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Your Favotite Big Brother Players Ever!!!!!! & Cast

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Put down ur top 10 Fav. Guys & top 10 Fav. Girls and if the ppl are in your ulimate top 14 put them in "()". & after that Put all seasons of BB in order of ur fav. season(and if u want add some info why & If u dint watch a BB season say which one after that

Rember its not who u think was Greatest but who was ur Favorite lol


1. BB4 Allison(2)

2. BB9 Amanda(5)

3. BB9 Sharon(7)

4. BB8 Dani(8)

5. BB6/7 Jani(11)

6. BB5 Diane(12)

7. BB3 Lisa

8. BB6 Ivette

9. BB4 Michelle

10. BB9 Jen


1. BB8 Evel Dick(1)

2. BB4 Jack(3)

3. BB1/7 Chicken George(4)

4. BB6 "Cappy" Eric(6)

5. BB2/7 Dr. Will(9)

6. BB9 Josh(10)

7. BB3 Gerry(13)

8. BB5 Jase(14)

9. BB5 Marvin

10. BB3/7 Marcellus

Favorite Seasons (In here put your "Quote" for season)

1. Big Brother 8 (Season of Donatos)

2. Big Brother 7 (AllStars)

3. Big Brother 4 (X-Factor)

4. Big Brother 5 (Project DNA)

5. Big Brother 9 (Till Death Do Us part)

6. Big Brother 6 (Summer of Secrets)

7. Big Brother 2 (The Beginng of it all)

8. Big Brother 3 (Expect the Unexpected)

9. Big Brother 1 (the Lost Season)

Seasons I Did Not Watch

(1/2) of Big Brother 1

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