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April 19 & 20 - Live Feed Updates

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11:48am - Ryan in BY on lounge. Adam and he were just talking and I didn't catch it but Adam says "You know what I mean? Like lighten up!"

Sharon and Sheila doing ADLs.

Adam tells Ryan they're both doing mad shit on me. He says all he knows is that at 3:30 he woke up to yelling and screaming. Adam says "Sheila's going fuckin' home bro! You don't do that to somebody. Like how much has she talked behind my back?"

Ryan says a lot. Adam says "Everything doesn't revolve around you sweetheart!"

Talk goes to waffles. *L*

Sharon joins them and says "Well this sucks." Ryan says they're goin to fix that camera, but that shouldn't take all day should it?" It sounds like they'll have indoor LD All Day! They start bitching that they won't have access to the grill. Now they wonder when they're doing the PoV ceremony because it's normally done by noon on Sunday and it's already past noon. (No Sharon, it isn't) Sharon says she thought BB let them sleep because they were up late, but now that they also have Indoor LD, something is going on. (*maybe they've forgotten the endgame pattern?) Adam, Sharon and Ry trying to get sun while they can.

They discuss building sets for shows. Adam says the "joe' is good. Ry says maybe PoV will be tomorrow. Sharon says they were told LD in 20 mins then get ready for diary.

The guys talk about where they're going to do situps this morning. They talk about Alex and how he would just "bust out situps in the middle of the room mid-convo".

They talk about how some Jack Johnson song must be loved by someone in the control room because it's played over and over. Sharon asks what song and they ignore her and talk about how big time the next BY set will be. Adam says a lot of bible study today and nap time. Ryan bummed they'll be locked in. Adam says it put the brakes on his whole day. Adam says it's nice out too..he was thinking of laps in the pool.

BB calls LD at 11:58am. Adam says "Big Sheila for a day and I'm pissed right now" as they walk inside.

(*back in a while - sorry!*)

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sharon and sheila getting ready in the bathroom

sheila bitchin to sharon about adam

she says shes not shackled to adam anymore and is not kissin his ass for his vote

she will not put up with his crap no more, she did nothing to deserve the way he is treating her

sharon curlin eye lashes, as sheila says adam started the day off callin her a bitch

she says she knows exactly what those boys are up to and it will show today after it goes down (i guess pov cerm)

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2:40pm - Sharon and Adam whispering in the LR talking about the 3rd relationship. Adam says he thinks Sheila knows and that's why she's freaking out. Sharon says yes, and maybe she thinks she'll get caught. (*I want this BS manufactured drama OVER!*)

This goes on for a while...

Sharon says something about Sheila saying something about Matty's family and says that Sheila told someone that she can't talk about it. She brings up that Matty knows an awful lot about LA for not living here. Adam mostly quiet.

Sharon brings up when Julie said a long time ago "Does anyone think there's still another couple in the house?" And she goes on to say Sheila raised her hand along with a couple of others then.

Adam replies "Who the fuck knows."

Sharon says we'll find out in 10 days and Adam says they're going to think they've been fuckin' idiots.

The two of them agree they can't stand not knowing! (*we can't stand that you don't know either!*)

Adam gets called to DR at 2:52

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2:52 Sharon goes to boat rm to talk to Sheila and says Ryan is blogging.

They agree something is going on because the schedule is off and their LD is all day.

Sheila says she doesn't know and doesn't really care at this point because no matter how she looks at it she won't get out of this one. She says she's not kissing Adam's ass. Sharon suggests a second PoV and Sheila says no way.

Sheila brings up clothing competition again! (*I wish they'd get off the clothing thing*)

Sharon says why are they doing pictures now? Sheila says they have to because they may not have it for the next HoH. Sharon says but the pix and blog should be Tuesdays and Sheila says there are only 10 days left.

More talk about how the game progresses from here and HoH sequence of events etc.

Sheila plays dumb again and says she hasn't watched the end of the show. Sheila says she doesn't understand all these people on the show who claim to have watched it for years , she asked questions and they didn't know crap! Sharon says she doesn't know but that she watched last season.

Sheila tells she remembers Dick being outside and Daniele jumping on him and it looked to be outside and that this is different from any season they've ever done. (*Let me tell ya somethin' Sheila. Are you kidding me? Know this...I thought you didn't watch.*)

Now the bash Natalie game begins. Sheila instigates. On and on about the puzzle in the GP cage not having anything to do with the game.

