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Top 6 - April 22 & 23


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1.Syesha Mercado best of night by far

2.David Cook most consistent each week imho its his show to lose

3.Carly Smithson good in parts

4.David Archuleta average again

5.Jason Castro pathetic

6.Brooke White who forgets their song at this point


bottom two?Jason Castro & Brooke White

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Wonder if we'll get 2 songs tonight..............this "After the Break" really gets on my nerves.

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Think this might be the Songlist for tonight.

Syesha Mercado -- "One Rock & Roll Too Many" from Starlight Express

David Cook -- "Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera

Carly Smithson -- "Jesus Christ Superstar"

Brooke White -- "You Must Love Me" from the film adaptation of "Evita"

Jason Castro -- "Memory" from Cats. FYI, the official title is NOT "Memories."

David Archuleta -- "Think of Me" from Phantom of the Opera.

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I hope not Sheri. I would really love to hear Syesha sing "I don't know how to Love him" from Jesus Christ Superstar. And I would rather have David Cook do Superstar and Carly sing Memory or Don't Cry for me Argentina. I have a feeling that Brooke and Jason are going to have a hard time tonight.

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Tonight your finalists face their toughest test yet as we push them further than ever before. Who will rise to the challenge? Who will win your vote? Live, this is American Idol!

It's Earth Day today, and Idol is doing its part for the environment by using Green Power for the finale. It's just 4 weeks away but tonight it's time to up the ante and the contestants are going out of their comfort zones. As you can see, we've expanded the band section for Ricky Minor and the band (Ryan fake conducts an orchestration of Music of the Night from Phantom). Say hi to your judges, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. And friends, keep the noise going because here they are, your top six American Idols!

They have a daunting task ahead of them. Tonight's theme is the music of Andrew Lloydd Webber, who is with us tonight in the audience. And we take a look at the amazing career of Lord Andrew Lloydd Webber, who has transformed the theater like no one since Rogers and Hammerstein. This week the contestants were flown to Las Vegas to the set of Phantom Of The Opera to meet with the composer on his home turf. Lord Webber's songs are story-driven, which is frequently an element I look for in an Idol performance.

Randy says these numbers are going to be the toughest night of the season. Paula says there are still a few that stand out, but this week will not be any easier for those who do not. Simon said they have to make themselves memorable yet contemporary.

Let's get started. Syesha Mercado led things off, singing One Rock'n'Roll Too Many from Starlight Express. Sultry and and sexy, the performance was full of attitude, but it could have used a little Choo Choo the terrific vocals. One of my favorite musicals, a great way to start of the night. Randy said not only is this her element, she could be Broadway star; this was her best performance to date right there. Paula said this is her happy place and she is real good at it, she brought the house down right at the very beginning. Simon said it was very sexy, one of her strongest performances so far, massive personality and you are definitely more comfortable in this area.

Following the opening act was Jason Castro, singing Memories from Cats. Sitting alone on the stage, my initial reaction was that I was watching one of those Call Now for this exclusive boxed set of your favorite Andrew Lloydd Webber songs. He tried hard to infuse the performance with emotion, but it just didn't work for me. The impression I got was that he knew it was bad but he knew he had to go through with it anyway. Randy thought musically, vocally it was a little bit of a train wreck, just not the kind of song for him, too much melody for him, too big a song. Paula said people are used to hearing this song from a female balladeer and that's not who he is, a wise choice to put your influence into the song and further identifies his unique being as an artist, a pop ballad. Simon it felt like the longest 2 minutes of his life, it came over as a young guy being forced by your mom and dad to sing a song at a wedding that you didn't want to sing, you were miserable, I was miserable, not your style of music, a struggle.

Brooke White was up next, Singing You Must Love Me from Evita (Movie). Out of the gate, she trips on the lyrics and has to start over. Sitting on a high stool, the vocals were strong and emotional but the performance lacked the staging I would have liked to have seen, reflecting a woman pleading with her people, demanding of her fans. Randy said it wasn't great but once she got started, she listened to Andrew Lloydd Webber's advice but vocally it was a little tough. Paula said you must never start and stop, this is the biggest show and biggest platform, you are strong enough and great enough to pick up the pieces, but you didn't overact, the weak parts were an emotional strength. Simon said it was so dramatic and brave, but it completely threw her, she was so tense and emotional because she was battling through it and will be disappointed when she watches it back.

After the intermission, it was time for David Archuleta, singing his own arrangement of Think Of Me. Accompanied by guitar, he is the only one so far tonight who has tried to make a song written for Broadway and turn it into his own original pop production, a pure soul performance with an amazing emotional connection. Randy said what is really cool is this is what the show is about, he put his own personality into it, this was the bomb, this boy's the one to beat. Paula called it absolutely perfect because he took a risk on a known theatrical song and was quite able to turn it into a pop ballad, that's perfect. Simon said it was pleasant, one of his weakest performances over the live shows, just not one that anyone will remember, and although it will get him through until next week, absolutely forgettable for him.

