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Big Brother Limericks


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On Sunday the winner's announced

The final two guys, I denounce

One shows us his butt

One scratches his nuts

On one of them, tabloids will pounce!

or the variation -

The final two guys in the house

On Sunday the winner's announced

One Shows us his butt

One scratches his nuts

And both of them I do denounce!

A pain in the ass, name of She-Bot

Walked around the house thinking she's hot

she was paired with a feller

who made her a yeller

Bad attitude's what she has got!

A Big Brother Diva named Natty

Had a big time obsession with Matty

With her fake boobs she teased him

And covertly she pleased him

But after that drove him quite batty

Chelsia sought fortune and fame

She thought she had pretty good game

Her tongue it spewed venom

And for James she would spread 'em

But alas she just proved herself lame

There once was a houseguest named James

Who called Nat and Sheila bad names

His offensive ink work

Made him look like a jerk

For his loss it's Chelsia he blames

Josh was evicted alas

His insults were really quite crass

He'd go off on a rant

And look like a pissant

Most days he'd behave like an ass

There once was a houseguest named Adam

He knew well the Geesh girls and Madam

He picked in his schnoz

On his balls were his paws

And Shiela, she really bitched at him

There was a BB guy named Ryan

When Jen left, he sure wasn't cryin'

He called women bitches

Didn't pull up his britches

And when Adam wins he'll be dyin'

Though Sharon was blonde and so cute

And her game play was very astute

She squeaked at the guineas

Got to sit at the mini

But eventually she got the boot

The final two guys Ry and Baller

When Sheila walked out gave a holler

They trash talked the others

Really shaming their mothers

Now that She-Bot's gone they live in squallor

James did his "Dick Swinger" stunt

He called some of the ladies c___

He got the kabosh

Then came back in a box

And was later removed with a punt!

or if you prefer

James did his "Dick Swinger" trick

It was quite an impressive prick

His legs fast slammed shut

And around he did strut

Though amusing, it made me quite sick!

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hmmm.... wonder if you could get this stuff published ?

Maybe go back and do all the seasons ?

Bet you'd make a buck or two.

(you and Old Guy could collaborate ?)

just a thought

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Great job, Mrs. Froman! I know your husband Abe, the sausage king of Chicago - right?

Here's a brief limerick:

There once was a man named Dick

who some folks considered a prick.

But he and Daniele were jewels

when compared to these final 2 fools.

When the winner's announced I'll be sick.

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thank you old guy, that is really soooo fun and true, we wondered where you have been,lol

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OldGuy- Who says we're still married? :naughty: I find your creativity immensely pleasurable and intellectually stimulating. Your YouTube stuff was hysterical. Nice to meet you!

Thank you to all of you for your compliments and kind words. I appreciate it and am honored.

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