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3:02- Sharon laughing at Sheila trashing Natalie like she used to laugh at Josh trashing everyone else. Now Sheila is on about Natalie and Evel Dick 8 letters etc. Sheila says "Get out of my head Natalie!" (*guess Nat was effective huh?*)

Talk moves to what Natalie knew and who she blew. Sheila says "You are talented Natalie, but you didn't know a frickin' thing about this game." She says every day she counted pillows and Natalie didn't even get to play those games! (*but they were played, weren't they?*)

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Adam enters boat room and says "Damn!" Shar says "What?" and Adam says you'll find out in a minute. Sharon gets called to DR and on way says "Baller, is it big?" Sheila gets her butt outta bed and starts removing the lint from her clothing.

Sheila goes to couch rm and Adam says "Tomorrow is the day." Sheila says "Tomorrow What?" And Adam tells her "Live eviction" and she'll find out for herself. He lays down on a couch for bible time. (*BTW, Adam lookin pretty spiffy today.*) Camera man focuses on Adam's socks.

Adam tells Sheila as she comes in "That's it. I said goodbye to you and I said goodbye to Sharon." Sheila says "You gotta be shittin' me." Adam says "That's it." Sheila says "So my fate lies in your hands?" with attitude, I might add. Adam says "IF Ryan leaves it the same." Sheila says "Oh, Ryan's going to leave it the same. You gotta be frickin' kidding me right now."n Adam says "Nope." Sheila says "So now you're gonna read your bible and not even look at me." Adam says "Yep. You didn't want to talk to me before so...." Sheila responds "Oh whatever! I'm not gonna kiss your ass for a vote. You either keep me here because you want me to be here like I wanted you to be here or you don't." Adam says he's not asking her to kiss his ass. Sheila says "Yes you are! Whenever you get into power, or whenever you aren't on the block you become a jerk to people! I was joking around with you this morning you didn't have to call me a bitch!"

She goes on to tell him she's had his back this whole game and maybe it's too late for her and she'll be the fool in the game. Sheila back to boat rm and all is quiet again.

(*I'm outtie again..sorry!*)

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4:02 - Sheila in the SpaRm and Sharon joins her as my feeds start freezing! Grrrrrrrr! They both leave the room and Sharon wanders around looking at things. You can hear cameras following her. Sheila gets a drink and goes to the daisy table. Sharon enters.

Sheila says "So we're going to be stuck in the house all day?" Sharon says ummmm hmmm and Sheila notes it's already 4:00. Sheila complains of her period again and Sharon says hers is pretty much over.

Sharon says she's trying to think of something to do and is going to listen to a CD. She asks Sheila to come up to the HoH when he's done and goes to HoH room and it's locked. Sheila says "I'm hungry and I can't even eat because I'm so sick at my stomach about all this. I wish I could eat something. Oh God. I'll just lay down." She goes into the BR.

Sharon goes wandering into couch room while Adam reads the bible and wanders out again and sits by the chess board. All quiet on the Western BB Front.

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4:18 Adam and Ryan talking in PinkRm. They agree this situation is crazy! Adam tells Ryan that Sharon was trying to make a deal with him. Ry says this is so unexpected. They are happy and excited! Adam says he thinks they will have comps on Mon, Tue and Wed and then live show Wednesday. Apparently BB taped goodbye messages to Adam, Sheila and Sharon. Ryan says he doesn't know what he's going to put on. Adam whispering effectively and I can't even hear with headphones! They whisper and I can't hear....Ryan says "You're good." Adam says Sheila is mad and Ry agrees. They reiterate Sheila goes. They say their Nerves are shot today. Ryan says "Let's get it going." Adam says someone said something about a big bar...like the one in the angel comp. (can't hear much) Ryan says to Adam..you follow me right now. They enter the LR, passing Sharon on the way...and then to Sheila in the kitchen where she's making Steak and mushrooms. They try to go to HoH room and it's still locked. they kick back on the couch outside of the HoH room. Ryan whispers something about Sheila being a bitch to Adam and not being able to play something...Adam thinks Julie will run the whole meeting. Ryan says his heart is beating hard. They lay there and smile and Adam says "It's fucked up man. All 3 of us probably pack our bags. Unreal." They go over and over how it will go and then start chit chat.

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4:32ish Adam asks "Did she drill ya in the DR?" and Ryan says "not really"...FOTH.