Up next was Carly Smithson, singing Superstar (Jesus Christ Superstar) at Lord Webber's suggestion. Standing center stage in teh spotlight as the fanfare played out, she was rockin' and in total control of this performance with the power vocals, although a bit out of sync at times with the background vocals during the chorus, and at times there was so much going on it sounded a bit like she was shouting to be heard. Randy said the bigger voices are doing better tonight, not her best but definitely good, the outfit kind of fly. Paula loved that it was so unexpected and she loved what she did in the chorus. Simon said it got a little bit shouty in the middle but was one of his favorite performances of the night.

Tonight's finale performance came from David Cook, singing Music Of The Night. The only thing missing was the mask as he had all the pistons working for him tonight, the vocals (especially the baritone), the pacing, the accent, the phrasing, the power, the mystery, the longing, I with him every step of the way. Until that last note. Randy said it was an amazing vocal performance, another hot molten lava bomb tonight. Paula said this proved once again that he is so well rounded and that he has a beautiful instrument, it was fantastic. Simon said he made the most of the song but it is not the side of him he likes, he much prefers the gritty and raw, it was too rounded off, but he made the most of the song he was given.


Whose calls for encores by Syesha, David A, and David C...

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Guest nerorowan

In my opinion

1.David Cook

2. Jason Castro

3.Carly Smithson

4. David Archuleta

5. Syesha Mercado

6. Brooke White

Did anyone else think David Cook looked a little gray around the gills tonight??

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1. David Cook- Gave a master class lesson (minus the pop ending) on how to sing a broadway song. Fantastic.

2. Carly Smithson- Wise song choice to show off her personality and big voice. Nicely done.

3. Syesha Mercado- Fantastic acting performance and good, but not great, vocals. She's perfect for Broadway.

4. David Archuleta- I actually liked his spin on the song- a little too "white bread" maybe, but still good.

5. Brooke White - she showed passion but not the chops or confidence to compete against the final other 5.

6. Jason Castro - wow, talk about the ultimate in bad song choices...his breathiness made me cringe.

I predict Brooke and Jason in the bottom two with Brooke exiting tonight.

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I like what you said here Kayo and your order too, I love David Cook and think he will win, totally agree with you about syeshia, I like Jason, but he always leaves me hanging, like he needs to put some emotion into his songs when he sings and he needs to be stronger in certain parts of the songs, Archuletta gets lessor every week for me, he is young, chooses the same type of songs and definately is white bread, poor brooke needs to up the game, and Carly is a great singer but will not beat out David Cook, but I think she will go places after Idol. David cook is from right here in my town, I know quite a few musicans from around here because I work in a restaurant that has music on the weekends, from what I understand he has be kickin around here for a little while, this is just what he needed , was to get on Idol.

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glad you join idol party fatcat

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Well, that was surprising. I wish they wouls actually put up the numbers fo votes. Neither Syesha nor Carly should have been in bottom two. Its obvious to me that its gonna be a story of two Davids in the F2. Hopefully the Cook will win.

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Last night, your idols gave their regards to Broadway and you gave them their votes. Tonight, the curtain closes for one more. This is American Idol!

Did you do enough to keep your favorite in the competition? A lot of you did. Over 38 million votes came in. Say hi to the judges tonight, the one and only Randy Jackson, Ms. Paula Abdul, and Mr. (smooch) Simon Cowell. Tonight we are going to lose one of our contestants. But before we do that, let's hear them with their mentor one list time, singing All I Ask Of You. Accompanied by Sir Andrew Lloydd Webber, its your Top Six!

This was not meant to be a group song. We could have gone with Masquerade. We could have gone with I Am The Starlight. We could have gone with the Naming of Cats. Anything, anything but this total destruction of a sensual, magical, terrifying song. As much as I love the work of Andrew Lloydd Webber, I hate group songs more.

Before we get to the results, lets take a look at last night's show. We see the setup, the performances, and the critiques.

And here he is, Andrew Lloydd Webber. Thank you for the week so far. It was a dramatic week. Is the discipline of singing for television tougher than the theater? In the theater you can get away with mannerisms that you can't do on television. But in this environment, the performers not only for the panel and the television camera but also for the audience right here. So it is really interesting. So how would you break that up if you were singing? I'm not a singer, thank goodness.

Randy said it was the most difficult theme because many take for granted that singing Broadway is easier than singing pop. Webber supports Brooke White after her false start last night, but didn't think Jason was going to take his advice whatever he said. Webber doesn't think Castro was happy with it, though, couldn't have been. If Sir Andrew was asked to write a love song for Paula and Simon, it would be Time To Say Goodbye or How Can I Say I Miss You If You Won't Go Away.

Andrew Lloydd Webber, ladies and gentlemen. The eliminations begin live, after the break. Stay with us.

And now its time for the Ford Commercial Video, a meld of the Italian Job and comic books. Its not just the love that's tainted.

