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April 19 & 20 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:19PM BBT: They are all eating dinner.

9:38PM BBT: Sharon and Sheila are still eating.

Ryan and Adam head outside and discuss Ryan's issues of not trusting Adam. Adam swears on his mom he will evict Sheila if Ryan wants him to. Ryan says he is not sure which one he wants to go yet and hearing that Adam is willing to get rid of Sheila makes him feel better. Ryan says he would have more piece of mind if Sheila goes but he is not sure which one they should get rid of. They both think they deserve the money more than the two bitches.

They swear alliance to each other and say they are carrying each other to final two no matter what. Adam says come Wednesday he will boot Sheila out of here so there will be no question.

9:53PM BBT: Sharon comes out to get in the HT. Ryan and Adam start a game of pool. Sheila is putting on her swimsuit.

Adam and Ryan head inside and Adam throws out one more "I will do whatever you want bro" out there.

Sheila goes to the HT. Sharon is telling her what she wants to do with the money if she wins. Some will go to charity and she want to help her siblings.

10:03PM BBT: Adam and Ryan hanging out in the kitchen. Adam is telling Ryan how good he would look completely shaved up. Ryan says Jen has never seen him beardless. Adam says he is going to tell the girls he doesn't know what Ryan is doing. Adam says, "Fuck big Sheila." Ryan asks, "What do you owe her dude?" Adam says, "Nothing." They think it's better to get rid of her now than later. They think they could not beet Sheila in final two plus they think she is the one with a secret preexisting relationship with someone in the house [i hope BB clears up this Guinea Pig preexisting relationship crap before that trick question gets someone booted from the house for a producer lie

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1am BBT Ryan and Adam playing chess and Ryan talks soft could not hear what was said but, Adam then said BIG SHE is out of here ...(looks ryan keeping it the same and Adam is voting out Shelia)

This question is to the MODS

(Before BB10 starts and the site gets closed down to non members ...I have already asked in other place and sent messages to have my status as a updater so I can keep up the good work thanks for the help)

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1:21amBBT Adam gets into bed & Ryan up 2 HOH BR

1:34amBT Feeds switch 2 Hg's sleeping(no sign of Ryan who was last seen in HOH BR)

1:41amBBT Ryan exits downstairs BR(why?) & heads up to HOh looks at his food(shoudit he be called Yogi Bear as hes always in the Pinic Basket)

1:44amBBT Ryan gets into bed and looks at TV

1:47amBBT Ryan goes and wakes up Adam,

1:48amBBT They wake up Sharon, she stays iin bed. and trys to go back 2 bed

1:49amBBT Ryan & Adam gets some food to eat out of SR(Yogi Bear & Boo Boo in the pinic basket)

1:50amBBT Ryan tells Adam that the pickles are from Cherry Hill,NJ. Adam is excited about that, and then talk about Zip Codes & Area codes

1:51amBBT Adam "Ryan are u tryin 2 make me fat?" Ryan laughs

1:54am Adam talks about where he lives in FL by Donald Trump's ......FOTH

im out

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10:50 BBT Ryan and Adam awake still in bed talking about shopping and stylists. Ryan doesn't carry a wallet just a clip Adam doesn't carry a wallet either but would carry a Cartier wallet.

Sheila tossing and turning. Sharon still sleeping.

Ryan says he just needs a $99 suit. Droppin lots of F bombs this morning.

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Adam planning his day, work out, nap, maybe some laundry, nap.

Ryan feels better about his self he has "less jiggle". Lots of yawning.

Talking about how they would have to wait in line to use bathroom when everyone was still in house. House was a circus. Both are giggling like girls.

Adam says Niel was his "homey" his chest was "Jacked" talking about Niels chest workout. Next time Adam and Ryan work out they are going to add Neils chest workout. Adam thinks Neil had the hots for him. They were "boyz" he was a nice guy man.

Laughing saying Parker will be out there trying to take their pictures and they will laugh at him being the 1st guy voted out. (wasn't Jacob the 1st?)

They are just jumpin from topic to topic with each sentence. Not really saying much. Pretty booorrrrrring.

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11:10AM BBT: Ryan and Adam are bothing going to need to take at least a month off after BB before going back to work. Ryan wants his cell phone back but it will probably be dead and he won't be able to enter Adams phone number into it so he will have to try to remeber it.

Adam up and to the bathroom. Out rinses fingers on one hand briefly and back to bed. Ryan going to brush his teeth. Adam says hurry up he has stuff to tell Ryan about Matty.

