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Top 7 - April 15 & 16


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1.Jason Castro

2.Syesha Mercado

3.Kristy Lee Cook

4.David Archuleta

5.David Cook

6.Carly Smithson

7.Brooke White


bottom two:Carly Smithson &Brooke White

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The theme is Mariah Carrey. Look forward to a good night for David Arch. And Carly.. Carly and Mariah Have Similiar Voices, both can hold out long notes at a time..


1.David Cook


3.Carly smithson

4.Brooke White

5. David Archuleta

6. Jason (Just dont like)



bottom two

Kristy Seysha

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1. David Cook (Has the whole package like Paula said. I think he has this comp in the bag, but stranger things have happened.)

2. Jason Castro (I was waiting for him to blow it, but he pulled it off. Glad he didn't play an instrument too.)

3. Syesha Mercado (As Simon said, Technically good. She just doesn't connect though. Maybe if she did something to her hair or something?)

4. Kristy Lee Cook (I like her more each week. She's really cute. She'll probably sell some Country albums when she gets canned.)

5. David Archuleta (IDK, I was bored during his performance. I'm not a big Mariah Carey fan though.)

6. Carly Smithson (Hmmm Love her black stockings and high heels.)

7. Brooke White (Bye Brooke. You hit the end of the road. Strange how you will be going before Kristy does.)

I hope they have a better theme next week!

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1. Jason Castro

2. David Archuletta

3. Kristy Lee Cook

4. Carly Smith

5. Syesha Mercado

6. David Cook

7. Brooke White

Bottom 3: Brooke White, Carly Smith, Syesha

Leaving: Brooke White

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No matter how many times they take this stage, each and every performance is nerve wracking. We're down to seven and its up to you. This is American Idol!

We're still feeling the shock waves here after last week's surprising departure of Michael Johns (Boos). He was never in the bottom three, so what happened? Did a lot of people think he was safe without their support? Remember, at this stage, every single vote is vital so make sure you vote for your favorite. Speaking of favorites, say hello to your judges, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. And keep it going because here they are, your American Idols!

Seven performances, seven great songs. We have a special night tonight, Mariah Carey was their mentor. And we get a video tribute to Mariah's career and her encounter with the Season Seven Idols.

Up first was David Archuleta, who did not think he was worthy to be in her presence . Singing When You Believe, the leather pants and t-shirt was a new look. The vocals were spot on and the performance full of emotion. Not an incredible performance, but then again I have never heard a Mariah Carey song. OK, I admit it. Randy said he picked one of the toughest songs and he can sing anything, that was the bomb! Paula said it must be great for Mariah to hear his interpretation of the song and he was great. Simon knew he would choose that song and it was very very good, he set the bench mark, he performed it very well.

Batting second was Carly Smithson, who tried to get Mariah was there but she was so cute, like a sunshine ray. Singing Without You and accompanied center stage by piano, she kind of reminded me of Cher the way she started out in the low octave. It was a decent performance, nothing extraordinary and I think the pitch problems grew as the song progressed. Wasn't this a cover of an older song? Randy said he liked that she challenged herself with a big song, especially the big vocals in the middle part, but she has to learn to trust herself with the low notes, it was pretty good. Paula liked that she had some vocal restraint at the beginning of the chorus and then swelled, making it her own. Simon wanted to hear her sing the song, but she didn't pull it off, over thinking the song, holding back at the end, just an OK version.

Syesha Mercado was up next, feeling confident that Mariah helped her to be original. Singing Vanishing and accompanied by piano, I am not sure what she was looking at when the song started and ended, but the performance seemed a little flat, off pitch on the big notes. Randy said that was probably the toughest song of the night vocally, but she did a good job on it, all things considered, a couple pitchy notes though. Paula said she has been extremely smart, when singing someone so unbelievably brilliant, she picked a relatively unknown song, tonight was unbelievably magical. Simon said that technically it was very good indeed, but at this stage in the competition, it was a risk to choose a song not many know about.

Brooke White was the rubber performance, who Mariah felt was genuine as a person (what does that mean, anyway?). Singing Hero and accompanying herself on the piano, I thought the lighting on her face was a little dark. The performance and vocals were good a bit rushed, lacking the emotional dynamic for which the lyrics seemed to call. Randy said he liked the whole singer-songwriter thing until the bridge kind of threw him a bit, a little loss of confidence towards the end. Paula said every ounce of her is totally authentic to who she is (what?), and the unplugged version was very brave, she sounded good with the exception of a few bad notes, but you can't let those speed you up, it didn't seem challenging for her. Simon said she didn't have much choice but to do what she did, but it was a bit like ordering hamburger and only getting the bun; the meat was missing, her voice was not strong enough to carry the song.