Ryan keeps saying he's stressed out. Adam says Ry will be sweating like crazy tomorrow. Ryan says no way he'll be calm and cool. Adam whispers "This is weird." and Ry smiles. Sharon says hi to the guys up on the balcony. Ryan wonders if they'll put all the comps together tomorrow. Adam says Today...Sunday! They start talking about when the episodes air. Adam takes off. All feeds on Ryan laying on balcony couch.

4:39 Sheila complaining about being locked inside when it's such a nice day out. Ryan agrees. Sharon scoping out the environment.

Sheila informs Ry and Sharon of the available meat product that will go ungrilled thanks to the LD. Sheila says it's 4:38. Ryan is surprised it's so late. Sheila asks how the chess game got broken. Ry says some heads fell off and he doesn't know how.

Sharon whispers to Ryan from down below that she needs to talk to him because Adam is trying to make deals with her and she didn't shake on it. She tells him what happened in the BR that BigMD reported on. Sheila comes back and Sharon says "Your room is still locked? What the hell?"

(*like talking loud after silence almost is going to make Sheila think there was nothing being said? Hello Sharon.....*)

Sharon says she's going to have a drink. Sheila says Go for it. Sharon takes a pull on a longneck beer. She offers Ryan and he refuses.

Sharon gets called to the DR and Sheila goes up to join Ryan. The HoH room is unlocked.

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Sheila asks Ryan what's up. She says she hasn't heard from Ry since he won PoV. Ry says he doesn't know. Sheila says her "faith" is in his hands and if he leaves it the same Adam has the say. Ry asks her what she would do. She says she would keep Adam because it seems that the guys have a final 2. Ry says they don't have a final 2. Sheila says Adam has been a real asshole to her since she's been on the block. She says she's been miserable and bitches and complains and says she feels like right now the tables have turned on her in this game and she doesn't know what she did to deserve this. She says she's done what she said she would and has protected Ryan. He says "Are you saying I owe you?" She says "No, you don't owe me anything Ryan." (*she doesn't mean it.*)

Sheila says it would be easier on Ry if he left noms the same. Sheila says she's not trying to get Adam put up in her place, but it's risky. She says she's not campaigning against anyone but she just wants to know what Ry has to say. Ry says he's leaning toward keeping it the same. Sheila says "I'm not gonna go kiss his ass. All I've ever done is tell you guys what's going on." Ry says "He doesn't like the way you've been treating him lately" and Sheila says "You don't see the way he treats me. He called me a F-in' bitch about the waffles." She goes on a rant about what Adam has done to her behind closed doors. (*Sheila- let me tell ya somethin'- know what - know this...SHUT UP! this doesn't help your game!*) She goes off and then says "You don't know what he does!" Sheila says "Now I've gotta go and deal with him" when Ry says he will probably keep noms the same.

Ryan gets called to the DR

Feeds change to Sharon and Adam talking in the pink room. They both say they don't know who to trust and they feel alone. Sharon say she doesn't know what's going on and no one talks to her because she has the plague...that it's block disease. Adam says she's done incredible and they agree it's faith and God.

Sheila gets called to the DR. Sharon says she'll go talk to him.

Sharon and Ry go to the HoH room ar about 4:50ish.

Ry says "What's up? I heard what you were saying earlier." Sharon says that when she went to the DR she cried and when she came out Baller approached her and said he knows that Sheila will take him to the end but he wants to make a deal with Sharon. Sharon says Adam is freaking and thinks Sheila will take him from the game and that Sharon is NOT turning on Ryan. They discuss what to do. Sharon says Adam will be taking Sheila to final 2 and she warned him! Sharon keeps bringing up Adam wanted to shake on a deal with her and she wouldn't do it. Sharon says she's getting nervous and freakin' out. Ry says maybe he will take Sharon down. Sharon keeps saying she won't betray Ryan. (*she's the one freaking*) She keeps saying she wouldn't shake on it and she won't be a liar but if Ryan wants her to shake on it she will do it and lie. She says she thinks if she shakes on it that Adam will fuck Ryan. She says Adam will be pissed off regardless. Sharon says Ryan needs to not risk things and she almost shook on the deal but she won't be a liar. Ryan says thanks for telling me and I'll think about it. Sharon says she doesn't understand why Adam thinks she'd take him to final 2 and she doesn't know what he's thinking. Ryan says they don't need to be seen together.