We get a special message from President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush during which they thank the AI viewers for donating over $65,000,000 during Idol Gives Back and assure us that the money will be put to good use. Idol shows how one person can indeed make a difference.

Now out here, we have a pair of stools reserved for the bottom two. Over there we have the safety couch. And back stage, we have six contestants who are hoping I don't direct them to the stools. Who leaves us tonight? Can we start with the Davids.

Cook and Archuleta, front and center. Ladies, wow!

Cook, you sang The Music Of The Night. Archuleta, you sang Think Of Me.

David Cook, you generally like to change up the arrangements. Why did you keep it straight this week? I figured what could be more unpredictable than doing the song the way it was written. Archuleta was this tough for you in the way of preparation? Every week is crazy, and he was glad with what he did.

Ready for the results? Gentlemen, after the nationwide vote, you are both safe. You may head for the safety zone. Congratulations.

David Cook and David Archuleta will be working with Neil Diamond next week. Now these four contestants backstage, they are waiting to find out where they end up tonight. But when we come back, she's tearing up the charts, British sensation and Simon's discovery, Leona Lewis is going to be on this stage.

Time to catch up with our Idol alumni and because the theme of this week was the theater, we thought we would see whose names were up in lights. We start our stroll down Broadway with Diana DeGarmo, Fantasia and Lakisha Jones. And we get feature stories on Tamyra Grey in Rent, as well as Clay Aiken who is performing in Spamalot.

Back live on the set, it pains Ryan to do this introduction, not because she's not amazing, but because Simon discovered her and she's become the #1 selling new artist in the world. Ladies and Gentlemen, singing Bleeding Love, its Leona Lewis!

Now lets shift gears and get back to the eliminations. We have two people seeing if they will make it to the finale and our more waiting to see if they will make it through tonight.

Syesha Mercado and Brooke White, come on out. Ladies, ladies, ladies. Good evening. Syesha, you sang One Rock And Roll Too Many. Brooke, after a false start, you sang You Must Love Me. Syesha said it was kind of fun being someone else last night. Brooke thinks starting over was the right move, although she wishes hit hadn't had to happen.

After the nationwide vote, America has decided that Brooke, you are safe tonight. Syesha, you are in the bottom two.

Paula said this season there is a fan base that is ginourmous for each of you and it is the luck of the draw. Syesha should be proud as she is sitting on the stool.

Who will join Syesha in the bottom two? We'll find out together live after the break.

We left you with Syesha in the bottom two tonight. Who will be joining her? Can I have Carly and Jason please for a critique and the results.

Let's start with Carly. You sang Superstar. Jason, you learned all about Cats, singing Memory. Carly was originally going to sing All I Ask Of You but thought Superstar would be more fun. Jason doesn't really want to sing right now.

After the nationwide vote, Jason, you are safe. Carly is in the bottom two with Syesha.

Simon says at this stage, with only six people left, it could go any way. Ryan asks both Carly and Jason to sing again, starting with Carly, reprising her performance of Superstar (Jesus Christ Superstar). Next up is Syesha Mercado, reprising her performance of One Rock an Roll Too Many.

Bad Camera, Bad Camera.

Two pretty good performances by two outstanding singers. But this is your bottom two. One of them will leave us live tonight. Stay with us, the results after the break.

It is time to put these two lovely ladies out of their misery. After the nationwide vote, Carly and Syesha, who stays and who goes?

Randy is shocked, and thinks it must be a popularity contest in the vote, those two sang really good last night. Paula complemented the two on how relaxed they are (they are roommates, they say).

America, here we go. Carly and Syesha got rave reviews from the judges but stand here as the bottom two.

And after 38 million votes, Carly, you are leaving us tonight. Syesha is back with us next week.

A lot of people at home and the reaction in the audience, a real star, ladies and gentlemen, Carly Smithson. We take a look her journey.

Simon apologized for giving her a compliment last night, the kiss of death, but she can leave with her head held high and Carly thanks Simon for his guidance, saying she had the best time on AI.


Who thinks this was clearly not about performance but popularity and believes that America has just as clearly said that this is a two man race...

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Wow, now that was a total surprise! I cannot believe that Brooke and Jason are still in it and Carly went home. :sadwalk: Would people honestly buy a cd by either of them- HONESTLY? I'm guessing Jason has his legions of prepubescent girl groupies, but Brooke? Maybe the entire Mormon population is voting for her...I dunno. Your right though, Baron. It's definitely shaping up to be the battle of the Davids. Go DC!

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this season fans voting is lame

neither brooke or jason in bottom two smh

the way i see idol regardless of performance fans are voting based on who they like not on singing ability

this year idol is a joke

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1. David Cook

2. Syesha Mercado

3. Carly Smithson

4. Jason Castro

5. David Archuletta

6. Brooke White

Bottom 3: Brooke, Jason, Carly Eliminated: Carly

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