Christy Lee Cook performed fifth, giving Mariah Carey goosebumps in rehearsal. Singing Forever and also accompanied on stage by piano, the performance started out in a controlled low octave, then picked up the tempo and the vocals at the chorus. She had a strong emotional connection to the lyrics, but her hands seemed lost for something to do. Randy said it wasn't amazing, a couple pitchy notes at the start, but she definitely started stepping up at the end. Paula said she had it all worked out in her plans, she is blown away and loves most the arrangement. Simon said she didn't give him chills, but managed with what she could, a bit whiny at times, she did the best with what she could, but it just wasn't great.

Performing sixth was David Cook, Mariah Carey was proud he could take a pop song and make it live as something completely different. Singing Always Be My Baby, it seemed a little lost at the start, but that may have been the washout lighting. When he kicked into the chorus, it picked up energy, and then the rock kicked in and he found his comfort zone, moving around on stage and hitting the power vocals, bringing it home at the end. Randy said more than almost anyone on that show, he is ready to make an album, a hot recording artist; he has never stood up yet, but that was the most brilliant performance yet. Paula said it could be in a movie soundtrack right now, he is it, he definitely has it. Simon said it was like coming out of karaoke he$$ and into a breath of fresh air, original, daring, stood out by a mile, and a sign of a great potential artist.

Closing out the show was Jason Castro, who received a cool melody from Mariah. Singing I Don't Want To Cry and accompanied on stage by an acoustic trio, it was a strong, affected performance with smooth vocals and an emotional connection to the audience. Randy said he didn't really love it, kind of like at a weired beach luau and this was being played in the distance. Paula said she would love to be at that luau and listen all night long, he is finding his comfort zone. Simon had to agree with Paula, not the best vocal of the night but having said that it was identified as you, a cool version. The guys completely won the night.


Whose top performances were the two Davids and Jason...

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1.David Cook (totally kicked it tonight! Vocals were dead on and he wasn't too cocky-loved it.)

2. Kristy Lee Cook (she's made it all the way from being my least favorite to the #2 spot this week. Wonders never cease.)

3. David Archuleta (he actually gave a great performance tonight- a little too "popish" for my taste but nice vocals nonetheless.

4. Syesha Mercado (see Baron's "The Fly" comparison. I totally agree.)

5. Carly Smithson (Fantastic set of pipes...so what is the problem? I just can't put my finger on it. Any movie comparisons for Carly, Baron? ;) )

6. Jason Castro (I know he's cool, cute and has amazing eyes, but other than that I just don't get him. Totally blandsville, imo.)

7.Brooke White (Biggest disappointment of the night. I think she needs to take some lessons from Kristy and Syesha on kicking it into gear or she will not be on the show much longer.)

I'm guessing Syesha, Carly and Brooke in the bottom three with Carly making a surprise exit. (Although I'm hoping it's Brooke.) I still can't get over the fact that Michael Johns went home last week...

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i would love to see the bottom three be carly, david(cook), and kristy with a david exit. while i don't think this will happen, i'd settle for a carly or kristy exit. dont' think brooke's going home yet..........at least i hope not!
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Heard a couple radio station DJ's talking this morning (Houston) and they think it's a Syesha exit tonight. :animated_scratchchin:

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I think the bottom 3 will be Carly, Sayesa, Brook..............with Brook going, I hope it is Carly. I dont know what it is about Carly but I just do not like her. I see her singing at a bar or as a wedding singer.

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Wouldn't mind seeing Jason go........he would be good in a coffee house......ya know a man show.

I think the judges need a judge........Randy is always pitchy, Paula is, you look great tonight and Simon.........ummmmm, you were like a hamburger with no meat :huh:

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yep judges are bad

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From the thousands who auditioned, we are down to just seven. But tonight, someone's luck runs out. The votes are in. Who is out? Live, this is American Idol!

Inevitably, Wednesday has rolled again. Is your favorite safe? As we learned last week with Michael Johns, anything can happen. This week we had a season high with 36 million votes. Mariah Carey will be on this very stage, Elliott Yamin is back and we're taking your calls on the air. Let's say high to your judges, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. And singing Mariah Carey's One Suite Day, its your American Idols!

Before we start these eliminations, let's take a look at Tuesday's highlights. We start with Mariah Carey and move into the individual performances and judges comments.

Let's get down to business, friends. There are your finalists backstage. Which one is leaving us tonight?

Can I have Jason Castro to the stage, please. You sang I Don't Want To Cry. America voted, Jason, I am going to ask you to start a group to my left.

And now lets bring out David Cook. You sang Always Be My Baby. America voted, would you start a group over to the right, please.

Carly Smithson, come on out to the center of the stage. You sang Without You. America voted. Carly, would you head to my left and join Jason.

Next out, say hello to Christy Lee Cook, America. You sang Forever. America voted, and would you join David to my right.

