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July 19th TV Show Coverage

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Think you can't help us out because you don't get the Live Feeds?

Then you would be wrong ...

We are trying something new out this year ...

We need people to write what they see on the televised show, preferrably as you are watching it, but even within the hour later ... then Ranster (me) will swoop in and gather it all up for a neat upload for the BB page.

Wanna Help? Volunteer here!

Watching the show? Post what you see here in as much detail as you can!

This is all a part of Morty's Team Coverage ...

Any takers?

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Guest ranster627

Okay, you have seen it done, and you have seen the BB Page by now!

Willing to volunteer?

This is done way differently than the old Survivor recaps, because it is done Morty style! All the recappers posts were important, some for verification, and others for neat phrases ... we all watch TV very differently. The two styles, after-show recappers and the type-as-you-go people, all blended to make a great first show coverage!

Bravo to everyone thanked on the BB Page!

Join us, volunteer here for Tuesday!

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Guest ranster627

previously on BB6 ... Ashlea evicted ... Eric HOH ... his deals ...

general recap ...

yes, we are on here in Canada !!!

veto and will they use it?

what will happen as tension builds?

opening credits

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Guest Pecker

I'm getting the broadcast here in Canada....

Intro is really dark... showing clips of girls whining about Mike... with the touching and kissing.... they will def show the fight

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Guest ranster627

reaction to Noms ...

review of Nom Ceremony ...

Eric's speech ...

Day 13

Eric can't trust Michael because of his keeping company with Janelle

April says she has to trust them

Michael complains trust is broken

Maggie was proud of his speech 150% support

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Guest Pecker

Yvette and April... and of course Maggie go straight to the HOH room to see Eric and congradulating him on a good speech (noms)

Jannelle and Mike went straight to the Gold Room....

Mike in DR bad mouthing Eric on how his speech was so BS

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Guest ranster627

everyone visits Eric and hugs him ...

he expected Mike and Janelle to hide in gold room

eric hopes he has displayed his leadership style

Mike: That guy couldn't lead a frickin kid into a candy store

Jan: everyone else in the house a bunch of sheep

Eric says Mike has intimidated women ...

Kaysar frustrated at edge Eric has : liberating the women

Michael would take a bullet for Kaysar and knows K would too

Kaysar feels separated from Mike and Janelle

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Guest Pecker

K feels M is a liability...

M & J were talking in the gold room, bad mouthing Eric and Beau was there.... after which he scampered back to Eric to tell him

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Guest ranster627

Janelle thinks Kaysar worried about link with them

Kaysar feels helping Michael will only hurt himself ...

Michael warned Beau to watch his back because Eric already betrayed him

Beau reports back to Eric

Eric lobbying to get Mike out ...

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fade music from pres

showing there bathing suit comp they had

april telling janelle take your self off but not michael , why do you hang around him he freakes me out

Janelle says april trying to brain wash her , and the people are retarded if they don't see what eric is doing to them.

April says janelle not seeing what michael is doing.

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Guest ranster627

body building competition ...

Eric was com[petitive body builder

James is the hottest boyfriend ever: sarah

Jan: basically eric has brainwashed the entire house ... April is trying too, I never believe April because she is trying to work me


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BB starts after The presidential announcement at 9:10 pm est

Already in progress@!!#!$@%^^

Showing howie and his body building contest, showing off his legs

April tells Janelle - if you win the POV dont take the other one off - save yourself. Why do you hang around him? Janelle says - he doesnt bother me.

Janelle - if these people dont see what Eric is doing to them than they are retards

I dont believe anything that comes out of Aprils mouth.

April says - dont trust Michael hes a smart smart guy


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Guest ranster627

Michael stared at Eric

Michael says eric is indeed frightened ... and Eric keeps commenting about not being intimidated ...

M: Eric got very defensive

selection of Veto comp partners ...

Kaysar wants to help him but not want the target "for public relations"

the gymn ... everyone tries numbers ...

It's time to get in shape sign on fridge!

clock on the wall that hadn't been there before

Sarah said hmmmm 534 is that the code for the room ...

It worked!

she was so excited.

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Guest ranster627

Michael feels targetted

gets upset with sexual harrassment stuff "it's all misconstrued"

lynch mob out here ... people calling him sexual predator ...

several responsible for turmoil:

eric whipping up room ... is uncomfortabl;e "sexual harrassment"

what that little midget is saying about me ... Mi about Eric

he shouts it out in the yard and the girls ignore him

Kaysar tries to calm him down

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kitchen and eric having coffee with maggie and micheal just staring at him , intimidating me won't work.

Michael makes fun of him in the DR room.

Eric says play all the games you want wont work on me

maggie says both being stupid , why are they playing the games.

michael telling kaysar we have couple of options , but he is still under target .

Michael says this is a time for action , face it we are leaving or we win and go on.

kaysar says helping michael and putting him self out there makes him a target.

Micheal says eric put his key in last

Kaysar says mike going to be gone and is out of his hands now.

everyone trying to find way into gym

sign on freezer says time to get in shape . Everyone looks for clue in house can't find it look into the gym see a clock on wall

sarah puts the time she see's in the lock , and it opens the door.

everyone playing on equipment

Michael in kitchen , feeling he been targeted , says the techniques people used are pathetic.