Ryan heads outside, checks out weather, backyard, takes cover off of pool table. Then puts it back on a different way, must look like rain. Heads back in and up to HOH admires himself in mirror before putting shirt on and brushing teeth.

feed 1: Sharon sleeping

feed 2 Sheila sleeping

feed 3 & 4 Ryan brushing teeth

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12:07pm - feeds back....sharon yells out "just one more we promise we wont talk game"....eveyon sitting at daisy bar in kitchen eating pancakes....adam is putting chocolate syrup on his....sheila asks adam "i thought you kicked all your women to the curb"..adam says whatever sheila certain girls, but if i bring one home shes staying.

sharon questions why they are using chocolate syrup, sheila says cuz they are nut and banana pancakes, adam shows sharon the recipie they found on the chocolate syrup, so sharon tries it.

the boys are talking about their past their gonna make today, sheila says she will make turkey burgers today... ryan and adam are gonna go outside and work out, the girls say its too overcast to do anything today.

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12:12pm - sheila tells adam thank you for the pancakes, they were great.

12:13pm - feeds frozen but still have sound. sounds like the boys talking about a workout, sharon and sheila talking about sheila and adam being chained together. sheila said if it had been a week she would have asked to be votedout right away.

12:14pm - boys are outside wondering what matty told his girlfriend when he got out.... adam says, we were all supposed to be set up with our soul mates..... ryan says he cant believe BB split him and jen up and he had to watch her sleep with another guy.

"houseguests, this is a lockdown, go outside and shut the sliding glass door"

sheila hopes its not too long, sharon hopes they are cleaning out her babies cage from the ants

ryan tells sheila when she comes out its a shitty day today due to weather. sheila tells the boys the coffee s good too.

12:19 everyone outside.... the girls on the couch, ryan walking around bouncing a ball.... adam laying on lounger scratching his self....adam says he has to get looking good for his girl Cameron (diaz)...sheila says cameron is pretty hot, what is jen gonna think about that.... ryan says i wouldnt leave jen for cameron....sheila and sharon say "awwwwww". sheila says sharon gets to meet Ashton. (they are talking about the after party)

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12:22pm --- the boys are talking about the ants in GP cage, sheila is shocked, and says that is horrible, sharon says i hope thats why we are out here, sheila says she hope so too, she saw ryan with the spray cleaner earlier but she didnt know why...sh said they need to pull everything out and clean it.... sharon investigating where the ants are coming from.

both the boys on the loungers, talking but cant here what they are saying, they are talking about going over the wall, and sheila says what the hell are they talking about, sharon says something random like usual..... adam telling ryan about how he had to break into a house, 3 stories, and got some liqour.

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12:30 pm -- Sheila and Sharon whispering on the couches and Ryan calls them out. Sheila says that they were talking about feminine products. Adam is laying on the lounge with his legs bent and spread open back and forth and he pulls up his pants leg. Sheila says that he

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12:28pm - adam says 11 days till my birthday, sheila says and you will be the big THREE OHH (30)..... adam says im gonna be smoking and drinking like crazy.....sheila says at least you get to party with your family. adam says his bdays are always disapointing. adam says you think chatty is at the sequester house with the DVD yet?, a plane goes over while ryan asks if the final 2 still get to talk to Julie, sheila waits for the plane and asks him to repeat, he does and sheila and sharon tell him yes.

sheila wispers to sharon it's started already, ten something about sequester, ryan yells what are you wispering about sheila....she says im talking about feminin stuff, im talking about my period, do you want to know about that..... adam says something about is she on the 3, 6, or 9..... sheila says she doesnt know what he is talking about...adam laughs.

12:34pm: sheila and sharon talking about how they just dont understand how naive natalie is.... with all the stuff shes done..... sheila says with her talent as an artist she will go far...i mean anyone who can paint a portrait with nail polish on a napkin....sheila says nat can open her own coffee shop and sell paintings.... sharon says i bet all her paintings have sold by now.....sheila says she tried to tell nat that she needs to do her art, not acting and modeling, its not what its cracked up to be.... sharon agrees that nat will make it.

boys are playing with basketball and net..... adam says BB is a chic show, sheila says no its not, ryan says he thinks it 70 - 30 women watch, sheila says why cuz it's a live soap opera.... ryan says the gays love this show too....sheila says really? ryan says did you ever hear josh? adam says yeah the gay mafia has a big following...... sharon thinks its more 60/40

12:42pm - sheila wonders if people or us magazine keeps up with the houseguests.... adam teases her and say that Extra probably did a whole segment on her.

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12:44pm - boys start their workout, sheila hollars at them that the boys always have something to entertain them

sheila and sharon just quiet on the couch, sheila looks like she is in deep thought..... sharon watching the boys..... sheila starts watching them too

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