So we have Jason Castro and Carly Smithson to my left, and David Cook and Christy Lee Cook to my right. We'll see how this pans out, plus Elliott Yamin sings live when we come back.

And it is time for the Ford Commercial Video. I thought Breaking Free was about bicycles.

Now we take a break from the results to welcome a good friend to the show, singing Free live, ladies and gentlemen, its Elliott Yamin. After his performance, Ryan revealed that Elliott's mother passed away a few days ago, and this was the first time he has performed without her in the audience.

The contestants return to their spots on each side of the stage, Jason Castro and Carly Smithson to the left, David Cook and Christy Lee Cook to the right. Back stage we still have David Archuleta, Syesha Mercado and Brooke White.

Can we have Syesha Mercado out here on the stage? Dim the lights, here we go. You sang Vanishing. Syesha, after the nationwide vote, would you join Jason and Carly on my left.

Next out, Brooke White. You sang Hero. America voted, and would you join David and Christy please on my right.

So there you have it, on my left, Jason, Carly and Syesha, and on my right, David, Christy and Brooke.

And still one person waiting backstage. He's wondering what is going on? We'll tell him when we come back. And Mariah Carey performs on this stage, live.

We will leave the elimination hanging for just a moment as we take your calls. Joan, age 23, from Vegas, what's your question? Hi Christy, were you able to buy your horse back, you know, the one you sold to be able to go to auditions? No, the guy who bought the horse does not want to sell him back to her. He does have a good home, but its sad I can't get him back.

Ryan: Sir, you won't sell this young lady, no pressure, her horse back? Look at this face. I mean please, she's working hard each week to win over America. Please let her have her horse back.

Jillian from Main, asks the judges what was the first record they remember buying. Randy says Led Zeplin, the Beatles and James Brown. Paula says Jackson 5, Earth Wind and Fire and Carole King. Simon says when he was 10 years old he bought a Paula Abdul's Straight Up.

Megan from Long Valley, NJ, age 15, asks Paula who wants to give a shout outs to David and Jason from her friends. What song of hers best describes her relationship with Simon. Simon says Straight Up. Randy says Cold Hearted Snake. Paula says that's too obvious. Opposites Attract.

Denise from Cincinnati, age 50, asks Simon what is the difference between a theme park performance, a piano bar performance a karaoke performance, and last night, a hamburger performance without meat. Simon says in a nutshell, they are all horrible, so they are not the ones we want to hear on the show.

Finally, we have Mallory, age 21 from Alabama (but not originally) with a question for David Cook. Are you single? He looks into the camera and says definitively, Yes.

A superstar on Idol Gives Back, a superstar singing Bye Bye from her new album, put your hands together for the one and only, Mariah Carey!

We have our groups back on the stage. To my left, Syesha, Carly and Jason. To my right, David, Christy and Brooke. All we are missing is David Archuleta.

David, come on out here. You sang When You Believe. America voted, and David, you are safe.

I tell you what, I have too many cooks in the kitchen. David ©, would you swap with Syesha?

One group is safe. One is your bottom three. David Archuleta is safe. David, would you join the group you think is safe.

He sits down center stage.

But David, if you were to come close to the group that is safe, you would have to come this way. David scoots closer to David Cook, Carly Smithson and Jason Castro.

Ladies and Gentlemen, these four contestants are all safe and will meet Andrew Lloydd Webber next week

That measn that Syesha, Brooke and Christy are our bottom three. Find out what happens right after this break.

Christy, Brooke and Syesha are in the bottom three tonight, and I know this is especially tough because they are all roommates too. Who is out? Let's get to the results.

I am going to send one person to safety. That person, joining us again next week, is Syesha.

They hug as Syesha makes her way to the couch. Brooke is tearing while Christy is stoic.

Randy says its a tough call, dude. Paula said its down to the point where everyone is special but someone has to go and its tough. Simon says no surprises, maybe Christy your time is up this time. Christy says well at least she made it past the top 10. Brooke cautions they don't know what's happening.

After the nationwide vote, the person staying with us is Brooke. Christy Lee Cook leaves us tonight on American Idol.

They hug and Brooke offers words of encouragement as Christy fights back the tears. She thanks America for voting for her and this has been a dream come true. Ryan makes one more plea for her to get her horse back before we get a video recap of Christy's journey on American Idol and she reprises her farewell performance, singing goodbye to Simon.


Who loves that it was the audience that instructed David Archuleta to sit in the center of the stage and not budge...

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My husband thinks top 3 all guys; David, David, Jason

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i dont blame him

this year the girls are clearly inferior

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That wouldn't be a bad top three, CeCi. David Cook is my favorite, and I think he is by far the best, BUT I don't know if I want him to win. He might do better if he goes out third or fourth kinda like Daughtry. I think David A. is very talented, but I think he is boring. Great voice, zero interest.

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