Meanwhile Sheila talking to Adam in pink rm. Sheila turning on the waterworks and saying that Adam will have the votes but she wants to be final 2 with ADAM. She says if it was about money, everyone would go with Ryan. She is fighting hard and crying. (*keep the tears flowing for Adam..it works on him*) She tells him how many times she's saved him from everyone. She starts attacking Natalie.

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5:05 - Adam not talking as Sheila telling Adam what a saint she's been and what a traitor Natalie was. She says she protected Adam. Sheila takes the credit for manipulating Natalie out of the Glass House. Adam silent still and Sheila says she trusts Adam and he's her only hope. She says if she goes, she goes but she won't be happy. Sheila now playiing the "need this money" card....it will change her life and she's not a charity case. (*???*) Sheila says she and Adam have been through hell together and deserve to win it together. She says when they went single, she promised she had his back and she meant it. She says yeah, a lot of stuff has been acting to keep the target off of them but they're the last "couple" fake couple in the game. She says Adam is obviously a good player and he can win this game. She says the question is will Ryan pick Adam to stay with him or Sharon if Sheila goes home. Sheila says who do you want to go to the end with? Ryan or me? Adam STILL silent. She asks who's been real with him and who talked to you all the time. Sheila says she had to pretend not to like him. (*yeah, sure Buck!*) She says a lot of what she's said and done has been to take the target off of them. She says Sharon told her Matt and Nat never had their backs. (*uh..who cares now?*) Adam says now "They were in cahoots with everybody." Sheila says she didn't know and that when Matty left, Nat became a bitch! (*and this has what to do with the price of tea in China?*) Sheila keeps on and Adam just listens. Adam says Ry would rather Sharon stay than Sheila. Sheila says she doesn't believe that. Sheila trying to convince Adam that Ry won't take him to final 2 because Adam is a stronger player than Sharon. She says when it's all said and done you'll see who had your back. I've been in that room bawling for you because I care about you and on and on about how Adam will use the money for good and he had better think about THAT before he thinks of making his "bro" happy. You have to ask yourself who do you trust?

(*sorry...gotta go!*) It's 5:21 now and she's still on a rant with Adam contriubuting little to nothing.

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(OK - Just now picking up the She-bot/A-Baller Convo - Hope someone is getting the Ryan/Sharon HOH convo now) S

Shelia continues to tell Adam how much she's had Adam's back and how much she's only told the truth (um Nat last week anyone)

Tells Adam that she thinks she knows what's she's been doing for him. That her game would be up before his, and what did all of this money mean if she couldn't trust one person (Adam) in this game. What has she been doing this whole time? She starts in how she has thought of everyone else but herself in this game and that makes her a fool. Adam continues to hold the bible up by his face but otherwise is silent. She tells him he has to decide what to do.

Shelia whispers "That is the ultimate test" (I smell an Emmy) Shelia says she would never do this (the BB game) again, but she wants to believe that this meant something that she did something for someone. That this is why she did this. That they wanted to see who could carry their mate until the end of this game. The real couple who could go until the end of the game. Putting your whole game in someone else's hands (Laying the GUILT on really thick).

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Shelia tells Adam he has to ask himself who he sees himself standing with at the end. She's not going to beg him (umm, the last 15 minutes). Who does he see himself with? Bot tells Adam if he does one thing right in this game, she hopes it will be to keep her. If not, she will not hate him. If she goes, she will know she has done everything in her power to keep one person there, and that person is still there. Shelia tells Adam she is now going to lay down b/c she is really stressed out. Adam goes back to reading the bible.

Shelia is back in the boat room laying in her bed sniffling and Baller reads the bible (I hope he's focusing on Revelations right now.

Sharon is in her bed now. ( I thought I heard a door before - the REAL reason the Baller/Shelia convo finally ended)

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adam and ryan in HOH and adam is really pissed telling ryan that sharon is lying about him trying to make a deal with her... he says she turned me asking her if you and her a deal into i made a deal with her; adam says ill call her out, ryan says "you will?" adam says hell yeah i will...ryan says lets keep it quiet for now but if you keep sheila tomorrow, its war...adam says im voting sheila the fuck out...ryan says i hope so dude...... adam says he's sorry for not trusting him that she was just trying to get me riled up and go off on ryan....... ryan says we have to get sheila out now, she's proved herself in endurance, adam says i dont have her vote no matter what.... ryan says if it's me against you sheila will vote for you. (at one point ryan told adam that he doesnt want to stress adam out but if he has to he will pull sharon off and he knows sharon will vote out sheila)

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