Michael talking to kaysar about the sexual harrassment bull.

Kaysar says he don't know how much is made up or misconstrued but it don't matter cause they made up there minds.

Kaysar asking mike if he had a single clue on how they felt , mike says no no one said anything.

Eric says in the outside world mike would be charged with sexual harrassment

shows Eric tried to tell him what he was doing.

mike sits with janelle and Kaysar , mike says he going to make sure all knows what that midget is saying about him , meaning Eric

mike says all the girls in the house thinks he is pervert says it out loud to the girls walking by that ignore him.

he calls Eric a midget and a ghetto girl to Ivette

Maggie tells Eric what michael said , Ivette says the minute he disrespects her she will come unglued

Eric says it is getting out of hand and maggie tells him keep his cool.


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[Okay to refresh everyones memory LOL

Janelle and Michael are on the block. They both have been nominated for eviction.]

Eric - In the kitchen, having coffee with maggie - Michael is staring at him. Eric says is there a reason why your staring at me? Your not going to intimidate me. Michael says - I'm not trying to intimidate you.

Eric says play your games on someone else.

Michael - Eric is scared of me.

Michael wants to pick Kaysar for his partner in the POV comp.

Kaysar doesnt want to do it and Michael is having to try and convince him by saying - doing this isn't going to make you any less than a target.

Kaysar doesnt want to for public relations. Michael says - they are going to put you up! Kaysar says, I'm willing to take that chance and declines Michaels proposal.

Rachel - how are we going to get into the gym?

Ivette notices a poster on the refrigerator that says its time to get in shape. Everyone started freaking out and running around looking. Sarah goes to the gym door and notices a clock that wasn't hanging on the wall before. She notices the time - 5:34 and uses that as the code for the door and it opens!!! Everyone is happy. Sarah says shes so excited

Showing Michael in the kitchen alone - he feels hes been targeted. He thinks the lies these people are telling are pathetic. Michael and Kaysar playing chess when Kaysar tells Michael that he heard that they are talking about sexual harrassment.

Michael - hes mad!! Kaysar says - did you know that they were having this feeling toward you? Michael NO! no one has said anything.

Eric and April saying Michael needs to go now! If we were on the outside - he would be charged with sexual harrassment for kissing April on the next and Jennifer on the stomach.

After Eric has his talk with Michael - Eric asks April if Michael has stopped? April says - I dont think he gets it.

Michael to Janelle and Kaysar telling them what Eric said - that everyone in the house thinks michael is a perv. Hes talking very loudly so everyone can hear him in the backyard. Calls Eric a midget. Michael says - Hey Jennifer did you know that I was molesting you and all the other girls in here?

Maggie and Ivette goe straight to Eric - Eric says this has got to stop right now! (taking charge) pfft

Ivette is warning Eric to keep his cool


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Guest ranster627

Michael and Janelle laughing about Eric in gold room ...

being very sarcastic ...

Rachel went to eric and said he said something about Eric's family

Eric was mad

now Ivette mad about the burp ...

she imitates Michael,

Beau and Kaysar were talking and Ivette came in upset

K went to gold room to diffuse situation

"rise above this"

he feels he went out on a limb by being with those guys

He talked about my family (said it twice)

the anger escalates fuelled by Ivette

Eric yells at Kaysar ...

Michael comes outside

mike and eric yell

Eric rises

the attempt ... BB separated everyone ... then Ivette and Kaysar started fighting

Ivette went off on KYSAR

he has no respect for women

BB sends everone to separate places in the yard

After the incident they all went to LR for meeting

Eric says he would never have become physical

everyone expressed feelings

Michael talks about chain of gossip

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michael and janelle in gold room laughing and making fun of the others , michael doing imitations of others.

Rachel admits it was she listening at door told eric that Michael was speaking about his family,.

Ivette says she about to go latin on mikes ass since he walked by her and burped in her face.

Ivette imitates what she calls mikes platipus walk and she going to get cuban on his ass

she tells ,, kaysar and beau she wants to blow dry her hair before she goes off on mike

kaysar goes in the room and tells mike and tells him to be more mature than her , don't tell me I am right and do something else .

Kaysar I went out on a limb , i am sitting in here with you and what yo do reflects on me .

Eric says that mike came after his family and he won't sit still and take it , ivette going to shred him to pieces she says.

Kaysar comes out to talk about it , but they taking it wrong , telling him no one comes after my family.

Ivette starts from the beginning stead of today . dragging it out , making kaysar mad

Eric tells kaysar walk away , with whats about to come down

the fight begins , verbal bashing , as both are being held back

Eric sent to DR , Mike to Storage room

Kaysar and Ivette get into a heated discussion on the hole thing.

Kaysar beaus up to Ivette , he stands up and faces her.

once everyone callmed down they was called into the living room for a meeting , and given a warning

Eric says I would never of become physical

Mike , says what has been bothering me is the this person says this and he don't know the source

Kayar goes up to Ivette and appologizes

Eric says what being a man is all about is admitting when you are wrong and being able to appologize , as he does so to mike

Mike says it was a tactic for the others to see.


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Guest ranster627

Kaysar apologized to Ivette

Eric what being a man is all about is knowing when you're wrong

Eric shook hands with Mike

Mike called it a noble tactic

to show what a "noble guy he is"


That was well done! and exciting!

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