do the things she loves. She thinks the separation between them while she is in the house will be OK as her husband has traveled quite a lot for business. She describes her perfect romantic partner as sensitive, sexy, brave, has a sense of humor and is a romantic at heart. She had a great relationship with her mother who served as her receptionist at her hair salon. Her dad was a World War II veteran."

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Courtesy of: ADWEEK, NEWS, MEDIA

'Big Brother' Branches Out

CBS series returns with expanded multimedia platforms

July 10, 2008

-By John Consoli, Mediaweek

NEW YORK When the CBS summer reality show Big Brother returns to the air beginning July 13, it will include a redesigned Big Brother Web site on CBS.com, as well as other expanded multimedia elements.

Full-length episodes, highlight clips and other content will be available across the CBS Audience Network, allowing fans to watch the shows online and to incorporate clips into their blogs, wikis and widgets, and to interact and discuss Big Brother on message boards.

The CBS Audience Network consists of online partners AOL; Microsoft; CNET Networks; Yahoo!; Comcast; Joost; Bebo; Netvibes; Sling Media and Veoh; and social application partners Automattic, Brightcove, Clearshipring, DAVE Networks, Goowy Media, meebo, MeeVee, Musestorm, Ning, RockYou, Slide, ViedoEgg, Voxant and vSocial. Also included are Web sites from CBS' 29 owned television stations, 144 radio stations and 183 affiliated stations.

Big Brother episodes will also be simulcast on the CBS Mobile Network, presented on MediaFloTV's mobile TV service. And, for the first time, CBS and AirPlay have created a live interactive mobile Big Brother game. While watching the show via mobile, fans can participate in the "Big Brother Live TV Challenge" to win a trip to the live season finale in Los Angeles.

As part of a Big Brother Mobile Pack, fans will be able to get video clips, photos, live house alerts, daily insider summaries and be able to download special wallpapers and ringtones from the houseguests on the show. This service will be available on most major wireless carriers.

CBS and Showtime will again partner to present Big Brother After Dark, the live look inside the Big Brother house after hours from 12-3:30 a.m., seven days a week.


Courtesy of: THE EARTH TIMES

CBS and AirPlay Make BIG BROTHER 10 Sizzle With New Interactive Game

Posted : Thu, 10 Jul 2008 14:30:18 GMT

Author : AirPlay

BIG BROTHER: Live TV Challenge lets TV audience join the competition via mobile and Web action SAN FRANCISCO, July 10

SAN FRANCISCO, July 10 /PRNewswire/ -- AirPlay (http://www.AirPlay.com),

the innovative leader in multi-player TV games, announced today an agreement

with CBS to premiere a live, interactive experience for viewers of BIG BROTHER

10 -- heating up this summer's hottest reality TV program. Beginning July 13,

fans can play BIG BROTHER: Live TV Challenge to become the first official BIG

BROTHER interactive champion and be eligible to win a trip to the live season

finale in Los Angeles.

"BIG BROTHER has an extensive fan community who crave constant

interaction," said Jeff Sellinger, Executive Vice President, CBS Mobile.

"This new game enhances the experience by allowing fans to interact and

connect with each other via mobile phone or the Web while they watch the show.

Most people have a mobile phone with them while they watch television, so this

is a natural, entertaining way for them to interact."

Television viewers who follow HouseGuests 24/7-watching unparalleled

rivalries from the sidelines-have the tool to play along with BIG BROTHER:

Live TV Challenge. This social and competitive experience enhances viewers'

involvement, while they watch the BIG BROTHER broadcast on TV. Players

interact with other fans by chatting and competing against one another through

predictions, "Pop Polls," trivia and memory of past show events.

"BIG BROTHER: Live TV Challenge is the show's only multi-player game where

dedicated fans can watch, predict and dive into the television experience,"

said AirPlay Chairman and CEO Morgan Guenther. "Fans can use their mobile

phone or the Web to earn prizes and bragging rights."

BIG BROTHER: Live TV Challenge is the newest addition to an existing mix

of unique sporting events and game show offerings including NFL Call-the-Play

Football, NBA Realtime Fantasy and Deal or No Deal: Live TV Challenge. All of

AirPlay's games offer viewers the opportunity to compete and play in real time

against a community of fans via their mobile devices or the Web for the

definitive television viewing experience.

To play along with AirPlay's BIG BROTHER: Live TV Challenge, log onto

http://www.CBS.com, http://www.AirPlay.com or simply text BB10 to PLAYTV. The

game is available on most major carriers.

About AirPlay

Founded in 2005, AirPlay has become the leader in multi-player TV games.

By joining 200 million mobile devices with 110 million U.S. television

households, AirPlay enables enthusiasts to actively participate in their

favorite programming through real-time competition and community. For its

wireless and television industry partners, AirPlay offers a proprietary

platform and service infrastructure which enables incremental revenue streams

without partner capital investment. Led by a dynamic team of experienced

technology executives, AirPlay is backed by QUALCOMM, Motorola, JK&B Capital,

ONSET Ventures and Redpoint Ventures.

For more information or to experience PlayTV on AirPlay, log on to

AirPlay.com or contact AirPlay@RLMpr.com.


BIG BROTHER 10 will follow a group of strangers living together in a house

outfitted with dozens of cameras and microphones recording their every move

24 hours a day, seven days a week. One by one, the HouseGuests will vote each

other out of the house until at the end of three months, the last remaining

HouseGuest will win the grand prize.

BIG BROTHER 10 debuts on Sunday, July 13 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS

Television Network. Following the premiere, BIG BROTHER 10 will be broadcast

three nights weekly, on Sundays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), Tuesdays (9:00-10:00 PM

ET/PT) and the live eviction show, hosted by Julie Chen, on Wednesdays

(8:00-9:00 PM live ET/delayed PT).

About CBS Interactive

CBS Interactive, a division of CBS Corporation, is the premier online

content network for information and entertainment. Its portfolio of leading

brands, which include CNET, CBS.com, CBSSports.com, GameSpot, TV.com, BNET,

and Last.fm span popular categories like technology, entertainment, sports,

news, and business. With more than 150 million people visiting its properties

each month, CBS Interactive is a top 10 web property globally. Content

distributed throughout CBS-owned properties and partner Web sites includes

network and original programming, live shows produced exclusively for the

Internet as well as clips, podcasts and mob-isodes of CBS shows, among other



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